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July 16, 2012
Posted by Jack Dowden on 07/16/2012

As with every other summer, football fans didn't have long to wait for their fix of the beautiful game. The European Championships proved to be the most exciting tournament since 1996 as well as strengthening the argument that it is a tougher competition to win than the World Cup.

May 27, 2012
Posted by Jack Dowden on 05/27/2012

If the Premier League wanted a marquee season for its 20th year, they certainly received more than they bargained for in what turned out to be a real humdinger, going right down to the wire from top to bottom. Many a pub conversation has trundled across the “which is better, the English or the Spanish league” debate, well if we have learnt anything from this year, it's that this Premier League is far from predictable, which possibly is no longer a characteristic of La Liga.

April 26, 2012
Posted by Jack Dowden on 04/26/2012

In all honesty I've been sitting on this instalment for a fortnight, I didn't want to pen anything prior to the FA Cup Semi Final in case the powers that be read my optimism and decided to jinx me, as it turns out it probably wouldn't have made much difference but we'll cover that shortly. Then following the culmination of our Cup run I didn't want to come across overly emotional and negative about the remainder of our campaign, especially before, a jaunt down the M62 for an assumed annual whooping from Manchester United at Old Trafford. So I held off, instead aiming to refer to the previous 2 games but focussing mainly on the final possible point haul for this campaign.

April 3, 2012
Posted by Jack Dowden on 04/03/2012

What March promised to deliver following on from a decent January and February, eventually lived up to its potential with 10 points from a possible 18 pushing us up to 7th place in the Premier League and a FA Cup semi final date set with Liverpool on 14th April.

March 8, 2012
Posted by Jack Dowden on 03/08/2012

Everton's annual spring revival is in flow having now only been beaten twice since the turn of the year, in a dismal display at home to Bolton and the rescheduled trip to White Hart Lane following last summer's cancellation due to the North London riots, but since then we have managed an eight match run without tasting defeat.

February 9, 2012
Posted by Jack Dowden on 02/09/2012

February has started exceptionally cold with most of the UK seeing snowflakes falling heavily, but nothing could dampen the warmth that Evertonians felt at the close of the January transfer window. In a bizarre twist of unusual occurrences Everton were for once the buyer rather that the vendor and the month that recently has terrified us the most, actually became exciting.

January 19, 2012
Posted by Jack Dowden on 01/19/2012

Its been really hard to get excited about this season so far and despite seeing in the turn of the year we are still waiting for it to take off. My last instalment saw us starting to build momentum towards a decent run, which came crashing down following a lacklustre performance against a struggling Bolton Wanderers side.

January 3, 2012
Posted by Jack Dowden on 01/03/2012

The always torturous Christmas period has been relatively kind to the Toffees as Everton’s annual second half of the season resurgence appears to have started. Eight points from a possible 12 is a decent return for a team which has struggled to find consistency, four games undefeated going into a home encounter with Bolton Wanderers is surely the momentum we need to extend that run further, starting with the Trotters before a nice break in the league programme for the FA Cup.

December 1, 2011
Posted by Jack Dowden on 12/01/2011

Where do I start? This will be both the easiest and hardest thing I will write this year. On Sunday 27th November 2011, a wife lost a husband, children lost a father, football lost a gentleman and Evertonians lost a Blue. Even as I write this I’m still overwhelmed with emotion and welling up at the tragic passing of Gary Speed.

November 15, 2011
Posted by Jack Dowden on 11/15/2011

Apologies for the length of time since my last blog, I managed to fracture my wrist whist partaking in a spot of Togger. My father’s words of condolence were damning: "If you didn't have bad luck you'd have no luck at all". Which is also quite an apt summary of Everton so far this autumn.

October 19, 2011
Posted by Jack Dowden on 10/19/2011

We find ourselves halfway through the month of death in Everton’s Footballing calendar and the Toffees are yet to receive a single point for their efforts. In the same three fixtures last season against Manchester City, Liverpool and Chelsea, a very respectable 7 points were acquired and I’m sure David Moyes would have liked to have picked up at least 1 from the possible 9 on offer.

September 28, 2011
Posted by Jack Dowden on 09/28/2011

Following an exhilarating and somewhat gut wrenching last 25 minutes of the120 played in the eventual victory against West Bromwich Albion last Wednesday, Everton's hopes of taking a buoyed squad and fan base down the M62 to Manchester City at the weekend were greatly enhanced.

September 20, 2011
Posted by Jack Dowden on 09/20/2011

It's amazing what can happen over a couple of weeks in Football, it truly is a funny old game. Rewind back to the start of September, there was a dark grey cloud lurking around Goodison Park and a storm of uncertainty was brewing. Our main play maker had just departed, along with him we lost two strikers and most of our press coverage centred around the goings on everywhere except the field of play.

September 5, 2011
Posted by Jack Dowden on 09/05/2011

Followers on Twitter and contributors to forums may remember my concerns about Mikel Arteta's future at Everton a couple of weeks earlier, after Cesc Fabregas' prolonged yet inevitable departure from the Emirates to Camp Nou. Often described as a Wenger type player my only doubt about the Frenchman's pursuit of Everton's most creative player was that maybe his age may be of a concern, as it would mean breaking a tried tested recruitment policy spanning 16 years.

August 23, 2011
Posted by Jack Dowden on 08/23/2011

Following a week of social disorder and reorder throughout the country, the nation could turn its attentions back to the sporting calendar and the last two teams out of the traps could begin their adventure into the 2011\12 Premier League.

August 9, 2011
Posted by Jack Dowden on 08/09/2011

After a three month break the Premier League returns this weekend. Well, it does if the unjustified heinous actions of a few does not lead to the cancellation of games up and down the country as the police are required for duty elsewhere, of course.

I for one, would suggest that restoration of the security of the country far outweighs the anticipation of a football season starting. Many matches have already fallen foul to the madness of the last few days, including England's international against Holland, only time will tell if the powers that be decide whether the opening weekend will go ahead as scheduled.

June 29, 2011
Posted by Jack Dowden on 06/29/2011

Turn the sports news channel over, get off Twitter, in fact steer clear of the Internet completely (after reading this of course) and only peruse the 1st 40 pages of your preferred daily rag. The slowest part of the year is here and is in full swing – the summer break.

If you want it to pass smoothly and quickly, the easiest way is to not get involved with who's allegedly being sold to who, who's been spotted being shown around the training ground and definitely don't bite at the bait of any player who links themselves to your club. Silly season is well and truly upon us.

May 27, 2011
Posted by Jack Dowden on 05/27/2011

As the dust finishes settling on what was the 2010\11 Premier League season, football fans across the 20 representative clubs can possibly look back perplexed at possibly the strangest campaign in its 18 year existence. Like in many cases over the past two decades the outcome was somewhat inevitable with Manchester United taking the crown and in turn dethroning Liverpool as England's most successful side winning a record 19th title, but even they went through a period of unforeseen turbulence when Wayne Rooney decided to do his best impression of a petulant child holding the hand that feeds him to ransom.

May 9, 2011
Posted by Jack Dowden on 05/09/2011

At this time of year most players and supporters alike, start to have one eye on the next game and the other glancing towards the shiny holiday brochure, dependant on how your season has been you may have been looking for a welcome distraction even earlier. Although those at the top and those at the bottom are quite probably still transfixed on the culmination of an eventful, mesmerising, frustrating and somewhat puzzling 2010\11 Premier League, however us lumbered with upper mid-table humility basically have the flip flops on, the li-lo blown up and just need mum to rub in the factor 15.

April 20, 2011
Posted by Jack Dowden on 04/20/2011

It was a warm April evening that greeted the 200 individually selected Everton supporters who were invited to attend the Club's inaugural Fan Conference. Sceptics will suggest that this is a poor replacement for the sidelined AGM and only those who had renewed their season tickets for 2011-12 were deemed eligible for invitation.

April 7, 2011
Posted by Jack Dowden on 04/07/2011

Camera's in football were last weekends top two talking points, unfortunately the main focus of the media's attention was on Wayne Rooney's mind-boggling lack of class and limited grasp of his native tongue. Playing second fiddle to the mouth of England's most gifted footballer was a further example for those that argue for the introduction of "Goal line technology".

March 21, 2011
Posted by Jack Dowden on 03/21/2011

Last week saw the ninth anniversary of David Moyes' appointment as Everton manager, it was quite apt that it was Fulham who were this weekend’s opponents, and the match finished 2-1 with Everton taking a 2 goal lead, just as it had been in March 2002. Looking back through records I can see that Will Young was number 1 with "Evergreen" that week, which is also quite an apt description of Moyes, considering what the man at the helm of Everton's resurgence in the better part of the last decade has been through and his constraints whilst in his job.

March 6, 2011
Posted by Jack Dowden on 03/06/2011

In a week when Football further detaches itself from the the foundations on which it was based, the English game could again focus its attention on its most sacred of competition. However, it seems Everton's attentions were concentrating on a latter stage of the tournament rather than the challenge at hand.

February 15, 2011
Posted by Jack Dowden on 02/15/2011

Twitter can be a dark, dark place after an Everton loss (I keep expecting to see Gollum scampering away with my BlackBerry), after the jubilation of the eight goal thriller against everyone’s second favourite team, Everton reverted back to being consistently inconsistent in Sunday’s game at The Reebok. Leading to my timeline being inundated with open questions about, the commitment of the players, the future of the manager and the long burning conundrum surrounding the Club’s stewardship under Bill Kenwright, especially the week in which Everton released the accounts details up to May 2010.

February 2, 2011
Posted by Jack Dowden on 02/02/2011

Wow. I'm still recovering from the ridiculous spending on Monday, last time I checked we were heading for a double dip recession, it seems however, no one told the Premier League. In fact, looking at the endless list of transfers throughout January's silly season, it seems Bill Kenwright was the sole Chairman to receive that particular memo.

January 18, 2011
Posted by Jack Dowden on 01/18/2011

I told you there was nothing to worry about, a win against, self professed title challengers, Spurs, an emphatic thumping of the cliched "potential banana skin" Scunthorpe in the FA Cup, a solid second-half performance in the derby, secured a well deserved point, and finally our strikers have remembered what the main function of the rectangular netted thing at the end of the pitch is. The season starts here! (Haven't I read that somewhere before?)

January 4, 2011
Posted by Jack Dowden on 01/04/2011

Greetings and a very happy new year to all,

As the "Santa is an Evertonian" hats join the baubles once again in the big brown box marked Christmas. We reach the half way stage of this very intriguing season.

December 19, 2010
Posted by Jack Dowden on 12/19/2010

Season’s Greetings,

I read some tosh last week after the draw with Wigan, I'm sure the Samaritans did some good business after 4.45, with some people seriously needing to be placed on suicide watch.

December 7, 2010
Posted by Jack Dowden on 12/07/2010

Apologies for the length of time since my last post, I could blame it on lethargy, I could blame it on other priorities, I could blame it on the boogie. But the fact is I haven't had anything to write about, those boys in Blue have been giving me nothing. I don't want to churn out out a match report everyweek, they're 10 a penny online, I want to give you fine people food for thought, but in order to do that I need some inspiration from the eleven men taking to the pitch.

November 9, 2010
Posted by Jack Dowden on 11/09/2010

The renaissance of Phil Neville continues, a week ago Everton's defender come Holding Midfielder come general Mr Nice Guy, became an overnight internet phenomenon. Following Gareth Bale's impressive embarrassment of "the World's best Right Back" Maicon, bewildered Evertonian's everywhere paid homage to Captain Nev's performance against the Welsh wonder just a week before. Twitter was awash with outlandish statements of Phil's super human abilities, granted most of these were re-workings of the Chuck Norris quips from a couple of years ago but still very funny. His cyber infamy peaked at 3rd on the trending list, taking him above Barack Obama but losing out on silver and gold to a deceased American surfer (ocean not web) and African-American's, which seems quite a broad subject?

Quite what Phil made of this is unsure, although we may get a little insight in forthcoming programme notes, but former (and hopefully future) team mate Landon Donovan Tweeted "Phil Neville is Trending?!? What is this world coming to?!?!?!?", indeed.

October 26, 2010
Posted by Jack Dowden on 10/26/2010

I hate to start with a cliche but, a week in football is such a long time. However, in the space of seven days both Liverpool and Portsmouth are saved from the brink of financial ruin, Wayne Rooney is on the first Tram from Salford to Eastlands and then back again and Everton who couldn't get three points for toffee (excuse the pun) a few weeks ago, win the Merseyside derby. That win catapulted us to the heady heights of mid-table obscurity.

October 12, 2010
Posted by Jack Dowden on 10/12/2010

Hello all,

One hates to appear arrogant but, it seems as if Mr Moyes read my last blog and took heed from its words. Phil Neville comes back into the side, we have 4 points in 2 games and this season is starting to look, at the very least, a tad rosier. Of course I state this with a wry smile, but it does seem his influence on the pitch has impacted on the team. Going into the last 2 games I think most Evertonians would have been quite happy with 2 draws, Fulham haven't been a bogey team as such but one we apparently previously had an "eye for an eye" agreement with, in that, we'll lose at the Cottage but win at Goodison each and every year (with the exception of 08/09). To add further fuel to our anxiety as we searched for a 1st win of the season, Birmingham hadn't lost at home in a year. According to our Skipper, the sight of Everton rock bottom of table was embarrassing to the players and they needed to rectify that as soon as possible, one game later and we are out of the bottom 3, a solitary place above our local rivals.

September 25, 2010
Posted by Jack Dowden on 09/25/2010

I could probably just copy and paste last weeks blog, and change a few things around after the last week. I could possibly try to find another 1000 words (Mark Bright Tweeted me to say my blogs are too long?) trying to explain why things a taking a while to kick start again. I could even go into depth about my feelings of disappointment on Wednesday morning (which were slightly lifted by 10.30pm that night) after bowing out of a competition we should be aiming to win (all credit to Brentford though and good luck for the rest of the season). I’m certainly not going to be drawn into a will he\wont he nonsense debate about David Moyes’ future.

September 15, 2010
Posted by Jack Dowden on 09/15/2010

When your team has had a somewhat underwhelming opening to a new campaign and achieved just a solitary point against eleven men on community service, or Wolves as they are known, the last thing you really want to see is United next on your handy credit card sized fixture list.
Although actually in recent times our record against Manchester’s red side has improved greatly in comparison to the early days of the Premier League. However, it is still an exceptionally daunting task for any club and their supporters, and one of the first matches everyone looks for.

September 2, 2010
Posted by Jack Dowden on 09/02/2010

Firstly I'd like to apologise for the time since my last blog. I can assure you it has been just as a frustrating affair for me as I have a laptop that has decided 'Z' is the only letter it wants to process, it looks like I have fallen asleep on keyboard.* Which is probably technologies attempt at irony as I try to write about Everton's start to the season.

August 12, 2010
Posted by Jack Dowden on 08/12/2010


The week leading up to the 1st game of the season is one filled with anticipation and excitement. Allowing us to forget what happened the previous year and throw money at the bookies with audacious bets, ten pounds on Everton to win the title in 2011 could earn the lucky punter £1500! So with the betting slip safely and securely in the sock drawer until May (or March more likely, when we get a true idea of what's happening) we begin our sometimes joyous and sometimes torturous 9 month journey towards destiny.

I didn't buy the 09/10 Season Review DVD but if I did I probably would've skipped straight to November dismissing the opening third of the campaign as an extended pre-season. So caught up in our rise up the league in the middle to latter stages of the season, I remember watching Burnley getting thumped at home 6-1 by Manchester City and thought "who gets beaten 6-1 at home?" and just as I was about to say it out loud I stopped myself, recalling that terrible day last August.

But so contrasting were the months either side of Christmas, it was easy forget what a torrid Autumn we had actually had. Disrupted by want-away heroes, late incumbents and an injury list similar to that of the film Commando.

So last year really wasn't a fair reflection of what this squad can achieve if all reporting for duty from the start, which gives a great sense of optimism for the challenge ahead.

August 3, 2010
Posted by Jack Dowden on 08/03/2010

Greetings and welcome,

Bit of background on myself, I've been a Blue my whole life and a Season Ticket holder in the Lower Gwladys since 07/08. Originally from Southfields in London, I moved to Liverpool in 2007 and I'm a regular contributor about Everton on the Evertonians of 606 forum.

I have recently returned from a very underwhelming World Cup, from an English perspective anyway. Although I am still relatively a novice when it comes to blogging I aim to provide you with an insightful, humorous and a somewhat constructive weekly update concerning the goings on at Goodison Park, as well keeping an eye on elsewhere.

For my first entry for Soccernet I want to focus on, what may seem a quite unimaginative subject to begin with but at this time of year it is hard to ignore, the transfer window. An Evertonians relationship with these two Summer months is indifferent, on one hand it is met with real excitement as a plethora of exotic names are linked with the club or are seen at Finch Farm or spotted with Davey and Bill in Wetherspoons. Of course the flipside of the period is we have to endure the torture of reading endless stories of our finest servants mulling over multi-million pound deals from Russian oil magnates on the Kings Road, Sheiks from East Manchester or 'Arry in his "Manor".

April 13, 2010
Posted by ESPNsoccernet Staff on 04/13/2010

Johnny Heitinga believes Everton must hold on to Jack Rodwell and Steven Pienaar, for the club to have a "beautiful season".

Both Rodwell and Pienaar have been linked with possible moves away from Goodison Park in the summer and Rodwell, one of a number of first-team players to come up through the club's Academy, is rumoured to be interesting Manchester United. The England Under-21 midfielder, who only broke through into the Everton team on a regular basis last season, has made 16 Premier League starts this term and scored against the Red Devils and Hull City.

November 30, 2009
Posted by ESPNsoccernet Staff on 11/30/2009

Everton boss David Moyes has suggested that he does not feel the club is in a position to move forward following the collapse of their new stadium plans, which is sure to fuel rumours that he could quit.

Moyes, preparing to entertain Liverpool in the Merseyside derby on Sunday, was said to be considering his future on Wednesday once news of the government's decision to block the plans for the ground in Kirby had emerged.

November 11, 2009
Posted by ESPNsoccernet Staff on 11/11/2009

Everton defender Phil Jagielka has undergone a second knee operation and may not play again until after Christmas, adding to the injury woes at the Toffees that has seen them get off to slow starts in the Premier League and Europa League.

Jagielka, 27, has been sidelined since damaging knee ligaments in April but had been hoping to return to action before the end of November. However a problem, described by Everton as 'a small cartilage tear', means Jagielka's comeback will be delayed. Jagielka had an operation on Wednesday, Everton revealed.

August 24, 2009
Posted by Brett Taylor on 08/24/2009

Everton continue to struggle with the start of the season and few could argue with Moyes' assertion that we just aren't ready. A 1-0 defeat at Burnley follows the 6-1 drubbing by Arsenal and leaves us bottom of the table. Thankfully those results fall either side of a welcome 4-0 win over Sigma which at least gave a boost to our hopes of having a good season - imagine the doom and gloom if we'd lost that one as well !

August 6, 2009

It seems increasingly likely that Lescott will become a City player in the next few days, for a fee of about 22 million if reports are to be believed.

July 13, 2009

With the squad now well into pre-season training, things are starting to hot up on the transfer front and Everton could add some new signings to that of Jo in the next week or two.

Jo on a season long loan is a good signing I think, considering it was free and that he did relatively well for us in the second half of last season. I think I said this last term but my main criticism is that he only plays well and scores goals against inferior teams, at Goodison Park. That should still see him score a few goals for us this season then, just as he did last season.

Jack Dowden Jack Dowden - I was around 20 when I realised if I was to pursue my interest in the beautiful game it would probably be best for all involved that I stayed as far away from the pitch as possible. After several years searching for my niche within the game, I stumbled across Blogging, which brings together perfectly my two strengths and passions, English and Football. As the French Philosopher Rene Descartes proclaimed, "I Blog, therefore I am", or words to that effect!

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