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January 28, 2012
Posted by Phil Mison on 01/28/2012

Inside a week a welter of frustration boils up again with Fulham's elimination from the Cup. Deconstructing this broken model is proving a devilish task for Ray and Martin (above)
January 25, 2012
Posted by Phil Mison on 01/25/2012

Last ten league trips to Goodison and Fulham have lost every time. But in FA Cup meetings we remain unbeaten. Let's face it, Friday night in the north-west, anything is possible

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January 24, 2012
Posted by Phil Mison on 01/24/2012

That was one Sunday newspaper's headline. Rarely can any team have turned in such a Jekyll and Hyde performance. What are we to make of Jol's Fulham side now?

January 20, 2012
Posted by Phil Mison on 01/20/2012

From their lofty league position the Magpies are slight favourites for Saturday's game. Their past record at the Cottage however is poor.

January 19, 2012
Posted by Phil Mison on 01/19/2012

The market remains quiet as rumours abound. While Sky's big electric board fizzes away clubs are holding on to their cash and the only man barging up to the counter with a big wad is - of all people - Mark Hughes.

January 14, 2012
Posted by Phil Mison on 01/14/2012

Having invoked the spirit of Stephen King in my preview, our worst fears are realised in a performance at Ewood more shocking than anyone dared predict.

This is going to be my shortest blog ever. I do not wish to dwell on Saturday's result, one that will go down in the annals of worst Fulham performances of all time. It will take me well into next week to get over.

January 13, 2012
Posted by Phil Mison on 01/13/2012

We have an awayday in East Lancs against a side boasting more drama and misfits than Big Brother. A nailed on three points for the Whites then? Don't bank on it.

January 11, 2012
Posted by Phil Mison on 01/11/2012

Top of the week he celebrates five years of Premiership football with Fulham, Clint Dempsey gets the party started with his first ever hat-trick in professional football.

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January 6, 2012
Posted by Phil Mison on 01/06/2012
There must indeed be something magical about Fulham's pursuit of the FA Cup across 100 years or more. Whenever we get it in our sights our dreams just disappear
January 4, 2012
Posted by Phil Mison on 01/04/2012

The Gunners were silenced as fate decided at last it was Fulham's turn to sneak a win at the death. The perfect start to 2012 as we learn much from the holiday fixtures.

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