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March 21, 2011
Posted by Gianni Serra on 03/21/2011

It's getting crowded up there. Five teams within eight points with eight games left. No natural selection: instead of reducing the number of teams involved in the title race, the current season's pattern seems to be going in the opposite direction. AC Milan lost in Palermo 1-0, while all the closest rivals won - Inter defeated Lecce 1-0; same scoreline for Lazio against Cesena; Cavani, sorry, Napoli beat Cagliari 2-1; Udinese edged out Catania 2-0. With eight games still to play the Serie A table says AC Milan 62, Inter 60, Napoli 59, Udinese 56 and Lazio 54. Five teams within eight points with 24 points available.

I have never considered Napoli and Lazio as serious contenders and I maintain my view despite the fact Partenopei are only three points from the top spot. Napoli's fortunes are too much Lavezzi related - without him not even Cavani finds the net, with him they can't do more than what they are doing now. So I do not see Napoli as a dangerous rival for AC Milan and Inter.

March 16, 2011
Posted by Gianni Serra on 03/16/2011

Inter's win in Munich is a very special one indeed as it has everything to be remembered as a classic not only by the two sides fans. Everything in abundance - Zanetti's last minute problems, drama, blunders, never-die attitude, alternate dominance, individual flair.

A very entertaining game which Bayern will remember as a lost occasion [too many missed opportunities] and Inter as an historical moment - Only once before, in the Champions League history, a team which lost the first tie at home managed to reach the qualification away. It happened 15 years ago to Jari Litmanen's Ajax. A side led by Louis Van Gaal. Fifteen years later the Dutch guru had the privilege to attend a footballing lecturing by his fellow countryman Wesley Sneijder.

March 14, 2011
Posted by Gianni Serra on 03/14/2011

Inter already won 2-0 in Munich. It happened nearly 23 years ago. Season 1988-89. Those were the glory days of a rock solid team led by Giovanni Trapattoni: Zenga, Bergomi, Brehme, Matteoli, Ferri, Mandorlini, Alessandro Bianchi, Berti, Diaz, Matthaeus, Serena.

A terrific side capable to win the Italian League with 58 points [at that time in Serie A there was still the two points per win rule]. With Maradona and Careca's Napoli trailing by 11 points and Van Basten, Gullit and Rijkaard's AC Milan by 12.

Winning and breaking records in serie A wasn't the only joy of the season for Nerazzurri. One of the highlights was a 2-0 win in Munich. Zanetti and co. could find some inspiration from Serena and Berti's goals. Counterattack as a form of art.

Here's the video:

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March 13, 2011
Posted by Gianni Serra on 03/13/2011

Inter wasted an easy win at Brescia, while AC Milan avoided an embarassing home defeat against Bari. Five points still separate the two.

March 7, 2011
Posted by Gianni Serra on 03/07/2011

Five points. Still five. AC Milan's win in Turin could have been lethal for Inter. The Rossoneri won both games against Napoli and [what remains of] Juventus, showing they are far more balanced and effective than one month ago. It's very hard to defeat AC Milan when Nesta and Thiago Silva are both playing with Van Bommel protecting them. They look very solid.