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Posted by Phil Mison on 08/13/2012

Not a wholesale revamp of the Fulham squad, rather an in-house revolution as to how we bring you all that's great about following the mighty Whites

One reason for not rushing into print ahead of the 2012/3 season is that our delivery mode on all things football here at ESPN Towers is about to undergo a major transformation.

After eight years of growth the individual club blogs are being phased out this week. This move from the tecchies may come before the weekend's big kick off - I am myself unsure of the pace of developments - to be replaced by something altogether more whizz-bang.

Your humble correspondent is therefore being elevated onto contract basis to ensure an even greater level of professionalism on my return to London.

This holding note is to advise those who wish to save any archived stories from past seasons to do so now. Although I have been advised past content will survive somewhere on the web, save to disk now just in case should you wish to fondly remember diatribes, controversies, the ebb and flow of seasons and triumphs from the past.

More breaking news as I get it. The wheels are being turned in Bristol CT as I type.

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Posted by Michael in Calgary on 08/13/2012

Say it ain't so! This strikes me as a clear "fix it when it ain't broke" decision by the geniuses at ESPN...or, even worse, fix it now that it works beautifully!

It DID take some time for the individual club blogs to find their feet, but since you took over the Fulham beat, Phil, I have found the blog incredibly informative, entertaining, and a great place to share opinions and stories. It has been a fantastic venue for the far-flung community of Fulham supporters to come together, and it will be sorely missed by at least this isolated correspondent!

Posted by Rob on 08/15/2012

Congrats Phil! A well deserved promotion for you.

Posted by jcrochester on 08/15/2012

How's it feel to be a colleague of Mickey Mouse? Good move for you, and looking forward to the new year. As for the FFC blog, so long as your insight and content keep coming, and we have access to our mutual comments, I'm game for the next new thing.

Blogs Central: Guess you've seen the new front page. Standards of journalism, passsion and dedication to reporting all things FFC will remain uncompromised.

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