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Posted by Gianni Serra on 01/13/2011

Nowadays Coppa Italia status is nearly a joke. Even players tend to forget these fixtures. Despite being reduced to a sort of familiar affair, the Italian cup can provide some entertainment to the few still interested.

Inter-Genoa was a good game. Dominated by Nerazzurri in the first half and by Rossoblu in the second. Samuel Eto'o and Luca Castellazzi were Inter's best players on the pitch, like in Catania.

In the end a good 3-2 victory for the homeside, which left Genoa's coach Davide Ballardini criticising the referee: "Unfortunately bad refereeing is typical when you come to play in San Siro" - to be fair with the Genoa coach, the former rossoblu Ranocchia was only yellowcarded for a last man foul, which deserved the automatic red card.

With his third victory in a row Leonardo can be optimistic. Despite injuries, the Benitez sacking and other problems Inter are still playing for three competitions. Having reached Coppa Italia's quarterfinals [where they will face Napoli or Bologna] shows that Leonardo has already restored winning mentality and hunger. Very promising signs indeed.

MAN OF THE MATCH: Samuel Eto'o. A brace and many good runs. For him it's already 21 goals this season. Outstanding but frightening as well, as most of these goals came when Milito was not around. It happened too many times to be a coincidence. Leonardo said the pair can perform together and we all agreed but numbers and performances say the opposite. They both give their best as central striker but at the moment Eto'o is far better than Milito. How long could Inter keep allowing their best forward to play below his full potential?

Italian Cup 2010-11 - 1/8 finals

Inter-Genoa 3-2 (2-0)

Inter: Castellazzi; Maicon (88' Rivas), Ranocchia, Materazzi, Santon; Mariga, Cambiasso, Zanetti; Muntari (57' Biabiany); Eto'o (70' Obi), Pandev. Coach: Leonardo
Genoa: Scarpi; Rafinha, Dainelli, Moretti, Criscito; Jelenic (46' Mesto), Veloso, Kucka, Kharja (63' Palacio); Boakye, Rudolf (63' Sculli). Coach: Ballardini
Referee: Pierpaoli
Goals: 15',43' Eto'o, 59'Mariga; 53' Kharja (pen), 91' Sculli
Yellow cards: Ranocchia, Muntari

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Posted by Pedro on 01/13/2011

IMO Leo will play Diego and Sami in serie A. Only one of the 2 in CL

Posted by Mikail on 05/10/2012

Ah. Once again, diversity of opionin triumphs over the popular vote. There are so many other worthwhile places, mentioned in the above comments, that don't even cover all the possibilities. While I enjoy Genoa for a special occasion, I don't see it breaking into the top three. Sorry to see Cafe Lucca omitted from the results. Taste Unique deserves more recognition for its authenticity (yes, those are real life Italians running the place,) and there are others. I do agree with putting Nostrana at the top; whether or not it is owned by Italians, they embody the spirt as well as the techniques of Italian cooking, and treat it as a living discipline rather than a preconceived set of recipes. But to each her own, I say. If you want classic Italian/American spaghetti and meatballs, and that represents the pinnacle of Italian dining to you, Nostrana will not necessarily float your boat.Maybe an ongoing forum about where people are eating now would be more engrossing than a simple win-place-show type of result. This just tends to reinforce the stereotypical list of top places, and casts other talented cooks and interesting restaurants aside. We all love to pick winners and bests,' but the real world is more complex than that.I do agree with putting Nostrana at the top. Whether it is owned

Posted by Marco on 05/13/2012

I lived in Napoli for 3 years. Living in Italy does color your palate. You learn how raoegnil they are about food and actually they have some rules and restrictions. Such as no milk products on seafood. There are very yummy reasons for this. However they also don't drink Cappucinos after 10 am to avoid milk. Also not all restaurants in italy are good as well. But you can go authentic such as Piazza Italia which is typical for a trattoria, Cafe Umbria. Serrattos and Mingo are excellent for ristorante. Nostrana has great inventiveness in the spirit of Italian restaurants. Except it is loud, bad service. Iorio is good but they have this cream with clams aakkk.. Subrosa, ginos, Basta only ok. 3doors down overpriced. Tabla is not italian just because they serve pasta. Misto Pdx is a great find on belmont but not cozy. Accanto can be loud and hit or miss on menu. Fratelli was really good recently and I would like to try Taste Unique, Ciao Vito, DOC and A Cena. I am always on the lookout to get a weekly favorite cozy italian place. Viva l'italia.Buon Appetito

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