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Posted by Billy Blagg on 06/28/2010

As I've said in my daily World Cup diary, this may well be the lowest point I've ever encountered in all my years of watching England - and be warned I've watched a darn sight more than many of you.

This is supposed to be a match review but i just can't find it in me currently to even attempt one and I figure most of you have seen it and, if you didn't, I'm sure the Soccernet review will unfold the horror for you in better detail than I can currently muster.

So, for a day or two at least, I'm throwing this open to you, dear reader. Just where do England go from here? (Other than the airport obviously) Let's hear from you. I'll reply to as many as I possibly can to get some type of debate going.

UPDATE: 28th June 2010

Thank you for all the emails - it's just a shame that it seems that the only way to get any response from Soccernet readers is to either play out an appalling draw against a North African side or lose in hideous circumstances to our arch-rivals.

Judging by the tone and timbre of the thousands of words that have flooded into Blagg Acres, I'd suggest that us English either only come to life when things are going bad or, perhaps, we just like a good moan. But then many of the emails I've received have come from supporters of St George in other countries (No, I've never understood it either...) so that either means that fans take on the mentality of the side they support or there is some fascinating data here for a Professor of Anthropology.

Anyway, I've printed all that I have so far apart from those with swearing in - not big or clever, girls - and the one that called me a **** **** **** Yank. To them, I have just three words. I'm a Cockney!

I'll try and collate some more thoughts over the next couple of days and add them here as they float in on the ether.

UPDATE: 29th June 2010

As this one seems to want to keep running I'll open up some more threads rather than have everyone keep posting here under the match result. Look on the Correspondents page http://blogs.soccernet.com/wchome/ and look for the appropriate threads


Posted by rob on 06/28/2010

Total disgust is what I(and probably most English men/women) feel at the dire perfomance of those tossers they call the England team.
TEAM, have a laugh, they wouldnt know what a team was if it came up and slaughtered them 4-1, the bunch of halfwits.
Hopefully Rooney looks at these blogs, if you do, I sincerly hope and pray that you never ever get a chance to play for England again at ANY level, you were crap no ifs no buts, CRAP.
And the rest of the side were no better, total utter garbage, and thats the best place for the whole team and that twat of a manager, the bin.
The whole team let the country down badly and should be ashamed at thier pittiful performance.
If it were in my power I would bring our soldiers home and send that bunch of halfwits over there instead to fight or die, that might instill some respect for this country into their pathetic existence.
Do us all a favour and retire, England has no use for total loosers.

Posted by BenX1332746 on 06/28/2010

England need to do what Germany do. Forget the 'big names' and choose a TEAM with energy and pace and creativity, who can work as a TEAM does with one common goal. Capello could have picked an England third XI and they would've done better than this team did. That's because they would have had WILL and HUNGER and ENERGY and a DESIRE TO IMPRESS. The current squad are a bunch of tired has-beens at international level. (EXACTLY the same goes for France.)

Posted by Stewart Bell on 06/28/2010

Home! That's where they go!

The future doesn't look bright. Again, England's mental and technical weaknesses have been exposed.

It would seem the Premier League isn't the nursery of excellence we all expected. The truth is; this England team was yet another bloated, ageing mass of expectation, ill-equipped to deal with the technical demands of international level.

I don't see much coming through either. Does the wilderness beckon?

Let's hope not...

Posted by lz on 06/28/2010

england were lucky they didn't lose by 5-6 goals..the germans had that many clear chances. while the english had none except for their goal, the goal that wasn't, and lampard's freekick that hit the bar. just one question - if rooney is not doing anything up front and keep coming back to midfield, yet, with so many players in midfield(including rooney) the english failed to stop the germans from playing simple passes(no german ran the whole pitch,or dribbled past 3-4 players,or flew down the wing and launched pinpoint crosses!), why not just drop rooney and play a proper midfielder who may help to contain the actuallly-not-inspiring-germans?

Posted by Colin on 06/28/2010

England was poor in the match with Germany. The players look tired compare to the active Germans.
The defence and midfield of England was awfull, they totally went to sleep. The first half was a disaster for the english side who was caught by the germans on the counter. They reacted after the 2nd goal from germany, they are suppose to be 2-2 levelled for the break but the ref decision is bad to disallow a goal which crosses the line. FIFA should look into this as the consistency of the referee decision is yet again under scrutiny.
2nd half is all about the germans, the english had no chance. Just mentioned above is that they look tired, their legs couldnt match the fast paced germans who counter them after they lose the ball. John Terry and Upson partnership is bad, poor organisation in their defence. Midfield was also just as bad. Overall I believe England does not qualified to go through... their group stage shows it all. Germany vs Argentina will an exciting match!

Posted by t k on 06/28/2010

in summary longa nd short: fifa is an organisation full of retards, do you agree?

- a non english neutral fan -

Posted by Red Devil 10 on 06/28/2010

I stayed up late last night to watch England humiliate Germany but I got just the opposite although very enjoyable. The Germans were all over England and are my choice to make it past the Pumas this weeekend. As for England, the team looked slow and past it's best with no player really making an impression. The sight of Ozil brushing aside Barry for the 3rd goal makes the case for the team to be refreshed and put trust in the youth. Rooney didn't have a great world cup but he represents the future of this side and England would do well to start with a clean slate and build a team around him and probably Gerrard. The likes of Lampard, Terry, Carrick etc need to go and the focus needs to be longer term (WC 2014 instead of Euro 2012). Give the youngsters a go over the next few years and ensure they're ready for 2014.

Posted by Odezi on 06/28/2010

England hould take a deep breath in and look inwards. English Players lack continental finese to compete globally because the Premier League is considered by them a football haven by them.The Premier League amounts to nothing if there wasn't the Drogba's, Van Piersie's, Torres and all foreign players you can imagine. Its time for English players to take adventures abroad - Spain, Italy, Germany, France etc and learn to seat on benches and fight for shirts rather than sign for the Chelsea's, Man Utd and Arsenal only to be loaned to smaller sides that compete in the Premier League. Take a young player like Mancienne to Getafe or Espanyol and you'll see how much development, A federico Macheda, Gael Kakuta have taken adventures in England, they've learnt to leave the comfort of their countries at an early age to battle for a place in the Premier League, these players will definitely represent their countries and make impact than a Walcot who's at Arsenal with so much yet to prove.

Posted by marcus on 06/28/2010

they will be looking for a new squand of players after this. honestly im puzzeled how ashely young and adam johnson is out of the england squad after such a great season. england coaches habit of going for big name players even when they are not playing well should change.jack rodwell has a great season for everton yet hargeaves get the nod infront of him?

tactical wise i could be wrong. but i think that england is unbalance when they play gerrard on the left.rooney has show that his good enough to play alone up front. so a five in midfield with gerrard behind ronney may be a better choice. if a coach choose to go for a 4-4-2 formation i think lampard and gerrard only one of them should be playing. even after so many trys they still cant get it right.

i hope to see a new england squad by the 2012.i would not like to see a italian like england at the euros. where most of the players are over 30s.

lennon,adam johnson,milner, young, should all be stepping up by then.

Posted by kartik Vashisth on 06/28/2010

Germans were good on the counter, but that disallowed goal was really the turning point. Had the score been 2 a piece, England wing backs wouldn't all be wandering in the final third. They were under pressure to equalize. Hope Sepp Blatter resigns...

Posted by MIkhail Johnson on 06/28/2010


while I do feel your pain.. this is not our lowest point. Our lowest point was against Algeria when there was no fight in the team. The first 45 Minutes of the Germany game was a good and bad one as we clawed and fought our way back in the game.

Where from here? Total revamp of the domestic league. we need more home grown talent in our top flight. when you think about it.. how large is the pool of english players in the BPL? its not very much at all, we were always at a disadvantage from the beginning. We especially need players at these positions going forward. Centre half, full backs, holding mid-fielder, forwards.. Come to think of it.. we need them everywhere.. this generation is almost over!!!

Posted by Anonymous on 06/28/2010

england looked like world beaters during the qualifiers as they swept every1 aside, but for some reason they froze at the biggest stage. this is not the team that beat croatia 5-1 in croatia or the team that drew 2-2 with the dutch. the inquest will start now - was Capello too strict? Was Wayne Rooney too tired? england lacked imagination it seemed, and the manner in which they were comprehensively beaten should be worrying for england fans. england looked weak, and this is something that Capello will need to address. maybe it's not feasible to have lampard and gerrard in the same starting 11, or to play with gerrard just behind rooney. also, dare i say it, but when a player isn't playing as well as he can,then he should be substituted - this applies to every1, even rooney & Capello should have taken rooney off for Crouch. if you look at england's starting 11 - they probably have the greatest no. of world class players - but england r unlikely to win a major championship anytime soon

Posted by stevan on 06/28/2010

ok leats say lampards shot is a goal...then wat, it still would be 4-2..lets be honest,the way that england played,their lucky its not 5 or 6 for germany..thanks to james for all that good saves and no thanks for the third goal..the germans outplayed the english...dont blame anybody,blame englang for they are overpaid,overrated and over valued but they lack the hard work and determination that the germans have..the way i see it,german deserved the win ...no matter what....

Posted by Arzerouni23 on 06/28/2010

Let me start of by saying, this is the fifth world cup that I have followed in my life and it has certainly been the worse in terms of quality of football. It didn't help that England were terrible in all of their games either, apart from 15 mins against USA, 35mins against Slovenia and 15mins against Germany.

Now, where do we go from here? it's simple really; get rid of cappello, terry, ferdinand, upson, johnson, SWP, Heskey, Carragher, Gerrard, Lampard, Barry. Bring in youth with some sort of promise like, smalling, rodwell, Wilshire, Walcott, A. Johnson, lennon, etc... Basically, the england national team needs to start up from scratch, built a new team around the more reliable players like Hargreaves, A. cole, J. Cole, Crouch, Defoe, and give Rooney another shot. England should not target the Euro 2012, but rather the next world cup and hence create a unit which is based on youth and the development of team chemistry and philosophy for the next 4 years.... that's the only way

Posted by bazza on 06/28/2010

1-1.. thats the score.. 1966 and 2010...all even
The difference is, today we have the technology but the arrogant, blind fools at FIFA still refuse to use it. Rugby, cricket, gridiron etc etc use video technology so why, why, why are FIFA so dogmatic in their views?
I'm not saying England would have won the game had the goal been allowed, but it would have been a totally different mind set. England were on top at that stage and the Germans were rattled. It would have been 2 goals in a matter of a few minutes and then England hit the woodwork..It could have been 3-2 at half time...if, if, if.....
So where does England go from here?
An English coach for an English team? someone who understands how we English think?
Limiting the number of foreign player in the English Premier League so we can nurture some home grown talent?. It's sad at times to see premier league clubs fielding 11 foreign players in their starting line up..
Its 2 years until Euro 2012....where do we go from here?

Posted by victor on 06/28/2010

They have been dumped into the dust bin of history
England are always overated,They have average players ,it is not the english players that make the premier what it is but the foreign Playerd

Posted by winz on 06/28/2010

As much as i support man utd, i think England dont deserve to win. rooney was obselete.Gerrard past his prime. Terry always making the wrong headlines.As long as they have very big egos, England cant never win any major tournament.My point of view.

Posted by zoulukas podolski on 06/28/2010

England should have a commitment in the team; it seems that their egos is disrupting their true potential. You can can a Capello or Mourinho, but they are not on the field. They must re-start building the team; a team that feel proud of wearing the three lions outfit, not for the sake of it....anyway I'm still their biggest fan.."You never walk alone...""

Posted by praveen on 06/28/2010

utterly disappointed. imho the bad selections cost us the tournament. injured and hafl fit players. No Ball winners in the team!!!

Better selections might turn out better results next time around.

Posted by Anonymous on 06/28/2010

I'm a long time supporter of England and therefore I'm so used to such disappointments over the years, as I'm sure many of the England fans can empathise. And I think the real problem with England is that they think they are much better than they really are. Cue Joe Cole's claim that John Terry is one of the best central defenders in the world. The way Terry's lack of pace and poor positioning was repeatedly exposed by the Germans during the game was embarrassing to say the least. Lampard claims after the game that Germany is not 4-1 better than England. Ya right! Anyone who saw the game knows inside their hearts that Germany was at least 7-1 better than England! The way the England players repeatedly gave the ball away so cheaply, and the way the Germans kept the ball is a serious indictment that England is a long way off from winning their 2nd World Cup. Rather than bemoan the disallowed goal, pls England! Do some serious soul-searching.

Posted by Nuban on 06/28/2010

I thought England was a strong team. (i am from malaysia by the way, and a huge huge liverpool fan). I really thought with gerro as captain and a good midfield they would go far (especially with capello). But in every game, the players talk about being superior and fear no one and how good they can be...bla bla bla...even capello was saying "england will come good"..."we played well". Oh come on. Their ego is so high, they dont realize they are not a unit, Rooney was not anywhere near his best - but the delusional england players refuse to admit it. They refuse to tackle THAT problem, try different things, at the very least SHOW the SPIRIT of the 3 LIONS on the field. I.E. South Korea, they do not have a Lio Messi or Stevie G, but their work rate and hard work on the field would make any asian supporter proud. They give it their all, like its their last game. England meanwhile against germany, were non existent at the back, and some of them played like school kids...no 3 lions, SAD!

Posted by Alan on 06/28/2010

Totally understand your feelings, like millions of others "gutted" would be the best expression. Where does England go from here you ask?
Firstly England will go nowhere with the spoilt brat,grossly over paid, lazy and "we are the untouchables" attitude that is so prevalent amongst the current squad. Rooney unfortunately is touted as the worlds best striker, what a load of garbage he has turned out to be, like the rest of his team mates.

Lower the salaries of these prima donnas and restrict foreign players allowed to play in the UK and let home grown talent to filter through.

Posted by Tanner Tham on 06/28/2010

It is time for the likes of JT, AC, EH, FL to make way for younger players. Choose players who are hungry and eager to prove themselves. The EPL schedule is too harsh on the players. One must consider winter break for World Cup year. England players look tired and jaded. For God sake, have a English coach who is unbiased and not choose players of their former club. EPL is over rated with foreign players. English players are just not good enough.

Posted by Joshua T. on 06/28/2010

Hi, Billy.

I'm a football fan from Malaysia (I support Liverpool), and I have to say, while the scoreline might be unexpected, the winner and manner of defeat certainly was not.

For me, the hype surrounding the England team is unbelievable. Every single news item I read leading up to the game pointed towards an English win. I don't know if the pundits and writers watched the same World Cup as I have. While Germany have been exciting, incisive and quick, England have been boring, predictable and ponderous.

England all through the World Cup never looked like a team, more a collection of individuals with over-inflated egos. The central defenders have been an absolute joke the whole tournament, and Johnson's lack of positional sense has been exposed over and over. And what Germany showed last night is you don't have to play with a specialist defensive midfielder, what you need is a side well gelled enough to be cohesive and collective defending as well as attacking.

Posted by Vijayan Supramaniam on 06/28/2010

As usual, hunting for new manager while players take off time to wind off their 'tiredness' in a paradise vacation. The whole world wants to see England as champions, but I guess, the players aren't dedicated enough as the spectators. Minnows countries play better football.

Posted by Morgan on 06/28/2010

In my opinion england need to basically start again anyone that is not going to be around at the time of the next world cup should be thrown on the scrap heap and start blooding the youngsters as Germany have shown youth can be successful at a major tournament, also i believe the english press also have something to answer for. It appeared to me that the england players play scared of failure rather than looking to win a game they play trying not to lose the whole team looks mentally fragile whilst not entirely their fault i believe the press need to shoulder some of the blame.

Posted by Momin Asif on 06/28/2010

I aint the biggest England fan around
Heck i was cheering Germany..
whatever happened to England was bad luck...
you cant no matter what disallow a completely valid goal....
I think a team gets a few breaks in big games like these and England got theirs and they capitalized on it really well.
One does wonder during the world cup "what on earth are the refs smoking"....
If England did get the equalizer, there are no guaranties they would have won....but it would have been one hell of a game....
England had to attack and Germany hit them with amazing counter attacks.....cant blame the teams they played really well....i think England did nothing wrong in this particular match.

Posted by Shaun on 06/28/2010

Its so easy to look at the team selection and say Walcott should have been there, that Cole should have played more etc, but it is fruitless finger pointing. The quality in that squad was certainly more competitive than the shaky group stage performance and the 4-1 loss; to me that screams that there are influences outside of the team that are causing the years of impotency at the finals. The media treatment of the team, particularly Rooney ("golden boy" "talisman" etc) puts far too much pressure on the side. They perform with little pressure in qualifying but then stumble when it turns on. Clearly there is culpability in the team- they are pros and should cope better, but the english media are appalling. Spend more money in the academy and raise the # of english players in the epl- its the best in the world.

Posted by Joshua T. on 06/28/2010

That being said, the biggest failure of the England team has to be going forward. Argentina have shown that even if your backline has one constant source of liability (eg Demichelis), if you pack enough firepower you can still steamroll your opponents. The lack of cohesion between Gerrard, Lampard, Rooney, Defoe, Milner and Lennon/Wright-Phillips/Cole was absolutely bewildering. I don't think it is all down to Capello's tactics; Gerrard was only nominally started on the left but drifted in-field all the time, so it was not a case of not playing them in the right positions.

I hope the blame for this is not placed upon the referee because that would be taking the easy way out. England lack technique (eg extremely poor ball control and passing), verve, speed, a decent playmaker, a solid defensive partnership, a decent goalkeeper, and strikers. This was never the Golden Generation, just a bunch of mediocre players who, by and large, believed their own press.

Posted by James on 06/28/2010

Hello Billy,
In all honesty, England are good on paper but on the pitch, there leaves much to be desired. I get the feeling that England are more concerned about playing it safe and not losing the ball rather than trying to make riskier passes that can create chances. If you observe the other lower ranked teams, they show that they are willing to make that risky pass if it means creating chances to score. They put so much confidence into the 'long ball' but it is widely known that you lose possession much more easily when you play long balls. It is risky and ineffective.
Even the 1-0 win against Slovenia in my opinion, didn't suggest that England are finally world class as it is made to be.
England needs the strikers to constantly move around and make space, trying to make diagonal runs past defenders and not drop back into midfield.

Either Capello leaves, or he has to adopt a more expressive approach.

Posted by Marcus Grandcourt on 06/28/2010

england played the worst football ive ever seen.the tacticts were wrong and capello should have ditched the 4-4-2 system..

But the standard of refreeing has been bad these few matches..and i think should the goal been allowed in the first half we would have seen another game in the second half.

Posted by Nirav on 06/28/2010

Simply put, England had better players but Germany has a better team, that played as ONE and played in their NATURAL positions. Gerrard is never comfortable on left wing, best position is behind lone striker, which is how Rooney prefers to play, alone up front. Based on personnel available, we should have been 4-4-1-1. Terry and Upson just couldn't play together, both drifting and leaving wide channels open that Germany easily exploited. Another option is 3-5-1-1 with Cole and Johnson as full backs.
But i understand Capello's problem, why change tactics that worked so successfully in qualifying? Maybe its time to look at Brazil 2014 with fresh players. Capello should stay, he inherited a pretty poor England team and improved vastly, but new blood please!

Posted by NAM on 06/28/2010

lets face the fact that FIFA bangs on controversies to make the game attractive so one can curse n swears for many years to come

Posted by kim lee on 06/28/2010

After watching this world cup, and hearing from all my english mates how u will win this world cup, i have to come to this conclusion:

England at this moment is nowhere close enough making an impact on this stage.They should take a good look,get all the old players out and start giving some more promising young players a chance.
Start with an idea and plan and put players into plan that helps that idea.The only good thing thats working for england is that u have enough promising young players coming through and Stuart pearce knowing what to do with them.
People saying you got robbed against germany were so right,but people who said it would have turned the game are even more wrong.Germany was by far the superiour team, and they did that with anew team with new young players, i just hope england learned something about this world cup.
Cause all i saw was 1 soso game, 3 bad games, and a team full of hope,and that was all there was; hope and nothing more.

Posted by Kelvin on 06/28/2010

Firstly, BPL and FA has to address why the English players are technically inferior to teams like USA and Algeria. Our players simply have problems with simple skills like passing and trapping the ball.

Posted by ENGLAND FTW on 06/28/2010


Posted by aLiQ on 06/28/2010

It really hurts to see England going home, TRASHED heavily.. The score line is just too much to handle.. But why..??

o> Rooney's impotency
I think all of us ( including Capello ) expected too much from a Rooney - someone who hasn't score for his national team for months.. Yes, he was so great for Manchester United.. Fact is, this only raise the expectation for Rooney to overcome his lack of goal, people hoped too much so that when he failed, he was booed and finally he thanked us for it (angrily).. Tell me it doesn't affect him..

o> Keepers
For God shake, we have 3 keepers, 2 of which has been struggling to keep their team stay up in the league.. While Joe Hart has performed so well with Birmingham - and hasn't conceded any while performing for England - He is Capello's last choice.. What is in his mind..??!!

Indeed, last night the I'm-So-Blind Ref f**ked the story line.. But 'til this trends broken, I don't see England them reaching any trophy soon enough..

Posted by Ash on 06/28/2010

Well..i know what u going through, buddy...but am sure u r aware too how hopeless the lions were yesterday...have always been a german fan since the days of klinsmann n voeller, but always believe the premier league is the best among all...so was spoilt for choice when this match came up so early..england were abject,pathetic n short of ideas...and germany...some players they have who may not be experienced, but have the skill and guile that makes watching n playing football a pleasure...the oezils,khediras n muellers...sheer joy to watch...england's back four less said the better..overall disgusted with england's performance throughout the tournament...and as for germany...cant wait for messi vs mesut :) we would either be messimerised or bamboozild :P

Posted by Sit-at-home pundit on 06/28/2010

England have been pretty poor for a while. I'm not sure why everyone thought they'd do so well against a German side who looked better against better opposition during the group phase.

At the core, England's problem is direction (lack of it) and delusion (they're no where near as good as they think are).

I think at international level you need a focal point in your team - someone who pulls the strings and determines the flow of their game. The little time you have together at international level makes it difficult otherwise. For England, they can't seem to decide whether its Gerard, Lamps or Rooney. But more importantly than that none of these players are exceptionally technical or a playmaker type player. England is essentially devoid of genuine creativity. Without that they should abandon the half-cocked continental style they seem to play and go for all out direct, intense premier league type structure.

Posted by John Blase on 06/28/2010

I think the Premier League in the UK is strong due to the influx of over seas player and a lack of hard working English players playing in the reserve who are not getting a chance due to all the overs seas playeys. Look at England the national side were bloody awful whar are we to be like in Brazil and who arae we going to take?

We need to go back to grass roots breed more English player give them a go.

Posted by Robbie on 06/28/2010

where do we go from here? well im not to sure. 4 years down the road we can add Adam Johnson, Theo Wallcot (hopefully much more experienced), possible Tom Huddleston and Micheal Dawson. And Hopefully a truley Great keeper in Joe Hart. But, we will also most probably be without Frank Lampard, John Terry, Rio Ferdinand, Ashley Cole, Emily Hesky (YAY) Gareth Barry, David James and in my oppion the Greatest English Player at the momment, Captain Steven Gerrad. Do we really have good ennouf back up? in my oppion, the answer is no, CLubs need to addop a youth poilcy like Arsenals and SOON otherwise the National Team will be a downfall similar to Liverpools.

Posted by Asish on 06/28/2010

England need to improve on a lot of things ...
Get a coach who can handle egos of such famous players, learn to find young talent, select players in form for their clubs, choose a final playing XI as per the best team and not names, also let players play in positions which they are comfortable in, dont let them party away in the night for this one world cup month. Finally one very noticable thing about all England teams of the recent past is that irrespective of a players performance on the field the substitutions are always based on ego and names. England could also do with defenders who help out with attack since they are one of the only teams which have 4 pasted defenders.

Posted by "og bak ka" on 06/28/2010

Majority of England soccer club players are well paid & naturally their life style also come expensive. We cannot expect them not to play well on outside club level. Nobody will pity them if they broke their legs during World Cup or worst still ended their playing career prematurely. It's dreadful. What's World Cup to them is really nothing. We're no fool to watch them play every weekends & "wah did you watch how he score" were the favorite lines on every EPL fan lips. It brings joy to watch them to excite us. The asian continent with the same hopeful & holding awe the EPL feverment of such craze is no where can be found NOT in Germany. Envy is all the German can do. Sill England is the forever World Champion since World War II as it's. All for the soul believer of EPL! German football yuck!

Posted by Joy on 06/28/2010

Horror show! Isn't Terry supposed to be one of the world's top 3 central defenders?? wow.

How england wish they had a younger Beckham and Scholes and how they wish Giggs and Fletcher were english!

shocking midfield performance. they got overrun and didnt even bother to commit a few fouls to upset German rhythm.

Posted by Cason on 06/28/2010

England should keep Capello. He is a good coach for young players. But Capello must look set to axe this current crop of England stars. They are not the future anymore. With Euro 2012 coming up soon, Capello should take the chance in Adam Johnson, Jack Rodwell, Walcott, Joe Hart, Scott Loach, etc. If he doesn't want to take this risk, England will never shine. Painful to axe stars like A. Cole, James, Barry, to name a few, but they must give way for youth movement for the sake of the country.

Posted by kl on 06/28/2010

The most obvious knee-jerk reaction will be to blame the linesman. Indeed, he really should have spotted it. Or even FIFA for not allowing goal-line technology.


That is overlooking a lot of problems. Remember how France and Italy got to the final in 2006? Many overlooked the fact that Italy relied a lot on refereeing decisions and France relied a lot on Zidane and Makelele to pull them through, among other factors.

It's better for England to ignore the linesman's mistake and realise this team cannot work. England needs more focus on its own youths. On paper, Germany appeared weaker, but that's due to its domestic league. EPL is chock full of foreigners. Will Jonjo Shelvey really shine as a future England star? Or remember all the hype about the supposed next big things?

In their quest for glory, English clubs have let England down.

Posted by Richard B Lynch on 06/28/2010

England essentially needs to complete rebuild. This includes the player department as well as the system and the tactics they use.

At the end of the day footballers need to play to their strengths and England did not do that in this World Cup. Recent history points to a fact that England's best products have been robust players that can drive through the middle of the park with skill and some grace, so perhaps the traditional 4-4-2 would be a good thing.

the players: unfortunately Stevie G, Lamps, Terry, i would stretch to say ashley though his replacement would be hard to find, should have played their last world cup.

But not their last game for England. The youth around the team should be fostered and shepherded by these outgoing players. All games despite their importance should feature prospects from the youth teams in the starting line-ups and on the bench, as well as players flourishing in the epl (adam johnson, young) Capello turned on his beliefs and failed.

Posted by John W.Bosco on 06/28/2010

start thinking about younger generations....cant get worse than this.....so next tournement, stop all the talkin and give the younger ones the chance and as i said before, cant get worse than this so that will take the pressure of the young ones perhaps it will motivate them even more...the likes of gerrard,lampard, terry,all shld be rested for ever form international football.....give the younger ones the chance...PLS

Posted by umz on 06/28/2010

i think the england players are really overpaid and not showing enough commitment to the cause. rooney was especially abysmal. there was just too much hype around him. did he muster a single proper shot on target the whole world cup? that's debatable as well. oh well. another world cup. another failed campaign. i guess it is back to the drawing block for capello and his under-achieving troops!

Posted by James on 06/28/2010

Where England should go from here... from a fantasy point of view, they could get Arsene Wenger as the England coach and I'd bet you more neutrals will be converted into England fans as English football will be just pure eye-candy.

But realistically, I don't think England will change their manager, I don't think England will change their (predictable) tactics, I don't think England will have any less pressure from the press, the fans or the world. I see cycles. The only change I foresee is the possible change in some of the player personnel by bringing up some of the English youth team players.

I'd like to point out that Fabregas, possibly one of the EPL's top, if not THE top player, is not a guaranteed to be a starter for the Spanish. And he is showing EPL midfielders the art of playing centre-mid.
(I'm not an Arsenal fan btw, I'm a Man U fan)

I could go on and on but there's only a limited amount of characters I can type. I look forward to your reply Billy.

Posted by luqman on 06/28/2010

enough blaming the linesmen. aside from that and another lampard strike hitting the crossbar, England looked woeful in every area of the pitch. the root of all problem is the league itself. if they are to progress far in the international stage, their entire league needs restructuring. how many of the England players are from the top teams? The top teams are buying talents from abroad and developing them into world class talents. Think Javier Hernandez, Manchester United. If this continues, the local talent production pool is just going to weaker and from 2nd round exit, we would progress into group stage elimination.

If international progress is wanted, the league has to take a step back and cap overseas players in the squad. Who would do that anyway. When its all about money nowadays? This is just a start. Its going to get worst.

Posted by Austin on 06/28/2010

Get rid of the "unmanageable" generation, likes of Terry, Lampard, Gerrard, and Ashley Cole, now along with Capello. Don't bother playing them in Euro '12 qualifiers or anything. Build for the future with young guys (Adam Johnson, Jack Rodwell, etc) capable of playing as a team and start fostering that team spirit that was completely missing in this world cup. Along with Rooney and maybe a few others from this squad like Milner providing experience hopefully the next World Cup will turn out a little better for England. Also, a consistent number one would be nice, Joe Hart perhaps?

Posted by Alex on 06/28/2010

Nobody seems to have paid any attention to a replay that showed Miroslav Klose standing a mile offside on the first goal. You cannot excuse Terry and Upson for their Sunday league defending but Germany benefitted from yet more poor officiating.

I cannot help but be impressed by how much this German team has evolved from being boring and efficient to exciting and skillful but if that Klose goal did not stand and Lampard's goal did, that completely changes the dynamic of the first half and we would have gone into halftime ahead. Now, seeing how poorly England were defending I have little doubt that the Germans would have pulled it off in the end but I cannot help but be upset that 2 blatant calls were missed that badly.

FIFA...I would tell you to wake up but quite simply I'm bored of your archaic ways. You have succeeded in making this world cup a matter of who got robbed rather than who outplayed the others. The sooner Sepp and the other idiots are replaced the better!

Posted by perry tompsett on 06/28/2010

england did not play very well in the first three games & got what they deserve

Posted by Samuel Lim on 06/28/2010

For all the finger pointing at the under-performing players and managers, I personally think that the FA needs to have a close look at themselves. A few points to note: 1) high transfer fees for English based players a huge deterrent that prevents them from blossoming at better clubs, 2) high tax for players resulting in expulsion of the best players and also acts as a deterrent. Without playing with the best players, how can our players develop better? 3) Referees. They are not protecting players. This makes the league less attractive for the best players to play in. 4) Heavy schedule during the season for the players to play in, resulting in fatigue during international competitions. 5) Lack of preparation. Why wasn't the Jabulani used in the premier league for the players to have a better feel for the ball?
There are always scapegoats for each competition, but the root of the problem has never been looked into. Until then, English football is going down.

Posted by keeaannoo on 06/28/2010

A fresh start, a new start with young hungry players who would do anything on the pitch to win it for England. These current players have been around for a long long time with few new additions, they have never been able to perform and they never will.
Fabio is a fantastic manager no doubt about that, but in my opinion we should appoint Pearce as he knows the Under 21 team very well and he has done a good job with them.
Why the Germans can make a 22 year old kid (Neuer) their number 1 keeper but we are scared to play Joe Hart or any other youngster for that matter? Why play gerrard on the left when we got a young talented Adam Johnsson left at home? James, Upson, Carra, King, Barry, Glen Johnsson, Heskey, SWP, JT they all need to be kept away from the national side, keep Lamps Gerrard Rio A.Cole but don't give them the idea that they are a certain starter, make them fight for their positions.
Maybe something like this needed to happen for this "golden" generation to come to an end.

Posted by Tan Han Tiong on 06/28/2010

England was simply outplayed on that day. The Germans counte attacks were swift and decisive and England's defenders lack pace and were outrun by the Germans.The first goal was clearly defensive error by John Terry for misjudging the flight of the ball and Upson was clearly outmuscled by Klose but David James should have come out of his goal earlier to anticipate the ball which might prevent Klose from having a shot at goal. The third goal from a counter attack also shows Barry lack pace and was physically tired to mount any challenge. He should have fouled the German and stopped him. England also lack pace in the right side of midfield and Theo Walcott might give some headache with his pacy run. To me Germany might not boost of very high calibre players but they also get it right whenever they play in major tournaments. England being a powerhouse in world football also fair badly and it is high time that the FA address this issue otherwise England will continue to dissappoint.

Posted by Ken on 06/28/2010

Nothing needs to be changed for England.

They will always go into any tournament as favourites (because there are many supporters out there) but they will always end up losing (because too many punters are placing their $$ on them).

All major soccer tournaments are rigged!!! Believe it or not.
These tournaments are like planned entertainment, all the results have been pre-determined. So unless England has been planned to win else they will never.

This is why technology is not being used in soccer. Results can be changed with a purposely misjudged offside, goal or foul.

USA's disallowed goal. What went wrong?
England's disallowed goal. What went wrong?
Dubious penalties, dubious red card, dubious fouls.... etc.

These are all used to manipulate the tide of the matches.

So unless England is not tagged as favourite then maybe they might stand a chance.

Just my 2cents worth.....

Posted by Steven_inter on 06/28/2010

In this particular World Cup, be it the altitude, the hard pitches or the ball, the teams that played with a structured, deliberate approach have gone home early.
France, Italy, Mexico & England (maybe even Spain tonight) are all examples of this.
The previous World Cup, it was the teams with this very philosophy that did well. In that World Cup, teams that played fast, unpredictable football went home early.

I think to have a knee-jerk reaction to this result will set England back years. The squad is good enough, the coach is World Class.

Throw Rio Ferdinand back in the side, make a decision on Lampard or Gerrard but not both together (think Italy 1970 with Riva and Rivera, can't work together).
Place more emphasis on involving Rooney more often. He gets ignored in plays too many times. He should be involved in every play, not some or most. Every play.
When the Euro Championships start, it'll be back to slow, structured football will be the order of the day again.

Posted by C Y Gan on 06/28/2010


It was precisely to spare England from such a humiliating defeat by Germany that I had wished England was knocked out during the group phase.

Opponents showing far too much respect for England is the main reason it continues to win matches since the last credible footballing squad of 1970 WCup.

Popularity of EPL and the lucrative reward of staying afloat in EPL due to obscenely enormous amount of money generated from TV rights etc. resulted in only 30% of EPL players are English and the football played (barring the top 3 clubs) has been geared towards EPL survival.

The fact must not be lost that even West Ham Utd, the only genuine club which has consistently produced some of the best English players through its football academy and its philosophy of playing good football, is now also swarmed with foreign legions instead of their academy-players.

Hence EPL produced over-hyped, over-rated and over-paid English footballers who can't ply their trade anywhere else!

Posted by Frankie on 06/28/2010

England started rottenly in their first two games in the qualifying round. Goalkeeper's blunder against USA and goalless draw against Algeria were simply showing to the world that England was just having inferiority complex syndrome on the big stage. I'm pretty sure they can't even beat the lowly Malaysian team with that kind of performances. England looked clueless and were very much scared to operate as a team. A shy 1 goal win against Slovenia is not an improvement. With the quality of England players, they are expected to deliver better than that. However, England played well against the German side. Although England were 2 goals down, the results of the clowns' errors in the defense, they've played back to hurt the Germans. Unfortunately, the officials were banking on the Germans to win hence ruled out England's equaliser which affected the game completely. At this moment, England is not playing as a team. Clubs should stop paying players with high salaries. They don't deserve it.

Posted by Craig on 06/28/2010

Well defending in patches was nothing short of shocking. As everyone is aware the disallowed goal well it speaks for itself. Going into half time at 2-2 the mindset of everyone on the pitch changes for both teams and the fact that the goal was dis allowed would be playing on their minds. Sure you can say put it to the back of your mind but it is still nagging at you during the game. For great periods in the game I thought England was the more dominant side but being beaten on the break. Not sure what John terry was thinking with his positioning with the first goal. I am sure I seen a hand ball in the wall when third goal was scored and even one in the first half from a Lampard free kick all these things change games. Bollocks to all those who think that Germany still would have won if the goal was allowed. You have to think England is definately cursed never to win a major tornament again. David James' keeping left a lot to be desired. Time for Joe Hart to step in.

Posted by Anthony on 06/28/2010

Enough of excuses. Capello should stay (only for the good reason that the broke FA could not afford to pay him off), but the bulk of the team should go, especially Terry, Ferdinand, Gerrard, Lampard, Barry, King, Carragher....all too old, too slow and too full of themselves. It's time to blood in youngsters.

Posted by senthill on 06/28/2010

find two good forwards one goal keeper
when ever you are playing to against the team
play the staratgy to whom they lost .and england given more spaces to german attack . and you always play attacking football .

Posted by AndrewH on 06/28/2010

Sadly I agree Billy. I have watched every England world cup since 1966 and this was the worst performance across all of the finals games that I can remember. These household names who are legends at their clubs were out played, out fought and out classed really. Although I don't believe Germany are that good - it's just that England were that bad.

My best mate, my son and I have talked about going to the next World Cup in Brazil - but after this debacle I don't think we will spend the money.

Where to from here is the really tough question. I just don't see a wealth of young talent coming up behind the current squad. And I don't know where that leaves the England Team other than nowhere.

Posted by seb on 06/28/2010

Firstly give credit to the german team who with their youth and skill and overall german mentality still manage to pull off the biggest defeat to an over rated england team. The biggest boo boo lies with the coach who played for to many different line ups in all his warm ups and qualifying games, continuesly rotated keepers... how can a team become a team when they dont know who they will play with at the world cup. It was only till matchday that england knew who their number 1 keeper was going to be. All this and the typical media hype that creates a bubble of expectation for this team who has still not acheived anything since 1966. Maybe just start from the bottom again and work on becoming a team again. Well done Germany

Posted by Neil Dickson on 06/28/2010

Maybe the England boys needed a theme song from you and REM - looks like they had one called "You put my neighbourhood to sleep". They played like scared possums in the headlights of a rampaging young german team with nothing to lose. Only Lampard can hold his head high as far as I'm concerned. Rooney was lost at sea - perhaps if we had Walcott and Ramsay in the side we would have had some pace to inject in the game. The England future lies with the Arsenal youth policy and passing game.

Posted by arn on 06/28/2010

Like Italy and France, England need some sort of serious regeneration going on, plus an English manager who can come up with a formation to suit them. Forget 1966, they need to start building now for 2014.

Posted by Friendri on 06/28/2010

I am as hurt as you are. I don't want to talk what could have and what should have.

Players like James, Green, Carragher, Ferdinand, Upson, Lampard, and Heskey need to be jetissoned. Barry, Gerrard, Johnson, and Terry next in the firing line. Get rid of Beckham! We need talented young players. We do not have young players as good as Germany. England were trashed 4-0 by Germany in the European U-21 Championships. Some players have since made it to the senior side and helped Germany to trash us 4-1 yesterday. This is the problem when you have super rich clubs like Chelsea and Man City buying readily tuned foreign stars. Youth players development is somehow neglected. English FA needs to start looking at this.

I for one against the idea of getting foreign coach to manage England. Please get an English manager in who knows the passion of English football and who doesn't need translator to speak to his players! Roy Hodgson or Harry Redknapp would be a start.

Posted by Patrick Wong on 06/28/2010

I think England has a lot of soccer superstars, and you know who they are. They are well paid for their contribution to EPL. Unfortunately, they do not play well together as a team, but individually yes they do. In EPL, teams are built around these superstars, and thus there were positive results when the supporting casts lived up to their billing.
However, soccer is about teamwork, and Germany played passes and were not selfish in ball distribution and furthermore, they do not dominate goal scoring. They pass to open players.
England players were individualist. When you see those replays, you will see why. A team with too many superstars will not produce good result, as the saying goes; too many cook spoil the food.
Hope the new manager understands this, hope England understands this.


Posted by Ram on 06/28/2010

England need to build a young team.....go back to the drawing board.....dump the overpaid players...shorten the English Premier League...most importantly, dump their huge egos....

Posted by Heron on 06/28/2010

Let's face it, the England squad suffers from overconfidence. With all those egos, especially John Terry's huge one, they don't play for each other.

England needs to sort out many problems. Premier League schedules, lack of young talent coming through the ranks, the pride of England that blinds them to the reality of the situation.

Posted by jonas rosell on 06/28/2010

why focus on teams and players, when fifa
is behind and supporting a non-fair-play football that is destroying the current world-cup...

we have seen them killing games...in the past...and will so in the future...

Posted by Andy Soon on 06/28/2010

Watching the game, it is true that the scoreline should have been 2-2 at half time. However, would England had gone on to win the game? A big fat absolute zero. NO WAY.

The way the germans were playing,(effective running into space,keeping of possession and their invention) means that the england midfielders and defenders were all at sea.

There was no marking or closing down in midfield as Ozil were allowed a free riot to run riot and dictate the play. England left a big glaring hole right in front of the defence for the germans to attack, and if they had been more clinical, the scoreline should have been 4-0 before England pull one back.

Where was the running back when the germans counterattack? How could a supposely well drilled England defence be dragged out of position time and time again, allowing the germans to run through unchallenged. The entire defence were sucked to the middle, leaving the flanks totally empty and unguarded. Its no wonder that three of the goals were

Posted by tabby on 06/28/2010

God save the Queen but not England. With a static, porious and awful defence, Hilter would hace crossed the English channel in 1940 and won the 2nd World War. Those so called stars of England shoild be shameful of thier performance - out run, out wit and basically out-everything. They played with no heart and passion. The chance of a title remains remote even in 2066!!!!

Posted by Joel Wong on 06/28/2010

Unfortunately, i feel that Capello has got his team selections and tactics utterly wrong. and he didn't do anything about it when the warning signs were there from the 1st game.

almost everyone played sluggishly and didn't show determination to keep the ball.

For all of Capello's "saviour/messiah" image as THE coach for England, he failed miserably.

eg we were 4-1 down and he brought on the 'PACEY' and 'ENERGETIC' Heskey??

Posted by Harvinchal on 06/28/2010

The Lampard goal was a major turning point in the match but having said that England were second best all over the park. When the Germans decided to turn it on we simply could not match them. The likes of Terry, Rio, Lampard, Gerrard, Barry and James will not be around for the next world cup. Currently in the EPL there is no english players that you see can step up and take over from these players. Where do England go from here. Thats the big question. Capello and the English FA has a major rebuilding job on their hands.

Posted by Andy Soon on 06/28/2010


allowed to score with a pass or shots from the flanks.

In my opinion, England were slow, bereft of ideas, and too static in movement. Where was the attack through the flanks? james Milner and steven gerrard could not get a decent cross in all day. Where was the inventiveness from the central midfield? A few long shots from Lampard notwithstanding, what else did the midfield offer?

They fail to exert pressure on the germans and allow them to pass the ball through the very exposed defence.

The strikers were devoid of ideas and could not do much. And Emile Heskey on for Jermaine Defoe? Is that the best England could do? Devoid of ideas, why did England not revert back to what they do best and cross the ball into the middle of the box for their tallest player, Peter Croach to attack it? It might have been their best option. Sadly, they tried to play the ball on the ground and were given a footballing lesson by the players they dismiss as kids.

Posted by R on 06/28/2010

In Singapore, the under-23 team plays in the league together with other teams. This allows exposure as well as the chance for the young players to play and understand each other.

We are not even the best team in South East Asia...but this practice is worth a shot in England?

Posted by thezduf on 06/28/2010

If I may ask a question, what was Emile Heskey doing in the squad?

Posted by alex on 06/28/2010

With a strong team that Capello's got, and with the results that we've seen, down seems like the only way out...

Look, they could have avoided Germany in the first place by winning the group... but they did not...

They chose to do it the hard way. Look what happened! It is disappointing i know, but lets face it. England just isn't good enough for the world stage.

Posted by Alex Wong on 06/28/2010

Capello's strategies are crafted on stone. It seems he never alters his rigid 4-4-2 system. So Germany do not have to worry about any tactical surprises. Even the press have revealed England's would-be Penalty takes.
Capello stubbornly sticks to his outdated and boring 4-4-2 formation.
Now there is nothing wrong with 4-4-2 if you're playing with fast and deadly wingers like how Man U did in the 90s. The problem with England is that Capello's 4-4-2 is "wingless", with Gerrard as Left Midfielder (not Winger) who frequently cuts into his preferred centre position, and Milner as Right Midfielder, who's considered effective against Slovenia only because Lennon & Wright-Phillips were so hopeless before him.

Now all Germany needed to do was to stifle Gerrard and Milner. And this can be done easily because:
- they are played out of position
- they are not natural wingers
- they are not fast, especially Milner

When the supposed wingers are stifled, Capello's 4-4-2 breaks down.

Posted by isaac on 06/28/2010

Difficult question. talent - plenty, passion - Duh! this is England, Technical play - very lacking,Predictable tactics -Excessive, Must lampard & Gerrard play together - not really.
What next - Big rethink of the England style of play.

Posted by kimera joseph on 06/28/2010

I'm too disappointed by England's display at the world cup. We need energetic wingers who can cut in and make accurate crosses on both wings. Then for Gareth Barry, i just wondered why Capello because he is too slow to be a professional footballer and Reo Coker would have done the job better. Its too disappointing that England lacks talent!!

Posted by Sam on 06/28/2010

It appears that England (players, coach, coaching staff, fans) are glory seekers who overestimate themselves and underestimate others. Take Rooney for example. Everyone thinks he's a complete world class striker who can score goals in World Cup thus overestimating him and underestimating England's opponents' ability to defend themselves and prevent him from scoring. Result: he made so few attempts on goals and scored nothing. Having said that England should correct their attitude among others by learning from Germany including not relying too much on experienced and /or old players. Rely more on young players! To exclude Theo Walcott from their squad is a big mistake.

Posted by Kirin on 06/28/2010

A far more than average lineup, great expectation, always hyped up around the corner of every match, players seem to be confident on every match, but it was a slaughter every match they played for the last 3 weeks. We did imagine there would be attractive quality plays expected from players who enjoy a high caliber quality such as Gerrard, Lampard nonetheless Rooney, but again we are disillusioned. Less than a goal per match on average. attacking prowess? minimal !

Perhaps a total changeover to the team, do not single out the stars for automatic selection. Bring a team, not individuals, does the current selection play well cohesively? conservatively, yes. Its an awful unattractive football being displayed.

Again the mystery of Gerrard & Lampard if being put on the same pitch, for goodness sakes they are icons on their respected clubs, I know it seems like a rant, bottom lined, England is the better team, just outplayed. This is not the lowest point, I'm hopeful its a starting point.

Posted by Pat on 06/28/2010

Won't even bother to comment on the match - except that the Germans were terrific throughout. Everyone is harping on about the premiership being the best in the world and that should translate to glory in the international scene - WRONG. These players are playing in english teams surrounded by foreign imports which make them look better than they are. Their touch was appalling, their movement non-exsistent and their overall demeanour and maturity laughable. Approximatley only 35% of players in the premiership are English - and people are asking what is wrong???!! The EPL is in for a BIG fall. More clubs will go bust, more young English players will be ignored and uncultivated and the English National team will only get worse.

Posted by Tony Dickel on 06/28/2010

It certainly was miserable going to bed after that match!.. England were certainly getting a grip of the game when that 'incident' happened.

IMHO Capello has proven to be tactically inept. England have been narrow and without pace for the whole tournament while our pacy wide players have not been used. However the real issue is we have no way to bring up young talent in England.. It is just too easy for clubs to bring talen t in from overseas and our own youngsters are not getting a fair chance at top flight football in england the way the german youngsters have.

Posted by Ken on 06/28/2010

England has two main problems. The players and the coach.

They wandered around the field like a bunch of lost sheep. As for the coach, he failed to use what skills his team had by playing them in a formation that failed, and they were uncomfortable with, and it showed from game one.

The team should look to Argentina, Brazil and New Zealand to learn what passion, flair and commitment is all about.

English players play best in England with a coach that understands English ways.

Posted by JaeWon on 06/28/2010

Maybe England could really seriously consider forming a UK team with Scotland Wales N.Ireland. Can't go any lower than this anyway.

Posted by Fizzi on 06/28/2010


England just have to get the grandpa's out now. young Germans left them behind like anything...there was no counter attack.. big ego players should go out and let the new style in... otherwise they might not even qualify for Euro 2012

Posted by Anonymous on 06/28/2010

Simply put, English was out-passed, out-paced and out-thought. Too often, players were pick on their reputations rather than their performance leading to the campaign. Rooney was clearly not ready, fitness-wise or form-wise. The persistence to play Heskey and Shaun-Wright Phillips is mind-boggling, especially the latter which hardly featured in Man City's season.

Posted by MickLP34 on 06/28/2010

How about we compare the 1990 side with the 2010? Not in the same league player, manager and tactics wise. Claims that they could win the 2010 cup were extremely exaggerated, yet the fans, players, manager and the FA all believed it to be true. There is a definite discrepancy between expectations and reality.
And poor young Rooney. Lets face it, he is no Lineker just yet. In 1990 Lineker was the man. Top scorer in 1986 WC, had played overseas for Barcelona. No comparison (yet).
Lampard is officially a WC flop. Platt scored a load of goals for Villa from midfield like Lampard has for Chelsea. Platts achievements far outweigh scoring a bag for the top team filled with foreigners to make you look better.
The bottom line is money is killing the English team. Surrounding English players with foreigners only exaggerates their reputations.
I don't think too many people outside English Football were surprised at the result. The biggest surprise was England's brief but spirited come back.

Posted by Jamshid on 06/28/2010

What a disaster! Or was it? I wasn't excpecting much from England after the algeria match anyway.
But, they could have done a lot more better.

Even though Capello's tactics were the main reason to blame(along with the poor players on the pitch), I think he should stay because Rome wasn't build in a day. I am sure he must have learned a valuable lesson or two from that match(like play the better players, dammit!)
He will have to change his 'antics are the best' attitude..

But my fear is will he turn into a Domenech? Oh sweet carrots! Unimaginable.

Posted by sean on 06/28/2010

I am not a heavy England football-watcher but Rooney seemed out of sync with heavy attacking mid-fielders.

Posted by masri on 06/28/2010

i think, england should learn from what have germany done.germany club not superior than english club,,but u can see,,in 2006 world cup,,euro 2008 n this world cup,,germany player has been shine in big game.They must make law,,that every team in premier league,,must have at least one or two player in first team.so young talent have time to show their talent. if not they will the same england in next big game.The Fa should take action.

Posted by Asif Raees on 06/28/2010

A Team which has Emil Heskey as First choice Striker along with Rooney is hoping to Win the World Cup is nothing but Day Dreaming. It is wishful thinking. How public can buy the media drive of England being world champions?

Cappelo was suppose to take tough decision, but he selected Heskey & Backham. It shows that he has no stomach for hard decision.

lets wait for two more years for making tall claims again till EURO 2012.

Posted by Agteorie Tse on 06/28/2010

This result shown the lack of management for the team and Manager wrongly picked for the squad. During the warm up games, England was struggling against both Japan & Mexico, this warning alerted but no one notice it. England was too conservative, this will stop them from going anywhere. Belows are a few points which I could think of;
- Some players arn't fit but still included in the squad such as Barry, J Cole, Gerrard, Rooney, D. James
- We have a good keeper "Joe Hart", but he was not being used
- Eng midfielders were below their usual performance but part from J. Milner
- Manager doesn't know how to use Rooney, he plays completly different while he was in MU, Rooney needs both wings for supporting, but Manager could not see that.
- England do not have a proper left wing and defective midfield Whose the hell was playing the distroying role for England?
- And for the back 4, it was terrible, no communication what so ever.

Please re-consider your sqaud & dont be conservative.

Posted by ian on 06/28/2010

honestly, its time for many of the "superstars" and " golden generation" to just retire and make way for youth to gain exposure and experience.
im looking at
John terry - for being AWOL for all 4 goals conceded.
Gerrard - for being largely anonymous
James - purely based on age.
capello - for being unable to even contemplate a 5-3-2 or 4-5-1. and for making useless and illogical substitutions in critical moments.

Everyone else needs to be dropped for the euro qualifiying for tactical naivety.
Pls refer to the manner in which england conceded the 3rd goal. they put almost everyone in the penalty box for the free kick, and lampard slams it straight into the wall, leaving barely anyone back to defend the counter. lampard might as well have just passed it softly to the germans with a nice bow ribbon. or just score an own goal to get that most shots without a goal monkey off his back.
bloo dy rubbish

Posted by Mr Gianfranco on 06/28/2010

I think the 0-0 with Algeria is the turning point... The difference between topping your group and coming in second is massive both literally and mentally
England never got going ... A feeble win aganist slovenia is nothing to shout home about
Mr Capello needs to go .. Im sorry but when you fall so short of expectations you need to pay the price for that .. unfortunately too often its us england fans that are paying that price
I hear a lot of terry bashing going on but the real question is where the heck was rooney ... at least "watch your wife" terry played with his heart on his sleeve ... There's a stat that says rooney was the most player to loose the ball and misplace passes in the england germany game ... Did Utd kill of england's chances by risking rooney so soon after his injury aganist bayern? Do they even care ?
Nothing has ever been structured for the benefit of the england national team.. so no surprise we always fall short

Posted by Ifeanyi the Red on 06/28/2010

England had on paper alongside argentina and spain, the best team at the world cup but while the former two are looking sharp and improve better with every game, england looked out of depth against minor opposition and managed to survive against slovenia. I am glad that it was germany and not argentina that england faced or else the score would have been even more embarrassing. The premier league is the hardest league in the world right now, not to mention the most tasking and very physical and it shouldnt come as a surprise that the players appeared out of sorts and not a little burnt out. The lads just played too many matches and capello's boys were on fire during the qualifiers what happened? A long tiring season

Posted by noname on 06/28/2010

England are all about talks.

When the time comes, this is what everyone should expect.

Leaving raw talents like Adam Johnson and Theo Walcott was a big mistake from Capello. They would be able to add a lil' bit of spice in England team.

Germans? Just look at Mesut Ozil and Thomas Muller and you know what I meant.

Posted by Ian Sinnott on 06/28/2010

Hi Billy,
First of all I know how you feel. We were poor and disorganized and had no ideas on the pitch. To be honest, we were lucky to make it out of the group.Our players ARE NOT WORLD CLASS and we need to ask ourselves the questions: what do we do now? We need to look at the FA's role and the premeirship as a whole. Players only play well for their clubs, but when it comes to England they are scared and terrified. Why,I do not know.Our players lack direction and vision and I cannot ever imagine us winning a tournament(not in my lifetime anyway!). Like all England fans, I feel that we have gone BACKWARDS and I will be very surprised if we qualify for the next WC or Euros. We don ot deserve to be there-simple as that. We are not a united team,but rather individuals who don not really care about putting on the England jersey- shame on all of them.

Posted by Uche Amah on 06/28/2010

England were not good enough: Rooney was never up to it; defenders were too adventurous and often got exposed in counter-attacks. Way forward is to rebuild. Upfront, a type-of-Giggs is needed in that left flank to curb excessive overlaps by Ashley Cole. Glenn Johnson is a good defender but he isn't a striker and should therefore not be encouraged to move too frequently upfront. The attacking force calls for a drastic change. So, intelligent srikers (not heavyweights) are needed. The present composition of the midfield is OK. David James is OK, but he is ageing and needs a good (I mean real good) understudy. After this, we'll see!

Posted by devildiver65 on 06/28/2010

I was wondering where was the FIFA FAIR PLAY spirit had gone!!!!!!!????????

Really such a disappointment!!!!

Posted by Defensive Arrogance on 06/28/2010

John Terry's arrogance that led him to challenge Capello was the start of the horror show. JT made it difficult for Capello to follow his game plan, and made it tough for Stevie to assume captaincy of the team. With no brains, and no leadership, England was running around like headless chickens.

Disruptive figures like JT should be brought back to earth. His pride and poor performance in the German game brought shame to the country. And lest anyone have forgotten, he had the guts to sleep with his best friend's girlfriend and that robbed England of another good player.

Shame on JT.

Posted by Adam on 06/28/2010

England needs an overhaul. Frank Lampard has not been performing for the national team, Defoe was disappointing and Barry lack the pace needed for international games.

Bring in new players early like Adam Johnson, Tom Huddlestone, David Wheater, Ryan Shawcross, Muamba, Wilshere, Dan Gosling, Kieran Gibbs..England have a bunch of hungry talented youngsters who I am sure would do a better job than their seniors considering yesterday's performance.

If Germany could built a good team with the core of the team being from their under 21 team, why not England?

Posted by Wela on 06/28/2010

First, I think the England coach should have been brave by dropping either Stevie G or Frank Lampard and add more pace down the flanks.

The team looked ordinary without the pace of Theo Walcott or SWP or Aaron Lennon or Joe Cole.

I also think that Micheal Carrick should have been played ahead of Barry (unfit and lacked pace). He seems to control / dictate the pace of the game better than Barry. Also, with most of the squad over the age of 30, the FA is going to have to produce miracles to develop new talent because premiership teams don't seem interested in homegrown talent. Maybe you're going to have to naturalise most foreign players playing in the Premier league.

Posted by Haden Hee on 06/28/2010

So Barry Terry-ble.

I have ALWAYS maintained that bringing Terry to the world cup is a liability which will eventually prove to be the downfall of England's wc campaign, OH how right did i prove to be.

For any team to do well coming into a full blooded world cup campaign requires a team of players willing to fight, bleed and even die for each other on the field. THINK. A teammate just fucked another compadre's wife and showed no remorse and guilt towards it. If the team is not even humane to feel disgust and sow discord within the team,then what honor will they win even if they lift the world cup?

A disgrace when one the the players from the "three lions" in the form of gareth barry surrendered the chase like a pussy when challenging for a high ball that led to germany's
forth goal. I wouldnt swallow a teammate doing that in sunday park football.

Oh,and you know what was the final nail for England? No it was not the 4th goal. It was lumberly Heskey coming in for defore.

Posted by Acron on 06/28/2010

England simply needs a massive overhaul from the top down. Capello has got to be the first to go. I know he has a great club record but lets face it, this world cup has been an absolute failure to say the least, especially since he is paid a whooping 6 million quid a yr. And that strict, know-it-all approach...i afraid its all just a tool to protray himself as a 'professional', 'no-nonsense' manager...but what's the point when it bears no fruit?

And its time to drop the 'likes' of lamps, gerrard, terry, cole and the other geriatric, lumbering, clumsy 'superstars'. Bring on the young players like agbonlahor, A. young, A. johnson, huddlestone, dawson etc who are hungry, quick and agile. Its time to give to groom them and give them a chance as a team. Yes, they might not have the aura of the old stars but never underestimate the powers of playing as a team...just take a look at germany...case in point.

Posted by Dan Matsakha on 06/28/2010

I feel the English Players are just not good enough. they get much praise from the press and are over protected by referees in the premier league thus making them think they are good.

Posted by Dan on 06/28/2010

Hi Billy

I hate to make excuses and point fingers but while I admit the Germans played well with Ozil particularly impressive, I still get this distinct impression that if the goal HAD gone in, it would've been a very different game.

How many games have we seen where when a goal was scored at half-time, the game turns around in the second half? I don't mind losing to a good team who played well and deserved to win but I've got this feeling that yesterday was not entirely the case.

The pain I feel is the pain of somebody who's been cheated and the what-ifs and the if-onlys will remain for a long time.

Dan the Disgruntled

Posted by BW on 06/28/2010

The problem is one of SELF DELUSION and ARROGANCE on the part of the British media and football watching public.

When you keep doing the same thing, why do you expect the outcome to be any different? The same players (Lampard, Gerrard, Cole, Cole, Terry,...) have failed so many times in the past, why would you continue to believe that they are world beaters? Capello changed nothing in this respect, he picked 11 individuals playing kick and rush.

Capello was handed a great excuse to drop the old guard and give youth a chance after the USA game and yet he opted for 'experience' instead. He kept faith with the Hollywood stars.

The English team should have been built around Michael Carrick. No other English player has the ability to retain possession in tight spaces. Yet he never got a look in because he actually PASSES the ball to a teammate and doesn't fit the
mould of a 20 goals a season flat track bully.

Posted by William Spp on 06/28/2010

I am very disappointed. Not only by the referee, but also by the players themselves. The way they played, it just upset me. I may be a Singaporean, but I am a 100% England Fan when it comes to International play off.

What is the defenders doing? Is Johnson more concern about his hairstyle than his roles? He left his position wide open. What is wrong with Barry? He cannot run? Mr Terry, are you the same player who played for Chelsea? Look at the attacking, they are not coordinating with Roony. So our dear striker have to shot off target time after time.

The Keeper do not have the necessary experiences. Both of them performed badly. David Seaman made better decision. And the coach? Just trying to play mystery. Please don't allow an Italian to managed an England Team.

My heart goes for you England. How are you going to pick yourself up? Yes, the FIFA should use Hawk Eye and the referees sucks! However, you played like some semi-pro team in Malaysia League. You have it coming.

Posted by Football Fan on 06/28/2010

After all these years England has not learned that putting Lampard and Gerrard together won't work. Both have been the core of their respective club and to play in the same team just won't add together.

Unlike those club matches, both left and right side defense have not been covered by the left and right forward. Barry had become the only gate of defense during conversion and the German just love this set up as it is very easy to tearing it apart.

Terry and Upson are in poor form and lack of speed. They should not take the total blame as there is virtually no shield in front of them.

Picking the wrong squad for the job and the result says it all.

Posted by BOLAJI5661 on 06/28/2010

Had that goal stood,the Germans would have won 6-2,i.e for every goal England scores Germany would have scored 3,Lol. Now on a serious note,Let's be sincere with ourselves, the English team is overated,the players are burnt out. Averagely the German players played 38 matches in a year and enjoys xmas break,while English players played over 55 matches with no xmas or winter break.The EPL is too tedious,energy sapping and injury prone.(I've said it before in my previous write up) Out of the all the leagues represented in this world-cup the EPL has the highest number of casualties injury wise-ESSIEN, BALLACK, MIKEL, NANI, BOSINGWA, FERDINAND just to mention few.The ones that are not injured are burnt out DROGBA,ROONEY,LAMPARD,TERRY,Yakubu,Etuhu e.t.c. Look at the performances of the English team in this world cup and you will agree with me that despite the fact that it is brimming with STARS they are BURNT OUT STARS.

Posted by Martin on 06/28/2010

The dissalowed goal certainly had an affect on the outcome of the game. Unfortunately for England, they are just not good enough when it comes to the big nations and I think that is all to do with mental toughness. Brazil, Germany, Argentina and even Italy are always getting to the semi-finals nearly every world cup (and every world cup for Germany and Brazil). England should be making the semis at least every tournament but have only made 1 semi-final since 1966 and even then they got lucky with the draw playing Belgium and Cameroon in 1990. They have an even worse record at the European Championships having never won it. To make matters worse, they are under acheivers in cricket and rugby league and we are classed as GOOD losers. Take the Aussie attitude and win at ALL COSTS and give the England fans what they desereve. A WORLD CHAMPION TEAM

Posted by Robert Young on 06/28/2010

England have huge problems and they need to seriously start looking at forging a new team. Either Capello or a new manager need to be brave enough to tell Lampard and Terry that they are no longer going to be starters in the England team. Bit part players like Defoe and Heskey need to be told they aren't good enough. Then they need to inject some new blood. The scary fact is that the Germany team was so young and Ozil has came through the ranks (was the star at last years European championships). England only have Milner from these championships and players like Walcott, Bentley etc are not progressing.

Posted by Martin on 06/28/2010

The dissalowed goal certainly had an affect on the outcome of the game. Unfortunately for England, they are just not good enough when it comes to the big nations and I think that is all to do with mental toughness. Brazil, Germany, Argentina and even Italy are always getting to the semi-finals nearly every world cup (and every world cup for Germany and Brazil). England should be making the semis at least every tournament but have only made 1 semi-final since 1966 and even then they got lucky with the draw playing Belgium and Cameroon in 1990. They have an even worse record at the European Championships having never won it. To make matters worse, they are under acheivers in cricket and rugby league and we are classed as GOOD losers. Take the Aussie attitude and win at ALL COSTS and give the England fans what they desereve. A WORLD CHAMPION TEAM

Posted by Hanny on 06/28/2010

Worst england performance? Absolutely. There was nothing special from them. The midfield and defence were absolutely shambles...holes everywhere. I believe lampard & gerrard can't play together. The players looked tired since their first game against US and it became more apparent when playing against Slovenia. Last but not least they couldn't keep the ball...I wonder why England never learns from this...

Where do we go from here? Should we persuade all spanish youngsters to become the citizen of England? Should we change the manager? My thoughts are: 1) Invest in local players...let's bring more english youngsters to the starting line up in premier league; 2) Make the carling cup the competition for youth only; 3) Emphasis more on technical aspects; 4) Change the manager to Jose Mourinho

Posted by Al on 06/28/2010

I have a theory for England's failings at international football. Considering that the UK is one of the most multicultural societies in the world, it's more than a little odd that the national team (apart from a couple of players) does not reflect this one bit . Germany's got Brazilians, Ghanians and Turks injecting flair. Two of last night's goalscorers for Germany were eligible to play for Poland early in their careers. France dominated European football in the late 90s/early 00s (plus that magical run to the final in 06) with a team that could have represented the UN. I think it's time to overhaul the entire grassroots system so that the younger generation brings with it a more diversified British flavour - one that is contemporary and plays with modern vigour. Besides, you can only go so far with crosses and free kicks.

Posted by Roland Tay on 06/28/2010

I have just one question: Why can't England play the type of fluid football as Spain, Holland, Germany, Argentina or Brazil?

Is it down to the club level that this problem exists? Many footballers in the English Premier League never really played the beautiful game of passing and showed the exquisite skills of the South Americans or the Dutch, Germans or the Spanish.

Another point - many admirers of the EPL claim that the EPL is the best league in the world. I must acknowledge it is very entertaining but much of this entertainment has been provided by foreign imports. It is time to impose some foreign players quota to ensure that English players have a chance to develop and grow into potential players for England at the international level.

Posted by Homeabroad on 06/28/2010

There is a silver lining in all this - but only for us West Ham fans. Upson and Green's errors will mean that their value has dropped dramatically on the transfer market, and so Sullivan & Gold will not think it worth cashing in on them. As a result we will be able to retain a defender and a goalkeeper who are generally pretty good at club level - the World Cup was a step too far for them, and caused them to lose their nerve and made silly mistakes. Though the same could be said for most of the England squad, frankly.

Posted by Lion King on 06/28/2010

No need to talk about the disallowed goal by Lampard or sack Capello. Defender especially John Terry not playing up to the standard. I think England do have an internal crisis same as French team since England captain was given to Rio and next to Gerrard but it not blow up further during the tournament. Capello should stay and start fresh with the new generation of player build up around Wayne Rooney. For this game, midfielder and striker all doing well. It is just they don't have proper support and cover by this 4 experienced defender. After the 3rd goal, all the players look upset with the defend and everybody know that England just finished and stop playing at this moment.

Posted by jackson selat on 06/28/2010

i'm 1 of the EPL and England 2010 fans.4 me they should learnd from the 1st match against the US..that gerard and lampard cannot work together in the central role.Why dont they play gerard as a back up striker for rooney just like what he use to be play in liverpool and left lampard free in the central and they can put michael carrick to play with lampard..with this formation maybe they can score more goal or maybe win the world cup...

Posted by Neil on 06/28/2010

Before we decide the path to be taken by the English national team, we need to study their failings. The midfield and forward lines were all shambles though they contained some of the premier names in world soccer. The problem; there is no system..a la the French..players do not know where they have to be and do not know where their teammates are. We need a system. However it is too late for this golden generation else we will be no better than the Italians, a bunch of over-the-hill reputations.
Instead, let us study the Germans. They do not have any star names like the Argentines, Spanish or Brazilians. Therefore we can learn from them to teach our next generation because our next generation has no stars. Milner? Walcott? Lennon?
In order to move forward, we need to mold these players into a team. Above all, we need an English manager to teach the English game...Let us start by recognising we were not good enough and stop saying we will win in 2014..WE WILL NOT! LET US BUILD A TEAM!

Posted by Anthony on 06/28/2010

They were awful. They were not enjoying being at a world cup, and played with fear and no flair. Im an Irishman, and let me tell you - we would have put a better display in against the Germans. Get rid of Terry, Upson, Beckham, Barry, Gerrard, Lampard, King, and Heskey. The only players worth a jersey were J Cole/A Cole and Milner.

Posted by Nigel King on 06/28/2010

Like you, I've seen a few England World Cup campaigns and nothing seems to change. We are always talking up our chances before a ball has even been kicked, despite history more than amply indicating the opposite. The best teams study the game, study their opposition and realise that performances before the World Cup count for nothing - its what you do when there that counts. Gerrard after the Algeria game 'it was their Cup Final' (playing England) sums it all up for me. Arrogance.

Blagg: The thing is though it wasn't arrogance it WAS their Cup Final!

Posted by Ola (Man U fan) on 06/28/2010

I believe that England do not possess the technical skills to win the world cup. A lack of players that can dribble and who are comfortable on the ball has cost them again. Over hyped players like terry lampard Barry Rooney need to know they are not good enough. Even mourinho would have failed in the England job so capello must remain in charge. Young quick selfless players(Adam Johnson)must replace the egos (terry). Have faith in youth and give them a chance. Encourage individual skill and flair and they will lead the way.

Posted by Dave Weeks on 06/28/2010

Since you're not providing a review of the match, I'll provide one for you. Germany took the lead when England fell asleep at the back and conceded a goal more suited to a Sunday league match. England conceded a second as the result of yet more defensive errors and it was looking as though this would be an embarassing defeat. However, the Germans were rattled when first Upson headed into the net and then Lampard lobbed one in via the underside of the bar. Half time couldn't come soon enough for the Germans who were clearly wondering how they'd lost a 2 goal lead having created most of the chances. In the 2nd half, England were determined not to make any more defensive errors and defended more tightly, letting the Germans have a lot of possession but with shots limited to a long way out. The late introduction of Lennon and Crouch was decisive as Barry made a long clearance to Lennon. The Germans were left short at the back and Lennon crossed for Crouch to head home the winner.

Blagg: Thanks Dave! Sorry I never wrote a review but I was out celebrating winning the whole thing. I like you.

Posted by Paul on 06/28/2010

Rooney has had his chance. He performed most miserably. Capello could not see he was not in form? The rest of us all could. The Defoe/Crouch combo should have been employed. Putting on Heskey? And SWP? If Capello stays on for the next tournament, he needs to follow his own advice on in form players. Barry would have been beaten by Jabba the Hut on that break. As much as Lampard & Gerrard are great players, they both should retire from Int'l football. And it is time to say that Joe Hart is the new number one.

Posted by Smith on 06/28/2010

England deserved it for being so cocky before the USmatch. Remember the headline "Best English Group Since The Beatles!"

How About:
E- ngland
A- lgeria
S- lovenia
Y- Yanks

Here's a poem for you:

Rooney & Lampard
What an overrated lot
Gerrard & Terry
Ye deseserved what ya got


The US will win a world cup before your overrated, overpaid Nancies do. At least we hustle and have pride.


Blagg: Oh dear! oh dear! It's come to this has it?

Posted by Patrick Tong on 06/28/2010

England has always under performed and if you look at who is available moving forward, it does not good.

Compare to say Germany, who has a multitude of payers such as Toni Kroos, Khedira, Muller, they won't be missing Ballack much when he retires.

How did this come about?. Remember in 2006 when Germany was not even favoured to get past the group stage?. Remember how bold Klinsmann was in picking his team after the Euro debacle in 2004?.

It takes guts & vision to go with youth. Now in the Premier League this will be twice as hard when every clubs seems to want to buy someone half proven.

Things have to change from the clubs to the youth development at the FA. Including the fans, they must want to see and push for some English players running around in their clubs jersey.

It is not going to be easy when there is so much money flying around.

Posted by adrian on 06/28/2010

hi,i have travelled to watch england play many times, everytime the same.now time for action , my suggestion they pic more fringe players and players made up from the championship as they would have no egos,a desire to play for their country and be a national hero. the present players we got have fat pay checks and are tied into their club.their attitude omits a desire to succeed for their current employers rather than that for their country.no national pride.bring on the boot boys from the championship.

Posted by bongo king on 06/28/2010

England weren't nearly as bad as the English make out. Read neutral reports and you'll see the game described as thrilling, great all round attacking football from both sides, and ultimately an unjust result by many neutrals. The problem (apart from the linesman) is that England just didn't turn up for the first 30 minutes and only started playing at 2-0 down. Pressing as high up as we did in the 2nd half we were always going to be exposed to the counter, and the longer the pressing went on the clearer it became that someone was going to score. As for where we go, one thing is clear, English players need to learn to play at more than one pace (100mph) and this ultimately needs them to learn to be comfortable with the ball, which they currently clearly are not. The Algeria game in particular was crying out for someone to slow it down. A move away from 4-4-2 may also help with this problem. OK the future's not bright, but it ain't as grim as the English media is making out either.

Blagg: An interesting perspective....

Posted by bob jones on 06/28/2010

We're all so used it by now, England going out all 'brave and herioc' after a very tight game.

This time though, but for a spell of maybe 20 minutes of relentless attacking, they seemed to have gave up.

Posted by John Hunt on 06/28/2010

The World Cup exposed the lack of a quality goalkeeper and also just how much Rio Ferninand covered the cracks at the back. It also confirmed unfortunately how average (could name a whole list) England players are on the big stage, or possibly how easy it is to qualify out of a European group and then be found out by teams with more energy, determination and dare I say it, more skill and tactical awareness. It is also highlighted the tactical and team selection naivety of the so-called saviour, Fabio Capello, but most importantly it points to a league played in England called the best in the world which is no longer English.

Saying all of that, I do believe at 2-2 (with the Lampard goal given) could have changed the psychology of the match....but we will never know as FIFA seem hellbent on avoiding common sense and using technology.

I will miss the English fans, but look forward to an Arg-Germany cracker in my home home town of Cape Town, of course Spain-Portugal first.

Posted by Vikash on 06/28/2010

Every time the Englishmen are arrogant enough to claim, well before the start of the tournament, that they are going to win it; and every time they fail. This time, they were not just eliminated; they were kicked out.

Many will say that the premier league is to blame but what are those clubs to do; the best players that the country has produced in the recent years get trashed 4-1 by Germany!; are the clubs to blame if they look for quality elsewhere? Are they responsible for developing players in the country? Or is the FA? Has the FA invested in infrastructure, trainers, programs to identify talent and to develop those potentials, etc.?

What about culture? Yesterday I saw Germans who were well prepared, well organised, hungry and fought for a victory for their country. I also saw arrogant English players who were slow and unprepared to the level of arrogance. The English has created the illusion that they are the best and need not work for victory; victory is their right.

Posted by nile on 06/28/2010

i am just happy england lost, least they will wake up now and realize that a lot has got to be done if england were ever to win a major championship.
if england were a great team they would not have cared about the disallowed goal and would have attacked and won!

Blagg:It's not woken them for 40 odd years, why should it change now?

Posted by Winson on 06/28/2010

Even that goal considered valid for England...
I still feel England will still lose to Germany.
English players were lazy in running !!!

-Winson (Malaysia)

Posted by Anura de Zoysa on 06/28/2010

I don't think we should get hung up on that controversial goal. That's part of the game. Watching the game what concerned me was England's straight line passing strategy. Even if they had escaped with a win with Germany yesterday, I can't imagine they would have a chance with teams like Brazil or Argentina. So, they really need real foot ball skills.

Posted by Hiruy on 06/28/2010

People forget that they qualified 2nd in the group behind the US...that was forewarning that this team just wasn't that good. Much ballyhooed by the English press, there is not enough creativity on the wings (minus Joe Cole), infighting, Rooney in poor form, CB injuries and Capello's abrasive style contributed to a dismal exit.
England must develop their young talent to take over for the Lampards, Terrys, etc..or else 2014 will be just as ugly. Rooney, Barry, Gerrard, both Coles, Joe Hart, wilshere Adam Johnson (obvious mistake by Capello here), Lennon, Walcott, milner, dafoe, crouch (not sure why Capello didn't give him some time)...should be in good age and form when the next world cup comes about. Firing the coach always seems like the right answer, however England would be better served to identify their weak points and learn how to play better tactically, etc. However, there are major holes in the center of defense and these must be addressed by the younger stars in England.

Posted by hendrawan on 06/28/2010

too many injuries.....
too many games....
for such event, you need mentally strong players..the defenders(Except Terry) are inexperienced, no ferdinand, neville, hargreaves, scholes, beckham, who experience in international matches.....

Blagg: But the Germans were LESS experienced - it was a reason given for why we would win!

Posted by Kenneth Siu on 06/28/2010

The big focus is that the teams need to raise local youngsters instead of purchasing from abroad. How many GKs in the premiership are from England? The Rio and Terry partnership has passed their prime, I am not sure whether there will be any good alternatives though. Midfield lacks creativity, they need to pass the ball better. This Gerrad and Lampard situation isn't working and it's time to use something else. Crouch should be given a chance, I have no idea of why Capello is still using Hesky.

Posted by lesh on 06/28/2010

I am so sad seeing the almighty English team been kicked out by a little known German side.
to be sincere with u the likes of John terry,johnson,barry,steven gerrad,wayne rooney, heskey,and joe cole should have been dropped by fabio cappello on the 23 man list b4 the world cup bcoz they were not fit for the game,I am really dissapointed with fabio bcoz he has no command and lack team co-ordination/selection which led low morale on the pitch.
the FA should go back to the drawing board n recruit more younger players who will represent the national side come 2014/euro n for fabio he should be given some more time to think of resignation.
for barry,gerrad and lampard on the midfield is the worse combination ever,terry n upson + johnson lack of focus.heskey n joe cole should retire from int'l duty coz they see the worldcup to be club football rather than a national affair.
james and green is time up for both of them,let younger ones come up and the FA invest more on home grown kids.

Posted by choylun on 06/28/2010

as a hongkonger, i've been following england thru like 28years, 82 86 90 98 02 06, well...6 world cups altogether, 2010 is the worst experience after all. i don't mind england losing, as they always did, but at least they should have an idea of playing together, a game plan or whatever, which is completely lacking this time.

Blagg: Are you called HongKongers? A point well made though, Sir whatever!

Posted by Marr on 06/28/2010

As a neutral observer, i'll first say that England were not as bad as the english press made out. But they were not good enough. I repeat, they were not good enough footballers. England fans should go back and watch the Algeria game- it's the best example of what i'm about to say.

England players could barely string a coherent move on the grass all afternoon, meanwhile, quicker AND MORE TECHNICALLY GIFTED Algeria players zipped round them, just by doing basic things like trapping the ball, holding it, giving it and moving into position to receive. It was unbelievable to me the gap in technique. The second issue is tied to this,that is if a team intends to weave a complex attack that pulls defenders out of position and creates space for the forwards to run into, they absolutely need every player to be able to receive the ball comfortable, pass it with surety and move. Watch an England match, this hardly happens. Often it's two passes, the Gerrard or Lampard tries a long pass.

Posted by AIRkris on 06/28/2010

After going 1-4 down, the England manager replaced Defoe with the most prolific striker England has ever had. I rest my case.

Posted by ToddB on 06/28/2010

Personally, this version of England's team has the same problem as all of the past versions. There is no plan B to the team. Sure they have a plan A, plan A.1 and A.2, but they all involve the same tactics. All of which involve Rooney up top to finish in the box, Gerrard supplying vertical runs up the middle and finishing from range, and straight forward and backward runs from the wingers. It makes it easy for a compact or athletic defense to stifle the offense.

Anyway, the best thing that could happen for English football is for players to have the courage to go to other leagues early in their careers. A little diversity could really go a long way to changing up England's fortunes in international football.

Posted by ASHISH J THAPA on 06/28/2010

come on england.......... its there for every one to see. EPL is to be blamed. there are matches where not a single english player is on the field. change the rules for once and for ever. there should be at least 3 english player at any given point playing for his club for 90 minutes. after that england wont have to spend millions for foreign coaches who cant perform because its the engish FA that has flawed policies. wake UUUUUUUPPPP ENGLAND.........

Posted by Jem on 06/28/2010

I'm an england supporter.

i have always believed that for a team to win the world cup, beyond the skills required in the players, luck is also very important. Refereeing decisions can changed the game and it must favour you.

Lampard's goal was a valid one and we can agree that if the referee had allowed the goal correctly, the tempo will switch to england's favour completely. The flow of the game would have belonged to england to dictate.

But looking beyond this incident, i felt what really harmed england was the defensive weakness on the pitch. Upson was always the weakest link and i feel although he has great aerial powers, he lacked the speed to catch up with the young german attackers in Ozil and Mueller. Perhaps, i would have chosen Carragher because of his sheer determination.

Barry was supposed to protect the backline but he had a poor display which was unusual of him. He seemed to be struggling for match practice and fitness.

We can blame on things, but credit to Germans!

Posted by dyoong on 06/28/2010

1. i believe capello lost the dressing room.

2. i believe england's senior players picked the team in south africa.

3. gareth barry is so slow, so out of shape, he shouldn't be in the team at all.

4. emile heskey shouldn't be playing football at all. WHAT difference did he make?

just that.

Posted by Andrey on 06/28/2010

I'm a 29 y.o. New Zealander and watched England lose to Argentina in 1998; my heart wept. Since then, I learnt one thing: English national team is overrated. The 1930's and early World Cup snubbing due to undesire to play with sub-par teams showed arrogance. The treatment of every single national team as one of each tournamet's favourites (whenever they do get there) continued showing the same closed-minded arrogance. The pathetic historical showing before 1966 and after confirms only one thing: English football is thoroughly overrated. Insistance of English players during this WC that their team is great, in the face of the results, is mind-boggling. Compare this to German fans and footballers, who show humility (nobody in Germany expected this team to go far before the tournament, and I'm yet to see cockiness from any German player), even though they have a very strong national pedigree, and it seems clear to me that maybe English attitude is the biggest problem. Your comment? Thanks

Posted by Kriss83 on 06/28/2010

call it like u want,i say england got a quality problem...ur players r overated,they do a gud job at there clubs but never show some in the nationalteam...maybe all of u just expect to much against germany.

Posted by Doug Nelson on 06/28/2010

The English Lost badly because:
the officiating demoralized them;
They had no defensive system, neither zone or man-man and they gave too much time on the ball to their opponent;
The left wing back was out of his depth and most of his passes went awry;
The goal keeper is not brave enough or tactically equiped;
Their was no mid-field action only long kicks from defense to front;
They had little or no vision and usually made the basic rather than creative pass;
But most important the captain Gerrad tried to score every time he was in the final third rather than passing to the striker Defoe, does he have something against him;
John Terry was like a deer caught in the headlights, he was abysmal and should have been taken off;
The coach showed little creative or adaptive thinking.
And Cole no not Joe Cole the other one is passed it and should've been taken off his passing was adolescent and he over-rates his ability to elude his asailant; he did not make a single threatening pass.

Posted by ricky sansom on 06/29/2010

anyone involved in football understands that had that goal been awarded and we had got back to 2-2 then the second half would have been a different game. we wouldnt need to chase goals and could have played football as we were on top before half time. i cant defend the way we played but how this keeps happening i have no idea. go to hand of god, too many times, and lets move with the times and have video refs. would also stop the diving and screaming when there is no contact.

Posted by russell hammond on 06/29/2010

Adam Crozier was taking the FA the right way until he quit. It's all gone wrong since then. Why did he quit? No support from a pathetic bunch of compromisers who constantly kow-tow to the Premier League money men. I´m personally sick of my country being an international laughing stock. I don´t care if we win the world cup byut please, please, please give me a team to be proud of.

And by the way, the media has a lot to asnwer for. Most of them know nothing about football and will stick the knife in the at the first opportunity. How many times does a scandal story break just before the World Cup? Great help to our chances that ...

Posted by Gods of Football on 06/29/2010

Hey Billy
I agree with the comment:


Gerrard after the Algeria game 'it was their Cup Final' (playing England) sums it all up for me. Arrogance.


Blagg: The thing is though it wasn't arrogance it WAS their Cup Final!

You don't see it do you Billy?.... and that's the problem.... English Arrogance.

The Gods of Football will continue to come up with suitable punishments in addition to their decree since 1966 that England will never win the WC again.....

...at least after Lampard's goal you now know that the WHOLE ball has to cross the line....

Posted by Kim Choo Sung on 06/29/2010

I am from North Korea. We win World Cup!!

Posted by Mark on 06/29/2010

What - England has the most world class players...what drus are you taking?

0 is the number of English world class players...

Thats right - they have nil, nada, zip, buptkis world class players...and its about time both the jingoistic moronic media, brain dead fans and big headed arrogant over rated under talented players realised this...

Blagg: "Look at players in that England team. They're world class, that's the long and short of it, but the key thing is presenting yourself as a team and I don't think that was the case with England" Klose said that, not me.... I think I agree with you more!

Posted by Andrew Argen on 06/29/2010

Why would a country who's football identity is defined by the word offense hire an italian coach? If England wanted to play counterattack style...an Italian coach might have been a proper choice, but...England didnt play counterattack football and it's players are ill suited for whatever style it is that Englandf was trying and failing to play. How about an English coach for England...i realize it's an odd concept but can you imagine Brazil hiring a swedish coach and then an italian...or Argentina?
England has lost it's football identity it's time someone with a clue did something to get it back.
Having said all that...England has never been a real power in world cup football...unlike germany. Perennial powers usually beat wannabe teams unless all the wheels fall of the power house team...i.e. Italy.
For those who criticized Rooney...was he the focus of the English attack? most assuredly NOT...on the team he plays for he is...and given that he is a great player--PERFORMS!

Posted by Gifton on 06/29/2010

Simply outplayed... Judging from the quality of play over the 4 matches, England deserve to go out. It is probably time to start blooding a lot of the youngsters than rely on the "stars" who think they are world beaters. The English Premier League might be superior to theirs but the German national team is without a doubt far superior. They are also a lot younger too.

Posted by Mashreeb Aryal on 06/29/2010

It was England who couldn't live up to the expectations.They were at the all time low in this World Cup.Rooney had the most frustrating span of his career this World Cup.England were not a team but a bunch of individual talents just trying to prove vital for the team,all alone.They got what they deserved.

Posted by Chogie on 06/29/2010

England reminds me of the US basketball team (from 6-7 years ago) who thought they'd win if just showed up. As if by introducing the sport to the world, they were entitled to some God-given right to victory. Well, the US were humbled by the likes of Spain, Argentina and Greece and they had to radically overhaul the way they approached team selection, coaching, training, etc.

England's FA needs to have a similar kind of epiphany. The rest of the world have caught up and are now much better (forget teams like Brazil, Spain, Germany; I'm talking about Algeria, Korea, Japan, Ghana, etc.) and there needs to be a radical overhaul somewhere or at some point down the road the Algerias and Slovenias will be top seeds in the group while England will be happy just to get into the second round.

And the change needs to be significant (winter break? removal of the other Cup? quotas on foreigners?) because the England football team is in a much worse state than the US basketball team ever was.

Posted by teh on 06/29/2010

Immediate focus is on FIFA and its' continual refusal to use video tech or additional two refs watching the goaline.

How come no one asked FIFA why? It's for the sake of syndicate/betting companies i suspect, it's one way to "control" the matches via referees! Or else i can't see any other logic behind their "stubborness". BIG MONEY involved.

Waste of time watching soccer. Hoping more followed and boycott FIFA

Posted by Caleb Milunga on 06/29/2010

the way forward for England is to bring up the youth and then mix them with experience. and i would suggest that the likes of Stevie G, Lampard, G. Johnson, A, Cole can be combined with the likes of Jenas, A. Johnson, Parker, Rooney, Crouch, Lenon, Milner. but let me also say that Capello was really dissapointing for me because he failed to make big decisions when he had all the time to have called the likes of jenas in midfield he was really parthetic because for me Terry was a bad influence and i wonder why he could not drop him. for featuring Upson against the much versatile Carrigher cost England a well deserved win for Englandi imagine England losing in this manner for the first time its embarasing. one more point Capello fail to unit the team because England lost because of indifference and lack of respect to each other. Terry was hurt for not being Captain all of us could see that and Capello failed so whtaever Terry did was to fail the team so that the Captain could be blamed.

Posted by KK on 06/29/2010

I am a Germany supporter since the early 80s.

All German 4 goals were scored in a one to one situation.

Somehow the German players managed to out-run or out-pass the English defence to create the space for a clear shoot at goal. I do not think they believed such luck too.

Posted by Goddie on 06/29/2010

Let England pray that Mourihno wins the champions league with Real Madrid. This will give them chance to sign him as national coach. I bet England cant perfom as they did with Mourihno in charge.

Posted by Man Alive! on 06/29/2010

England are lacking in speed, 1-touch passing and running off the ball and team-ethic. (It also seemed to me from the stands that there was a MU/Liv versus Chelsea problem on the field).

The solutions are:
Let the boys have FUN - it's a game!!!
Pick youngsters with only a few older guys (in the midfield or central defence).
Drill them in one-touch passing and running off the ball - get those triangles practised with each other so that they know what to do in their sleep.
Drop anyone who has a problem with serving their team-mates or sulks - I don't care what his name or reputation is.
Choose an English coach - but a proper authority figure who can exert discipline (unlike some in the past). Even Harry Redknapp would have done a better job for England. If we're going to lose, let's lose in a grand fashion!
We're English, after all!

Posted by Anonymous on 06/29/2010

England will never win the world cup. They are just arrongant and blows their own trumpet

Blagg: Well, if you don't blows your own trumpet no-one will do it for you, will they?

Posted by pc on 06/30/2010

*Rooney was poor throughout, but what bothered me more was his continual whining and pouting. Rooney could easily have demoralized the young wingers in the squad with that behavior. Very unfortunate.

*The England players did not play for each other. Where was Joe Cole on the counter for Germany's 4th? His ball hit a German backside, the German's broke out, and he didn't even run back. And was there one time when an England player gave his team mate a thumbs up, even if, or especially if the pass had been off? These players appeared to be disdainful of each other. Shameful.

*England has enough talent to do very well in these tournaments. The players are not united, don't play for each other, and they're tight, afraid, cowed. By what? Pressure? No. By Rooney? By discord within the ranks?

*Given the above, Gerrard was not a big enough personality to captain the team, and Capello failed to do his job.

Posted by attez on 06/30/2010

I think the football philosophy of England has failed them,time without number.Why not change it and learn from those who have succeeded?
In the case of this world cup,
1.They lacked players who are comfortable enough on the ball and can retain possession.Therefore there was a lot of pressure on the defense and little support for the attack.
2.They lacked fast and efficient wingers.
3.Players were played in positions they were not comfortable with because there was a galaxy of stars who all 'had' to make the team.
4.The players were burned out after a tedious EPL.
We have seen France,Germany,Italy do well with players from 'other nationalities'.Maybe the FA should introduce a Student Exchange Program to groom up coming talent abroad if integrating players of foreign descent is asking for too much.
They need a blend of young,fast,skillful players who are hungry for glory and experienced players in key positions in the team.

1/ We don't have any
2/ We don't have any
4/ Why were they 'burned out'? Most of the Germans have played more games. Perhaps they are not games of the same intesity or perhaps they don't need to run about as much?

Posted by ANDY on 07/01/2010

From the first whistle, once the ball starts to roll; everything looks wrong for England. A team that I have been supporting since I was a kid. Look at the starting line ups: Capello's brain must have been effected badly by those horns blowing daily into his ear drums;He used the exact same team that played against Slovenia, how "delicious " the team sheet must have been to Lowe, the german gaffer. Capello actually have 2 extremely capable wingers in Joe Cole and Aaron Lennon; yet he choose to stick with Gerard and Milner as wingers; no element of surprise to the Germans. Those 2 were slaughtered. Rooney seems to have lost his instint in Africa, but Capello still have a capable giant in Crouch but he is left sitting on the bench instead of imposing difficult for the German back lines.
Seeing the pace of the Germans, he should have made a fast switch for Dawson for the slowness of Upson...but sadly, nothing happens.
Summary, sad day for English football with and Italian coach.

Posted by Priyank on 07/01/2010

Am an England Fan from India & it was heart-wrenching . England didn't look like a team throughout the WC & they need to become that no matter who plays. India is no force in world football but is trying an interesting experiment. About to play in the Asian Championships (2011) in a tough group [with Australia, S. Korea & Bahrain] our Coach Bob Houghton & others have taken 25 of the best players in the country, freed them of Club duties for 3-4 months. They will just train among themselves & play friendlies with foreign club teams & low ranked nations. Also the Indian FA plans to create its own youth teams at every age bracket & put them in the various leagues, pitting them against other Indian club sides - so that at least one bunch of players at every age level stay, play & develop together and will hopefully transfer that to the national teams instead of just being an amalgamation of club players for 4-5 weeks during a tournament. Can the English FA try thus?

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