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FC Inter Milan
August 27, 2010
Posted by Kirby Michael on 08/27/2010

Thank God it’s over. What sense does it make to have these one-off, glorified friendly matches? Absolutely none! There's no need for us Inter fans to get all hot a bothered about losing this match. So what if we lost the sextuple. If you didn’t notice, this “sextuple” is made up of 3 useless trophies: the Domestic Super Cup (that I only enjoyed because we got to stuff Roma), the European Super (waste of time), and the FIFA Club World Cup (i.e. The Mickey Mouse Cup that takes rest time away from exhausted players during Christmas).


August 23, 2010
Posted by Kirby Michael on 08/23/2010

The Italian Super Cup is a tournament that takes place before the start of every season. It pits the winner of the Coppa Italia against the winner of the Scudetto. Since Inter won both of those tournaments last season we had to play ourselves. Wait, what? That not possible is it.

Ahhh that’s right. When a team wins both the Coppa and the Scudetto in the same season, they are must play the runner up in the last league season for the Super Cup. In this case we had to play against AS Roma. Not only did Roma finish second in the Scudetto race last season, they just so happened to finish second in the race for the Coppa Italia. I’m beginning to see a trend here…

August 8, 2010
Posted by Kirby Michael on 08/08/2010

So while I’m sitting down in my house enjoying a game of FIFA with a friend of mine, I had begun to wonder how long it would take me to run for a snack. Perplexed by this thought, I decided to run into the kitchen to grab myself some chips (FYI, it took 17 seconds). After quickly grabbing a tin of Pringles went back into my room to continue whooping my buddy. Quite the opposite occurred actually. On the restart after the first half he powered past all my players with Anelka and slotted home with a “venomous strike” (according to Andy Grey that is). During the replay I decided to grab some more chips. Upon reach for the tin of Pringles, I noticed Anelka on it, staring at me, looking into the depths of my soul, while taunting me with his French eyes and sly grin. Don’t ask me how Anelka compounding my misery made me think of me neglecting my duties as a Blogger. It just did…