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Posted by Gianni Serra on 05/07/2012

Best Inter of the season defeated AC Milan 4-2 and allowed Juventus to celebrate their well deserved 28th Scudetto one week earlier than expected. But the new Campioni d'Italia are not the only ones who took advantage of other teams' results.

Napoli's defeat at Bologna made Udinese nearly sure of reaching the third place - a draw would be enough for Guidolin's team to secure their place in the 2012-13 Uefa Champions League. Inter, now 6th, at the moment are out of Europe, as Napoli (same points but better goal difference) and Lazio (one point ahead) are better placed.

Nerazzurri have to face Lazio in the last game of the season and a win would mean Europa League, which can be a little distracting but Inter without European football is something not very in line with the best tradition of this club. But that's future. Let's get back to the Derby.

Inter defeated AC Milan for the second time this season. Two wins out of two games are no fluke. But there's a huge difference between the first match win and the last one. Under Ranieri Inter chose to defend deep, allowing AC Milan to dictate game's tempo. Inter found the net on the counter and managed to survive many times. Nerazzurri showed resilience, pride and great personality but AC Milan had at least four clear opportunities to score. Very different stuff this time.

Stramaccioni chose to put aside the 4-3-3, opting for a 4-4-2 with a line of four in midfield (Zanetti, Cambiasso, Guarin, Alvarez) and Sneijder upfront with Milito. Changing scheme is regarded by many pundits as a sign of fear if you lose, a sign of cleverness if you win. Wrong approach to judge only on the outcome basis. Stramaccioni's ability was not confirmed by the final result, which was influenced by many independent factors, but far more by the initial 30 minutes. Inter's midfield was designed to match AC Milan dynamic diamond Van Bommel-Nocerino-Muntari-Boateng: many muscles, no brain. Rossoneri's offensive play relies on Ibra and Robinho winning one vs ones, the all-muscles midfield has just to provide them the bullets. So it was very clever to put Sneijder not in the centre of the battlefield, in order to keep him fresher and sharper where it really mattered (between AC Milan's two lines).

An early miss from Ibrahimovic was immediately punished by Milito who scored at the minute 14. Lucio scored the second five minutes later but he was rightly judged offside. At this stage Guarin was the player creating more problems to AC Milan. The former Porto midfielder still lacks an acceptable condition but it is also plain to see how he adds a new dimension to Inter's game. The first save of the game for Julio Cesar arrived at the minute 29, when he had to control a 25 yard Van Bommel shot. Four minutes later Abbiati saved a là Cech on Cambiasso's header - the tv replay suggested the ball crossed the line. At the minute 35 Ibrahimovic failed to score from a very easy position. Despite this chance AC Milan looked really in confusion. Without direction. Then at the minute 42 the referee came to the rescue: Julio Cesar stopped Boateng, touching the ball with such a good timing that it was hard to believe Rizzoli's decision to punish Inter goalkeeper's play. From the penalty spot Ibra scored the equalizer.

In the very first minute of the second half the former Inter striker gave AC Milan the lead. At the minute 49 Wesley Sneijder came close to draw with a fantastic shot from 40 yards saved by Amelia. One minute later Samuel was clearly fouled by Muntari in the penalty box but Rizzoli didn't see it. It's unbelievable how many mistakes a referee can make in a single game. The list kept going at the minute 51 when Milito was awarded a penalty for a soft touch by Abate. From the spot il Principe made 2-2. At the minute 54 Muntari missed an easy chance to score the third for AC Milan. Both teams struggled to keep their shape and Rossoneri looked now less tired than Nerazzurri.

Stramaccioni realised it too and chose Obi to replace Guarin. With 12 minutes to play, Rizzoli awarded another penalty to Inter to sanction Nesta's hand ball - Milito completed his hat-trick scoring the 3-2 from the penalty spot.

The last ten minutes did not record AC Milan's reaction but only three more gems for Interisti. The first came at the minute 81: one superb coast-to-coast from Javier Zanetti. Unstoppable. Really outstanding. The second, two minutes later, when Sneijder was replaced by Ivan Ramiro Cordoba: last game at San Siro for the Colombian centreback, who will always be remembered as a model pro. A moment to be treasured and celebrated adequately - that must have been Maicon's idea as the Brazilian invented the 4-2 with a thunderous shot which transformed a win in a triumph. Impossible to think of a better way to salute his team mate farewell and to end such an entertaining game (that confirmed Andrea Stramaccioni is someone who has the potential to do wonders for Inter).

Serie A 2011-12 / Day 37


Inter: Julio Cesar; Maicon, Lucio, Samuel, Nagatomo; Zanetti, Guarin (62' Obi), Cambiasso, Alvarez (75' Pazzini); Milito, Sneijder (84' Cordoba), Milito. Coach: Stramaccioni
Milan: Abbiati (35' Amelia); Abate, Nesta, Yepes, Bonera (21' De Sciglio); Nocerino, Van Bommel, Muntari (77' Cassano); Boateng; Robinho, Ibrahimovic. Coach: Allegri
Referee: Rizzoli
Goals: Milito 14', 52' pen, 79' pen, Maicon 87'; Ibrahimovic 44' pen, 46'
Yellow cards: Zanetti, Nocerino, Julio Cesar, Abate, Alvarez, Van Bommel, Maicon

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Posted by el_capo on 05/07/2012

Great post Gianni. I could not believe my eyes. The short passes in the beginning were beautiful. Zanneti was a tank yet on the second half became a ferrari. He is ageless. Thank you Strama. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Please one more game. We can't afford to be completely out of europe (although it might be a blessing in disguise if it happens)

Posted by Mustafa on 05/08/2012

Great words, Gianni. As always the best details. I like how you noted Abbiati's save was one like Cech's. I still remember the Chelsea v Liverpool FA Cup Final. But anyway...

Milito was superb against Milan. Incredibile!!! He makes the world go round for us Interisti. Superb performance.

If I'm not mistaken, don't they call Zanetti El Tractor? He is my hero this season. I also send my condolences to Ivan Cordoba. He will always be a legend.

Milan were absolutely atrocious. Yepes and Bonera don't even deserve to wear a Milan shirt. They deserve Lecce or Novara. Inexplicable.

We were perfect, honestly. I just wish we could've done this at Juve a while back. They're still my personal enemies... I would win for Inter, not Juve or Milan.

Forza Inter per sempre!!! Milan Siamo Noi!!!

Posted by Sia on 05/08/2012

Inter Played like Champions against Milan, there is no other words to describe it, maybe they decided to play like Champs for Cordoba's last game at home wearing Inter colors? All I know, I saw Champions playing beautiful football again and that's all I can ask for as a fan.

Thank you Inter, Grazie Ragazzi.

Posted by inter fan on 05/08/2012

Thanks for post Gianni. I've missed the past few games because the tv station stopped carrying the inter games here in the states but so glad to see this one. The team looks totally reinvigorated, like a weight has been lifted off of them and the players are playing to their strengths. You are probably tired of me going on and on about Alvarez but he provides a spark in attack that was missing while he was injured. The first half was so charged and emotional that the players were running low on energy around 65 mins but game was entertaining throughout. I can't imagine a better teammate than cambiasso who had players backs in midfield both with tracking back for other player's forward runs and in slowing down milan's momentum with some timely fouls. Guarin also put in a full 90 mins of workload in the 60 mins he played as inter never let milan settle on the ball in midfield. Best 90 mins of my week.

Posted by Bellal A. on 05/08/2012

Man what a game! I had to watch it at work but it was exciting nonetheless, Maicons goal came out of nowhere! I loved it, Milito continues to show his class, a hattrick in a derby? My god.

Posted by Sam on 05/08/2012

What a result for Inter, they played really well and fully deserved the win. It was a pity that it meant that Juve won the title but out of the two teams challenging for it I think Juve probably were the better so fair play to them.
The one worry I thought was Guarin. Maybe it was because he was injured or something but I thought his tracking back and defensive side was very poor. The amount of times he was caught upfield leaving Cambiasso and Zanetti to cover for him. He also missed a few tackles and players went around him easily. He was great in offense but I think he needs a lot of work in defense.
For me the game changer was the introduction of Obi who bought a lot of energy to the team made some great runs but most importantly shored up the defense and closed the game down.
Finally. Great call by Moratti giving the coach a shot. I hope he fully backs him for this tough transition period!

Posted by Varun on 05/09/2012

Hey Gianni. Inter are actually assured of Europa League qualification as things stand. Italy has 3+3 places which means all teams till sixth spot qualify which is something Inter have already done. Plus, with the Coppa final between Juve and Napoli that route is clear too. So as of now Inter, Lazio and Napoli are heading to the EL.

Posted by Jack on 05/09/2012

I almost hope we dont get into Europe, I want to win the league next year Europa League is a joke! Juve didnt have UEFA to worry about this year! The form of the team is well but a little to late the 2 loses to Novara are whats keeping us from 3RD place...I could go on and on.

Juve fans you have 28 not 30 lets be real clear on that.

Posted by Bellal A. on 05/10/2012

Europa League is gonna be fun! I hope Strama tries his best and the players too, i think its great to see Inter play other top teams, shows just where we stand.

Posted by djorkaeff1908 on 05/11/2012

first & foremost, inter shouldnt let Thiago Motta left as he was a very very important player for inter which upsets me when PSG snatched him up. the first choice in my view that can only replace him is Jack Wilshere. Gareth Barry can be as an alternative.. It is great to hear rumours of Nigel de Jong but Inter need to bring in players of crystal clear quality - Gareth Bale is my favourite & Bayern's Thomas Muller is my 2nd favourite for Inter. Inter need to be Champions again! Hopefully next season.

Posted by Eliza on 07/24/2012

Bene ora si puf2 parlare da ciivle a ciivle. Innanzitutto chiedo scusa se mi sono fatto dei pregiudizi; sul canale riporto 19 anni x il semplice fatto che, in quanto minorenne, non potevo vedere video a me non adatti . Potrai essere una brava persona e tutto, quello che sto cerco di capire e8 allora il perche8 della tua antisportivite0. Capisco la rivalite0 ecc., ma mi sembra esagerato fare pronostici cosec azzardati ed esserne convinti. Frase fatta: nel calcio tutto puf2 succedere!

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New watch Book Shares The Best Ways To Rule The watch World

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