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Posted by Gianni Serra on 02/06/2012

Another hiding for Inter. This time no snow, no excuses, no Milito to save a team that didn't show up for the game.

Ranieri explained the loss was down to a lack of concentration: "We played our best game against AC Milan. Probably we gave everything then, even in terms of nerves, and after the derby our team needed a break, just to recharge mental batteries. The goal scored by Juan proves that. Despite analysing that move before the game, we allowed him to jump all alone in the very centre of our penalty box. Nothing to do with physical form, just lack of concentration".

Ranieri’s analysis is basically honest and correct. Certainly not exhaustive. He forgot to say at least two or three things.

1. When you display no confidence at all in youngsters and/or reserves (see Poli, already slipped in the picking order behind Palombo), you must be fully aware that in moments of need you can't rely on players lacking confidence in themselves. But who's the culprit for instilling disillusion instead of motivation? A great coach is the one who can give the impression even to fringe player that they are all part of the team, all important even if with different roles. Reducing the weapons in your arsenal is not a wise policy.

2. If you play only on nerves the first stop can be definitive. Remember: in 2009-10 Roma under Ranieri overtook Mourinho's Inter, recovering a 14-point gap in 5 months, but once they reached that peak the Giallorossi lost 2-0 against Sampdoria at the Olimpico and allowed Inter to regain the lead until the end. Apparently history taught nothing.

3. Gratitude is a virtue but in football it can backfire. There are only two ways to face the truth of an ageing team: a) a clear out; b) a smooth transition, through the injection of one-two new younger players every year in the starting eleven. Ranieri apparently picked a third one: hiding the truth. Asked if (the injured) Guarin could help this team, Ranieri replied: "It's no time to say we need Guarin. We are missing even Sneijder, Forlan, Chivu, Stankovic. But we have to do better with the ones who did better until now. It's time to regroup, quickly and that's it". When it came to mention possible alternatives, the only names that came to Ranieri's mind were seasoned players. No surprises here.

Serie A 2011-12 / Day 22


Roma: Stekelenburg, Taddei, Juan, Heinze, Josè Angel; De Rossi, Gago (71' Simplicio), Pjanic, Lamela (73' Bojan), Totti, Borini (80' Piscitella). Coach: Luis Enrique
Inter: Julio Cesar, Maicon (Faraoni 67'), Lucio, Samuel (46' Cordoba), Nagatomo; Zanetti, Palombo, Cambiasso, Obi; Milito, Pazzini (46' Poli). Coach: Ranieri

Referee: De Marco
Goals: Juan 13', Borini 41', Borini 48', Bojan 89'
Yellow cards: De Rossi, Taddei, Juan; Maicon, Faraoni

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Posted by Tony on 02/05/2012

Gianni, well stated. I do not believe Ranieri will "risk" young players until 1) they are secured a CL spot, 2) they are securely out of a CL spot. Since I do not see either of these scenarios playing out for a few months, we fans are left to endure these type of tired performances. After the last two games a statement needs to be made. Sit nearly the entire squad against Novara and play a different combination of players. It may seem risky but it will allow rested players for the CL game and afterall it is only Novara. No one can realistically say that any player on the squad has perfomed well this past week(ok, maybe Milito). What's to lose?

Posted by Sam on 02/05/2012

Gianni an aot and accurate analysis. Looking at the players who excelled against Inter, Borini, Lamela, Bojan etc I wonder how many of those players would have been sitting on the bench or worse yet, sent off to Espanyol to get some game time. Roma, although not having the best season, are doing exactly what Inter should have been doing. Putting faith in a coach, changing their style but accepting that results may suffer for a while and refreshing the playing list. This will leave Roma in much better stead that Inter in the next few seasons.
Ranieri seems to have no faith in anyone under 25, the listing of Chivu on this list is insulting in itself. Although I appreciate what Ranieri has done in terms of results, this season has been like watching an aging boxer fighting for one more title. I hope Chelsea sack Villa Boas and Inter sign him as a new longterm manager to overhaul the squad, playing style and mentality.
A really difficult loss to handle. Disappointing.

Posted by Sanat on 02/05/2012

Nice analysis Giani.

Though I wanted to know what you and other Interesti think of the situation with Ranieri:

He was hired with a 2 year contract (I believe they wanted to give him a deal to the end of this season but he got a 2 year one instead). Ranieri and the board perhaps don't look at his appointment as a way of eking out as much as possible from what is left in this squad. Which might be a UCL place.

I certainly do not agree with this attitude, but it seems like if Inter were looking to overhaul the squad comprehensively they would have gotten a different coach and tied him to a longer (much longer) contract to ensure stability and bad results in the short term.

When I see the likes of Chivu and Stankovic's names bandied about by the coach and others as players currently out and ones who would add value, I wouldn't be surprised if Obi is the next to make way for the injured veteran.

I hope Inter identify what it is they want to do and achieve in this and the next season.

Posted by Sam on 02/06/2012

@Sanat: Yeah Ranieri was bought in to do a job, bring the team up the table and try to secure CL football. He has done the first but the second, with the fixtures we have left, will be a struggle. I hope Moratti takes the hit and pays Ranieri out for his second year and brings in a modern coach who will both bring through a new generation and start to use the talent from the youth team.
Looking at the roster Chivu has to be let go; Cordoba, Samuel, Lucio, Stankovic, Forlan, Pazzini, Maicon and even Sneijder and Cambiasso must all have question marks over whether they are earning the money they are being paid. Zarate isnt fitting in and will not be worth buying; Tough decisions need to be made, we have too many older players who are on massive contracts, and are getting injured or are not performing. Many of them are also unable to adapt to a faster style of play and are getting left behind.
If we fail to do this in the summer I hate to think how the team will go next year!

Posted by footyfetish on 02/06/2012

8 goals allowed in two games and no Chivu to blame for the whole mess! I see some of the "experts" here are already pulling their hair out. lol

Posted by Angel on 02/06/2012

I did not have the opportunity to watch the game, but have read some comments, and clearly the problem of consistency and changing of the old guard is still an issue.

All i can say is the next two games (Novara & Bologna) must be used to both gain points and gain confidants back on the players. Inter must use their young players also i think in such games in order to boost up their experience.If you want to help your young players, you gotta put them on in the next two games, and from their Mr.Ranieri can see who can step up for the injured vets.

I still believe that inter can get a top 3 finish, but that all depends on weather Mr.Ranieri wants to get the team rolling with young guns, or stick with the old guard which right now are desperate for a confidence boost.

Posted by Sam on 02/06/2012

@Angel: You are right mate but I cant see Ranieri risking the young players in two such key matches. As much as we would like to see it happen, Ranieri knows that if we dont win these two matches then we are basically screwed for the CL with the matches we have left. So I think he will play it as safe as possible and play the old guard, including the injured ones mentioned by him.
@Footyfetish: Thanks for the input. Nice insight and opinion. Although to be honest I wish I could blame Chivu as you said. It is nice to have a scapegoat!

Posted by footyfetish on 02/06/2012

@Sam -- I didn't watch this last game because it wasn't shown here in the US (at least not on cable) so I can't really comment on it. I saw the highlights though and it was more of the same, as far as I could tell: sluggish defense, lacklustre midfield, everyone looking a bit tired. There's not just one player to blame for this or that, and I still think that the current team is one of the best out there, just needs a little "tinkering". No need for an overhaul. Just my "expert" opinion.

Posted by Sia on 02/06/2012

@ Footyfetish

Try for streaming it’s free, It works in the U.S.

As far as Ranieri subject, Look at his past performance as a coach, from Chelsea to Juve, Roma and now Inter. He is not a great coach, but not a very bad coach either, that’s exactly what he is doing at Inter also. When he was at Rome he started great and with time lost his way and couldn’t get Rome motivated, same at Juve and even at Chelsea.

Part is coaching, part is age, and part is lack of plan. After Motta was sold again Inter has a gap in the midfield, Ranieri still hasn't find a way to use Sneijder effectively.

I think Inter has invested on some wrong players in past season and these players are not fitting well with the older group yet, let's hope with time they will improve.

Posted by Inter -IS on 02/06/2012

terrible game... a midfield with zanetti, cambiasso, obi, and palombo is NOT going to win games. Its a midfield that is desperately trying to keep a 0-0 scoreline. The minute Juan scored, we needed to change things. There was NO WAY we were going to score with that lineup? where was the inventiveness going to come from? where was the unlocking of the defense going to come from? other than obi, where was the speed going to come from?

I understand that alvarez and sneijder were out injured and maicon had a terrible game but again this is just like the inter before we won the champions league. Stack the midfielders with defensive intentions and hope that ibrahimovic (later etoo) just create something out of nothing. we don't have those types of strikers anymore. We need to create chances and we consistently can't because of our slow/aging/always defensive midfield! UGH

and part of the reason is that our defense is SLOW. Also, Julio Cesar needs to work on getting low to save shots.

Posted by Aflack on 02/06/2012

The lack of faith in youngsters is puzzling to me. The young players were a big part of our incredible 8-game win streak. Faraoni looked like a legit fullback/wide midifielder. Alvarez showed his fine passing and looked like a promising AM. Poli played well with his limited minutes. Surely a revival of Poli/Palombo midfield pair should be on the table to give Cuchu a much needed rest? It makes you wonder what these players need to do to get regular play time.

Posted by Sanat on 02/07/2012

@Sam...I agree that getting into the top 3 will take a huge effort...Napoli, Udinese, Lazio and juBe away

Who do you guys think Inter should hire if we are to have a new manager next season?

Inter are historically a defensively strong counter-attacking team (our 2 best periods at least). When we try to do anything different (Benitez, etc) it doesn't work.

Posted by Angel on 02/07/2012

In regards to Mr.Ranieri's history, he has taken charge of teams that were basically on the rocks, and has put them among the best. He has done it with Valencia, Chelsea, Juve, and Roma previously,but has never really won any league championships. At inter, he has more then enough to break that loosing drought.

Inter have changed coaches 4x since Mourinho's departure to Madrid. Mr.Morrati can change another four coaches if he wants, but in reality the players are the ones that decide the matches.

Just look at Chelsea, and Real Madrid's coaching changes. You can get the best coaches you want on the planet (Villa's Boas, Guus Hiddink, Scolari, Capello, etc) , but its the players in the end that decide weather the team wins or looses in the end. If inter want to move forward, and be the best, they must make the decision to sell some players, in order to attain the necessary funds to buy at least 1 or 2 top player like what Mourinho did in 09/10 season when he bought Sneijder and Milito.

Posted by Gianni-1 on 02/07/2012

Sanat, you're right when you say that "Inter are historically a defensively strong counter-attacking team. When we try to do anything different it doesn't work". But it's also because no coach has been allowed enough time to change style and counter-attacking football is somehow the easiest to teach and to learn.
My view about the situation with Ranieri is simple: Inter were in relegation zone, he was chosen to bring the team out of trouble. Mission accomplished. He did it so well and so quickly that somebody, including himself, thought he could achieve even more. But like in a marathon it's easy to overtake hundrers of runners in the first miles, it's harder to pass even one of the top guys in the last mile. I'd be very surprised to see Inter above 5th place and in the last four in CL.

Posted by Gianni-2 on 02/07/2012

I borrow a Sam's sentence here: "Roma, although not having the best season, are doing exactly what Inter should have been doing. Putting faith in a coach, changing their style but accepting that results may suffer for a while and refreshing the playing list. This will leave Roma in much better stead that Inter in the next few seasons". I thought just the same. Inter route was quite different. Moratti tried to lure Bielsa who said no, he picked Gasperini without any confidence, then chose to call Ranieri, a coach who needed immediate results in order to be Inter's coach even next season. No chance, as Sia said "He is not a great coach, but not a very bad coach either, that’s exactly what he is doing at Inter also".

Posted by Moises on 02/08/2012

Championship would be a miracle (not gonna happen), Second place would be a tremendous feat (an amazing achievement, but still a just a second place), Third Place is the Goal and IMO it IS possible, it's only 5 points away at the moment. I'm optimistic and hopefully next season will be better and most likely... it will start with a new coach.

Posted by Mustafa on 02/09/2012

3rd place for Inter, then complete overhaul of the squad next year. Realistic?

Posted by Efrain on 12/05/2012

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こんにちは、すべて ESPN Soccernet - Correspondents - FC Inter Milan がうまく起こっているこことofcourseの一人一人がデータを共有している、その内事実 ファイン、書き込みついていく。

Posted by ボッテガヴェネタ on 04/25/2014

あなたがいる場合ジャクソン、新しいネット こんにちはこんにちはユーザーその後あなたは見に行く|を払う| 毎日と更新された%を読んで ESPN Soccernet - Correspondents - FC Inter Milan この場所で 。

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このような日?? クール 実際 YouTubeのビデオチュートリアル、その私の良いです見に行くクイック訪問を支払うこの Webページ ESPN Soccernet - Correspondents - FC Inter Milan とこれら 訪問する幸運素晴らしいを YouTubeのビデオレッスン。

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こんにちは、私はちょうどしたかった言及、私は反対。あなたのポスト ESPN Soccernet - Correspondents - FC Inter Milan は何の意味もなさない。

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この執筆の作品 ESPN Soccernet - Correspondents - FC Inter Milan です本当に A 楽しい 1それアシスト新しいウェブ 訪問者 |ブログのに賛成のために願って、。

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する取得 良い取引この%から ESPN Soccernet - Correspondents - FC Inter Milan %その後、適??用する必要がな 戦略 ブログ。

Posted by モンブラン ボールペン 公式 on 05/05/2014

それ印象的あなたが得ていること思考この段落 ESPN Soccernet - Correspondents - FC Inter Milan だけでなく、私たちの議論から。

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こんにちは誰も、それを私の最初の訪問を支払うこれでウェブサイト、と記事 ESPN Soccernet - Correspondents - FC Inter Milan は真に実り 私を支援する、そのような投稿に追いつくために設計され 記事のこれらのタイプのコンテンツ。

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それ目覚ましい サイト ESPN Soccernet - Correspondents - FC Inter Milan 有益である%、を支援するために私の経験知識。 adminのおかげ

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のような内容私がやる、単に 進むこのウェブサイト ESPN Soccernet - Correspondents - FC Inter Milan 日常 与えるそれは提供する理由でプレゼントを 品質の内容のおかげで、

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? ESPN Soccernet - Correspondents - FC Inter Milan ポスト |あなたは知るに精通している場合興奮楽しい、その後あなたの書き込みでもある書くことができます他の方法ではない場合は 困難書くことです。

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こんにちは 誰、私はあなたがここに%を楽しんでいることでしょう ESPN Soccernet - Correspondents - FC Inter Milan %を見て確信していますこの コミカル ビデオクリップ。

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このように|理由その ESPN Soccernet - Correspondents - FC Inter Milan サイトのウェブサイトのウェブページ%%ので、私はを見に行く訪問するために使用されるすべての週末 I よう conations 本当に 素敵 |情報|データ|良い| もの気難しい面白い。

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こんにちは に関するについて 仲間、あなたは感情ビュー思考を共有しているブログ ESPN Soccernet - Correspondents - FC Inter Milan 、私はまた、ウェブの新しいユーザ午前、こうして私もそれからより多くを取得しています。おかげすべて。

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その私の幸運からクイック訪問を支払う%***のこのウェブページで**%と私の必要な見つける映像と一緒に記事 デモプレゼンテーション、品質でそのYouTubeのビデオとそのも。

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貴重な貴重な 精通の未曖昧とpreservenessの素材のもの何について 予期 感情 ESPN Soccernet - Correspondents - FC Inter Milan 。

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うわー万歳! ESPN Soccernet - Correspondents - FC Inter Milan その ポスト について 楽しいまた、JavaScriptを使用し、 Javaスクリプトの設定を学習| 熱心熱心私は内事実です。 adminのおかげ

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