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October 26, 2010
Posted by Jack Dowden on 10/26/2010

I hate to start with a cliche but, a week in football is such a long time. However, in the space of seven days both Liverpool and Portsmouth are saved from the brink of financial ruin, Wayne Rooney is on the first Tram from Salford to Eastlands and then back again and Everton who couldn't get three points for toffee (excuse the pun) a few weeks ago, win the Merseyside derby. That win catapulted us to the heady heights of mid-table obscurity.

October 12, 2010
Posted by Jack Dowden on 10/12/2010

Hello all,

One hates to appear arrogant but, it seems as if Mr Moyes read my last blog and took heed from its words. Phil Neville comes back into the side, we have 4 points in 2 games and this season is starting to look, at the very least, a tad rosier. Of course I state this with a wry smile, but it does seem his influence on the pitch has impacted on the team. Going into the last 2 games I think most Evertonians would have been quite happy with 2 draws, Fulham haven't been a bogey team as such but one we apparently previously had an "eye for an eye" agreement with, in that, we'll lose at the Cottage but win at Goodison each and every year (with the exception of 08/09). To add further fuel to our anxiety as we searched for a 1st win of the season, Birmingham hadn't lost at home in a year. According to our Skipper, the sight of Everton rock bottom of table was embarrassing to the players and they needed to rectify that as soon as possible, one game later and we are out of the bottom 3, a solitary place above our local rivals.

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