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Posted by Gary Al-Smith on 06/30/2010

Nii Amar Isaac looks at how we can beat Uruguay.

This is the team their coach has (already!) named to face us Friday:
(4-3-1-2) Muslera; Maxi Pereira, Lugano, Victorino, Fucile; Alvaro Fernández, Diego Pérez, Arévalo Ríos; Diego Forlán; Edinson Cavani and Luis Suárez.

A Uruguayan historian once said: "other countries have their history, Uruguay has its football."

Suppose we can say the same for Ghana. It would take some strong guts and wits to go past a Uruguayan side that has shown few or no fissures in South Africa - yet.

Taberez has started the mind games by naming his squad so early. Getty Images

Keeping clean sheets gets defenders beaming with smiles. And this comes no easier defending against Luis Suarez and Diego Forlán. The pair has scored three and two goals respectively at this World Cup, so far. In them, Uruguay has arguably the most potent strike force in South Africa.

Both players were top scorers for their clubs in the season just finished. A trait that must get our own Milovan Rajevac quaking. Forlán scored the two goals that won the Europa League final for Atletico Madrid, finishing the season with 28 goals. Diego Forlan’s at the peak of his footballing powers and has taken the prospect at South Africa 2010 to strengthen his position as one of the best in the game.

Under the spotlight, Suarez hasn’t faded. Despite being only 23, he is already captain Ajax and scored 49 times in 48 games in last season's Dutch Erevidisie. He's also transformed his club form into the international theater, scoring 11 goals in 33 caps for his country.

Now this is what you must do, sir Milo.

Richard Kingson, too, must be at his all-time best to stop these fun-goal-poachers. He must steer his defensive line and organize attacks.

John Mensah (will be okay despite missing training), Isaac Vorsah, John Panstil and Hans Adu-Sarpei (have a funny feeling Lee Addy might get a start even though I'm not a big fan) must work hard together to win possession. Get them to put out a foot ahead of Suarez and Forlán and always clamp them down even when not they’re not in possession of the ball.

We all know the number 10, don't we? Reuters

Simply don't allow these two lethal strikers an opportunity to turn with the ball and face the goal. William Gallas and Eric Abidal proved this was the technique to get them not on the score sheets. Task Mensah and Vorsah to be as resolute as yet.

Sarpei must give every part of his game against the all-running Alvaro Fernandez. John Panstil hasn’t had an exciting tourney but sure must come big and soaring against Edinson Cavani who’s already being goosed by Tottenham after a fine season for Palermo in the Serie A.

Midfielders are the thrust of a team. Anthony Annan has held play well, dictated the pace of our game and proved to be adept at both ends of the field. He must be at his in-depth best against Egidio Arévalo Ríos who plays for Peñarol in their local league. Annan must try to be first to the ball and stay there!

Kevin-Prince has been sweet for us, but it's not likely he will play. We need his qualities to get past the evergreen Diego Perez, who’s had one excellent season for Monaco. The Uruguayan midfielder rarely ventures forward. His optimism to never give up a ball is the main reason for which he occupies the first position.

So, Milo, stick Kwadwo Asamoah and KPB's replacement on him (Derek Boateng? Or Rahim Ayew).

Muntari, give 'em the hard treatment - minus yellow cards! Getty Images

Sulley Muntari might entirely not be a favourite amongst the Ghanaian soccer legion but in Ayew’s absence, we’ve got to rely on him. His pace and acceleration will allow him to blow by defenders, while his trickery with the ball must win him plaudits against Maximiliano Pereira, who has lost some of his pace playing for Benfica.

Samuel Inkoom must be at his Basel best to make the most of Jorge Fucile.

You get the glory when you put one in the back of the net. This, surely, must be running through Asamoah Gyan’s head as he braces for the showdown. Encourage the FC Rennes star to be as calm on the ball as possible and cut out those fancy excesses.

Diego Lugano (Fenerbahçe) has impressed thus far in the World Cup. He's a fan favorite with his brave and warrior soul in defence and spectacular dead ball goals amongst Fenerbahçe fans. It would not be easy for Gyan to get one over him. But he's proved to be equal to the task and showed it, especially against the USA.

Milo must allow him stay up with a lot of support from the midfielders.

Uruguay's possible flaws
The Uruguayans have a magnificent attacking threat but they also appear to, at times, suffer from a lack of belief and confidence in the big moments.

Let's get those as our weapons, especially as Mauricio Victorino will play in place of Diego Godin. That's kinda good for us, because Godin is the real deal in centre-back, seriously.

Let's go, Milo!


Posted by Jeff on 07/01/2010

Ghana looked more like the Olympic diving and thespian team than the national football team. I'm OK losing a match to a team that just flat out plays better, but Ghana used way too many stalling tactics, dives and theatrics to win that game. Ghana should be embarrassed, I know I had to shower after the game to get the filth off of me.

Posted by Gary on 07/01/2010



This is the World Cup, not the Gold Cup.

Posted by tafta on 07/01/2010

@jeff, we couldnt care less for your opinion.what team wldnt do likewise in a similar position.bitterness only hurts u.hah haa.Ghana showed spirit and calmness in that game.there have been far worse teams in this tournament.i say go Ghana!!!play however u want jus mek sure u enjoy yourselves out there.

Posted by abdillahi vyema on 07/01/2010

we all hope GHAN will win against URUGUAY and see the 1st african to go throgh to the simi. Is not time for brazil mazee!

Posted by Richie on 07/01/2010

Jeff if u re really beating severely by the rain accept it in good faith and stop saying it sprinkled on u. The boys are separated from the men and is now time for the Africa stars to shine once again against the Uruguayans. Go Blackstars .... Go Africa stars.

Posted by mic-eben on 07/01/2010

whats jeff's problem? I'm sure you are the only one who shares that opinion. The black stars have done extremely well and though i think the uruguayan match will be the most difficult yet. I have the belief the stars will shine. It'll be as close as the USA game if not closer. GO BLACK STARS. jealous ones will envy but less i care

Posted by olukayode oyewole on 07/01/2010

l strongly believe Ghana will beat uraguay come friday the team has a lot of character and are really together . God will help africa to secure a place in semi final for the first time in world cup history.

Posted by ekgiyp02 on 07/01/2010

@Jeff. The truth is that the USA is not even on the same skill level as Ghana. Ghana's speed, physical superiority and great football iq, makes them a difficult opponent. They are peaking at the right time...the stars won the world championships and made it to the finals in the Africa cup of nations a few months ago. No fluke why they are dangerous and FLAT OUT PLAYED the USA. The USA's greatest treasure is their good ole American husstle and dig down deep even with limited talent. That is why they looked like they could compete in the 2nd half...Ghana had so many chances that the score should have been3-1 or 4-1.

Posted by zimuto evans on 07/01/2010

gana can win if it plays african football.

Posted by mohammed on 07/01/2010

jeff, did u really watch the match between Ghana vs USA from the stadium or on tv? if is ur tv, then let them check it for u or buy a new tv. the goal scored by asamoah Gyan is one of the best goals of the tourny. again, Ayew was voted man-of-the match, did u see that? how many Ghananian players have had red cards? lets be realistic and accept defeats in good faith.with God, the cup remains in africa, bet it.

Posted by hans on 07/01/2010

yes we can, ghana will tracing uruguay to reach quater final of this world cup,,, infact i like issac vorsah and john mensah style of play to conquen uruguayruns,, go go ghana go for africa

Posted by peter on 07/01/2010

jeff is a dumb ass, probably not a tru soccer fan. jeff should probably stick to watching baseball and american football if thats his assessment on the game. while ghana players did stall at the end of the game, it was the smart thing to do. and as for the diving, if you really are a us fan im sure clint dempsey is if not your favorite one of your favorite players and the kid fell every time he was touched in the game. ghana did it at the end of the game and came out with the win, dempsey did it the whole game and got his ass beat.

Posted by Kweku on 07/01/2010

f++k u jeff

Posted by OBINNA MOSES on 07/01/2010

I believe ghana will beat uruguay whether devil like it or not africa must proceed to semi final for the first time in the history of world cup.God will surely see ghana through. Go black stars go,u're the african hope.

Posted by godfred agyei on 07/01/2010

well God will talk for Ghana.

Posted by godfred agyei on 07/01/2010

please God has a mouth and I want every body to keep quiet and allow him to talk. He will talk talk tomorrow.

Posted by rob from ethiopia on 07/01/2010

God!i wish Ghana had evercame this.with ayew and prince missing,we should rely on muntari and appiah's experiance.i'm kind of happy johnatan mensah's suspension.he gives away silly free kicks here n there.the key figure in the uruguayan side is undoubtedly diego forlan.if anthony annan is at his best along with the defenders and stop forlan,i'm confident that our beloved asamoh gyan will hit the target once again to give all of africa something to be proud about.

Posted by nana yaw on 07/01/2010


Posted by Asiamah Cortez on 07/01/2010

Ghana will win.The Lord God who has brought us this far will never disappoint us.He will win against the Uruguayans, and victory will be ours forever and ever..............AMEN

Posted by CHRIS WILLIAMS KOFI ATITSE (LAGOS) on 07/01/2010

I BELIEVE STRONGLY that Ghana Black Stars will beat Uruguay. Its going to be an IRON TO IRION clash but at the end, AFRICANS are going to celebrate the day. Long live AFRICA, long live GHANA BLACK STARS the only AFRIANS hope for now.

Posted by CHRIS WILLIAMS on 07/02/2010

jeff should agree with me that the GENESIS of every fallen hero is PRIDE. Get this into your mental faculty's chamber.

Posted by Alvaro on 07/02/2010

I'm a Uruguayan reading your blog, would like to wish Ghana all the best for this match. Lets hope for a good clean entertaining game. Whoever wins will be tough semi, either way I'm happy to be in quarters, as should all Ghana it's a massive achievement to be here lets not forget that. If we lose I'll be happy we give passage to Ghana, and will support you for the rest of the tournament. I hope the game is not defined by the referee! Good luck!

Posted by Sokoro on 07/02/2010

Asamoah Gyan must play and score two goals. I mean, it is our time. We can make it. We shall make it.

Posted by victor on 07/02/2010

Ghana is our hello.
We are proud of the team,and of being African.
Wish Ghana all the best n' we are behind the team.
Viva Ghana,Viva Africa

Posted by Thomas Yaovi on 07/02/2010

What a game this match is going to be? I believe with the gods of Africa and the spirits of our ancestors cheering Ghana on, we can do it and reach the finals and play with Spain. Where are you the ancestral spirits, arise and shine on this land called Ghana and Africa. We need all the supports of the African continent and the boys will never fail us.

Posted by ben on 07/02/2010

Diving? Play-acting? These terms should be applied to the Brazil-Portugal and Ivory Coast-Brazil matches, especially Kader Keita. Ghana hardly utilised those tactics. Ghana were simply better than most of their opponents, even if they did not dominate them. Time-wasting is a shrewd strategy and most, if not all teams will use it to their advantage. This is how The Game is played and Ghana deserve their run till now.

Posted by vera ogar on 07/02/2010

we thank God for keeping them up to this my cobumment is that any body that play will should win but iwat ghana to win

Posted by Anonymous on 07/02/2010

GoD is for Ghana i wat them to wine the game because there are very good

Posted by Sekou Kamara on 07/02/2010

Hey the world,

Ghana is always called in Africa as the best in the whole-wide-world. Believe it as they are up to make history.

all the best!

Posted by fernando, on 07/02/2010


Posted by wendy on 07/03/2010

uruguay are cheat just like their forefather,,,look at suarez ,

Posted by fernando, on 07/04/2010

why call our forefather cheat? why say to Suarez he's the cheat? Because when the referee gave him the maximum punishment of a red card and a 12 yard penalty kick to correct the situation for his reflex actions,and Ghana's Gyan took it and only managed to miss this opportunity, only then you can conclude that the cheat was him.HE cheated GHANA ,AFRICA AND HIS FAMILY. WHY DID U MISS THE KICK, GYAN ?

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