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FC Inter Milan
November 29, 2011
Posted by Gianni Serra on 11/29/2011

"Football is about glory, it is about doing things in style and with a flourish, about going out and beating the lot, not waiting for them to die of boredom".

Surely Inter Milan coach Claudio Ranieri never read nor heard anything of the great Danny Blanchflower, otherwise he'd have picked different words to comment Nerazzurri's last gasp win at Siena: "I'm very glad because my players fought bravely and in the end they got three points, and that was all that mattered".

That-was-all-that-mattered. Sure?

November 23, 2011
Posted by Gianni Serra on 11/23/2011

First in something at last. Lille's win in Moscow and Inter's draw at Trabzonspor made sure Nerazzurri will finish top of Group B, which means not facing the likes of Bayern Munich and Real Madrid in the knockout stage. Finishing ahead of sides like Trabzonspor, Cska and Lille is not an epic achievement for a team like Inter. This should be the norm, and should be seen as routine.

November 21, 2011
Posted by Gianni Serra on 11/21/2011

Inter beat Cagliari 2-1. Three points that helped Nerazzurri to climb Serie A towards safer zones. However, to keep talking about the Scudetto, like Ranieri still does, is a travesty. Current leaders Juventus and Lazio have 22 points, Inter only 11 - a huge gap that mirrors the difference in hunger and condition between these teams. Let's be clear: Inter have no chance to overtake Juventus nor Lazio.