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Posted by Gianni Serra on 03/18/2012

One penalty missed by Milito [the second in a row] plus one not given to Gabbiadini makes double zero. That was Inter-Atalanta - Inter's fifth game without scoring out of the last seven played in the league.

Atalanta snatched a goalless draw at San Siro, against a side who confirmed to be fully committed, highly professional but with almost nothing to offer anymore. And if the fans are already looking forward to next season, the bad news is that the players' minds are set there too.

Clubs of Inter's size can't be out of every competition in mid March. Simply because it's nearly impossible to motivate players used to challenging for honours for the remaining two months. The chance to wear the black-and-blue shirt, even for a friendly, is more than enough to spur the Obis, the Polis, the Faraonis; but what about the Sneijders, the Maicons, the Pazzinis?
Despite the commitment the unconscious thoughts of the big names are: a) to end this hugely disappointing season as soon as possible; b) to prove their value somewhere else or under a new coach.

To be clear: Inter's players honestly think they are giving everything, and in fact they really do. But, at the moment, they have nearly nothing to give. They are empty buckets. With age the distance from the limit is shorter but it takes more time to reach it, so to go beyond you need an extra-gear - I am not talking about doping, of course, I am talking about super-motivation. Poor performances, poorer results have drained all the mental energy from Ranieri's core players.

Having been a Serie A footballer himself, Claudio Ranieri knows only too well what's going on in his players’ minds [and in Moratti's too]. So it's admirable his determination to keep a high profile: "We have talked too much during this season. Let the pitch do the talking from now on, game by game. I do not want to create any illusion. Our players are not giving an inch, they believe in what we are doing". Less admirable when he says: "This is the squad I got and I am trying to do the best with what I got". Here Ranieri talks like he's not coaching Inter but Lecce, Avellino or Pescara. Zdenek Zeman, a man who coached these teams, never complained about the limited resources or about the (evident) lack of quality of his players. Zeman's belief is that you can teach football to everybody, a gifted player will do the job better but to let him know what to do is the coach's duty.

Many people suggest Zeman would be the ideal coach to start Inter's new deal (with youngsters). I am biased as he's my favourite coach, a true master of attacking football. Unfortunately Inter's most illustrious tradition is not linked to offensive calcio but to contropiede ("counterattack").

To appoint someone like Zeman you must back his work 110%, because your belief and expectations will be severely tested by early setbacks. Does Moratti possess that kind of patience? No. The risk of seeing Zeman end up like Gasperini or Lucescu are almost a certainty. The man, the coach doesn't deserve it. And Inter do not deserve another chaotic season like the current one, in which the number of coaches appointed and contacted are in higher number than the goals scored.

Serie A 2011-12 / Day 28


Inter: Julio Cesar; Maicon, Lucio, Samuel, Nagatomo; Zanetti, Poli (77' Castaignos), Cambiasso, Obi (66' Faraoni); Milito (63' Zarate), Pazzini. Coach: Ranieri
Atalanta: Consigli; Raimondi, Ferri, Manfredini, Bellini (85' Stendardo); Schelotto, Cigarini, Carmona, Moralez; Carrozza (77' Ferreira Pinto), Marilungo (54' Gabbiadini). Coach: Colantuono

Referee: Gava
Yellow cards: Lucio, Samuel; Bellini, Cigarini, Carmona, Moralez

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Posted by Sia on 03/19/2012

I've read Forlan didn't want to play today, he disagreed with his place on the field and didn't say much after the match.

These are signs of lack of respect for the coach, because Moratti did not replace Ranieri after lost to weaker teams in Feb and decided to keep him on as a coach, now players have lost respect for him as a person, this is the worst case scenario that a team can face, when players do not care to play or listen to the coach, because he has made many mistakes too often.

I would like to use Chelsea as an example, they are an old team just like Inter and Villa Boas was not producing a winning formula, they took a chance and gave the job to the assistance coach. The little change sparked a positive momentum for Chelsea and at least they are playing as a team again. As I said weeks ago, any change would be better than none and if Ranieri was replaced after lost to Novara and Lecce, Inter probably was still in CL and had few more wins under their belts by now.

Posted by Sam on 03/19/2012

Another great assessment Gianni, I was impressed by your last blog also, I totally agree that Ranieri cannot stay on after the end of the season, we can call only hope that a new coach is installed immediately after the seasons close to allow the new coach a full off season. I also agree with your comment that the season is simply petering out and the players have lost all motivation as we have nothing really to play for. All they have left is to play for their Inter careers or put themselves in the window for another club. Sneijder looks to have his eyes on the Euros. It is a real shame. All supporters can do is look to the future and hope that this season finishes soon!
Thinking about the future I thought I would put forward my thoughts about what needs strengthening and formations and stuff. Most young players we have are not suited to the system that the older players are so I believe that we need to change system for the youngsters to flourish. I think a 4-2-3-1 seems the best

Posted by Pietro on 03/19/2012

@ Sia. Both Forlan and Ranieri denied. You are right any change would be better. Inter are in a mess now... Oriali criticized Branca for market strategies and Branca criticized Oriali saying he didn't know anything about Inter management... silence is golden some say...

Posted by Angel on 03/19/2012

Another difficult game, Inter had no attacking midfield, or someone to create anything...thus another dismal game. President Morrati can't ignore this any further, and will have to pull the trigger on Coach Ranieri after the season is concluded.

The question is weather he will take the risky chance of going with Guardiola or Prandelli (if available), and change completely the way inter play tactically, or play it safe and go with a coach like Villas-Boas who aready knows well inters culture of the counter attack. These games are difficult to watch, but inter will never put their heads down, and if Forlan does not want to play...then the president will have no problem of shipping him back to Spain along with Branca :)

Posted by Sam on 03/19/2012

I havent seen Guarin play so am not really sure what sort of player he is but I think Mascherano would add toughness in midfield to break up attacks, personally I would sell Sneijder and free up some cash. Pazzini I am not sure about still. I am not sure what Obis best position is but I dont think he has the skills for the attacking trident, I think Castignos is talented and I would like to see whether he could come in from the right or left.
Personally I would love to see Javi Martinez come to Inter. He seems to be a player a team can be built around. Afellay might be another to look at.
Anyway there are some thoughts, should be an interesting offseason. I just hope that they get a new coach early, have a clear long term vision, have a formation that suits the younger players, sell the older players who cannot play the new system, buy players based on what is needed and back the coach long term for the project!

Posted by Joseph on 03/19/2012

As a die hard Inter fan, the squad needs to be rebuilt starting from the front office. Branca has to go. He hasn't done any good for Inter and gets rid of Thiago Motta and brings in an injured Guarin and old Palombo. He also replaces Eto'o with Forlan who couldnt play in the first half of the Champions league. Who messes something like that up? This is one of the biggest teams in Italy let alone the world and Branca keeps making horrible transactions. Moratti has no one to blame but himself now. Milito, Maicon, and Sneijder should've all been sold to make way for a youth injection. Instead Inter are looking like a bottom half team. Another thing I have noticed is that Inter play a lot better and looked very motivated under young coaches (Mancini, Mourinho, Leonardo). Rafa Benitez is probably laughing his butt off in England saying "I told ya so". And I'm starting to believe that he was right all along. Please Presidente choosh a good coach and young players!

Posted by Sanat on 03/19/2012

Unfortunately there is almost nothing to play for and that is the best point made by Gianni in his post. Our condition right now defines the phrase "Going through the motions". Players don't rate the coach too highly as Sia pointed out in his comment and there maybe a lack of drive within most.

The sad thing is we are just 7 points or so off the 3rd spot and were all the players 100% vested in this "project" (as Moratti and Ranieri so often refer to it as ;) .. I think we could really have made a fist of the 3rd place..Even if we do miserable in next season's competition at least we will would have the added $$

Posted by Mustafa on 03/19/2012

As many of you already know, Moratti and Branca are preparing to rejuvenate this squad during the summer transfer market. Many players are said to be leaving Appiano Gentile. We should expect Zarate, Castaignos, possibly Forlan and maybe even Sneijder to leave. I heat that Moratti is claiming that he will try to get Giuseppe Rossi. We may have Cesar Prandelli as coach next year after his performance at the EURO is assessed. The latter is just a rumour, but should be considered.

Posted by Nathan on 03/19/2012

@ Joseph

People have remarkably short memories. The claim that Branca has not done any good for Inter is demonstrably and emphatically untrue. Who brought in Sneijder and Lucio? Who brought in Eto'o and cash for flat track bully Zlatan? Getting rid of Ibra paved the way for European success. Keeping Motta or Eto'o was not an available option as both wanted to leave for career ending paydays. Guarin, Palombo, and Zarate are in on loan. If they don't come good, they go back. Low cost, low risk.

Whether Rafa is laughing or not is not important. He is still unemployed, which tells you everything you need to know about his current standing.

This year is a wash, which stings and is painful to watch. But Serie A is and has been in decline for some time. Returning to the top 3 is not an insurmountable task.

Posted by Sanat on 03/19/2012


That is true..people often forget that Mourinho wanted to bring Deco but it was Branca and Co that went the way of Motta and Eto' getting rid of Zlatan "I flop in big matches" Ibrahimovic in the process.

If Lele Oriali were to return, maybe his added contribution would also help us move forward..but I know expecting that to happen is only wishful thinking.

I certainly hope Luc remains with us..the guy has done nothing wrong to be let go, other than winning a game for us that we otherwise played horribly in.

Posted by Nathan on 03/19/2012

@ Mustafa
Zarate will obviously get sent back to Lazio in the summer. I would rather have Castaignos than Rossi. Rossi has spent most of this season injured and there is no reason to believe that his best days are in front of him. If the club has any actual confidence in Countinho or Alvarez, it is hard to see how Sneijder would be back next season. I am trying to think of a valid reason to keep Forlan around next year and nothing springs to mind. If he had done what he did yesterday with Mourinho he would be with the reserves today.

Posted by Jrank on 03/19/2012

i love zarate he shows potential hes not afraid to run at defenders show his ball skills yet he hasnt had anytime here to show his true skills on the pitch he might be a loose cannon at times but he reminds me of eto'o a lil with running down the flank cutting in and taking the opportunities to shoot on goal hes still young and has plenty of time here at Inter inless we send him packing back to lazio but in the end he could be a big threat in our attacking front he just needs more playing time

Posted by Levi on 03/19/2012

I don't think Costaignos has done anything of value. That's just my opinion. He plays like a scared rabbit and should be in Serie B. It seems harsh but he barely touches the ball. The only goal he scored was a slow shot that got by because the keeper was elsewhere. I don't know why he's not on loan somewhere, getting experience in a club that can play him more often.
As far as Forlan, I wouldn't be surprised if Inter let him go, but I hope they don't. He was the only spark in the Chievo game, despite everyone giving listless Sneijder credit. I think he's a pleasure to watch.
Much like Zanetti. There may be a time when the captain can no longer hold his own, but anyone who watches him knows that it is not now. He's on the best players in history list.
Zarate will go. Sneijder should go. I think the ghost Pazzo should go. They need a young striker (Muller?), but it would be foolish to drop a world class when he's still on contract and wants to play.

Posted by Angel on 03/19/2012

When will Guarin be ready to play a game? Inter are in dyer need of a spark in the midfield. He might be the player that could help to get a top 3 finish.

I disagree with the idea of selling Castaignos, if inter want to let go of a young player it must be Rannochia.

I think inter will be looking to brazil for talent in the transfer market. I can see players like Lucas, Damiao, and Oscar coming to play at inter. The question will be weather inter will have the muscle to make such important moves, or else things will never progress.

Posted by Nathan on 03/19/2012

@ Sanat

People also forget that Quaresma was Mourinho's idea. He basically demanded that he be bought. He may be The Special One, but he was not perfect.

Posted by Gianni on 03/19/2012

@ Everybody. To prevent spam attacks the system now doesn't allow automatic comments to unregistered users, which means that for a while you have to be patient and wait for external approval.
@ Sam. In a Zemanesque 4-3-3 Guarin would feature as right midfielder, Poli in the middle, Obi on the left. That would be his best position.
@ Nathan. You're right. Quaresma was Mourinho's idea. Mourinho also complained about the signings of Milito and Motta. Anyway Jose was man enough to admit he didn't know Milito was so good and he wasn't a player he really knew before training him.

Posted by Mustafa on 03/19/2012

More disgraceful Inter rumours: Fiorentina coach Pantaleo Corvino has already been contacted by Moratti. Claims are from a top investigator at TuttoMercatoWeb. This cannot be true. He's not someone that is even fit for a club like Inter.

I also find that Inter are still waiting for a reply from Prandelli.

A tempting find: In my opinion, I think that Athletic Bilbao coach Marcelo Bielsa sounds like a VERY tempting option for Moratti. He remains at the top of headline newspapers in Spain.

Posted by Nathan on 03/20/2012

@ Mustafa

Bielsa is an odd fellow. He has never managed a big European club team and doesn't seem to have any interest in doing so.

Posted by Nathan on 03/20/2012

@ Gianni

I thought I was registered. My comments are held for approval regardless. Am I doing something wrong?


Posted by Gianni on 03/20/2012

Nathan, I have tried myself and you're correct. I'll forward your message to Espn techical side. Hope this will be sorted out asap. Sorry.

Posted by Mustafa on 03/20/2012


My point is that he is a viable option if you consider what he accompplishes with the youth. Just look at his young Athletic Bibao side. I think he is worth a shot because he is a long term option to develop the youth. His coaching methods may be harsh, but at least he's successful.

Now, if I compare him to Zeman, Bielsa isn't truly centered around the youth. Bielsa can work his magic at Inter, with the right signings. Zeman seems like an interesting fellow, I'll have to research more about him. I think he is currently at a Serie B side.

Posted by Sia on 03/20/2012

@ Gianni

My comments are held as well for approval. perhaps they are doing this for everyone. I don't have much to say these days due to Inter's performance or lack of it, but if team starts playing football again someday, I probably will have more to share with the group.

Posted by Gianni on 03/20/2012

@ Sia. Yes, it's the same for everybody. Hope it will be fixed soon. I understand it's quite annoying for registered users to see their comments held for approval for hours.

Posted by Nathan on 03/20/2012

@ Mustafa

Inter approached Bielsa in the summer. In June Moratti indicated that Bielsa had turned the job down for "personal reasons." I agree that he is a good coach but I also think his teams work better in knock out competitions. Athletic Bilbao followed looking good over two legs against Manchester United with a 0-3 loss at home against Valencia. And I am not sure Inter needs a coach nicknamed El Loco.

Posted by Tony on 03/20/2012

I think we all give managers too much credit for the good times and too much blame for bad times. Mou was not perfect, Ranieri is not a complete fool, Rafa... well Rafa is Rafa.
My point is, the players must perform on the pitch. Did Milito taking a penalty like an 8yr old have anything to do with the coach? It is the players that have failed to play to their potential throughout the season. The reason for that cannot be placed only on the coach. As Sneijder seems disinterested I would leave him in the stands till the final 2 weeks of the season then play him, have him get hurt and miss the Euros. It would serve him well as a sweet irony for not trying all season.
@ have a keen mind. Always strongs posts. :)

Posted by Nathan on 03/20/2012


Thanks much. You always have interesting points to make as well and I agree with the points you just made.

Sneijder I do not understand. A two footed player who is as good as anyone when he is playing at his top level, he seems to have virtually no impact on matches right now. It may be coincidence, but his time at Real Madrid followed a similar pattern.

Posted by Mustafa on 03/20/2012


You're right, but circumstances change. There are reports of Bielsa leaving Athletic this summer. Maybe he just wasn't right for the project they were trying to develop there.

Hopefully we have a great summer, I am assuming we'll have a few average signings, with one or two significant splashes of money going to our attack. Milito is... 32? He'll do for the short term, but we need fresh legs to inspire this team. That's what all Interisti want, as far as I'm concerned.

@ anyone.

Does anyone have a clue about Cesare Prandelli to Inter? I am intrigued by this immensely, and I'm wondering if anyone can clarify.

Posted by Nathan on 03/21/2012

@ mustafa

I do know anything about Prandelli to Inter. It is interesting. I do know that my wife likes the Olivier Giroud to Inter rumors.

Posted by Sam on 03/21/2012

I hear so many comments about the problems we have in attack but I just dont think it is the big concern. Our attack has been stuttering but I think the midfield it the big problem. The service our forwards are getting is appalling and the midfield is the driving force for the team. Besides this Milito, despite his poor season is still one of the top scorers in Italy. I still think if we can fix our midfield, get some pace and quick passers players like Forlan, Milito, even Pazzini and Castignos will start scoring again. At the moment we have no players playing killer passes, no players running at the defence will any real threat and no one playing quick one twos etc. Doesnt leave much. Funnily Coutinho is one player who could have provided this spark but the powers that be decided to send him to Spain. Anyone who hasnt seen his goal for Espanyol a couple of weeks ago should check it out on You tube!

Posted by Nathan on 03/21/2012

@ mustafa

Correction: I do NOT know anything about Prandelli to Inter.

Posted by Mustafa on 03/21/2012


Giroud is a good player! He continually improves his game. His next step is to go to Inter. He should bring some shooting boots as well. Those Puma's have become his trademark.

He could prove useful if we have a trequartista next year, with Coutinho in the middle, Alvarez on the left, Cambiasso(maybe) on the right. And then an interchangeable pair of forwards. Maybe Giroud could play on the left in front of Giroud.

Posted by Inter -IS on 03/21/2012

Agree 10000000% with Sam. The problem is in the midfield and has been for 2 years now. Last year we were able to mask it cuz Etoo would create something out of nothing or go deep into the midfield to get the ball and start bombing forward. We don't have the kinds of strikers to do that anymore. Pazzini lives and dies with service in the box and Milito is the same, although he can get involved pretty well in link-up and short-passing plays. A healthy and in form forlan would be a sight for sore eyes, if he ever gets there.

With NOTHING being created in the midfield, you better have some ridiculously awesome attacking fullbacks. Well, nagatomo assists here and there inconsistently and maicon has showed up for about 2 games this year offensively.

It all works together, if we sure up the back 4, we can use less defensive midfielders and they can lend a hand in attack more. As soon as alvarez went out injured, and with sneijder unmotivated and recovering form, NOTHING creative there

Posted by Nathan on 03/21/2012

@ Mustafa

Giroud is a fine player, but it is his aesthetic qualities that my wife approves of. I suspect she is not the only woman who feels this way.

I do hope you are right about Countinho in the middle next year. We need to see an extended run from him.

@ Sam

I actually fully approved of sending Coutinho to Espanyol on loan. Once Sneijder came back from injury it was clear that Coutinho was not going to be playing. This may be one of those rare loan periods that benefits all involved. And the goal you refer to was fantastic.

Posted by Bellal A. on 03/22/2012

I think Inter need to sign Viviano...Sell Samuel before his contract runs up lol...Maybe keep lucio and play Juan and sub Rannochia in for either...we need to see how guarin does and maybe sign him..he could be the driving force we need or hopefully hes carried that winning porto mentality with him...Forlan and Milito are ok as long as we try playing Castaignos more...and Coutinho and Alvarez should try to start every game next year.. Play zanetti unless he retires (he makes players look ridiculous with his age). If we land Lucas and maybe sign Rossi i think we could be alright..maybe hummels could seal it off. but we never know...Branca for all we know could buy Fernando Torres for an absurd amount.

Posted by Sanat on 03/22/2012

Just to reinforce that our youth program is going the right direction...(as most of you may already know)...we reached the final of the UEFA Next Gen Series!! (coincidentally beating Marseille 2-0)..Ajax is next, this Sunday.

We need to get a coach who has done well working with a limited budget and youngsters/youth team players. AVB might be a good choice considering that. I would love to know what you guys think about our next coach's requirements.

Like I've said before, I always prefer having a Primavera player playing in our senior side and giving his 200% than a more talented mercenary going through the motions who is just thinking of the next big pay cheque.

Posted by Nathan on 03/22/2012

@ Bellal

The Viviano train has left the station. Inter swapped their Viviano co-ownership for co-ownership of Juraj Kucka in August.

There is nothing in Branca's history that would suggest he would buy anyone for an absurd amount, much less Torres. Quaresma was forced on him by the coach and the inflated price reflected that. Everyone else has come in for a reasonable amount.

Posted by Inter -IS on 03/22/2012

AVB would be great i think. I know he "flopped" at chelsea but he is young and he has worked with inter in the past and he has a particular style. Whoever is the next coach, i want someone young, committed, and willing to rough it out for atleast 3-5 years while we rebuild.

The key will be if moratti can convince a coach that he will let the coach rebuild in his own style. The next few years are very critical years for inter... we need to be able to have a coach that sticks around and helps us rebuild. Milan and Juventus went through their own rebuilding periods, its time for ours.

Our primavera is great... like i said, we have good young players. But are the fans ready to deal with a season or 2 of rough games and losses as long as the young players are consistently playing and making progress? i for one definitely can!!

Posted by Bellal A. on 03/23/2012

Well damn...why would we sell our future number one keeper out...what the heck! And yeah i think AVB could be a good long term option especially with the youth.

Posted by dj on 03/23/2012

our back line is so old. lucio and samuel have given us many memorable moments. now is the time for them to take a bow. i think if the back line was shored up - and if nagatomo and maicon were not so willing to sprint forward - our problems in midfield would not be so blatant.

Posted by Sam on 03/24/2012

@Nathan: I think the Viviano train is actually well and truely still in the station. I thought that we got the full rights to Viv after Bologna screwed up the envelopes. We then swapped HALF his rights to Genoa for half of Kuckas rights, or thereabouts. Genoa. Genoa then sold their half to Palermo and the player went there to play this season.
I am pretty sure this means we still have half rights and we will try to buy the other half off Palermo. All very confusing!

Congrats also to the Primavera. After getting blitzed 7-1 or something in their first game of the Next-gen series we have made final. A massive achievement. The new coach there, Stramaccioni, seems highly rated by the club and could be a dark horse for the top job. Might be a bit soon but he has the youth team humming. Lets hope they can win at against Ajax in the final. A lot of work has gone into the youth team in the last few years. Hopefully we will start seeing them coming through!

Posted by Bellal A. on 03/25/2012

I had no idea Inter had such a good youth team...what makes them so players or teamwork?

Posted by Sanat on 03/26/2012

Inter have been doing very well at the Primavera level for the past few years. This season as well, we beat Bilan in the derby and are leading the Primavera scudetto race.

I hope we see more of the stars from the U-20 blooded into our senior squad, but alas that is easier said than done.

Posted by Simphiwe on 08/31/2012

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