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FC Inter Milan
March 27, 2012
Posted by Gianni Serra on 03/27/2012

Claudio Ranieri is no more Inter coach. Sacked. Replaced with Andrea Stramaccioni, who last Sunday led Inter Primavera to win the inaugural NextGen Series, after a penalty shoot-out against Ajax. Inter are out of the UEFA Champions League, out of the Coppa Italia, 8th placed in serie A with 12 defeats - one less than the club's negative record of 13 reached in 1947/48. Not what you'd call a successful season.

March 26, 2012
Posted by Gianni Serra on 03/26/2012

"Sixty minutes played very well. Regret is having wasted a good hour of play by again conceding a goal after switching off for a set-piece. We were drawn to Vucinic at the front post, leaving Caceres alone in the middle. After that we didn't react and I'm sorry because we could have come away with a different scoreline after that first half," said Claudio Ranieri after Juventus defeated Inter 2-0.

March 18, 2012
Posted by Gianni Serra on 03/18/2012

One penalty missed by Milito [the second in a row] plus one not given to Gabbiadini makes double zero. That was Inter-Atalanta - Inter's fifth game without scoring out of the last seven played in the league.

March 14, 2012
Posted by Gianni Serra on 03/14/2012

Another last minute setback against Marseille and Inter are out of the UEFA Champions League. Two early saves from Mandanda denied Nerazzurri the ideal start and the team had to dig deep to find the energy to score late on with Diego Milito.

When extra-time looked a certainty Inter conceded a bizarre goal to Brandao who didn't miss after the ball had hit him on the back. Inter striker Pazzini scored a penalty a minute later but it was too late. Useless.

March 9, 2012
Posted by Gianni Serra on 03/09/2012

A present at the right time. Established 104 years ago on Friday, Inter returned to winning ways after six losses and two draws, just in time to prepare for the second leg of the last-16 Champions League clash against Marseille.

March 5, 2012
Posted by Gianni Serra on 03/05/2012

If Claudio Ranieri is given the chance to complete both legs of the Champions League tie with Marseille then he must thank Juan Pablo Carrizo. The Catania goalkeeper's blunder not only ended Inter's goal drought after 542 minutes but it also paved the way for Nerazzurri's mini-revival which led to Milito's equiliser. And if Pazzini hadn't missed a sitter at the end of the game, Ranieri could have boasted an incredible win against Catania. Not deserved, sure.