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Posted by Gianni Serra on 03/26/2012

"Sixty minutes played very well. Regret is having wasted a good hour of play by again conceding a goal after switching off for a set-piece. We were drawn to Vucinic at the front post, leaving Caceres alone in the middle. After that we didn't react and I'm sorry because we could have come away with a different scoreline after that first half," said Claudio Ranieri after Juventus defeated Inter 2-0.

Inter's happy hour was hailed as magnificent by many pundits - which says a lot about the very low rating Inter have at the moment. In that "splendid hour" Inter simply succeeded in their game plan, which implied 1. blocking Juventus' real threat (Pirlo) with a man-marking tactic (Poli); 2. defend deep; 3. counter-attack. All very basic, all quite well applied.

Unfortunately for Ranieri, playing on the counter effectively means that your forwards must be very keen on exploiting the rare chances. And, as usual, that wasn't the case. Milito on 14 and 31 minutes was denied by Buffon; Juventus' goalkeeper was at his best even against Forlan, Obi and Stankovic. Five good attempts but no goal. Rarely even games can be decided by a genius act (not considering the Camp Nou, where wonders are part of the forniture), more often a mistake or a free-kick is decisive. Inter managed to repeat the same mistake that cost the game in Marseille: Chivu forgot Ayew there, Maicon lost Caceres in Turin. No scoring + bad defending + good corner kick + better header = 1-0 opponents. Easy.

Caceres' goal was preceeded by Antonio Conte's decision to replace Pepe and Matri with Bonucci and Del Piero to reshape his team from the initial 4-3-3 to a more mobile 3-5-2. The double change-goal package was enough to kill Inter for good, with Del Piero able to score the definitive second goal in the 71st minute. But the whole final 30 minutes was one way traffic, with Julio Cesar avoiding a bigger defeat and matching Buffon's first half accomplishments - only the Brazilian's fantastic save on 85 minutes denied Chiellini a third.

The Juventus game left no goals and no points for Inter but at least sent five messages:

1. Goal drought. Four goals out of the last nine league games. Last season one-goal-per game Samuel Eto'o hid many of Nerazzurri's defensive problems. Without the Cameroon striker's incredible goal ratio (and workrate) Inter are very weak up front.

2. Too many goals on set-pieces. Turin like Marseille, Maicon like Chivu. When you are tired free-kicks give you the chance to recover energy, and tension goes away for a second or two. More than enough to lose your guy. It's no coincidence that older players tend to be more exposed in these (apparently) more reassuring and stable situations than in open play. Corners are a welcome pause for too many players at Inter.

3. The vicious circle. The choice to use Poli to mark Pirlo was correct. But only from a defensive point of view, as Poli was almost useless upfront as trequartista (apart from one backheel for Maicon on 63). And Inter, struggling to find the net with eleven players, are not in the condition to give a one man advantage to anyone. Trying to fix the defense, Ranieri, game after game, depleted the attack and left an ineffective strike force, you'll be attacked more (even by full-backs) and your defence will be tested more and more.

4. The right man. A good choice can do wonders. Antonio Conte's great impact at Juventus is undeniable. He's doing for Juventus what Mourinho did for Inter, instilling a fighting mentality. Conte did even more restoring a winning mentality in a club who won nothing for years. Ranieri did well at many teams but certanly was not the ideal coach for Inter. To sign the right man and plan with him must be Moratti's first goal. Two routes: pick among former Inter players (apart from the eternal candidate Walter Zenga there are others like Diego Simeone and Aron Winter who are doing very well at Atletico Madrid and Toronto); try to lure the best (and for Inter it wouldn't be Guardiola but Capello).

5. Next Gen. A few hours before the seniors lost against Juventus, Inter had defeated Ajax on penalties to clinch the first edition of the NextGen Series (a sort of under-18 Champions League). Andrea Stramaccioni's boys managed to play the second half and extra-time with 10 men. Unless something changes, you can bet that there won't be any "young Inter" that will find step by step its place in the first team à la Barcelona or à la Ajax. Despite the achievements Appiano Gentile is no la Masia yet.

Serie A 2011-12 / Day 29


Juventus: Buffon; Caceres, Barzagli, Chiellini, De Ceglie; Vidal, Pirlo, Marchisio; Pepe (53' Bonucci), Matri (53' Del Piero), Vucinic (74' Quagliarella). Coach: Conte
Inter: Julio Cesar; Maicon, Lucio, Samuel, Nagatomo; Zanetti, Poli (67' Faraoni), Stankovic, Obi (67' Pazzini); Milito, Forlan. Coach: Ranieri

Referee: De Marco
Goals: Caceres 57’, Del Piero 71'
Yellow cards: Nagatomo, Poli, De Ceglie; Nagatomo, Poli

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Posted by SMirk on 03/26/2012

Inter have shown that they don't have what it takes to come from behind against a decent team, we need to find a way to fight back, we have shown that we cannot give up one goal in a game. the defense is lackluster, but not totally non existant, but we havent really shown the ability to put teams away and score 3, or 4 goals in a game or even make a decent attempt at a comeback. we need a sneijder or alvarez in the game to dictate the attack or we find ourselves just rushing at the defense with no plan and giving up a counter. i still think there isn't enough movement off the ball to open space, our midfield and forwards stay in the same spot and expect the person with the ball to make things happen. Milan plays a 4-3-1-2 and do not play stagnant like inter, and thus they are in first place with someone like muntari starting when he didnt play a second for us.

Posted by Sam on 03/26/2012

Some interesting comments. I didnt think there was much new in the game in terms of criticisms. Most of what I saw was the same old problem. Soft goals being conceded, midfield running out of steam, lack of creativity in midfield. I actually found a lot of positives in the match. My views are: Milito is still a class striker and with a good supply will score lots of goals.
Forlan and Pazzini must both be close to getting chopped. We pay them too much to do nothing
Obi and Poli despite lacking some technical aspects are getting better. Poli must be signed
Stankovic can no longer play a full match.
Zanetti still has the goods

It is clear that we cannot control games like we used too. We cannot confuse having lots of possession, none of which is threatening, to controlling matches.

As for nextGen. what a result! Great news. Inter must take this initiative and supplement the squad with youth players. It saves money and increases loyalty. Hopefully we can capitalise on it.

Posted by Sam on 03/26/2012

One more thing Gianni. You have mentioned Capello as your choice for Inter coach. Although he is a great coach I am not sure I want him at Inter.
I still think Villa Boas at Inter can do well if given the support, Guardiola I am not sure can manage so successfully outside of Barcalona. Who is best i am not sure to be honest.
All I know is he must be prepared to utilise some of these young players. I also want someone who will bring these academy players through. Inter do not have to play counter attack football. What we do need is a coach who will play the style that best suits the younger players rather than one that suits the older players.
Should be an interesting summer!

Posted by Irving on 03/26/2012

I do think the team needs to be overhauled.
We lack balance in the team and the playing staff isn't complimentary in case injuries occur. It does seem that if a member of the first team is injured, we have to change our playing style to accommodate the replacement. As a result, the team plays with little identity.

After going through the coaching changes, this was inevitable. The mistake was the appointment at the start of the year of Gasperini. His approach is far too different from Mourinho and this is essentially a Mourinho shaped team.

As for replacement coaches, I do think Bielsa from Bilbao may be the right fit for us. Ranieri is clearly not the way forward.

The current team does need some overhauling and an investment in youth sooner rather than later will reap great rewards. Bielsa must be given time and opportunity to do this.

Posted by Mustafa on 03/26/2012

This is my conclusion: An average performance given our season and our results. Moratti, is it every going to be enough? All the money, all the toys, all the fame, is it going to be enough?

Focusing back to the game, Inter played very well as you said in the first hour. I really appreciated Poli's performance marking Pirlo. He is definitely going to be a Nazionale starter in WC 2014. Gigi Buffon basically saved their team from Milito and Pazzini.

The way it looks like, no more Champions League for 2 years...

This lineup was good. Now we can definitely say Sneijder will not be in Appiano Gentile next year.

Posted by Tony on 03/26/2012

Overall the performance matched my expectations. Inter created chances, didn't finish them, lazily marked on set pieces, ran out of gas as the game wore on. So, nothing new there as far as this season is concerned.

I was hoping Guarin might feature. We had nothing to lose by letting him play and allowing him to show something, anything. He could not have done any worse than Stankovic or Obi. It is crazy that we still have an outside chance at Europe at this point. I'd rather just play the youngsters and prepare for 2013 as Mustafa says, and I agree with him that next year is likely lost as well.

The NextGen trophy is nice but means very little to Inter in the big picture. Someone name me a player that came through the academy that actually played a part for Inter in the last several years..... that we actually kept and grew with.

Posted by Sia on 03/26/2012

Inter just replaced Ranieri, it is on Inter web-site posted. Stramaccioni the Primivera coach is in charge till end of the season.

All I have to say, little too late. This shoud've happened at least a month ago if not earlier.

Great blog by the way Gianni.

Posted by Mustafa on 03/26/2012

Hey guys, good news(or not so good, who knows).

If you're reading this, read my comment above as well^^

Claudio Ranieri has been sacked by Inter Milan. Andrea Stramaccioni is appointed as interim manager, following his success in Inter's triumph in winning the first ever NextGen series tournament.

Question is, where does he go afterwards? Will he go back to the youth team? Can we expect new coach after this season? A really cool Twitter hashtag is being used to describe the madness within the Italian media. #stramala

Posted by Inter -IS on 03/26/2012

Ranieri out. Stramaccioni in.

I would love if we give Stramaccioni a chance and be patient as he builds this team for the future. I know he is supposedly a stopgap for a big name coach to join this summer, but i'd rather let a guy who knows inter and knows the youth help us rebuild.

Patience inter fans...patience. This is going to be a very interesting next 1-2 years.

We must support our young guys and the team as things might get even more challenging before they get better. Growing pains are in store but i think they are necessary!

I don't care if we lose every game from now on... lets throw the young guys out there. i don't really care about the europa league

Posted by Sanat on 03/26/2012

What gave me the most pleasure from the Next Gen final win was the manner in which it was achieved. A dogged defensive display with brisk and effective counters - that has Inter written all over it.

It does seem as though the youth at Inter are being trained to play a particular way (let's call it the Inter way)

Given that we will not be a power spender in the transfer market anymore and will be a less attractive destination than year's past - this is the ideal time to have an intrinsic connection established between the youth team and the senior squad.

I thank our Primavera squad for giving us fans something to cheer about. Forza Inter !

Posted by Sanat on 03/26/2012

I just read the news of Inter sacking Ranieri. I am kind of meh about this now. We are more or less safe from any relegation fears and we aren't gonna get UCL football next season. I don't know if Europa league is worth the trouble. It was 200% certain he would go the day the season got over. So it is not a surprise. Only wished Moratti and the board had been a little more truthful about it.

I had hoped for Stramaccioni to be the senior team coach next season in one of my earlier posts. The next few weeks will give him a good opportunity to work at a higher level and for the management to take a look at his skills in Serie A. Worst case he goes back to doing the excellent job he is doing with the Primavera at the end of the season.

If indeed he is just a stop-gap then I'm still keen on AVB. If AVB is ready to work with a smallish budget and a fairly high reliance on youth team players, (which may not be too different from his Porto days), he may be the right man for us.

Posted by Frank on 03/27/2012

I sure as hell don't want Capello at the helm of Inter. AVB or Montella would be a much better choice.
Let's hope Chivu, Maicon, Cesar, Sneijder all head out the exit at seasons end.

Posted by Bellal A. on 03/27/2012

So Inter appointed the Primavera coach..i hope this guy can work with AVB and offload half of the players and implement some rather lose a whole season and then come back the next season then just look bad every match with our old stars :/

Posted by Angel on 03/27/2012

Inter were playing their best in a long time during the first half of the game, they honestly looked hungry to score and make something out of nothing. Milito, Forlan, Stankovic, and even Obi were doing a great job at trying to make the difference. Buffon played a hell of a game, and was the main reason why juve won (along with inters 2nd half defensive error on 1st goal).

The second half tough saw some really strange tactics, Ranieri took out Poli who was having a great game against Pirlo and brings in Faraoni. Obi was having his best game of the season i think, and instead subs him for Pazzini. Those subs hurt inters momentum they had during the first half of the game.

Inter have suffered a great loss to a rival, but lets hope these bad times can be erased with the introduction of new coach Stramaccioni who has done well with inters youth team, and can bring in some fresh talent that inter are in desperate need to finish this season on a high note.

Forza Inter!

Posted by Nathan on 03/27/2012

@ Gianni

Is Stramaccioni taking over the first team project or will he be heading back to the Primavera next year?

Posted by Gianni on 03/27/2012

@ Sam. Capello is not my favourite coach. Zeman is my favourite coach. But Capello is the only one who can guarantee Inter to win the Scudetto next year. And serie A will be Inter's only target next season.
Villas Boas can do wonders anywhere, even at Inter, as he did at Porto. But Inter are run just like Chelsea and the chances to be sacked in case of a poor string are equally high.
@ Nathan. The real plan is to keep Stramaccioni until June, then they will announce Villas Boas (?). But if Stramaccioni wins all the games could be a problem to send him to the Primavera. Other teams could sign him to repeat what Porto did with Villas Boas...

Posted by Anonymous on 03/27/2012


"I sure as hell don't want Capello at the helm of Inter. AVB or Montella would be a much better choice.
Let's hope Chivu, Maicon, Cesar, Sneijder all head out the exit at seasons end"

I agree with most of that. Juan Jesus coul fill in for Maicon I presume. Chivu could go back to Ajax. Cesar is a doubt at this point. He's still one of the best keepers around. Sneijder coul stay, or maybe he could go to Manchester.

AVB and Montella are both great acquisitions, if possible.

Posted by Uwe on 07/24/2012

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