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Posted by John Brewin on 02/04/2010

Which route to take through the John Terry moral maze? Unless you have an admiration for highly-paid supposed role models behaving with the same devil-may-care attitude to monogamy as the courtiers of Caligula, it's fair to say he's been a very silly boy. Not least for getting caught.

Perhaps most damaging to Terry and by his extension his fellow members of the football millionaires' club is that no-one seems particularly surprised that the self-styled strong man of the King's Road is a love rat. Indeed, the sense of moralising towards such people would seem to have long since passed. It's been obvious for years that footballers live by their own rules and indulge in practices, sexual and otherwise, that are not considered normal by or accessible to the man in the street. The money and privilege now afforded to footballers would seem to offer access to a lifestyle and opportunity akin to that of the classic rock ‘n' rollers of days gone by. Without the drugs, of course.

The late Sid Vicious was once asked about the public's response to the Sex Pistols. "I've met the man in the street and he is a c***," came the response. Similarly, when Oasis singer Liam Gallagher was asked at the height of his fame whether his lifestyle of heavy refuelling and acquiring ladies was anything to be ashamed of, his response was this: "You'd 'ave it, wouldn't you." Keith Richards famously told a court that "we are not old men and we are not governed by petty morals". Some of the recent pratfalls of a group of young men whose brains are obviously restricted to below the waist would suggest a prevalence of similar attitudes, though perhaps without the style or articulacy.

An association, though it continues to fray, with the grassroots of supporters means that footballers are not quite able to throw off the shackles of responsibility like their rocker counterparts just yet. Judging by Terry's no-doubt expensive attempts to get the Vanessa Perroncel affair hushed up, he does actually care for his public image, though ultimately it was his suggestion that the publishing of the tawdry saga may damage sponsorship deals that led to the beak overturning the so-called super-injunction. The law, thankfully, is not yet beholden to potential loss of earnings to a multi-millionaire. Nobody but Terry and his agent are shedding tears over the loss of his endorsements.

Similarities have been drawn to the case of Tiger Woods. Yet, perhaps as a reflection of the cultural difference between England and America, Terry is yet to adopt the sackcloth and ashes of penance of Woods' terse public statements after his Nike slacks were caught round his ankles. It may soon follow - the first step on the road to redemption for the famous would seem to be the sort of public apology so far missing from "JT". It must surely be in the post.

And, being a player of a team sport, Terry cannot take himself away into hiding to sort out his family affairs. Not for long at least, give or take the missing of an FA Cup match with Cardiff City to head off on a mission of mercy to his Dubai holiday home, because this is a vital time for his teams. He is, after all, on-field leader of both Chelsea and England in a season in which his club chase serious silverware and his country seek global glory in South Africa.

To captain or not to captain? That appears to be the question that Fabio Capello must answer. The Italian, in usual autocratic fashion, will be making that decision himself, with due deference to his team’s general manager, Franco Baldini.

Carlo Ancelotti, who once played under Capello at AC Milan, has played the card of public indifference, backing his player while making clear that this will not be a matter for open discussion with the media. However, his experiences with Terry may be instructive to his former mentor and one-time rival for Serie A supremacy. Ancelotti may have been glad that Terry's hogging of the spotlight had drawn attention away from a 1-1 draw at Hull City that further blew open the Premier League title race, but he may not have been too keen on the showing of his captain.

After being the match-winner at Burnley, this time we saw a hesitant Terry allow Steven Mouyokolo to steal in to score Hull's goal. Equally, when Didier Drogba scored the Chelsea equaliser, the fact that Terry chose to gesture towards Tigers fans rather than congratulate his colleague showed that his mind was straying on to matters other than football and that he was now reacting to the barracking of fans.

Taking one's eye off the ball is unforgivable in the court of Don Fabio and it may be that he delays his decision in order to gain the long view of Terry's ability to deal with the hot breath of public humiliation. And with suggestions that there may be more dirt to follow, he may wish to avail himself of the full facts. Plenty more to see here.


Posted by RC on 02/04/2010

For whatever the reasons are with JT, he should be kinda penalised for his acts. It's amazing that the whole Chelsea club are still backing him up. I believe JT's teammates or friends are on high alerts whenever their wives or gf are chatting with JT.

Posted by Tarek Chouja on 02/04/2010

It is in the best interest of the national team and football itself, that JT be stood down as England captain. In a sport where footballers are regarded as gods, there is no place for moral slip ups. An admission of his guilt and subsequent apology should render JT some much needed sympathy and help him to get on with what he does football.

Posted by PATRICK on 02/04/2010

This should remain John Terry's personal matter, we have no part of it.
As for England Captain, he remains head and shoulders above any other candidate at this time.
I fear the loss of moral and Terry as captain will blow our real chance of success at the WC, returning to the normal shambles and underacheivement of a disconnected team.
Stand up for your captain or fall together.

Posted by RaymondC on 02/04/2010

I would not be surprised that Terry is asked to step down as England team captain. Given the debacle of the Tiger Wood scandal (and the fact a lot of people knew about Terry's philandering for a long time), who wants a public-relations debacle that is dragged out in the screaming British press, espcially in The Sun and Daily Mirror?

Posted by MIKE on 02/04/2010

John Should Remain As England Captain But Should Render Public Apology To All British.

Posted by Praga -SA on 02/04/2010

at the end of his career he'll have another messup to be remembered by, in addition to his 'slip-up' against Man Unt in the CL final.Captain or not it will always be questioned why he took that fateful penalty,being a defender (giving Man U something to cheer about on the 50th anniversary of the Munich disaster).

Posted by Dave23 on 02/04/2010

I agee with Patrick 18, if you look at the other canidates on the team they are not more polished then Terry, I mean Gerrard beat the pulp out of someone, and Ferdinand failed a drug test a few years back so I think Terry is the best player to lead England and the media should back off and let Terry handle this matter personally.

Go Blues!!!

Posted by Callum on 02/04/2010

Last time I checked, footballers are not picked for their ability to make rational decisions or be nice people. They are 'worshipped' as a result of their ability to kick a football. If you want a footballer to be a role model, you will be waiting a long time. Part of what makes footballers like Terry so succesful at a high level and that seperates them from the mere 'good' players is a natural selfishness that drives them to be the best. When this spills over to a personal life its surprising or distressing no doubt, but it would make them less of a player. Sports people are not role models, should never be treated as such, and people who think they are are kidding themselves. They are just better at their profession than most, that doesnt make them a good or decent person...

Posted by Cips on 02/04/2010

With all the media circus with English football, thats why England WILL NEVER win the world cup... ever..

Posted by mike82 on 02/04/2010

JT is a scoundrel and a weak leader. "There's nothing left private l?" Anyone at his level (or anyone for that matter) that sleeps with his teammate's girl has no place on a team. And it will never stay quite; thinking that is plain stupid. Somehow, some day it will come out. The disruption is incredible with egos these men must have. (Just speaking out against a gaffer can get a player sent elsewhere) There are many excellent players who never made it to the elite professional levels because they can't play as part of a team. JT certainly can play football, a leader of men - he answered that....

Posted by ed on 02/04/2010

It beyond my imagination that he could still remain in the sport. He cannot be a role model anymore for the kids, fellow professionals, country and the world.

This is a sad time for everybody. Chelsea and England have no place for him. I think many will turn off their TY than watch him play.

Posted by Anonymous on 02/04/2010

why do btitish people always behave like they perfect that just makes me sick

Posted by ChelseaFC on 02/04/2010

so remove a great leader cause of his private life and bring in a not so good leader?
tht would be good to English Team right?
its not like they were expecting to win anything

i am Chelsea fan and i will always back JT
dont know abt others and dont care abt others
without Terry's Leadership there is no chance for England in world cup

Posted by Circe on 02/04/2010

Callum is right. Footballers are not judgable for their morals/ethics but for their ability to play. JT's personal life should have no affect on his captaincy, at Chelsea or for England... as long as he can maintain his high standard of play. Should he begin to falter as a result of this... ehm poor decision (a decision most seem to forget took 2 people to make - why does it seem no one is criticizing Ms. Perroncel for her lack of morals?) and the media circus that has resulted from it, then that is a different matter. The next question should be the team dynamic. Can Wayne Bridge play with John Terry as his captain? While not a concern for Chelsea, it is for Capello. In ’98 the US team experienced this situation and the coach chose to remove the philanderer from the squad all together... with disastrous results. Can England win without JT? I very much doubt it. Can they win with him but with a different captain? I am not entirely convinced there is someone who can fill those boots...

Posted by Rainbowman on 02/04/2010

Yeah, what JT did was wrong, but I don't know what the big deal is about anyway, the Good book says that he that hath no sin should throw the first stone. I've seen great leaders do worse things in their private life and nobody made this a great issue. Bill Clinton, Jacob Zuma etc, most adults are hypocrites anyway quick to point at another person's shortcomings other than theirs. All he needs is to make his peace with God and his wife and he should carry on with his life. Shame on Man City Players for trying to play the moral card. We need to only look at their own private lives to reveal the weird things that they hide from the public. It sucks but who should blame JT, she was Wayne's ex but then he is JT..only the best defender in the game.

Posted by Ulrich on 02/04/2010

Forget whether it was moral, we already know Terry has no sexual morals (car affair w/ teenager), the crux of this is that he crossed the line by having an affair with a teammates (ex)-girlfriend. Whether Wayne Bridge used to date her or was actively dating her doesn't really matter, JT was married and stepped on a teammates toes. Capello should be much more concerned about a borderline reckless but not out of the ordinary tackle in practice that leaves JT hurt.... The internal camaraderie & cohesion of England's national team is at stake and players are going to be taking sides - the problem is it may be JT vs. everybody else.

Posted by mercury on 02/04/2010

JT is a professional footballer, he should concentrate on that. His private life is not for us to interfere. We should respect that. JT, you have my support to keep playing football for England and Chelsea. JT, please dont quit..

Posted by boedoet - M'sia on 02/04/2010

JT has always been the most important man in the Three Lions Squad, he has been phenomenal over the years and there shouldn't be any reasons why he should step down as England captain even under this circumstances. JT remains the most significant figure in the squad to bring all the success in WC. He is the best Leader for now and there is no one in the squad can replace him to lead England to succeed in WC not even Stevie G or Rio F. JT has the full support from the England Fans all around Asia. Replacing JT as captain will cause chaos to the England Team and demoralizing team's spirit.

Posted by cham2 on 02/04/2010

@ Cips:

You mean 'the reason England will never win another world cup...ever' right?

Anyway, back OT. He should only have to apologise to his wife and kids and she should see sense and kick him out. In regards to his captaincy of the England and Chelsea teams - wait and see how he handles the pressure imo.

Posted by kapil d legend on 02/04/2010

if terry resigns then that means england would have resigned from possibly winning the world cup. don't think thats true then mark my words. remember i told you so!

Posted by Patrice on 02/04/2010

LOL, JT is head and shoulders above who? Other than the premiership, JT's CV is far less than either Rio or Stevie Me. JT is not a better defender than Rio either. It is laughable that people think there is no one else who can captain England. Best defender? You are kidding me!

Oh and by the way, Rio never failed his drug test, he missed it by 10 minutes and then in spite of asking to take it the same day or whenever they wanted, the FA suspended him to show they have power. Get your facts straight.

Posted by Enkai on 02/04/2010

John Terry should be paying the price for his sexual indulgence(not his first time). Of course, he may escape yet again for adultery but in football sense, as England's captain, he should step down and not put national prestige on the line. He should continue to play for England but not as captain. Players like Lampard, Gerrard, Rooney, Ferdinand or even Barry can take over as captain so I don't think Capello will face a leadership vacuum. It is time morals and ethnics are in line with the English captaincy.

Posted by Isaac on 02/04/2010

Yeah,JT forgot he has his morals to protect before when getting himself into all this mess and indeed it's a shameful act for someone of his status.He needs not resign, Don Fabio knows the best for him and the England squad. However, whether he's stripped of the captaincy or not, he should render a public apology and continue doing what he knows best to do - play football. We all make mistakes at one time or the other.

Posted by Isaac on 02/04/2010

Yeah,JT forgot he has his morals to protect when getting himself into all this mess and indeed it's a shameful act for someone of his status.He needs not resign, Don Fabio knows the best for him and the England squad. However, whether he's stripped of the captaincy or not, he should render a public apology and continue doing what he knows best to do - play football. We all make mistakes at one time or the other.

Posted by Anonymous on 02/04/2010

Why is it that sports stars are regarded as having to be pillars of moral standards? They are human beings, warts and all. We should admire JT for his football ability, period. JT should be allowed to sort out his personal problems without a feeding frenzy, from the media. If JT is deemed to be the best leader, on the field, for club and country, then he should remain as captain.

Posted by jet on 02/04/2010

private life??? bagging women left and right is not the issue of the captaincy, it is the fact that he did it with a member of the team's significant other. this is now not "private" but a team issue. you are all overlooking team dynamics. to make matters worse it is the national team so it is now a country issue as well as it will affect all of us. he crossed the line here. he should be lucky to only have his captainship stripped and not be kicked off entirely for this stupidity. Rooney should be the captain now, i am not a fan but he is the leader of the squad at the moment. being captain of a national team is much different than club. your actions certainly affect the nation. terry needs to go. an embarrassment to the three lions. so many women at your feet and you do not have the sense to keep off the teammate's lady, you have no clue. if i were capello you would be gone like harkes was booted from the us squad in '98. thanks for ruining a grand opportunity.

Posted by Kevin_Amold on 02/04/2010

I am never surprised to find out that a footballer is messing around on the side. However, by messing around with a teammate's girl, isn't that putting himself over a teammate? To me, it's a kind of selfishness that is the hallmark of a bad teammate, let alone of a captain. Didn't he realize this could be dicey, that this could cause rifts within the side that he is supposed to be leading? I expect captains of club and country to keep the well-being of the team in mind. Captaining is not just yelling at players on the pitch that you think are messing up, although Terry seems to have that down pat.

He has a checkered past. Drunken harassment of tourists, numerous traffic offenses, card snatching, alleged bribery for access to Stamford Bridge, and surely other things that I have forgotten, yet he was still kept captain by Fabio C. Is this the one that breaks the camel's back? We shalls see....

Posted by morris7777 on 02/04/2010


Did you ever stop to think that maybe that is why England has only won one cup, because so many people are willing to let footballers are not picked because to make rationale decisions or be nice people. Maybe when push comes to shove in key situations, it is their character that fails them.

Posted by England will win WC2010 on 02/04/2010

No doubt JT is great as a footballer. But for those who are still backing him, you are agreeing to his act. What if JT is banging your wife or gf? Will you still back him? I don't think so. England will win the World Cup with or without JT. Football is a team game and JT is of course replacable.

Posted by Oliver on 02/04/2010

England, during this World Cup, don't need personal lifes involved. This is about football. Yes, John has had some personal problems, but that does not judge his football ability. We've had him as captain during almost all of qualifying. If he resigns, we start the build up all over again. I think this destroys are chances of reaching a final or even semi-final at this point. It's John's personal life, on a World Cup year. Keep him as captain, you can come back to his personal life after winning the World Cup.

Posted by Stamfordbridge5 on 02/04/2010

It makes me sick when i read some of these comments from British people. What a hypocrites. Private life should be treated as such PRIVATE. Has nothing to do with football. I think british people should worry about their messup teeth and employ more dentist and leave JT alone. It takes two to tango.

Posted by Eric on 02/04/2010

i m no british but i support England to win WC. i read all comments and it's interesting ppl can accept JT still being the captain. Ok, he can still be in WC squad in South Africa. A captain, r u kidding? I can imagine half-of-WC-squad will lose some trust to JT and it will eventually lead to less conversation, and less open to each other. It will not be a fight but this will be conflicts. Who cann settle normally, a manager, coach an also a normal captain, but not a cheat person.

Imagine u r in a team, will u trust him as a person, as he cheats ur mate?

I don't care who will be the next capatin, i know capio will continue to do his excellent job, but it needs a CHANGE now, so the new captain can start the new conversation.

Posted by Nigel Winterbottom on 02/04/2010

What John Terry does in his private life should have no bearing on his career unless it affects team performance. I will be very disappointed if political correctness forces Terry's resignation as captain of England.

As a ManU fan, I would like to see Terry suspended from league play for the rest of the season (As it would help ManU in their title quest). However to suspend him from any football related activity would be plainly ridiculous.

Perhaps we should investigate the private lives of other Premier League players as well. Would anyone really be surprised if it turned out that over a third of these players have also "played away from home" on more than one occasion.....

Give me a break. Oh hang about, maybe this is about "the children" who must be kept living in a fantasy world, shielded from any unpleasant realities associated with the human condition. Another regrettable cultural import from the United States of California, together with those wife swapping soap operas

Posted by ChelseaTiliDie on 02/04/2010

JT's personal life has nothing to do with his footballing abilities. Him remaining captain should come down to his contiuing performance. Who cares who he shags. If you rely on millionaire atheltes and celebrities to teach your kids morals than woe is you. Who could possibly replace JT? rooney that tells the tv camera that officials are the 12th men and blow up easily? rio who can barely get a game at old trafford with his injuries and suspensions? gerrard who had an altercation with a guy in a bar because he wouldnt hand over the remote to a juke box? the sad part is all this media circus will be the same outlets licking his boots should he captain england all the way to a sucessful final in south africa.

Posted by Pete on 02/04/2010

He should resign the captaincy. If he does not, Capello should strip him of it. Behaviour like this that directly impacts a teammate negatively, and therefore the team, must not go unchecked. If nothing changes, Capello will not look like a man in charge.

Posted by Paul on 02/04/2010

Terry owes a major apology to Wayne Bridge. After that, Terry then knows his own mind and conscience better than any other. If his England team mates are willing to support him after the apology has been made, he should continue as captain. If the team cannot support him by a majority he should step down. If that is the case, I would suggest re-appointing David Beckham as caption through the World Cup. He has the respect of the rest of the Team and he could handle the job better than any of Terry's peers for this world stage.

Posted by Matthew on 02/04/2010

@England will win WC2010:

I wouldn't be worried about Terry banging my girlfriend. He didn't bang anyone's girlfriend. He slept with the ex-girlfriend of Bridge after Bridge told her the relationship was over, a detail a lot of people seem desperate to skip over.

Posted by Terry in Atlanta on 02/04/2010

JT's behavior is really disappointing for this life-long Chelsea fan. Setting aside the issue of whether or not football players should be, or attempt to be, role models, dating your friend's ex is inexcusable (especially if you're married yourself). Who would trust a friend or team-mate like that if you knew he had done it to another friend (and team-mate)?

I agree that it's appropriate that he apologize and you have to question whether he can effectively lead a team, given the lack of commitment he showed to another team-mate.

JT is one of my favorite players and I hope he can learn and recover from this - but I'm really disappointed.

Posted by Gianluca on 02/04/2010

Terry has to go as English team captain! (And I'm a Chelsea fan) He's bad for the national team. How can one play on the same team as him and thing that the guy is shagging their wives/gf.? It's not about his morals (who cares?!) it's about distracting everybody from football...

Posted by ChelseaFC1 on 02/04/2010

first of all, this particular allegation is not proven and noone have come out publicly saying that JT did what the media says he did
also JT is a great leader and it does not take a genius to realize that
what he did, if he did what they are saying he did is wrong but it is non of anyone's business
only people who are affected by this are his wife, kids and wayne bridge, his ex and his kids. As far as i know neither of them came out and asked Capello to remove him from captainship.
Media will just abt say anything for publicity and if Media was to decide who the captain of England was than the team would have never been in World Cup

Posted by Janet on 02/04/2010

People are galled that she's French. Best case scenario is that she's a Platini mole & that gets found out. She should be messing about with the French team not ours

Posted by Walter Ip on 02/04/2010

People are right on saying that private life should not be the decision factor for selecting a team captain as long as the person is still showing the leadership skill among his players. However, this situation is a bit different. As a player, can you look up to your team captain who sleeps with your teammate's girlfriend? I don't think many people can. Players can laugh about how mess up their captain life is with other outside chicks during the weekend or whatever. But with the girlfriend of their own teammates? It is just disgusting.

Posted by England will win WC2010 on 02/04/2010

JT can bang anyone he likes if he is single. The last time I checked, he is married with kids.

I salute u for making that comment as a Chelsea fan. You got it right.

To JT or his representative, if u r reading this, be a gentlemen and do what Tiger Woods r doing (allegedly). Take a break, be with ur wife n kids & check into a sex addict clinic. Being a celebrity comes with a price, you just got yours.

Posted by gavdos on 02/04/2010

I agree with earlier comments that footballers of today are not role models for anyone to emulate or idolize. However I disagree with the comment that"Part of what makes footballers like Terry so succesful at a high level and that seperates them from the mere 'good' players is a natural selfishness that drives them to be the best." The greatest players of yesteryear, the Bobby Charltons, Denis Laws, Bobby Moores', Geoff Hursts, Martin Peters, Gordon Bank's to name but a few, had very different moral values from the players of today and even George Best who would have had more than his fair share of female conquests never stooped low enough to take on an ex of a team mate. Even to George best, being bad was normal but it precluded him from straying into such inflammatory territory as bedding a team mates ex.
What today offers football players is more monety than they know what to with & ego's bigger than anyone has the right to have without destroying themselves and the lives of others

Posted by Sterling on 02/04/2010

You can certainly draw the Tiger and JT comparisons, it is even more dishearting to me in this case becasue it was with a teammate/friend's ex and what made it worse is WB and VP have a child together. It does show that sports players in general belive they paly on a different set of rules. If JT is smart and wants to make some amends he has to talk about it, get it over now and get the focus back to being the best player for his club and country becasue if he is not careful this could cause huge problems for his England team.

Posted by Teppictoo on 02/05/2010

Hypocrytical nonsense!!! A man sleeps with the EX-girfriend of an EX-teammate - get real!! I suspect she was quite okay with all this. I slept with my brother's ex-girlfriend..... so what? She was an EX.
Time to grow up everyone and stop being so morally hypocrytical. If the guy plays good football and is a good leader, that's all that counts. Let him make his peace with his wife and family, and get your snouts out of his personal matters.

Posted by tallazana on 02/05/2010

Yes, JT must step down. its not impossible to be a good role model while being a superstar, just look at Paul Scholes and Ryan Giggs. He should be held accountable for what he has done. yes Chelsea and England teammates alike may offer their support for their captain but that elephant in the room wil always be there. This will never go away. at best JT can hope for some really good damage control by his PR team. Frank Lampard is a good enough replacement in my eyes, as is Wayne Rooney. Rooney's indiscretions were bourne out of his youth. Compare with JT who is a fully grown man. I say give the armband to Rooney! Glory Glory Man Utd.

Posted by Anonymous on 02/05/2010

What happens if ordinary joe gets caught cheating on his wife? he soughts it out but does not quit work. Football is work for JT and he should not back down as i beleive that is the easy way out and would let down is team mates. He should apologise face to face with wayne bridge. He should then get back to teh real thing taht matters and repair his marriage and relationship with kids.

on captaincy, he is the leader of chelsea and england, thus to stop further quarral Fabio/Ancelloti should discuss with teh players if they still trust/respect/want JT as their leader. The moral and ethics should be left aside, this is JT's workplace and thus should be conducted in a reasonable/professional manner (aka; media free). If the players want him, end of story , if they dont then get a new captain, simple. a new captain with a content team is better than the same captain and disgrunteled players.

Posted by debbie Suber on 02/05/2010

I think JT is a cheat and a philander but he is also an excellent captain both for Chelsea and England. He cheated with a fellow teammates girlfriend but that does not take away from his leadership abilities. Do you really think some of the guys if not all didn't know. Wake up and smell the coffee they knew. The only ones hurt were Wayne Bridge and Terry's wife. They are the ones that have to deal with the fallout. l

Posted by Paul on 02/05/2010

I am a Chelsea fan, and I find it to be a sticky wicket if Bridge is on the team. It is not a Chelsea issue, however. It is an England issue. And if JT offers to resign, the armband should go to Lampard in my opinion. I think Rooney is too hotheaded and Gerrard has been in the limelight for some of the wrong reasons as well. Whatever happens will happen quickly, though, so the only remaining issue will be Bridge & Terry. I cannot stand being in the same room with my ex's husband either, but I also don't care for being in the same room as my ex. So, hopefully, Wayne can focus on playing for the national team.

Posted by Owin on 02/05/2010

Best dad of the year? That was just rudiculous. Since when do captain only shows leadership attribute on the pitch? Without everyone knowing, JT has pretty much disturbed the chemistry within England team. This guy need one hard lesson. If football can't give that to him, who can/will?

Posted by Glenn` on 02/05/2010

Give back to Becks. if Becks not around than Rooney.

Posted by Callum on 02/05/2010

To : morris7777

No, I would say that the reason that England have only one 1 world cup (and no other major senior trophy) lies with one key factor. They have never been good enough. The Dutch team of the 70's were the 'complete team' - and carried themselves as such, but ultimately are unsucesful. Why? Any team can be beaten by a better side. The English have never been organised as well as the Italians or Germans, or had the same flair as the South Americans, or even French! Italy always terrible leading into tournaments, yet get futher than England because they are tactically better. This may change under Capello definetely. But don't try and say it's lack of discipline off the field that has cost them, or 'it is their character that fails them'. This is the same character that took Maradona to the top of the world, Ronaldinho too, George Best, the list goes on. We shouldn't condone what has gone on, but they are not related in the slightest.

Posted by Ashvin on 02/05/2010

i wonder why people, team mates, fans still backing up JT for his unprofessional behaviour towards his team mate and the football fan in general..Put yourself in the place of wyane Bridge, that totally unnaceptable..hey, common guys, these footballer earn a lot of money in playing football but also should be the model for the young footballer....i think we should ban him for certain number of time, definetely.....

Posted by D3vil on 02/05/2010

well its a pretty simple question really...would u be supporting terry at the world if you were his friend and he slept with the mother of your child...and all those who reply yes to that question is a liar...i agree that there isn't anyone else good enough to replace him as england captain but he has to be replaced...simple as that...i juz hope its not wayne rooney cos that boy has enough pressure on his shoulders as it is...

Posted by wcn on 02/05/2010

There seems to be extremism at both ends. Heres my 2 cents worth, as objective as it can be.

Not taking the captaincy away may avoid any disruption in the England squad plans for the WC when its so near. If JT still can perform consistently, this surely is a good scenario. But, what if, players are discreetly worried and lose faith in their captain? What if, whether captain or not, he gets trash talk, riled up chants etc directed to him?

The other way round means all of the questions above is pacified by such decision. Its as though turning the spotlight away from him - which is good. Sure, maybe a few will still be unhappy, but at least, with less attention & less said, things could calm down in time. But taking captaincy away may show lost of faith, which may affect JT. Similarly, there is no better choice captain if he wasnt involved in such scandal.

The way I see it, losing JT is better than losing 3 or 4 others or disrupting the harmony. This is the case of prevention over cure

Posted by wcn on 02/05/2010

I would also like to bring to attention the term "Private Life" being said so much in the comments posted.

Private Life is a term referring certain actions that we keep within the confines of our own home - hence private, not to be seen nor known to the public.

Being a high profile football player unfortunately, privacy becomes a luxury, one that perhaps these high rollers can never have. Once the skeletons are shown to the world, this has become "Public". To turn a blind eye away and say "No, its his private life and I shall not judge" is hypocritical when said with "Every man is flawed". We judge and thats that.

I do not condone JT's action purely because if any of my married mates were to bed another mate's ex/gf/wife, I know all of us would treat this man with scorn. Don't tell me you wouldn't - and thats what I fear most in the England setup - whom are a bunch of footballer friends.

Posted by Anonymous on 02/05/2010

Sack him, sack him,sack him - and make him earn it back again

Posted by gobbi on 02/05/2010

It is true that Terry's standing as a footballer should not be affected by his private life, but his position as captain and role model certainly is. His actions were wrong on multiple levels - he was married, took advantage of a difficult situation, and with the partner (and mother of the child) of a man who was a 'close friend' and teammate. For this he should be stripped of the captaincy.

Posted by Greeco on 02/05/2010

I think we should all be clear on what JT did and its implications.

We live in an immoral world and adultery is common place - sports stars, showbiz stars, politicians and the common man all do it. It is more comon than we all would admit. Am sure many people on here do it. Is it enough reason to bash JT from all angles? I would leave that open for debate. But lets all remember that being a role model aside, JT is also only a man like all of us.

Should Bridge feel aggrieved? I don't know why he should. The lady is his ex and nobody has said she got it on with JT when they were together. Should JT's wife be aggrieved? 100% yes!

I feel the important things are how JT would react to the criticism and how his teammates would react to him. This is where Don Fabio comes in. He should gauge the feelings of JT and all the England team. If there's any hint of weakness or loss of concentration on JT's part, and loss of trust on his teammates part, then he should not be England captain.

Posted by Enough's Enough on 02/05/2010

Nigel's got it right. If this is to be a witch hunt, then let it be a proper one. Let's go past Terry and investigate all footballer's affairs. In fact, since the media including this blogger are so obsessed with JT's johnson, maybe we should investigate their private lives as well. I'd love to know what percentage of these outraged fans, these boo-birds, and these ne'er-do-wells in the media are cheats as well. Statistics tells me it's likely up to half. Maybe higher, since hypocrites tend to be the loudest when it comes to condemning others.

Posted by Anonymous on 02/05/2010


Posted by jeff on 02/05/2010

Allowing JT to continue as captain of England is a bigger scandal than stealing the woman of your subordinate.

This issue will showcase the moral standard of England as a whole.

Posted by Mulosh on 02/05/2010

I have a fundamental problem with the British fans and their media...look at all the comments: why make this funny assumption that the WC SA 2010 is all for England to lose? Who says you were going to win if this saga never came up? the problem with the English and their national team is that every WC looks like theirs to win, because they always have "the greatest squad ever" of course until...they implode disastrously on the pitch! SA 2010 will certainly be no exception!

Posted by Cooper Stevenson on 02/05/2010


This is absolutely ludicrous. Who are we as a society to judge a man for being unfaithful when marriage in our culture is meaningless.

YOU ARE ********, SIR!

Posted by pat on 02/05/2010

It does not matter whether he plays for England or not in South Africa.
We can't beat Brazil,Italy,Germany,or Argentina.
And you know we are going to get at least two of those to have to win the world cup,
I say give the arm band to Wayne Rooney,young, aggressive,determined,teammates will look up to all of that,
They won't look to someone who might have fooled around with there girl the night before,He fell to pieces when the Burnley fans had a go at him,Imagine what will happen in South Africa,!
He could easily get slapped a name,"John Tiger Woods Terry"

Posted by tpink on 02/05/2010

Some good points of view. Here are a few more:
-Players should back their captain - any captain - while he IS the captain. (This works for the players who may disagree that JT should remain so.) The coach has the final say in who that is. It's his responsibility to field a team (and captain) that reflects his vision. For a national team, that has a broader theme than a club team. The national team represents the nation, so other considerations are in play here, like it or not.
- JT should resign on his own. Period. If it works out he earns it again in the next several months, then fine. At this point he HAS fractured the team by his affair. Remaining in the spotlight and not expressing his views ON THE CAPTAINCY makes it worse.
- If I were a player on the national team, I would not want JT as captain after his actions f**ked over one of my teammates. It shows no respect for his teammate and no respect for his role as captain. If my coach kept him, then I'd respect it or leave.

Posted by YAKS on 02/05/2010

I quite agree that alot of men cheat on their wives, but not with their friends' partners or ex.

JT, what you did was disgusting.

Hang up the captain arm band before its been strip off you.

Posted by mjb on 02/05/2010

JT should remain captain. This is about football. Not private matters. Most of the footballers do it. I understand it's the nat'l captaincy, but it doesn't change the fact that he is currently the best person for the job. Hands down. And whether or not he remains captain, he certainly will not be sacked from the team. Either way they will remain part of the team and have to play together. Should he apologize? Absolutely; to Wayne and his family. Aside from that it should be left alone. I don't know the details of the relationship, how it got started, etc. Sure it is shitty that it happened; that it was among teammates; and that it involves the nat'l captain. BUT, this crap happens ALL the time! If you've ever been involved in team sports you know that this happens. Nobody likes it, but you deal with it the best you can and move on. The true test is how players react on the field. So far they both have shown they r professionals. I hope it remains that way.

Posted by mancurian on 02/05/2010

How would someone feel if their brother had an affair with their wife? well when you are involved in a team sport all the members are like brothers. How can any of his team mates at Chelsea or England trust this guy nowing that when there backs are turned he could be chasing there wives or girlfriends.

Posted by Buchi Abuja on 02/05/2010

JT acted disgracefully. One can argue that stripping him of the armband now will distablize the team as England look to win the WC this time in SA. Wait a minute,,, who told England they will play the semis in SA?? In absolute right senses, JT should be stripped and another appointed. He cant lead these men with dignity any longer cos no matter how reports show that senior players are behind him, there will be bad blood in the team. Cappello should take up the responsibility and ask JT to resign the post honourably and publicly apologise to the entire public. What a role model he has been to all kids who are expected to look up to him.

Posted by Makizee on 02/05/2010

Wats wit all these JT media frenzy.the guy had sex wit a former girlfriend of his team mate...FORMER, not wat did he do wrong..we r all so self righteos in our crticism..the only persons that trully deserve his apology are his family and friends...let the Guy b...he is a fantastic footballer.

Posted by Douglas Johnston on 02/06/2010

More column inch's but no content

Ist para..wrong it just is silly to do ...leave at that....not get caught comment is drival...but did he do it?

2nd para; point again missing as the man in the street does same...look around at all the broken hearted girls this valentine's Day.

3rd paaa (see above)
4th para ; Unless you missed the point, of keeping it quite to stop further lies and distress to both women..but because the Law said it Ok out they came 3 other men envolved for 24 hours.
5th ; Of course all cases are the same when filling column space.
6th para ; Are you praising the guy now...cos I bet you would run.
7th Para : Seems everyone knew before our Foreign coach landed, what the result was and how and why it had been arrived at and by whom.
8th para You have forgot the previous match where he score and won it for his Team and Coach ... We been two points on level games since before Christmas on MU
9th Para : Still seeing things
10th Para :or more to make up 3/10

Posted by Neal Collins on 02/08/2010

John Terry, victim of another tabloid feeding frenzy. England's World Cup preparations thrown into disarray for nothing. Isn't it about time our tabloid newspaper buyers put the national team ahead of their need for salacious tales in the News of the World?

Posted by James Kazalac on 02/08/2010

I find it hard to watch, let alone my kids, an immoral person receiving backing and continue to play football as if nothing happens.

It doesnt matter if he's a star player or not. He cannot represent us in this manner. What a shame for our country! I don't think I can support the team if JT is in it.

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