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Posted by Gianni Serra on 01/08/2012

Five goals to mark Inter's fifth win in a row and after twenty minutes Nerazzurri were already focusing on the next game. And there is no need to match the eventual sixth success in the upcoming derby with a similar tennis scoreline: against AC Milan a one-nil win would be more than enough for an Inter side that couldn't choose a better way to begin the new year.

Even last season, under Leonardo, Nerazzurri buried Parma under five goals at San Siro. It was 5-2 then, 5-0 this time. Parma could have scored twice again but two beautiful potential assists from Biabiany were both wasted by his team mates. It would have changed little for both sides.

Inter won easily and rightly so. Arguably for the very first time in the 2011-12 season, Inter's result had more to do with Nerazzurri's ability than their opponents [huge] limitations. Very good individual performances from [in order of preference] Milito, Alvarez, Zanetti, Samuel, Motta and Maicon helped Inter to dominate the game, showing finally an overall effortless composure and ability to alternate possession and acceleration. Thiago Motta dictated moves and passes; meanwhile Ricky Alvarez provided the spark needed to breakthrough Parma's defence.
It happened several times.

At the minute 13 on the receiving end of one of Alvarez's assist there was Diego Milito, sharp and precise like in the good old days: one touch, one goal. Only few weeks ago the Prince's kick wouldn't have found the net. Nothing to do with good or bad luck, the difference can be explained with a better condition and a restored confidence. After Motta's 2-0 at the minute 18, Milito scored again four minutes before halftime to secure the win.

In the second half there was no reaction from Parma but there was the opportunity to praise: 1. a beautiful assist from Milito for Pazzini (and a lovely finish from the former Sampdoria and Fiorentina hitman, still struggling to recapture a good form despite the goal); 2. Coutinho's hunger for playing time; 3. Faraoni's first goal. Can Inter replicate such a show against AC Milan? No chance. But the desire to keep alive this winning streak, which brought back confidence and pride, should at least spur Inter not to settle for a draw or for an honourable defeat.

Serie A 2011-12 - Day 17


Inter: Julio Cesar; Maicon, Lucio, Samuel, Nagatomo; Zanetti, Thiago Motta, Cambiasso (58' Poli), Alvarez (72' Coutinho); Pazzini, Milito (76' Faraoni). Coach: Ranieri
Parma: Mirante; Zaccardo, Paletta, Brandao, Gobbi; Biabiany, Morrone (60' Pereira), Galloppa (68' Musacci), Modesto (55' Pellè); Floccari, Giovinco. Coach: Colomba

Referee: Giannoccaro
Goals: Milito 13', 41', Thiago Motta 18', Pazzini 56', Faraoni 79'
Yellow cards: Samuel; Galloppa

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Posted by Aiyaz H (DC Nerazzurri) on 01/08/2012

What a game, Gianni. You were absolutely right about Alvarez's increased utility if played through the middle. Now the only question is what to do with Sneijder and Forlan potentially returning for the derby.

I also liked how the offensive flow was preserved even after Alvarez gave way to Coutinho. Ths shows that we're genuinely back on track, and that it's not just a specific weak opponent (like Lecce) or a single formation (like the basic 4-3-1-2) that constitute the keys to success. What an amazing performance, and what a confidence boost for the two strikers.

Posted by Levi on 01/08/2012

I think that the very offensive flow and team condition speaks to what will happen upon the return of Sneijder and Forlan. If you are truly flowing as a team and understanding each other and your offense, then swapping players becomes easier. Replace the talented youngsters in the middle with the playmaker Sneijder? Replace the struggling Pazzini or the aged (though still talented) Milito with the renowned Forlan? The offense will only increase its potency.
Question there is, who makes way? Pazzini or Milito? Last week I would have said Milito in a heartbeat. Pazzini in the box is a better compliment to Forlan outside. But how do you take Milito out after a performance like that?

Posted by Bellal A. on 01/08/2012

Forza Inter, i was not able to watch the game i am out of town but i happened to catch updates throughout the game and i had to say i am proud of my favorite team and Parma may not have Pastore but they are still a tough team to crack and 5-0 is no joke of a score. I just hope Sneijder can only compliment this team at this point, he hasnt been the best this year.

Posted by beqir maloku on 01/08/2012

interi po ngjitet si nendetese.

Posted by Bellal A. on 01/08/2012

I saw the Alvarez and Milito look like they can make quite a duo...maybe they can help the national team as well lol

Posted by Mustafa on 01/08/2012

What a lively performace by Inter! They were the entertainers in that game. I am really noticing how Milito is springing back to life in the past few games. El principe played a wonderful game and deserves much credit. Alvarez played well on the flanks, which in my opinion he is most comfortable. It was also great to see Maicon back in action in the new year. Still waiting to see how Sneijder will fit in the squad, because Alvarez and Milito look like they've got a lot of chemistry. Against AC Milan we will have a big test, and if we see the same lineup, with the exception of Faraoni, Inter will be able to keep up with the likes of Robinho and Ibrahimovic. FORZA INTER!!!

Posted by Angel on 01/08/2012

I love being right, all that inter needed was time for their young players to start gelling to the team. Alvarez, Coutinho, and Faraoni are helping the team win, and the strikers have found their way, lets hope they can continue on and beat AC.

Even tough inter wooped Parma, they still had defensive errors, and inter need fresh faces on the defensive side to fight against small, fast past players.

We are 1 point away from 4th place....we are getting their slowly. Viva Inter!

Also I am happy for Milito to be back on form, Both Alvarez and Sneijder (once he returns back from injury) must put balls on the box to help Milito score, and make the difference once again.

Posted by Pietro on 01/09/2012

Sneijder is leaving...

Posted by Sia on 01/09/2012

Pietro I hope you are wrong, but I won't be surprised if Sneijder leaving rumors are true.

Milito and Alvarez had a great game against Parma, put we need Sneijder as many big matches are yet to be played. As far as game against Parma Gianni did a fantastic job of analyzing the match, I have nothing more to add, I'm just happy that Milito is back one game at the time to be a great striker as we remembered him to be two season ago. Big match against Milan Sunday, let's hope this positive streak continues.

Posted by Nathan on 01/09/2012

I really do not believe that Sneijder is leaving in this window. Do a Google search for all the stories from the summer that indicated Sneijder was in Manchester taking a physical. Scholes would not have come out of retirement only to see Sneijder arrive a few days later, and Mancini has been told to sell before he buys. Who is going to buy Nasri right now? I did not even know he was on the pitch yesterday.

Regardless, a real top performance from Inter on Saturday. I cannot recall the last time I faced the second half in a relaxed state of mind. One thing I am left to wonder: If Alvarez ever becomes dangerous on his right foot, how good will he be?

Posted by Ionut on 01/09/2012

"Even last season, under Leonardo, Nerazzurri buried Parma at San Siro under five goals." - It was still Rafa Benitez on the bench :)

Anyway, a very good performance from the lads. Now, Derby time!

Posted by Gianni on 01/09/2012

Thanks Ionut. Memory let me down, doublechecking needed!

Posted by Bellal A. on 01/11/2012

The last thing we need is Tevez in my opinion..thats gonna hurt our wallet but i think we need some more midfielders and Defenders..

Posted by Sia on 01/12/2012

I am with Bellal when it comes to Tevez, he has many issues, also in my humble opinion I think Tevez has passed his prime and he is not worth 25 Thousand Euros. If he ends up at Milan he will be a nice addition with Ibra for 6 months or so, before they start not getting along. There are much better strikers out there much cheaper and much more of a team player than Tevez that we should look at before getting Tevez.

Posted by Sam on 01/12/2012

I agree with the Tevez issue. He is not an Inter player. Milan seem to be the team suited for the disgruntled, renegade, trouble players. They seem to find themselves there. Perhaps it is because their owner is the biggest mafioso criminal around and they feel a certain affinity toward him.
I would rather see us building a future Inter. We need to give the younger players opportunities. Look at Destro. He is doing great at Siena and is being linked to many big clubs but Inter didnt give him a chance after dominated for us in the youth leagues.
I would like to see Banega, another central defender and maybe another striker. I would love a team in a couple of years with Viviano-Faroni/JOnathan-Rannoachia-Hummels-Nagatomo - Banega-Sneijder-Crestig -Alvarez- Castignos- Coutinho, or maybe half of them. These young guys need the opportunity. I dont want to watch them dominating somewhere else!

Posted by Pietro on 01/13/2012

Sia your line "If he ends up at Milan he will be a nice addition with Ibra for 6 months or so, before they start not getting along" reflects my view, I think exactly the same!

Posted by Zaid on 01/14/2012

Regarding the derby.. I'll take a draw. To me, in all fairness, all signs pointing to a negative result.
Although our form is very good, the team overall play is still not fully convincing. We have to admit that the 5 wins were against weaker teams. And so far, we have not win against the top 5 teams.

Regarding Teves, I hope we don't buy him. He obviously picked Milan over us. Now the Milan deals had collapsed, we should just left him rotting in Argentina. I hate to see a player who when given a choice to make, choose Milan over us, but ending up wearing our black & blue shirt. No way. Whether we win, draw or lose the derby, I'm saying no to Teves.
If Moratti bring him, I believe in 1-2 years he will do what he have done to Man U (forcing his way out to join City) and now City (getting himself out).

We should reflect our recent experience with troubled soul talent i.e. Balotelli before getting into the same scenario again so quickly.

Or have we forgot or just THAT desperate?

Posted by Sia on 01/14/2012

Thank you Pietro, I also like to add that I did mix up Thousands for Millions, it was a working man's error... I never think in Millions, so an ordinary mistake perhaps. I meant to say 25M Euros is too high for Tevez, maybe 10-15M at the most for any club for him.

Posted by Zaid on 01/16/2012

We WON the derby!!!!

It was a HUGE result for us. I get more than what i've settled for (which is a draw). Of course, that was before the match started. Once its started, all I wanted is a win, no less.

But the feeling for a clean game took a beating when the linesman flagged to rule Motta goal as offside when it wasn't.

Overall, the refereeing was okay. But we were denied a clean goal. And Milito.. what a finish. Absolutely world-class.

To Ranieri, slightly surprising to see how the team played. As if its Mou who was on the bench. Its proved to be the right tactic for the game.And the substitution works, particularly Chivu.

Thanks.. now we really get our mojo back.
I'll celebrate this by buying some more Inter merchandise... LOL..

Posted by Genessy on 10/30/2012

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Posted by Susana on 11/01/2012

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これらは本当に真に 偉大 についてでアイデアブログ ESPN Soccernet - Correspondents - FC Inter Milan 。ここで 要因は、いくつかの楽しいに触れた。何か方法はwrintingついていく。

Posted by ガガミラノ 時計 on 05/02/2014

ああ!うわーその真に この時点でここに コミカルコミックとジョッキー ESPN Soccernet - Correspondents - FC Inter Milan が投稿。それを共有していただきありがとうございます。

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非常に急速このウェブサイト ESPN Soccernet - Correspondents - FC Inter Milan が有名になります| ブログやサイト構築 人コンテンツ|楽しい|良い|気難しい} 記事、{うれしいです

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私は飽き瞬間午後、しかし 時私はこの%を見 ESPN Soccernet - Correspondents - FC Inter Milan %コミックブログ I なる新鮮に変身陽気 同様に。

Posted by オークリー レーダーロック on 05/04/2014

あなたは願うに改善 ノウハウ ESPN Soccernet - Correspondents - FC Inter Milan のみこれを訪れる保つウェブページと最も熱いで更新されるニュースここに掲載。

Posted by フェラガモ 靴 on 05/04/2014

これは私の初めてです進むここで、私は午前本当に pleassantを読み込む%**場所一人でシングル1に| Everthingはすべて ***%。

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説明|を引数と記述事務所と難しさこの見返りにアンサーバックグッド気難しいニースを ESPN Soccernet - Correspondents - FC Inter Milan をテーマに関わるすべての} {すべてを伝える。

Posted by ケイトスペード iphone5ケース on 05/06/2014

ははは、何コミカルこの ESPN Soccernet - Correspondents - FC Inter Milan YouTubeのフィルムはです! 私たちはされている |このサイト このサイトの管理者の管理まだ、のおかげで笑う。

Posted by ラルフローレン トート on 05/07/2014

それはだこのサイト、私は客員このを見に行くするために私が初めてではないサイト daillyと取得 いい 情報 ESPN Soccernet - Correspondents - FC Inter Milan ここからすべての時間。

Posted by オークリー メガネ on 05/07/2014

私の中で、退屈その後その後 ホーム私は取得取る頃のみ私のON PC とオープンユーチューブウェブサイト ESPN Soccernet - Correspondents - FC Inter Milan 見るため%YouTubeのビデオチュートリアル。

Posted by フェラガモ バッグ on 05/09/2014

こんにちは I 読む自分新しいもの 日常%**** *%。あなたのユーモラススタイルは機知に富んだ、の良い仕事アップキープ!

Posted by ガガミラノ 時計 メンズ on 05/09/2014

私はジョンです、どのようにあなたが誰である?この段落このサイトに掲載%を ESPN Soccernet - Correspondents - FC Inter Milan %が良い。

Posted by フェラガモ 靴 on 05/10/2014

あなたは私たちにこれについての詳細を教えてもらえます? ESPN Soccernet - Correspondents - FC Inter Milan | いくつかの追加情報の詳細を見つけるために、私はほしいためにと思います。

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万歳! 最後に私が得た Webサイト ESPN Soccernet - Correspondents - FC Inter Milan 私がで事実 便利貴重な勉強や知識に関するを真に}が{取る。

Posted by ケイトスペード アウトレット on 05/10/2014

このように|理由その ESPN Soccernet - Correspondents - FC Inter Milan サイトのウェブサイトのウェブページ%%ので、私は訪問払うするために使用されるすべての週末 I たい conations 本当に 楽しい理由は、これがこのウェブは、楽しみを望むからあまりに材料 |情報|データ|良い| もの気難しい面白い。

Posted by アバクロ ポロシャツ on 05/10/2014

I たびこれを読むために時間私の半分を費やしブログ コンテンツ ESPN Soccernet - Correspondents - FC Inter Milan すべての時間 コーヒーのマグカップ。

Posted by ボッテガヴェネタ 財布 on 05/11/2014

優れたの方法記述、と良い 執筆の一部 ESPN Soccernet - Correspondents - FC Inter Milan 取得 主題私のプレゼンテーショントピックをテーマに関わる 情報 高等教育機関。

Posted by オークリー サングラス アウトレット on 05/12/2014

から|このに掲示このビデオの品質特徴 ウェブサイト ESPN Soccernet - Correspondents - FC Inter Milan 、楽しい 仕事、すべての時間を保つ。

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あなたがいる場合ジャクソン、新しいインターネット こんにちはこんにちはユーザーその後あなたは見に行く|を払う| 訪問マストを持っている訪問と更新された%を読んで ESPN Soccernet - Correspondents - FC Inter Milan で%をここ 。

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