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November 27, 2010
Posted by Dom Raynor on 11/27/2010

Everton manager David Moyes claims that signing David Beckham from L.A.Galaxy would be of interest to him, if the chance came up.

Beckham has had loan spells with AC Milan during the American league off-season over the past two years and Moyes has already had success in bringing his team-mate Landon Donovan over for a spell at the club.

November 9, 2010
Posted by Jack Dowden on 11/09/2010

The renaissance of Phil Neville continues, a week ago Everton's defender come Holding Midfielder come general Mr Nice Guy, became an overnight internet phenomenon. Following Gareth Bale's impressive embarrassment of "the World's best Right Back" Maicon, bewildered Evertonian's everywhere paid homage to Captain Nev's performance against the Welsh wonder just a week before. Twitter was awash with outlandish statements of Phil's super human abilities, granted most of these were re-workings of the Chuck Norris quips from a couple of years ago but still very funny. His cyber infamy peaked at 3rd on the trending list, taking him above Barack Obama but losing out on silver and gold to a deceased American surfer (ocean not web) and African-American's, which seems quite a broad subject?

Quite what Phil made of this is unsure, although we may get a little insight in forthcoming programme notes, but former (and hopefully future) team mate Landon Donovan Tweeted "Phil Neville is Trending?!? What is this world coming to?!?!?!?", indeed.

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