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Posted by Gianni Serra on 02/24/2011

Julio Cesar's late blunder enabled Bayern to snatch a 1-0 away win. Despite an overall disappointing exhibition from the homeside, the Germans needed to wait until the very last minute to score with Mario Gomez's tap in. Unlucky Inter? Maybe we can say ‘unlucky Julio Cesar’, who had been consistent and spotless as usual for 89 minutes, but not Inter.

“A draw would have been a fairer result. Both teams had their chances in a very entertaining game. We have been lucky” said the former Bayern and Inter legend Karl Heinze Rummenigge after the match. Gentleman’s words. Inter-Bayern was the kind of the game where any result could have been acceptable. Even a draw or an Inter win. But Bayern deserved to win – they hit the posts twice with Ribery and Robben and controlled most of the game.

The European champions’ timid approach allowed ‘Boring’ Munich to take the initiative and to look for large spells like a spectacular side, solid in all departments. Simply, they are not. Fielding two centrebacks like Tymoshchuk and Badstuber [and Breno from the 38th minute] is a luxury that normally you can afford in reserves games not against great opponents like Inter are supposed to be.

However, Louis Van Gaal was right as Inter didn’t play as a great side. Too timid, too worried, too afraid of seeing exposed their recent slump in form. Nerazzurri were so scared by their poor physical condition [16 games in 49 days left the team with no energy] that they failed to test Bayern’s limits, which were evident every time an Inter player ventured in the German penalty box.

The Italian champions managed to do it only occasionally – Ranocchia nearly scored at the first minute; Cambiasso missed a sitter twice at the minutes 25 and 57; the always outstanding Samuel Eto’o saw his three chances denied by a truly inspired Kraft, who pulled off two more decisive saves on Kharja and Thiago Motta. Many chances but no consequence of Inter’ superiority. Despite the goalkeeper being Bayern’s best player on the day – Lahm, Luiz Gustavo and Schwainsteiger were also brilliant but it’s no surprise – the German didn’t play a defensive game. On the contrary Van Gaal’s wall in midfield allowed Bayern to dictate the game’s script.
The German pressing was helped by Inter’s lack of movement.

The team outclassed at White Hart Lane some months ago suddenly reappeared in San Siro. Same lack of proposition, same lack of runs without the ball. Most of all, the same sensation of a team on its knees. Pride, commitment and skills can’t go very far without fresh legs. This disappointing display does not come out of the blue. In the last four games Inter lost twice (Juventus and Bayern) and won against Fiorentina and Cagliari. Four games that could have brought four wins, four defeats or four draws and no one could have argued - the constant was that Leonardo’s team struggled in all of them.

Inter players looked drained. Last season Jose Mourinho surrendered top spot to Roma [only for few days] wasting a 14 points advantage to rest his players for the UEFA Champions League fixtures. This time Leonardo had to face just the opposite situation, as he had to reduce a 16 points gap from the Serie A leaders AC Milan – he managed to cut the deficit to only five points but now the team looks exhausted. He had no alternative and Inter are paying the price.

Leonardo is adamant his guys can win 2-0 in Munich. Ranocchia’s injury doesn’t help whereas Milito’s return could be a big boost. Anyway, the sad truth is that Inter losing against Bayern meant third home defeat out of three Champions League games for the Italian sides. Serie A used to be the top league in the world in the 80s and in the 90s, one of the best ten years ago. But it’s getting worse and worse. It’s going to be the Mediterranean version of the Scottish Premier League – with the Old firm [AC Milan and Inter] ruling domestically but very often battered abroad.

Man of the match. Lucio. A gladiator. Monumental. He didn’t deserve to be on the losing side. He stopped every opponent and tried to break Bayern’s wall with his runs. Brave, generous, never beaten. The epitome of the winning mentality.

UEFA Champions League 2010-11 - 1/8 first leg


INTER: Julio Cesar; Maicon, Lucio, Ranocchia (73’ Kharja), Chivu; Zanetti, Thiago Motta, Cambiasso; Sneijder, Stankovic; Eto’o. Coach: Leonardo
BAYERN MUNICH: Kraft; Lahm, Tymoshchuk, Badstuber, Pranjic (38’ Breno); Luiz Gustavo, Schweinsteiger; Robben, Muller, Ribery; Gomez. Coach: Van Gaal

Referee: Kassai (Hun)
Goal: Gomez 90’
Yellow cards: Zanetti, Sneijder, Motta; Ribery, Luiz Gustavo

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Posted by KD on 02/24/2011

Did you even watch the game? Or you just are too stupid to understand?
You sound like a stupid biased knuckle dragger.

Posted by Usman Umar on 02/24/2011

KD, Please mind your language.

Posted by Adrian on 02/24/2011

The bavarian cnterbacks are indeed not 'world class' players. Nevertheless saying that Inter made Bayern look spectacular is a fairly ingnorant observation. Robben, Ribery, SchwEinsteiger and Mueller arguably form one of the more entertaining midfields in Europe, obviously more "spectacular" than any Serie A club these days. I recommend watching the German Bundesliga more often.

Posted by Franco on 02/24/2011

Oh, oh Adrian. I watch Bundesliga every Saturday and watched Mainz-Bayern on Sky. Bayern defended so badly that Mainz could have scored easily 4-5 goals. Second, Robben and Ribery are the only creative players at Bayern, where's entertainment in the others? IMO entertaining midfield can be applied to Barcelona, Arsenal, Tottenham, Valencia. Best view in Bundesliga are stadiums not football. BTW, great win 4 Bayern.

Posted by Sam on 02/24/2011

Interesting perspective Gianni, one however I cannot agree with 100%. Although behind in possession we did manage 45%, not a walk over by any stretch. Inter faced a team with arguably one of the best midfields in the world and def. the best wingers. It was a game of ebb and flow with both teams taking the initiative for ten minutes period, etching out chances before surrendering the initiative to the other. Both teams had excellent chances but could not take them until the sucker punch at the end. As for the post hits, they should not be overrated. The first was good but the second was covered by Cesar and was not a real concern.
I believe the second leg is open and that Inter can easily score twice, particularly if they play a 4-3-1-2 with Eto'o and Milito on top, this will allow defensive solidarity plus maximum attacking threat. It should be a great match. We just need to figure out how to stop Robban who for me is by far their most dangerous player! Keep the faith Inter fans!

Posted by Moises on 02/24/2011

It will be hard but not impossible to qualify. I couldn't watch the 2nd half but listened to the 1st half on the radio. This seems to happen a lot in football, if you don't score when you have the chance the other team will score. BTW, how long is Ranocchia going to be out?.

Posted by Pagliuca on 02/24/2011

I think Leonardo using a xmas tree formation with guys who cannot do such a thing was the main problem. Unless you have the skill of a Seedorf/Kaka in the Kaka period of Milan now to have Stankovic and Sneijdar playing behing Eto'o was a tactical mistake. These players are good but they're not tactical in playing those type of roles. I think Inter can pull off a win at Bayren but it will be very tough.

Posted by Nicolas on 02/24/2011

In a few weeks we'll know what Inter- Milan AC Milan and Roma did and the statement Vanishing Italy will be either valid or exaggerated.
After all Inter Milan are still THE CHAMPIONS of Europe and by the way also THE WORLD.

Posted by Roman on 02/24/2011

Inter must score at least twice in the return leg. Bayern can sit back and wait for wide counterattacking opportunities, which will come, and will result in at least one goal. You can't play a Christmas tree against 4-5-1 and not give up good scoring chances from the wings. Maicon is still the key for Inter, whether he contributes or gets caught too far upfield. Go Bayern!

Posted by Nicolas on 02/24/2011

It won't be easy but both Inter and AC MILAN are only one goal down. The ball is round and both teams have the fire power to score more than one goal. If Milito plays for Inter and Pato plays from the start for AC Milan things will get interesting.
No matter what happens neither Tottenham or Bayern
will win the Champions.

Posted by Pietro on 02/24/2011

Why Leonardo doesn't use Coutinho? He played only 1 hlaftime under Leonardo... Why no more?

Posted by bAY32 on 02/24/2011

Kraft was excellent, and Inter really should have converted at least one of their chances. Of course, the same thing could be said of the Bavarians who not only hit the post twice, but were far more adventurous in nicking an away goal, which they eventually did.

Fortune favors the brave, and Inter were clearly on their backfoot for most of the game. Timid is a good way to describe the Italian champions, as at times one wondered if the tie was in fact being played in Munich.

With Sneijder, Eto'o, Lucio, and Julio Cesar, Inter still have world-class players in these positions, so I wouldn't count them out.

Looking forward to the 2nd leg.

Posted by miguel on 02/24/2011

It doesn't matter what is fair? scoreline is the only thing that counts.. I hate when the other team that loses says its not a fair result you have to play the whole game boys.. Bayern will see off Inter, Roma is all but gone and AC milan -well Tottenham will score at least one goal so AC needs 3 -- good luck with that... Adidos Seria A teams... see ya next year...

Posted by Rajiv on 02/25/2011

Actually Miguel, even if Tottenham score one goal, AC Milan only need two goals to advance, not three. If AC Milan wins 2-1 (which means they will be tied 2-2 on aggregate) they are through because of that extra away goal.

Posted by footyfetish on 02/25/2011

Valid points. I don't think Inter played badly at all and, surprisingly, Robben didn't seem as dangerous this time around as last year. That's not to say he had a bad game, he actually played well and was easily their most dangerous player, but it you think about it he only put in 2 dangerous crosses and 3 dangerous shots (one that went over the crossbar, one that hit the post from an angle, and the last shot that Julio Cesar spilled)-- and, ALL 3 of those shots were covered by the goalkeeper/defenders. So, basically, it came down to an individual error, so you can't make too much out of that. Inter can definitely bounce back in the return leg, they have the talent to do it. The problem is they don't seem to have that same belief and motivation they had last year. That's the difference between Mou and most/all other coaches, he's the best motivator out there. Even now Ibrahimovic says that he'd kill for the guy, two years after he was coached by him, so that tells you something.

Posted by Jose P on 02/25/2011

a loss is a loss, a draw would have been better obviously but what does a draw say for those who love Serie A. even though i support Juventus, and see Inter as "the ones from the other side", so to speak, this result frustrates me. i guess this is why UEFA has placed the Bundesliga ahead of Serie A in the top 5.

Posted by Serie A is a lousy league on 02/25/2011

To : Serie Fan + those who think that milan , inter and roma can turn the tie, dream on ( & WAKE UP ) ... cos it will never happen, All this years italian league is truly a very boring and lousy league,, itlian teams claim they are very tactical but truth is their tactics is nothing but a whole load of bulllshit! ! !

( man united 7-1 roma )

milan 0-1 spurs ( 4th place in EPL )
inter 0-1 bayern ( germany )
roma 2-3 Shakhtar Donetsk ( ukraine )
napoli 0-0 villareal ( spain )

italian teams doesn't have any fighting spirit at all .. look at how Sevilla from spain salvage their pride by fighting till the end to beat Porto FC in portugal ( not many team can can win at Porto FC )

many folks are VERY glad to hear that germany has over-take italy allowing 4 team to take part in the 2012-2013 champion league.. Hooray ! Hooray !( by the way i'm not a supporter of german league)

last but not least , wataching italian league is a REALLY painful to our eyes ! ! !

Posted by General Dopeness on 02/26/2011

Well, i think that teams from italy will be fine. To say that they are the next scottish premier league is a little harsh. Juve are def struggling but at the same time they are trying to rebuild. AC and inter do have chances to advance, it all depends on how much milan wants it (ibra,robinho and pato)can really hurt other teams when theyre felling it. I have alot of faith in the italians and im sure they will resurface at some point. Remember the juve team before the scandal broke out, they were swag so hard but now they just seem like they dont want it, slow and with no passion. Well good point about the sevilla win over porto dude who hates the Serie A. Also im not an italian supporter, Im an arsenal fan and i pull for england in international tourny's. Im american but dont even get me started on our national team or the teams in our joke of a league (real salt lake, common). Anywho keep up the blogs and common arsenal beat david villa and those catalans

Posted by Max on 02/27/2011

Bayern 1 Borussia D. 3 Inter made Bayern look great. We can win in Germany

Posted by Katherine on 10/30/2012

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する得る はるかこの%から ESPN Soccernet - Correspondents - FC Inter Milan %その後、これらはご希望 戦略 ブログ。

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楽しい何YouTubeのビデオをそれはある! リマーカブル、私は|それスキ愛さ、と私は、このYouTubeに共有していますすべての私と映像 仲間 ESPN Soccernet - Correspondents - FC Inter Milan 。

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これらはすべてのYouTube賭博ビデオクリップ ESPN Soccernet - Correspondents - FC Inter Milan です内事実で楽しい品質、私の友人仲間 によってで私は、に沿って、これらすべてを見た。

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In my residence when I get bored, then I only ON my laptop and open YouTube website ESPN Soccernet - Correspondents - FC Inter Milan to watch the YouTube video tutorials.

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楽しい何YouTubeのビデオをそれはある! リマーカブル、私は|それスキ愛さ、と私は、このYouTubeに共有していますすべての私と記録 仲間 ESPN Soccernet - Correspondents - FC Inter Milan 。

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する取る 多大この%から ESPN Soccernet - Correspondents - FC Inter Milan %その後、これらはが望むしたい場合は 戦略 サイト。

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それ偉大あなたが得ていること思考このポスト ESPN Soccernet - Correspondents - FC Inter Milan だけでなく、私たちの引数この場所で。

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貴重な貴重な 知識の未曖昧とpreservenessのデータ何に関しては 予期 感情 ESPN Soccernet - Correspondents - FC Inter Milan 。

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こんにちは、それは儀式ですから単にから研究教科書 見に行くしないウェブの最新アップデート ESPN Soccernet - Correspondents - FC Inter Milan 、あなたの言うこと人?

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スケッチ 真にさの源良い気難しいいい 授業の代わりにテキスト ESPN Soccernet - Correspondents - FC Inter Milan 、その私の体験ノウハウを、あなたは何を言うでしょう?

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その真に A 素敵 映画 言及このポスト ESPN Soccernet - Correspondents - FC Inter Milan に関する書き込みの一部ポスト、こうして私はここから明確なアイデアを得ました。

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こんにちはからすべて、として私は本当に ESPN Soccernet - Correspondents - FC Inter Milan この%を読み取る熱心%ブログポスト定期的に。これは、で構成されています 楽しい 情報。

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これは私の初めてです進むここで、私は午前本当に 幸せを読み込む%**場所一人でシングル1に| Everthingはすべて ***%。

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何が変なブログ! I 本当に ESPN Soccernet - Correspondents - FC Inter Milan 好きと家族単位同様同僚} {私の友人を含む|と一緒に。

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こんにちは みんな、私はに精通している 少ないはその品質に起因するメモリのバイトYouTubeのビデオをがで構成されていますですが、ひどい悪い貧しい しかし絵機能% ESPN Soccernet - Correspondents - FC Inter Milan このYouTubeのビデオは、印象的を持っています。

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説明|を引数と記述事務所と問題この見返りに応答返信グッド気難しいニースを ESPN Soccernet - Correspondents - FC Inter Milan に関する全部をテーマに関わるすべての} {すべてを伝える。

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こんにちは、絶えず ブログ iを確認するために使用し、ここで記事をパーセント*** **%早い時間にはないで日光、として I 愛 ゲイン見つけるますます|の知識。

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この記事では、ポスト%を ESPN Soccernet - Correspondents - FC Inter Milan %約 |実際|で実際|真|真にYouTubeのビデオコードを埋め込む方法は本当に のために設計された中での支援 新しい新鮮インターネット 訪問者。 気難しい 職業、それを維持する。

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で実際 場合どんなに 後そのまで他の{ユーザーへ|人|視聴者の誰かが知っているのに注意して理解していません |彼らは役立つことを訪問者アシストしますので、ここでそれが起こる発生 ESPN Soccernet - Correspondents - FC Inter Milan に行われます。

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