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August 12, 2010
Posted by Jack Dowden on 08/12/2010


The week leading up to the 1st game of the season is one filled with anticipation and excitement. Allowing us to forget what happened the previous year and throw money at the bookies with audacious bets, ten pounds on Everton to win the title in 2011 could earn the lucky punter £1500! So with the betting slip safely and securely in the sock drawer until May (or March more likely, when we get a true idea of what's happening) we begin our sometimes joyous and sometimes torturous 9 month journey towards destiny.

I didn't buy the 09/10 Season Review DVD but if I did I probably would've skipped straight to November dismissing the opening third of the campaign as an extended pre-season. So caught up in our rise up the league in the middle to latter stages of the season, I remember watching Burnley getting thumped at home 6-1 by Manchester City and thought "who gets beaten 6-1 at home?" and just as I was about to say it out loud I stopped myself, recalling that terrible day last August.

But so contrasting were the months either side of Christmas, it was easy forget what a torrid Autumn we had actually had. Disrupted by want-away heroes, late incumbents and an injury list similar to that of the film Commando.

So last year really wasn't a fair reflection of what this squad can achieve if all reporting for duty from the start, which gives a great sense of optimism for the challenge ahead.

August 3, 2010
Posted by Jack Dowden on 08/03/2010

Greetings and welcome,

Bit of background on myself, I've been a Blue my whole life and a Season Ticket holder in the Lower Gwladys since 07/08. Originally from Southfields in London, I moved to Liverpool in 2007 and I'm a regular contributor about Everton on the Evertonians of 606 forum.

I have recently returned from a very underwhelming World Cup, from an English perspective anyway. Although I am still relatively a novice when it comes to blogging I aim to provide you with an insightful, humorous and a somewhat constructive weekly update concerning the goings on at Goodison Park, as well keeping an eye on elsewhere.

For my first entry for Soccernet I want to focus on, what may seem a quite unimaginative subject to begin with but at this time of year it is hard to ignore, the transfer window. An Evertonians relationship with these two Summer months is indifferent, on one hand it is met with real excitement as a plethora of exotic names are linked with the club or are seen at Finch Farm or spotted with Davey and Bill in Wetherspoons. Of course the flipside of the period is we have to endure the torture of reading endless stories of our finest servants mulling over multi-million pound deals from Russian oil magnates on the Kings Road, Sheiks from East Manchester or 'Arry in his "Manor".

Jack Dowden Jack Dowden - I was around 20 when I realised if I was to pursue my interest in the beautiful game it would probably be best for all involved that I stayed as far away from the pitch as possible. After several years searching for my niche within the game, I stumbled across Blogging, which brings together perfectly my two strengths and passions, English and Football. As the French Philosopher Rene Descartes proclaimed, "I Blog, therefore I am", or words to that effect!

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