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May 27, 2011
Posted by Jack Dowden on 05/27/2011

As the dust finishes settling on what was the 2010\11 Premier League season, football fans across the 20 representative clubs can possibly look back perplexed at possibly the strangest campaign in its 18 year existence. Like in many cases over the past two decades the outcome was somewhat inevitable with Manchester United taking the crown and in turn dethroning Liverpool as England's most successful side winning a record 19th title, but even they went through a period of unforeseen turbulence when Wayne Rooney decided to do his best impression of a petulant child holding the hand that feeds him to ransom.

May 9, 2011
Posted by Jack Dowden on 05/09/2011

At this time of year most players and supporters alike, start to have one eye on the next game and the other glancing towards the shiny holiday brochure, dependant on how your season has been you may have been looking for a welcome distraction even earlier. Although those at the top and those at the bottom are quite probably still transfixed on the culmination of an eventful, mesmerising, frustrating and somewhat puzzling 2010\11 Premier League, however us lumbered with upper mid-table humility basically have the flip flops on, the li-lo blown up and just need mum to rub in the factor 15.

Jack Dowden Jack Dowden - I was around 20 when I realised if I was to pursue my interest in the beautiful game it would probably be best for all involved that I stayed as far away from the pitch as possible. After several years searching for my niche within the game, I stumbled across Blogging, which brings together perfectly my two strengths and passions, English and Football. As the French Philosopher Rene Descartes proclaimed, "I Blog, therefore I am", or words to that effect!

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