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Posted by Gary Al-Smith on 06/19/2010

Ghana 1-1 Australia
Stadium: Royal Bafokeng Stadium, Rustenburg, South Africa
Attendance: 34,812
Match Time: 14:00 GMT, June 19, 2010

South Africa Soccer WCup Ghana Australia
Panstil sustained a horrible injury at the end. Getty Images

Stats: 22 shots on goal 6 corners 50% possession

Two points dropped, one point gained. That's what it was.

Ghana lost a chance to potentially get out of Group D. No matter what anyone says, we should have won. Ten men in the first half for your opponent means that you go for the kill, not sit and be composed. That said, a draw is better than a loss and we go into the Germany tie with another draw or win on our minds...

Now that you've seen Ghana's two games, let's ask again:

See full match report here. Ratings and video highlights below:

Ghana 1-1 Australia - Highlights

Simão | MySpace Video


Richard Kingson – 6 - Started the game by making some errors and capping it with being ‘Jabulanied’. Made some crucial saves in the final parts of the second half, though. Admittedly, Ghana’d have gone down had Kingson not covered for poor defense.

John Pantsil – 6 – Like in the first game with Serbia, this is not the right-full back we know. Doesn’t surge forward with dangerous plays these days and allowed the Aussies to use his side in the second half. Maybe Inkoom will be used against Germany, with the unfortunate injury he sustained at the end.

Jonathan Mensah – 6 – Being thrown at the lions in the middle of the World Cup is no joke and for all his obvious inexpererience, handled himself well. Don’t forget this is his third cap for the senior side but Ghana clearly need Mensah and/or Vorsah back quickly. Did well to give Ghana the penalty, though.

Hans Adu-Sarpei – 6 – When Ghana had the man advantage, Sarpei was expected to use his side as an attacking option, but didn’t. Defensively made few, if any, mistakes but was tactically out of touch with the rest of the game.
Anthony Annan – 6.5 – Holding the midfield seems to come natuarllay, but he takes the blame for the foul and subsequent goal scored by the Aussies. Apart from that and the (harsh) yellow, he was solid.

Lee Addy – 5 – Disappointing, for someone who went the whole nine yards with Ghana at the Nations Cup, his touch at centre-back wasn’t assured. Needs to be calm and his yellow card was totally unnecessary.

Kevin-Prince Boateng – 6 – was not impressive on the whole. Yes, had some deft touches but couldn’t keep the pressure on the Aussies as he was expected to be the driving force once they went a man down. Substitution in second half was spot on.

Prince Tagoe – 5 – Woeful. His replacement did not come soon enough. Shooting instead of passing, unable to run at the ’Roos, could not play his role on the right well. Where is the old Prince Tagoe?

Kwadwo Asamoah – 7 – The creative hub of Ghana’s play, he was not allowed to do much damage. Also started trying long shots even when he had to pass. However, he set the pace of the game till he went off, although by his standards, did not sparkle. Wasted a fair few freekicks, too.

Andre Ayew – 7 – Hard to find a player better than him in the last two games. Tireless, was the main architect of Ghana’s penalty. Interplay with Asamoah was good but got tired in the middle of the second half. Definitely Ghana’s brightest spot so far.

Asamoah Gyan – 7 – converting only penalties may not be enough for strikers, but he’s getting Ghana precious points. Harassing the Aussies from start till finish but Gyan needs to improve his final touch and scoring. Ghana needs goals from open play, not just gifted penalties.


Quincy Owusu Abeyie – 5 – Stepovers were nice - and useful - this time! Did not have a lot of time to impose himself but definitely played better than Tagoe. Still, his output does not equal his efforts.

Sulley Muntari – n/a – Was on for just 12 minutes. Provided two good passes that could have caused damage. That aside, time was too short to make an impact.

Mathew Amoah – n/a – Even shorter time to do any damage, makes you wonder why he was brought on at the time.

Coach Milovan Rajevac – 7 – He’s got Ghana 4 points, but you feel he could have done better with tactics especially when Kewell was shown the red. Should have piled on the pressure, not sit back and hope. Changes were a bit too late, just like in the Serbia game. That said, he may yet get the Stars into the second round.

Your own ratings are, as always, welcome.

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Posted by John S on 06/20/2010

Ghana should have been beaten by a much better Australian side.

People can argue that Ghana had a man advantage and should have won but they were not the better side. Further, Australia could justifiably argue that the red card was harsh (how could kewell get out of the way). Then, when a ghana DM tackles an Australia player from behind with studs showing, he should have been sent off. Clearly mistakes were made and the better team (Australia) were made to pay.

Posted by Sebastijan Pogorevc on 06/20/2010

This isn't about this match, but have you noticed Ghana are a very "resultish" team?
Most other African countries play to their strength, are often attractive and almost always lose against European, and American teams. But Ghana are usually less attractive and perhaps "don't play that good", but still thay always seem to get the result of it. In Germany 2006, they were the only African nation to advance from their group, they won bronze at the African Cup they hosted, despite mostly playing awfully, at the latest African Cup they won silver in this typical fashion ...
I just wonder how come they have such a good organization and discipline, which aren't exactly typical for African teams. Cote d'Ivoire are their straight opposite: they have a load of stars, often play well, but always disappoint in the end.
I think this is quite worthy of praise, really ... Shall be an interesting match against Germany, too.

Posted by Osei-Boahen Melchizedec. on 06/20/2010

If de black stars want 2 win their last match against Germany,then de coach shd stop that style of play.Shd play two strickers.However Tagoe shd not start de match.Nana Melchy writes.

Posted by Hassan on 06/21/2010

Milo: Is he charged for making substitutions? he delays so much and some of his substitutions raise eyebrows. he has to take risk sometimes cos he attacked when we were down but withdrew once we were level when could have continued and killed the game.
Players: The ref stops play with his whistle why don't you follow this simple rule instead listening to the calls of the Aussies rather. The main task is to qualify out of the group and not who scores the most goals, if Gyan and Tagoe had kept to this task we could have scored to more goals. we need to clinical in front of goal cos as every match pass by the more difficult the opponent becomes. Those wayward 40 yarders won't help either.
I think Addy needs more psyching up, he was very nervous.
Paintsil(get well soon)needs to back up or Inkoom be tried.
Olele has been superb but he could have done better with the goal.

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