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Posted by Susie Schaaf on 06/30/2010

I’m not sure why England fans are so upset about Frank Lampard’s disallowed goal in the match against Germany. After all, Paul, the psychic octopus, had already ordained the Germans as match winners. They had no shot after the cephalopod called it… as he's proven himself 4-for-4 so far this tournament.

But, seriously, if you don’t know the history of the “Wembley-Tor”of ‘66, here’s a quick breakdown. (And if you want to know more about Paul, just him.) In the ‘66 final, 11 minutes in extra-time, England’s Geoff Hurst shot at close range. The ball hit the under-side of the crossbar, and bounced--- Germans say on the line, English say over. The Swiss referee wasn’t sure if it was a goal (insert joke about Swiss neutrality here), so he consulted his Russian lineman, Tofik Bakhramov, who awarded the goal. The Brits went on to win their one-and-only final, 4-2.

Legend has it, that on his deathbed, Bakhramov was asked how he knew the ball had crossed the line, to which he replied, “Stalingrad”.

And Germans gave name to a goal awarded that wasn’t a goal: “Wembley-Tor.” Now, thanks to Manuel Neuer’s very excellent acting job (as he sold the hell out of it!), there is a new word in the German lexicon: “Bloemfontein-Tor”: In which a goal was scored, but not counted.

The football gods do always seem to come around, don’t they?

It’s a shame about this fracas, really. Because, the English will go on about how 2-2 would’ve changed the match. It’s another addition to a list of “if only” that the British have used since that win in ‘66, to excuse poor showings in international tournaments. When really, the only “if only” should be: If only we’d bothered to play as a team. If only…

But, give the English some credit. After Upson and Terry completely botched Neuer’s goal-kick and Klose’s subsequent goal on 20 minutes, and David James’ humiliation by Lukas Podolski on 32 minutes; the Three Lions showed fight when Upson headed in on 37 minutes. There was also, of course, Lamps’ disallowed goal on 39 minutes, as well as a Dafoe header that came off the bar.

England came out to fight… ish… at the start of the second half as well. As lumbering as they were for most of the match, they still were dangerous; most evidenced by Lamps’ 35-yard free-kick screamer that clanged, once again, off the crossbar.

However, on 68 minutes, we broke their backs as Lampard struck a free-kick in to our wall, and it was off to the races for Bastian Schweinsteiger and Thomas Mueller, with “Der Bomber, Junior” scoring for the Nationalelf, bringing the score to 3-1. Two minutes later, he completed a brace after a nifty set-up from Mesut Oezil.

The back four was solid. The midfield was fantastic. And, Miro up front? Amazing, as well. Neuer has come in to his own as Germany’s number one; unbelievable, as a year ago he was number three. And I hope, that after the furor of the disallowed goal subsides, everyone will recognize the quality and superiority with which Germany played.

I feel badly for the Brits, as there are so many that I call friends. The FA is broken, and someone needs to do something to fix it. What that is, I may never know… But I’d tell Capello to look to Loew’s model, to give some up-and-comers a shot (Walcott, anyone?), and shake the old guard out of their reverie. After all, they can’t do any worse.

Finally, an embarrassing postscript: I was totally wrong about sitting Mueller for this match. Obviously! Oh, me of little faith!


Posted by Ross on 06/30/2010

Brits!?!?! Come on Sooz....The Scots/Welsh/N.I's are dancing in the streets! Agree on a change of English personnel for the next tourney. Outplayed physically by a younger stronger German team.

Posted by Furnaccio on 06/30/2010

unfortunately the missed call will always be a missed call. i just hope the higher powers do something about it. there have been too many bad calls this world cup that can easily be solved by having an additional ref.

England will improve with young players like Jack Wilshere, Kieran Gibbs and Theo Walcott coming in to add new life to the national team (yes - I have an Arsenal bias)

as for Germany - they are like a well oiled machine. they are passing the ball where the players should be as opposed to where the players are, which is a big difference between teams that have been eliminated and the final 8 remaining.

can't wait to see the 2006 QF rematch this saturday.

Posted by BenX1332746 on 07/01/2010

I guess I was (happily) wrong about England being up to beat unser Mannschaft. However, I do fear the Argies will do a Germany (v England) on Germany (v Argentina) on Saturday... England's defence was woeful and Germany's last two goals (v England) are unlikely to happen, on a fast break, against Argentina. Still it should be a cracker and the best qtr final.

Posted by John on 07/02/2010

Why are you worrying about the Brits/English/Europeans when you'll be sitting with on Monday wondering why the referee didn't do you any favours like 1990/2006.without that and perhaps klose or lahm should ref you have no hope,hence the disrespect.nothing new is it

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