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Posted by Gianni Serra on 02/02/2012

Milito, Milito, Milito, Milito. If good sense had prevailed we'd never have seen the Prince's epic performance in the 4-4 draw against Palermo. The Argentinian forward shone and scored four goals but it was still not enough to defeat Palermo, a brave team whose hero was Fabrizio Miccoli who scored three goals. To schedule Serie A fixtures at 20.45 on the coldest nights of the year says everything about the people who rule Italian football.

Playing in the snow on a heavy pitch could have led to a boring game. But the severe weather conditions apparently freed players of all the tactical limitations: all of them played with the freedom and enthusiasm typical of summertime games on a sunny beach or, more fittingly, of a football match played among friends in a car park covered with snow. Not a serious thing but a highly entertaining one for the viewers, whereas very demanding and risky for the players.

So I'll try to save only the positives. Let's start with Julio Cesar and Ranocchia then. Maybe not. Another day, hopefully. Far better to pay homage to Diego Milito. The comeback of the year. If you are finished you don't fly and find the net four times in such a game: 12 goals in 17 league matches for the Prince. Credit to him to keep believing in himself even when Ranieri arrived and immediately dumped him for Pazzini, who was Milito's deputy under Gasperini. Also credit to Ranieri for fielding Milito in the starting eleven as soon as the former Genoa's forward improved his form.

Against Palermo, Ranieri began the post-Motta era with his favourite 4-4-2. The midfield line, right to left, was Zanetti, Cambiasso, Poli, Sneijder. At Madrid under Bernd Schuster in a similar 4-4-2 scheme, the Dutch playmaker played several games on the flanks (exchanging positions during the game with Arijen Robben) and also in central position alongside Fernando Gago. So Sneijder has the ability and the intelligence to play decently wide or in the middle, he proved that at Ajax and, as said, at Real. Nevertheless he gives his best in a free role behind the strikers. At the moment the ideal compromise would be a midfield of four (Zanetti, Poli, Cambiasso, Obi) with Sneijder behind a lone striker (Milito now, with Forlan, Pazzini, Castaignos and Zarate as alternatives). No chance it will happen.

Serie A 2011-12 / Day 21


Inter: Julio Cesar; Maicon, Lucio, Ranocchia, Nagatomo; Zanetti, Cambiasso, Poli (65' Palombo); Sneijder (67' Obi); Pazzini, Milito (87' Zarate). Coach: Ranieri
Palermo: Viviano; Munoz (62' Pisano), Silvestre, Mantovani, Balzaretti; Barreto, Donati, Bertolo; Zahavi (62' Ilicic); Miccoli, Budan (74' Vazquez). Coach: Mutti

Referee: Guida
Yellow cards: Munoz
Goals: Milito 22', 56', 61', 69'; Mantovani 17’, Miccoli 52', 66’, 85'

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Posted by Parth on 02/02/2012

Even I been saying. Inter must play with single striker and Sneijder. Also, Alvarez can be used in such a formation. These 3 can take attacking responsibilities while Zanetti, Cambi, Poli/Obi can play in middle.

Posted by Mustafa on 02/02/2012

Player of the game: Diego Milito. What would Inter do without him? Four goals is something I wouldn't have guessed, even against Palermo, which the scoreline always seems ridiculously high. Think back to the first league game: a 4-3 loss to Palermo. I enjoyed watching the game, because it was played with such pace. One question: Can we cash in for these unwanted strikers? Zarate has been linked with Tottenham, and could become used to English football. Pazzini, maybe Spain, and Castaignos to the highest bidder. All that really matters is Milito, Milito, Milito, Milito, plus Forlan. Our defence was porous and let Miccoli through many times. That shouldn't have happened. I like the look of Sneijder on the wing, very nice. Ranieri could try Forlan once he is better and use him to double up on forwards. Gianni, you said you'd like only one striker, which is sensible, but the only thing to think about is that we got so much depth in our squad. Very much appreciated performance Prince.

Posted by kingsworthy on 02/02/2012

I thought KPB was the Prince....

Posted by Zaid on 02/02/2012


You choose not to start (the article) with Julio Cesar and Ranocchia? May i should then. Maybe not. Well, as much as I would have like the coach to give the youngsters chances (look at Poli, he had a very good game), Ranocchia (d*mn you), provide a horrible horrible display. Ugrhh! So slow, indecisive, clueless and full of critical mistakes. I wish I can go there and kick him in the back.

And J Cesar... another horrible performance.
Everyone can see what Miccoli was trying to do in both occasions and yet J Cesar, for the love of God, couldn't get his position right again and again.

I could recall a similar scenario before where J Cesar was beaten twice (two goals) in the same manners where Miccoli score tonight. I just couldn't remember which game but the manners how the goals were scored was similar to Miccoli goals.

I effectively stop hoping & watching the game once I saw Zarate on the sideline. He can't do anything for the team. Again.

And the coach have failed again.

Posted by Angel on 02/02/2012

I agree with you 100% Zaid52, Ranocchia is....simply put a horrible defensive player. True he is young, and could develop and learn, but right now he is playing without character or strong mentality. I hope that the new defensive signing Juan can make the difference that we need in the central defense.

El Principe played a incredible game, but why did Mr.Ranieri take him out and put Zarate??? All do respect to him, but this was plane stupid. Milito was the only offense inter had, why take out the hot hand in the poker game so to speak. I saw that when Milito went to the bench he felt frustrated, and it was ridiculous to take him out. Ranieri should of taken out Pazzini, this was Milito's game. When Ranieri made the substitution, inters offense was lost, and their was no chance of winning.

On a brighter note, Both Poli and Palombo made great contributions to the game, and even tough we lost a good defensive midfielder in Thiago Motta, i believe both Poli and Palombo can fill that gap.

Posted by nims on 02/02/2012

To be honest it wasnt a bad idea to take milito off to save him from injury. Running so hard in that weather us managing best to keep him for future games. The problem was we had no decent attackin player to replace him. Zarate has ability but too inconsistent for this level. Maybe Luke would have been a guy to bring on. He should get more chances than Zarate. Times like this I miss Mario. Forlan is just wasted and I can't believe we got him in the 1stplace. Branca is lookin bad as is JC, Maicon. Cordoba should have marked miccoli. Not froggy. That was obviously bad preparation by coaches. It was expected that froggy would struggle hence why they tried to isolate him with miccoli. All n all the lazio result still gives us hope of 3-2 finish. I don't think Udine or Lazio have the depth in squad. Ranieri has done well. We were awful progress is steady but sure.

Posted by Angel on 02/02/2012

nims....the games against Lecce and Palermo were W's for inter my friend, those games inter MUST WIN in order to get champions places, and to suceed in even having a shot later on in the season.

For now, every game is decisive. You can't take chances loosing such games. Remember that the last two games will be against AC Milan & Lazio, so in order for those games to even have meaning, Inter must secure points NOW.

Forza Inter!

Posted by Tony on 02/02/2012

Agree with Angel completely. These last 2 games are points lost that we should have had in the bag. Gianni, I appreciate you focusing on the positives was the negatives that cost us the match. Turning a blind eye to Cesar and Rannochia is failing to see the elephant in the room. Ranieri replacing Milito is nearly unforgiveable.

Posted by Bellal A. on 02/02/2012

Inter have come a long way this season, i am surprised they have still the fighting spirit to get a 4-4 win against palermo but I hope the new signings can prove me wrong, and i am so shocked at how Branca keeps signing injured players...look at forlan and where thats gotten us.

Posted by inter -IS on 02/02/2012

agreed with what everyone is saying about ranocchia, julio cesar, and the substitution of milito.

I also don't understand why he pulled sneijder!? i get it... he wanted to sure up the midfield and help out on defense, which sneijder can't do, but still. You can expect defenders like ranocchia to be caught lacking in speed because they make up for it by being beasts in the air and doing other things, but he just had a poor game. But his lack of speed and questionable positioning was something that was KNOWN. Miccoli always kills us and i don't understand why, against an attacking team, you would play that defense. Why not play ranocchia against lecce, where he could have been more useful against their taller/slower strikers?!

and JC's goalkeeping positioning is atrocious... it was dejavu two of the goals by miccoli.

the only good things about that game were
1. milito, wow
2. sneijder looked dangerous out left cutting in
3. maicon looked imposing in attack
4. poli n palombo were good

Posted by Yorkie on 02/03/2012

The problem rite now is a lack of faith in the young players which is always said on this blog why send coutinho out on loan but fight to keep motta? yes he may have been one of the better players this season but in my mind is way too slow as is the rest of our midfield. Rannochia is a nightmare waiting to happen for an italian young defender in a league that is built on tactics and defensive positioning he always seems to be at sea for me.the time is now to give players like castaignos, poli, et al a sustained run in the team we need to consider the long term and not just this season or the next.

Posted by Sam on 02/03/2012

@Angel: You have hit the nail on the head mate, The loss to Leece and draw with Palermo are five vital lost points. If we had won we would have been in top three and pressuring Milan, now we are struggling quite a bit back and looking lost. The run, although it was excellent is a little deceptive. If you look at the fixture list, Inter must play Roma, Napoli, Juvetus, Udinese and Lazio away before the end of the season. That is a hell of a list and means that we cannot afford to lose points to these smaller teams, particularly at home. At the end of the season Inter must transition and move some of the old guard on. Why waste millions on young talent to let them go to waste and why even have a youth academy if you don't give the players opportunities, Destro is one example of a player who excelled at youth level and was given no real opportunity at senior level. Our youth team is one of the best in Europe but we never see players come into the team, time for that to change!

Posted by Gianni on 02/03/2012

@ Mustafa. If I could plan I would buy players suitable for 4-3-3 - the scheme I prefer. However, I meant to say that 4-4-1-1 could be the best compromise between Ranieri's views and Sneijder's best position.
@ Tony and Zaid. I'm sorry. Maybe I should have go deeper but I thought that Julio Cesar and Ranocchia mistakes were so evident that didn't deserve more than one line.
@ inter -IS. Sneijder said he had a minor injury. MInor or major Ranieri chose to leave Wes out for the next game against Roma.

Posted by Sia on 02/03/2012

Inter-Palermo game should've been postponed in my opinion. Field was in a bad shape (Frozen) and it was a bad decision to play the game, also, Sneijder and Alvarez both picked up an injury which they'll be missing the Roma game now played on Sunday.

Lastly where is Forlan, has he even played full 90 mins total all season for Inter? What a waste of money. If Milito picks up an injury Inter is done with scoring, they didn't buy a striker during the transfer market which was a huge mistake. Pazzini,Zarate,Forlan are not doing anything for us and I think this will hunt us later in the season.

Posted by Zaid on 02/03/2012


I am okay with your 1 liner about Cesar & Ranocchia. I believe their mistakes are difficult to comment objectively without going emotional about it. Totally understand the 'principle' behind your one liner.

Just read an article about how Zanetti get into an argument with 1 fan after the game. The fan was said to be insulting his team mate & seeing that act as 'crossing the line', he stood up for the teammate. The article don't mentioned who was targeted but if it was Cesar or Ranocchia, I think that fan speak for a lot of Interisti. Can't imagine how frustrating it is, if I watched the game in freezing San Siro.

Palermo never won at San Siro (again Inter) for many many years. They didn't last night but the result is as good as a win.

And as many have mentioned, this game & Lecce were a compulsory 6 pointers. We gained only 1 points instead.

The disappointment of losing to Napoli & Lecce was compounded with this draw. Unacceptable results. And we have Roma next. Great!

Posted by Angel on 02/03/2012

You are right Sam, inter have great potential in their youth academies and in their youth players to produce quality players. But youth academies take time, it takes years to deveolop such players, just look at Barcelona and how they have taken the time to develop players, but in the end it all pays off.

I believe in the next game, Pazzini should be left out, and allow Costaignos the opportunity to show what he can do, and also give him experience. If Pazzini cannot fullfill his duties as striker, why not give the opportunity to another player who is in need of playing time, and has hunger to prove himself.

Inter are a top team, with the best supporters in the world. The mistakes made must be learned, and allow players like Poli, Palombo, and Faraoni play bigger roles to help the squad win.

It would be incredible to see both Sneijder, And Alvarez play in midfield. Wes in the middle, Ricky at the flank, and hell put Maicon in midfield too, with Nagatoma covering his position...

Posted by Zaid on 02/05/2012

Having fuming over the 4-4 result, I decided not to watch the Roma game. I suspect a negative result, more so when hearing the news that both Sneijder and Alvarez are not fit to play. Without any of them, for sure the link up to the strikers will be completely gone. How are we going to deliver the ball to the strikers and possibly score then? Route 1 football? Maicon and Zanetti dashing runs? We need to show some respect to the opponent.

The live score updates of the game was the way I kept in touch with the game. After conceding 2 goals at HT, I thought maybe the player will raise their game to make the scoreline respectable. Nope. That didn't happened, apparently. 4-0 was the final scoreline.

The run of 8 straight wins was completely ruined by now. 8 wins 1 draw 2 lost. Still look rather good.
Until we get to Form.
Last 5 Games Result:

One word. Ranieri.

Posted by Krista on 05/10/2012

Excellent article, I think the point you made about the crrtieia when replacing Leo is a very good one which I hadn't even considered before. I'm still undecided about the 3 man defence but phasing out the Veterans is a must, and as much as I love Zanetti he's getting old now & especially in the 3-4-3 formation I'm finding it hard to see where he'll fit in ( a problem that I think Gasperini is struggling with too as he keeps playing him as a CB) time will tell though so we'll seeKeep up the good work

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