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Posted by Gianni Serra on 02/04/2011

A three-nil away win and the gap with AC Milan reduced to only seven points [and one game in hand]. Everything looks beautiful and easy but it's not.

Bari this season have nothing in common with last year's team, which was so exciting, brave and fast - one of the most spectacular teams to watch in Serie A. Too many key players injured prevented Ventura to repeat last season performances.

Leonardo wanted to kill the game stright away so he fielded three forwards [Eto'o, Milito and Pazzini] with Kharja in an unusual left midfielder position, with Zanetti on the right and Thiago Motta deep in the middle. The back four from right to left was Maicon, Ranocchia, Materazzi [oh, yes] and Chivu. The offensive-gamble didn't pay off as Kharja was too worried to keep his position and the gulf between midfield and the three upfront was huge. It turned out more confused than static as Eto'o left his initial position to play deeper and deeper - nearly a fourth midfielder.

Leonardo urged then Zanetti and Kharja to push forward otherwise the 4-3-3 would be a nonsense. It's no coincidence that the first goal was scored by Kharja after a one-two with Eto'o. Bari was dead and buried then. But there was still time for a Chivu's jab; and two more goals from Pazzini and the returning Sneijder [brilliant assist from Kharja].

The tv evidence of Chivu's boxing ability is so evident that the Romanian will certainly pay the penalty for his moment of madness. But after the game Christian was man enough to apologise with everyone: "I am sorry. I do not know why I behaved that way. I lost control and I can't explain it. I am here only because I have some dignity left and I want to apologise with Marco Rossi. I feel like shit. I have never done anything like that before and I have to apologise with him and with all the football fans. I am sorry for my two daughters too, they could see that their dad didn't behave properly".
Chivu left the press-room crying. The best comment came from Marco Rossi himself: "I accept his apology. I can understand him, as during a football game we all can lose control sometimes. Let's go forward now". A good epitaph.

MAN OF THE MATCH: Julio Cesar. A clean sheet is a kind of event under Leonardo. The Brazilian goalkeeper brought back confidence to the whole back four. He dominated his box with the typical bravery, helping a lot Ranocchia and Materazzi. A great save in the first half denied Bari the lead, while Inter were struggling. Decisive.

Serie A 2010-11 - Day 23


BARI: Gillet; A.Masiello, Glik (92' Rivas), Rossi, Parisi; Gazzi, Almiron, Donati; Bentivoglio; Rudolf (68' Huseklepp), Okaka. Coach: Ventura
INTER: Julio Cesar; Maicon, Ranocchia, Materazzi, Chivu; Zanetti, Kharja, Motta; Pazzini, Milito (61' Sneijder), Eto'o (87' Cambiasso). Coach: Leonardo

Referee: Romeo
Goals: Kharja 25', Pazzini 94', Sneijder 95'
Yellow cards: Bentivoglio, Glik; Ranocchia, Thiago Motta, Materazzi, Eto'o

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Posted by Sam on 02/04/2011

What achange from Palermo! We went from one of the most interesting, crowd pleasing games to what I would describe an absolute shocker, really poor game for the viewer but we got a result which is important. I have to disagree with your analysis that the game was dead and buried after the first goal. Inter looked very nervous and gave Bari a couple of excellent routes to goal. It would have been even worse if Chivu was sent off which anyone who watched the game would agree he should have been. On another note Matrix was suprisingly solid, he is usually catastrophe waiting to happen but turned out an unusually composed performance. Perhaps it was because Bari didnt have anyone who could run at him, forcing him into another typically mistimed tackle.
Only positives for me were another solid performance from Cesar, Kharjas contining his impressive play, Sneijders return and a win. Time to put that behind us and think about Roma......

Posted by Michael Gallo on 02/04/2011

I think the big question is here, if the referees see Chivu's jab, does Inter have enough to still pull out a result? I would say no, because they were playing dead the entire first half and it took a Sneijder substitution to really spark the team. I would have guessed that if Chivu would have been sent off, it would have been Cambiasso to get subbed in early and Leo would have tried to earn the draw...Bari played Inter tough last season (two draws) and this season without Barreto you can tell they are not the same.

Posted by Moises on 02/04/2011

A win is a win. My question is 4-2-3-1 or 4-3-1-2? This season the latter seems to work better and it would mean Milito on the bench and Il Pazzo upfront with Eto'o. Tough decision for Leonardo.

Also, I haven't seen Nagatomo in action (apparently the guy is pretty fast and he can handle running back and forth) he might get a chance against Roma (I think), I mean, if he can be half the threat Maicon is, that'd be great.

Posted by Pedro on 02/04/2011

Bari too poor to score... two days wouldnt be enough... Inter won and that's all that matters, our guys will crush Rome 4-1

Posted by Mario on 02/05/2011

Bad thing is that we will miss CHIVU against Roma, his former team...Dumbass...

Posted by Benson II on 02/05/2011

I think chivu did this on purpose to be banned...this way he keeps getting his pay packets and will not have to compete with nagatomo. he did something though not similar ..but with similar intention. when he was shouting at benitez because he did not get help from the strikers....he wanted benitez to drop him...

Posted by Dan on 02/05/2011

@ Benson II 'chivu did this on purpose to be banned' simply the silliest comment ever read here

Posted by Rohit on 12/05/2012

Un po troppo sevrei con certi giocatori come per esempio Pazzini....non ha grandi colpe se non riescono a servirlo a dovere .Quando le palle gli arrivano fa sempre la differenza ma non puf3 sempre fare gol.Pandev a mio modo di vedre le cose ha avuto il merito di dare pifa peso alla squadra avendo un punto in pifa di riferimento in mezzo al campo.Nel primo tempo troppi i palloni buttati alla viva il parroco dalla nostra difesa oltre il centrocampo.Questo perche9 non abbiamo un regista in grado di dare tempo e ritmo di gioco alla squadra.Se poi pensiamo che Motta e9 l'unico che puf3 essere preso in considerazione per questo ruolo e gioca davanti alla difesa....

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