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Posted by Gianni Serra on 04/02/2012

When you say 'start with a bang'... To win your first match in charge 5-4 is something that not even Leonardo managed to achieve. But as Inter Milan's new manager Andrea Stramaccioni did. Well done.

Facing Genoa and their perennial-summertime-mood defence certainly helped. But it was evident that there was a fresh air among Inter players. Compared to Ranieri's period the biggest variations were thus:

1) psychological - brighter approach to the game
2) tactical - Inter haven’t tried 4-3-3 since the first weeks of Mourinho's tenure
3) Zanetti moved out of midfield and in as right fullback
4) New faces: the (positive) introduction of Fredy Guarin in the second half.

Inter struggled to score in recent times and to find the net five times means that Stramaccioni had clear ideas about the problem and the solution. Certainly this is something the new coach managed to change and for the better. Genoa also scored four times, but three goals came from the penalty spot, which changes things a bit. Inter's young coach can be pleased with his first game at San Siro.

Enthusiasm is spreading fast at Appiano Gentile. Javier Zanetti said: "We worked really hard with a coach who has brought back the enthusiasm, and we have shown our willingness to start over again".

Inter president Massimo Moratti added: "You can already see Stramaccioni's hand. He brought back the enthusiasm and there are changes even in the way the players play".

Enthusiasm seems to be the key word among Nerazzurri.

Is it justified? This never balanced approach brings the huge risk that Inter could be induced to think that this team has a future. Finishing the league on a high note would be only the best way to part ways with many of these (once) great players. Consistency is the key to compete at the top. The core of this team can't guarantee that anymore. Inconsistency is typical of teams too young or too old. Everybody knows where Inter lie.

Serie A 2011-12 / Day 30


Inter: Julio Cesar; Zanetti, Lucio, Samuel, Chivu; Poli, Stankovic (60' Guarin), Cambiasso; Zarate (80' Castellazzi), Milito, Forlan (75' Obi). Coach: Stramaccioni
Genoa: Frey; Mesto, Carvalho, Kaladze, Moretti; Biondini (82' Jorquera), Veloso (46' Jankovic), Belluschi; Sculli, Gilardino, Palacio. Coach: Marino

Referee: Valeri
Goals: Milito 13’, 27’, 85' pen, Samuel 38’, Zarate 74'; Moretti 45', Palacio 59' pen, Gilardino 80' pen, 90' pen,
Yellow cards: Poli, Lucio; Moretti, Jankovic, Palacio
Red cards: Julio Cesar (79'); Belluschi (84')

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Posted by Butler on 04/02/2012

This lineup was absolutely wonderful. I feel that Alvarez could have perhaps done a better job than Forlan if he was fit. Its obvious now too that Deki's legs are gone. He had a decent hour but we all saw his fatigue as the second half wore on.Just start Alvarez in Forlan's position and guarin in place of Deki and I think we stand a reasonable chance of salvaging this season. The teams around us are too inconsistent. Lazio, Napoli, Udinese simply dont have our squad depth and they are starting to feel the presure. All we need is a few more slips and we could be back.

Posted by sia on 04/02/2012

Great Blog Gianni, YES it was nice to see Enthusiasm back and scoring back, too bad Strama was not available a month ago, but better now than never.

I like to talk about the game, Cambiasso was fantastic, I saw old Cambiasso playing and dictating the midfield with passion again, Poli had a great game, even Zarate looked good, I loved Guarin's moves and his start at Inter. Our defense still needs to be more alert, so I hope that improves as well with Strama's coaching tactics.

As far as 3 PKS, I thought two of them were called badly, the one that hit Zanetti, and the last pk that was given to Genoa by Lucio's challenge was a joke.

Italian Refs really need to take the refreshing course about officiating; they are the most inconsistent officials in UEFA I think. Also It seems more Penalty Kick calls are called against Inter than any other team in Lega Calcio?

Posted by Sam on 04/02/2012

Great win for Inter. Although it went right to the wire. Your points are all valid Gianni but I think the tactical change was clear for all to see. Gone were the attempts to play Barcalona style slow build up, passing and back was a much more direct style, balls into the corner, higher risk balls to forward areas. A style much better suited to Inter's playing roster. Milito flourished getting balls in behind, running off the last man, Zanetti was a powerhouse at right back, and the midfield actually looked comfortable. Even better is that both Sneijder in the centre and Coutinho on the left will suit this style as well. Finally someone has actually chosen tactics that suit the team.
There was still some issues but the team looked much better and should continue to improve with the freedom they have to try things.
Guarin looked good, Poli showed he must be bought, Obi was lively. A joy to watch after the last few months!
Lets hope it keeps going...

Posted by Will on 04/02/2012

What a thriller! The penalties were unfortunate, but I am very happy for Stramaccioni to get his debut win. I have a great feeling about him, unlike the feeling I had when Gasperini & Ranieri were hired. Forza Inter! The 3 South American attackers looked rejuvenated, Poli & Cambiasso looked great, Stanky played as well as he could. Zanetti, what can't you say about him, he is astonishing. Lucio & Samuel, great goal, but hot & cold defending. Chivu tried to break up a confrontation (unlike being in them)! Nice to see Obi & Guarin step in. Good stuff.

Posted by Mustafa on 04/02/2012

If we can match the 7 match winning streak like earlier in the season, then 3rd place seems attainable.

This is a suitable team and we must show continuity and beat Cagliari. After Milito's second goal you could see Moratti standing up out of his seat and applauding gleefully. Everyone has a new mentality and hopefully we'll see a new rejuvenated Inter. Forza Ragazzi!

Posted by Connor on 04/02/2012

I'm very pleased to see Stramaccioni get off to a winning start, don't get me wrong.
But everyone please remember that everytime we've had a new manager come in (except Gasperini) we've started brightly. Look at Ranieri- started very well, we thought the rough times were behind us and then came that 10+/- game winless streak. I am not saying this will happen once again to Inter and Stramaccioni, but all I'm saying is let's not get ahead of ourselves. Good game played by Inter, that's the kind of drive we need to see out this season. Let's see some youth injection in the squad, that's exactly what we need!

Posted by ed on 04/02/2012

thats right this inter thats we want to see brilliant attacking play and for the defend we still need a little work to do it. good job stramacioni.i hope and please mr moratti stick with this coach next season and i hope we get the the 3rd for champions league qualify. go go go inter forza

Posted by Nathan on 04/02/2012

I honestly do not think that Inter will be induced into believing the team as currently constituted has a future. Happily I think many of their current young players do have a future. I am still not sure that Zarate is one of them. Regardless, Stramaccioni's willingness to pull Deki was a good sign.

It is also a good sign that the team survived two peculiar penalties (how was Zanetti's handball different than Kaladze's? Sculli also raised his leg, why is it a penalty on Lucio?) and Cesar's even more peculiar decision to pull down Palacio when Lucio was already behind him.

Most of all, this is the first time in a very long time where I enjoyed watching rather than tuning in for 90 minutes out of loyalty.

Posted by Angel on 04/02/2012

Excellent first half from inter, they were attacking, creating chances, and implementing their will on the game. Second half tough the game got messy with errors by both referee and defenders.

I like gianni's 4th point of giving Guarin playing time, he had good touches, and created opportunities for the attackers. He is the missing peace to the puzzle i think, and will be crucial for inters success in the coming games.

Stankovic played a solid first half, but it was smart to take him out in the second half, 4-3-3 required allot of pace. Nice game for both Poli and Cambiasso as well.

I think tough this was the best game that Zarate has played all season. This system suites him perfectly, and hopefully he will keep it up, and make more great goals like he did against Genoa.

Enthusiasm has been a key word throughout this blog, but like coach Stramaccioni has game at a time.

Forza inter!!!!!

Posted by Sam on 04/02/2012

@Nathan; I agree it was great to actually enjoy watching Inter play. As for the penalties I, unlike most it seems, will not complain. With Zanetti his arm was away from his body when the ball struck it and in Italy in particular these are often given which is why defenders are generally taught to hold their hands behind their backs when defending in the box. As for Lucios penalty, I initially thought it wasa penalty as the Genoa player got the ball first. It was only on the replay that I realised that Palacio when in with his studs showing in a pretty dangerous manner. Therefore I can kind of see how the ref called it.
I thought the ref had a decent game, Inter were just a little unlucky with the penalties but nothing blatently dodgy by the ref.

Posted by Bellal A. on 04/02/2012

Great win by Inter and bravo milito! The man still impresses me, Hopefully this coach can leave his mark at the end of the season...i honestly wouldnt mind him coaching next season if it means some youth players being injected and a actual mindset for the team is set. The future for Inter is looking up now.. i mean i doubt we can get worse...our youth team is stupendous :)

Posted by Sebastian on 04/02/2012

Well this is a bit rather tense. Why didn't we hire him before. Despite being inexperienced, he knows what he is doing. Dam. The game could have ended 5-1 if penalties weren't given to Genoa. Absolutely a good win for Inter and now their enthusiastic is back they can continue aiming for 3rd place and hope Lazio might keep their form down since Lazio is having bad week after their 3-1 lost to Parma who Inter thrashed 5-0. I can say now that Inter is back in it's form. If they can just keep out of getting penalties, they can easily beat and thrash Cagilari. Forza Inter.

Posted by Sam on 04/03/2012

This delay really sucks. I hope ESPN can come up with some kind of solution because it is ruining the discussion aspect of this blog that made it so enjoyable!

Posted by Nathan on 04/03/2012

I will second Sam's delay comment. It does lend a pony express feel to the conversation.

Posted by sia on 04/03/2012

@ Nathan

Not to keep writing about how Penalties are called in Lega Calcio, but I like to point out that almost every single week Milan gets a PK that are not that obvious of foul or handball, I think they have won at least 6 or 7 of their matches this year via PKS. I personally find it interesting that without all of those BS PKS given to Milan this season would they be even close to 3 spot on the table. Inter in other hand gets the exact opposite calls by the refs in Italy, outside Italy this does not happens only when Italian refs are officiating!!!

Posted by Mustafa on 04/03/2012

Great thoughts here so far... Just liked to give you guys some numbers...

29 fouls.
9 goals.
6 yellow cards.
4 penalties.
2 red cards.
1 hat trick.

My goodness, do I love football!

Posted by Tony on 04/03/2012

While I am of course very pleased by the win I cannot help myself to remind us all....don't get too high in the good moments nor too low in the poor moments. That will serve us well during the run in to the seasons end. It will be interesting to see how and if Alvarez, Sneijder, Maicon, Rannochia and Nagatomo are inserted in the lineup. If I do not see Chivu and Stankovic play again I will not shed a tear as I believe they are past usefulness to the future cause. Forza Inter!

@Sia...well Milan's fortunes as far as PK's go certainly turned today ;)

Posted by Aiyaz H (DC Nerazzurri) on 04/04/2012

Glad we produced such a compelling result despite the penalties awarded against us. The game was interesting for me to watch not only because of the assertive imprimatur we stamped on it from the very start, but because of the tactical dynamics.

For me the micro-narrative of these 90 minutes revolved around mounting pressure on the Inter back line: minimal at first, when we had three forwards to keep the ball up the pitch, then a bit more pressure as we moved to a 4-4-2; then a frantic case of Samuel and Lucio being asked for a very intense ending, when there was only 1 effective forward because of the expulsion (despite the offsetting one on the other side).

Promising ideas to build from.

Posted by Bellal A. on 04/04/2012

Inter are having bad luck this season @sia

I agree its kind of weird i feel like the ref is never on our side but ive been wrong before.

Posted by Nathan on 04/04/2012

@ Tony

I know you make the point with humor, but I think the Barca match supports Sia's point. Milan do not get the same PK calls outside Italy.

Milan was also reminded of what we Inter supporters already knew. No Ibra dependent side will ever succeed in Europe. He is the prototypical flat track bully.

Posted by Sam on 04/04/2012

We can only thank god that Burlesconis power only extend as far as the Serie A! Someone owning all the tv channels and media plus one of the biggest clubs has to be a worry!
In terms of Europe I am more concerned with the favours Barca get handed. It seems every year they are given three or four gifts. I was glad Milan lost but it was not penalty, just like Motta did not deserve to get sent off when we played them, and Van Persie did not deserve to get sent off when Arsenal played them last year, and all the mystery penalties and strange ref decisions they get in Europe. Pretty much every year they get gifts in Europe. Like Milan get in Serie A.
Wonder if Zlatan will look back at his 100 Serie A titles and wished he had tried himself after leaving Barca in another league other than Italy

Posted by Auth on 05/10/2012

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