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Posted by John Brewin on 06/11/2009

At least this didn’t carry on for the whole summer. When Cristiano Ronaldo and Manchester United went all quiet in the face of a series of public utterances from Real Madrid’s various honchos, it became obvious that this time it was going to happen. At £80m, few would argue that Ronaldo has not been sold for a fair price.

Where that cash is spent is the leading question for United fans, most of whom had long steeled themselves to the loss of the Portuguese forward. Ronaldo’s on-field demeanour and habit of painting a different picture to Iberian microphones than he had to English reporters endeared him to few as time went on. Rationalisation is already being voiced.

They will miss his talents, his ability to conjure up moments that turn a game. Season 2008-9 was regarded as below par for Ronaldo, as compared to the previous two seasons, yet two goals against Aston Villa gave Federico Macheda the platform to arrive on and it was a 40-yard strike on Portuguese home soil that took United past FC Porto.

Ronaldo’s place in United history is already being measured. He became their first Ballon D’Or winner in 40 years in 2008 yet, despite tabloid comparisons that were obviously fishing for reaction, he is nowhere near the pantheon on which Best, Law and Charlton sit. And though he displayed strutting arrogance, an iron will to win and a continental temperament, a lack of equivalent dignity will never see him compared favourably to Eric Cantona. “Looking for Cristiano” is hardly likely to be commissioned.

The jungle drums began on this saga back in 2007 when close pal Gabriel Heinze headed to the Bernabeu. Ramon Calderon was the Real president who set out to sign him in highly vulgar fashion. Calderon failed miserably in his stated aims of signing Ronaldo, Kaka and Cesc Fabregas. Once Florentino Perez replaced the hapless Calderon, it seemed ever more likely that the deal would finally happen. An old hand at this, having signed Figo, Zidane, Beckham and the other Ronaldo during his previous incumbency, Perez has seemed assured in his aims, especially when compared to his desperate predecessor.

Fabregas has dropped off the Real radar for now though one wonders what Kaka thinks of being an almost budget signing. Ronaldo now takes the same path as David Beckham, who it is said, advised Kaka to join Real Madrid. Beckham’s time at the Bernabeu did not match the glory of his Old Trafford days, with Real relying on individualists. Ronaldo, of course, is the individualist’s individualist and may need to be on his mettle considering his new team’s deficiencies in midfield and defence.

His old team, meanwhile, seemingly have £80m to spend. That’s if it’s not spent on the club’s ever spiralling debt mountain, a legacy of the Glazer regime for whom Ronaldo delivered on-field success and now a pile of hard cash.

What next for Sir Alex Ferguson? Many will pick apart his December reaction to a Real rumour that they had a deal in place for Ronaldo: "No chance. I would not sell them a virus. That is a 'no' by the way. There is no agreement whatsoever between the clubs."

Well, there is now. And had the erstwhile winger become a virus? There were plenty of signs that he was beginning to become disruptive in the dressing room. See his behaviour after being subbed during the Manchester derby and check out some obvious coldness towards Dimitar Berbatov. Such matters are Real Madrid’s problem now. One thing Ronaldo will have to turn around is his lack of a decent showing against a Spanish team. Three matches against Barcelona and four below-par showings against Villarreal have hardly convinced the Spanish public, among whom he is not yet Mr Popular.

Next season will see Ferguson again given the chance to reinvent his side. He will hope for better times than in the immediate post-Beckham era. That summer of 2003, among a group of ill-fated signings (Kleberson, Djemba Djemba, Bellion and Howard) he landed a certain young Portuguese winger, whose dazzling debut cameo against Bolton promised plenty for the future.

Six years later, with trophies galore landed and £80m banked, Ferguson must now unearth a new star and change his team’s focus. Ronaldo is now a former Manchester United player; an arrangement that may well suit all concerned.


Posted by Chang Po Liang on 06/11/2009

Yay! The Virus is gone, i am a man u fan and i hate that guy so much. \0/

Posted by Ravi on 06/11/2009

In my humble opinion, to tell the truth, I'm glad that "he's gone".He's not loyal to to MAN UTD.That's why whenever the season end approaches, if there's any question asked about his future he'd say "my future?I don't know.Right now I'm going for holiday" and all sorts of craps.There weren't any players of MAN UTD to behave like that even though there're more popular than "him".

Posted by Mehul on 06/11/2009

Finaly. ronaldo is in Madrid... its a good signing as spanish football suits his style... its not as physical as english and he would certainly create problems for defenders outside the D.

Posted by Artz on 06/11/2009

Benzema for 30 million and Ribery for 50 million. Get both and we'll continue winning.

Posted by nas on 06/11/2009

this is outrageuos. u cant buy a player for the same amount as you'd buy an entire club.its high time a price cap is placed on player transfers.

Posted by Mike on 06/11/2009

Tell you one thing he will be missed and however much Man UTD fans deny that... a team without Ronaldo is nowhere near the same. he turns games in an instant and a moment of magic as he has done regularly for 3 yrs now. So wether he is liked or not he will be missed and i'll be smiling from across the M62 :-)

Posted by Darren on 06/11/2009

I think it is time for Ronaldo to leave Man U.I trusted Sir Alex decision of leaving him out. Look at Gabriel Henize, David Beckham...they are being sold for a reason..
Barcelona won the Spanish title and Champion league without a strong lineups..but Team-work.Sir Alex should use this money to invest in Tevez who always fighting hard for balls and shown love toward ManU.
To me, there is no best player in the world. Is the club and team-mates made him great.. So 80 mil pound is considered too expensive for him..Good luck to Real Madrid.

Posted by Pegasus82nd on 06/11/2009

>"No chance. I would not sell them a virus. That is >a 'no' by the way. There is no agreement >whatsoever between the clubs."
>Well, there is now. Does Ferguson now consider his >erstwhile winger as a virus?

Where is the logic in that? He said he wouldn't sell them a virus. He has sold them Ronaldo. Ergo, Ronaldo must not be a virus.

Posted by Bernard on 06/11/2009

good riddance. good money too. we don't need some self-serving spoilt brat in the team. besides, he hardly ever did well in big games.

the single most important man u players (since keano) is rooney. and apparently, england too! go wazza!!!

Posted by joe on 06/11/2009

dame it real...!!! y should they bother to sign ronaldo...! they already landed the talented kaka, now they want ronaldo?! i rather see ronaldo playing for man city rather then real madrid...!!!!! from joe (die hard fan man u}

Posted by lord duncan on 06/11/2009

Good riddance to bad rubbish!

Posted by Micko on 06/11/2009

I'd like to start by saying that I'm a die hard liverpool fan and therefore naturally despise Ronaldo and Manchester United. However, having said that I must say that it's a shame that he's left the EPL. It's always good to see the world's best players in the EPL week in week out.

That's as much of a compliment that Ronaldo will ever get out of me.

Posted by stuart turver on 06/11/2009

i think its a great move for the club. alot of us die hard united fans have had about enough of his antics, and to be honest, if a player doesnt want to be at the club, the club wont want you. i think the club played their hand well to get an hugely inflated price for him. if hes worth 80 million what would the likes of robson, pele , charlton and best be worth now. all far better players than ronaldo. dont get me wrong he was an amazing player and brought great success, but he will always be seen for his behaviour on and off the field more so than his talent. have fun with that madrid!!

Posted by Alan Tan on 06/11/2009

I am a huge Man Utd fan and try as often as possible to go to games to watch the best team in England play beautiful football. I think its a massive blow that Man Utd have sold Ronaldo. The goal against Porto in the Semi Final second leg, no one can score that type of Goal. I will miss him but good luck for the future and bring on Ribbery and Benzima...
I dont think we will win anything next year as a result so Mr Fergie was it worth selling him if we dont win anything next year... Only time will tell.

Posted by Bogusz Zajac on 06/11/2009

Honestly know Real Madrid will be the team to beat. With the players they accuried its just a matter of who they will beat in the UEFA Champions Legue.

Posted by olugbenga ojo,lagos nigeria on 06/11/2009

i agree completely with ur writeup-john
so long ronaldo. i shall miss your hardwork,unquencahble passion for success.

Posted by Chidozie on 06/11/2009

Well that was a nice move for ronaldo and manchester united financiallly. CR7 is going to perform at real with super star kaka and i think that real is going to dominate champions league in the next few years to come. seeing ronaldo and kaka in one team is something other teams should be afraid of.

Posted by James on 06/11/2009

Whoa, SAF finally pulled the trigger on this massive transfer deal...previously whenever Real Madrid made their desire for Ronaldo public, you'd have a rapid and very public "NO"...this time, there was no raid response rejection, and now he's headed to Madrid. and don't cry for Manchester United--Sir Alex said yes, and you know he's already making plans to remake the squad with this mountain of cash. The Glazers won't mind being able to pay down some of the club's debt too.

Posted by SImele Shange on 06/11/2009

Well put, "trophies galore and 80 million banked". Im a MANUTD fan and if there is one thing that SAF has shwon us is that no one is bigger than the club, not even Ronaldo. We all knew Ronaldo was going to leave, and I have no doubt REal Madird will fail next season, simply because of their awful awful defence. There have no chance in the CL and I dont think Barca will get weaker in the league. Welldone MANUTD, great bit of business and Ronaldo will undoubtedly regret this stupid decision.

Posted by shubhangi shukla on 06/11/2009

He was awesome. WE'll definetely miss him. But its good he's going in a way. The every pre-season transfer drama was no good. And then, the money can be reinvested. Bu in who on the right flank?

Posted by Tan Soon Hwa on 06/11/2009

The time has come and things have to move on. With or without Ronaldo, Man United will have to put things behind them and find a new player to replace the so called irreplaceable Ronaldo.

He have been stunning when he put on the red jersey.But now that he decided to swap the red for the white jersey,let us stop dwelling on the departure and look forward.

Man United have always managed to pluck a nobody from somewhere and pick up where they left off after a major departure so this time there is no difference. Let us hope that with the extra "cash" Man United can retain the services of Carlos Tevez and hopefully the rest of the jigsaw puzzles will piece up nicely soon.

Posted by monster enerny on 06/11/2009

selling ronaldo is a mistake!!!..devils should keep their star player,without them they cannot retain their champion..and ronaldo didnt deserve wearing real madrid jersey,see like the last real madrid player like beckham,ronaldo,robinho..and the rest of the real madrid star..what happen!they are down..all their star reputation are down..if ronaldo going to madrid,he made a real mistake for his career.He should stay at red devils to maintain his standard...

man utd fan
monster energy

Posted by JF de Comarmond on 06/11/2009

Obviously sad as a fan of Utd and the Premier League to see such a good player leave.

However Ronaldo's heart did not seem to be at UTD over the past season and it was starting to show .... over reacting to refs, sulking, etc , etc and maybe starting to become a disruptive figure. 80m pounds is crazy silly money and cannot be turned down ........

Only time will tell if it is good business once we start seeing how well this amount will be spent ....

The one thing i am sure of is that fergie has continually built great sides and i expect nothing less from him. We have seen some amazing players leave while seeing Man Utd go from strength to strength ....

I wish Ronaldo the very best at Madrid although I feel they are still a few years away from challenging Barca in Spain and same applies to the Champs League.

Posted by rajan on 06/11/2009

The writing was on the wall . He has to go and we THE RED DEVILS can only wish him all the very best . He has delivered while with us and being true devils , we appreciate his contribution .

We bought him for 12 millions and 6 years on , we are 68 millions richer . Alex has delivered with his reluctance to let him go on the cheap .

With Rooney and Macheda , we will keep on playing i=on the big stage always . GLORY GLORY MAN United .

Posted by Gareth on 06/11/2009

Good Riddance. No player is bigger than a club especially Man Utd. SAF will reinvent and develop a bigger and better Man Utd. We have a great & dedicated Mancunian player in Wayne Rooney. Now is the chance for players like Tosic & if we buy Antonio Valencia, Nani & the rest to show the skills!! Onward Man Utd, we are Champions of The World!!

Posted by Alan Low on 06/11/2009

Excellent perspective and response to the entire Ronaldo saga Mr John Brewin. It was an inevitable departure, something which many United fans will relish. A player who sneers at the manager and who disrespects his team mates when 'he' loses is someone who doesn't deserve the fan adulation, should be sold and asked to leave.

Any human being, regardless of a 'star status' should learn to behave themselves. All the money in your bank earns you temporary friends and fans but a player of honest report and integrity will forever be cherished. We've got personalities like Best, Cantona, Giggs, Robbo, Sparky, Charlton etc. as legends for the club. Truthfully, Ronaldo's departure will surely erase whatever respect a fan had for him, the fruition of much of the self glory he accumulated at the club. Adios Ronaldo!

Posted by Mandevilutd on 06/11/2009

time we 1.ribery & 2.robben or snijder

Posted by Oracle on 06/11/2009

All true. But Ronaldo is not replaceable. Will take long time for Man U to recover.

Posted by Tunde Thomas on 06/11/2009

Ronaldo is already past his usefulness and @ GBP80m thats a good bargain. We should concentrate on getting in a stiker in the mould of Kareem Benzema and strenghtening the ageing squad.

Posted by Dri on 06/11/2009

80 million is good money, but to leave after we lost in champions league final, that is unacceptable. He(ronaldo) said that he will never leave the club and said that it is the best in the world right before champions league final...
i guess money can buy everything.

Posted by theepa nesam on 06/11/2009

it's sad to say goodbye to ronaldo, who has been in good form recent years, but it's his wish and dream to move to real. although it's a loss but i believe in sir alex, who definitely can find a replacement. not everyone can be like rooney who will be loyal to club, rooney will be next best player in the world! anyway glory glory man u.

Posted by Ray on 06/11/2009

One word. Shameful!

Posted by Andrew Juma on 06/11/2009

I think that Manchester United and Ronaldo had run their course. His petulance and attitude was beginning to disrupt the team. I believe Ferdinand was once like Ronaldo but wised up and became United through and through. I was disgusted at the way Ronaldo drifted from staying to going, depending on what trophy we won. Let us now invest in a midfielder, creative player and possibly a striker. The Glazers should keep 30 million of the fee or even 40. We have a transfer budget already.

Posted by Shahid Failure Khan Afridi on 06/11/2009

He is a showboat, loved it when he was on target but the amount of showboating and attempts was always not balanced compared to when he scored. There is only one player who can fill the void, the likes of Babboo Khan and Benzema, Ribery may prove to be a bit too old. Hope we sign someone soon, decent enough to strengthen the team.

Posted by RAZ on 06/11/2009

He just made a career ending mistake like David Beckham.... Really feel sorry for such a waste!!

Posted by K Muteto on 06/11/2009

As a United supporter, I can only wish Ronaldo the best.
We have Nani who I believe is equally good and is yet to prove his full potential. This is his opportunity to show what he can do. We also have Tosic and I belive Rafael can be converted to paly as a winger. What we need now is a target man to partner Wayne Rooney.

Posted by Dudley Abrahams on 06/11/2009

He served Manu well,i wish him well,remember what
happen to the so call stars that left UNITED.atlease we got a very good price for him
young and restless.

Posted by Lau Wing Hoe on 06/11/2009

My brother-in-law and I are die hard fans of Man U but frankly we are really glad that finally Sir Alex is willing to sell Ronaldo. We will miss his speed and dazzaling skill no doubt but why there's always to faction in EPL in Singapore; Nothing But Man U & Anything But Man U is because we (Man U) have players who are exceptional but always arrogant and we always break other fans hearts (sorry Bayern Munich fans) and so on but the players have an air of dignity that cannot be found in any other teams and Sir Alex has always managed to find players that are a class above many others! Yet in spite of his skill, Ronaldo cannot warrant a seat in the kingdom of class like Cantona, Mark Huhges
because he cheats and acts like a spoilt kid and many times his actions on the field detest even us. I am confident that Sir Alex has already has his Plan Bs and Cs for the post-Ronaldo era and we will continue to be a team that many will continue to hate and love for a long long time.

Posted by Steve on 06/11/2009

One man doesn't make a team. There is no doubt that Ronaldo has been a massive influence on the Man Utd team over the past 3 or 4 years. As an Arsenal fan I'm glad he's going.

Who can Utd replace him with, after all he is the best player in the world, the second best player in the world has also gone to Madrid. So who will be coming in?

Having the utmost respect for what SAF has achieved over the years, I would say that he already has something in mind and will probably unearth the next 'best in world' prospect.

Posted by joshua on 06/11/2009



Don't know why real target man utd player when they are at their best??hm..and not from their previous club earlier?maybe their scout not as good as man utd?haha then only can use money to lure them when they are at their best..then when they arrive there they "ciu" cmi i wonder y hm....

Posted by LewBar on 06/11/2009

i was preprared to have him gon since last year after he almost cost united the champion leauge title with a horrible penalty. he want leave don't any one at the club who don't want to be there. now they can sigh tevez and regulate Bebatov to the bench.

Posted by cantona's ghost on 06/11/2009

Goodbye portugeese princess....thanks for the memories.
now lets see what some of the 80 million buys? debt paid down...keep tevez (or get benzema) and fingers crossed... Ribery at a decent price?
Chelsea, City and even Liverpool are going to be tough nuts to crack next season. Campbell gone, CR7 gone, sell some of the fringe players (who wants to buy Nani?)and thats 100 million in the bank....some of that needs to go down to pay down the debt United shouldn't be in Liverpool's position of staring at a debt mountain.

Posted by Shantanu on 06/11/2009

I support Real,but I am very sad that we have bought this guy,I have no doubts about his ability but they way he behaves on the pitch is deplorable

If he acts the same way that he did at OT,that is sulking, flaying his arms at the slightest of fouls then he is in for some serious stick from the bernabeu faithfuls.

If there is one thing that spanish fans don't tolerate then that it is poor attitude,no one has been spared for it,regardless of the players' stature, be it Ronaldo (R9) or Eto.

Posted by Carlos on 06/11/2009

Stars may come and stars may go. CR has made a huge contribution to the club and without him, they are not dead and buried. No one player is an island. There have always bee 10 others on the field and when CR did not fire someone always came to the party. Now the focus should be on building on what has been started, maybe with a few potential new faces - Ribery, Valencia.


Posted by firdaus on 06/11/2009

Real Madrid always below the par...Man Utd are great team..RONALDO i advice u ..u going to waste ur time playing for real madrid...
surely u will sink...think twice before u goo....

seen Figo?Zidane?Ronaldo?Beckham?...nw did they playing again..nw they no more in madrid...gone ready dun knw wer are they no...Real Madrid simply buy player that man u really work hard build the player....why real madrid create they own they own player...

i feel that Real madrid robbered the Man Utd...nw ronaldo soon going to more in space..atlest forewhile he will play after that no more no more no more...

Posted by syn on 06/11/2009

Man Utd will be a much better team without him since he was not a commited player. Good that he is finally gone and Man Utd will prove that they are not a one man team.

Posted by Matthew on 06/11/2009

Ronaldo leaving the club? Well, i feel that it's gonna be a great loss to the club and to the fans... Although the money is HUGE, but in my opinion i feel that career comes first. Think about it? Manchester United was the place where he "really played" his heart out and on top of that, he won several titles like the Ballon d'Or, PFA Player and the best of all, being the top scorer of the EPL.. RONALDO, i wish you'd stay and win more titles and most of all make history.. Think about the great players who left their respective clubs and went over to Real? They became nothing but CRAP.. PLZ STAY RONNY...

Posted by dennis spore on 06/11/2009

Now it is right time to move on. In tis world $$$ stands 4 everiting. With the $80 million from the sale of ronaldo to real, Sir Alex can use the $$$ to rebuild a new team. U dun expect a player to be loyal to a club these days!!!!

If ronaldo has decide to leave 4 real madrid we just have 2 wish him all the best n thank him 4 his service for the past 6 yrs. However i tink moving 2 real madrid isnt a wise choice 4 your football career.

Posted by daniel on 06/11/2009

good deal.

Posted by golok on 06/11/2009

Ronaldo such a sore loser. He is not a real Man U Player...arrogance is his main problem. Get the cash United..Ronaldo style of play may be hard to find but talent is everywhere...and at OLD TRAFFORD which they called Theatre of Dreams.. a legend will truly surface in time..

Posted by stevo on 06/11/2009

well done to Sir Alex and United for cutting the crap and getting on with this transfer without all the BS...As a United fan, i will miss Ronaldo but look forward to seeing the challenge for United next season...

Posted by Sri on 06/11/2009

The club will obviously miss the talents of Ronaldo...but will the fans miss him??? I seriously doubt it...I for one will be glad that the circus is finally over. Rooney can once again play in his preferred position and Hargreaves/Fletcher/Nani/Valencia (if we sign him) can share the duties on the right...Man U forever...

Posted by umcpw on 06/11/2009

well,both club are taking risk right here.i'm sure man u have already planning something to rebuild their team..i suggest they would bring on benzema or ribery for ronaldo's replacement.
i think ronaldo is not only player sir alex need to replace.Van der sar,scholes,giggs and gary neville are others who man u must find to repalce them..Here i name a few suitable names for united..

van der vaart/sneidjer(one of them will go out from real) to replace scholes...maicon for for ryan giggs...and james for van d sar (or other player)

Posted by Adil on 06/11/2009

He deserves to go although i am Manchester United fan, he has won almost everything in England going to Spain will be a different experience and challenge. Most importantly English league has missed the opportunity to get the World's best players in the league as both Kaka and Ronaldo is heading down to Spain!.. Ferguson without a doubt will bring better players with that amount of money!

Posted by johnny on 06/11/2009

well as a chelsea fan,ill have to admit that it is a huge victory for non-man u fans,and a huge loss for united.C Ronaldo is one of the greatest players ever,and he'll leave a void so difficult for the club to fill.lets face it,he is the greatest player since the inception of the premier league.

Posted by Daniel on 06/11/2009

All this talk about price and salary caps is ridiculous! It's time people respect the position of dominant clubs.

Also, those who say now, only after these two transfers, Madrid will dominate La Liga midfield are completely wrong. No amount of money can buy the relationship, chemistry and sheer talent of Xavi, Messi and Iniesta!

Posted by Ronald on 06/11/2009

Man Utd need to strenghten defensive midfield, a weakness shown in defeat in Champion League. Arsenal used to have Patrick Viera, Liverpool has Gerrard, Chelsea has Lampard. Carrick is a good passer of ball but never a defensive midfielder.
Man Utd should play 4-2-3-1, Rafeal, Ferdinand, Vidic, Evra, Carrick, Masherano, Ribery, Tevez, Benzema, Rooney

Posted by SNAGS on 06/11/2009

Well well well.finally he is leaving.after all these saga. We should all believe that this is a good decision by Man Utd and Sir Alex. Me, being a United Fan and a Soccer Fan truely believed that no player is, should be and will be bigger than a football club. We have all seen how Ronaldo throw his tantrums in games and refusing to commit himself by staying loyal to Untied. So he should go. His heart was no longer with United long ago...Didn't he say he would like to play for Madrid just months after he signed for Untied? What a joke. When a player no longer has the desire to play a club its best that he matter how talented he is.Only then can a football club grow,without these heartless players...

Posted by GMC on 06/11/2009

We will miss the boy but we will manage without him. Players have come and gone. Wish you success young man in Spain. But remember grass looks greener

Posted by hafidh on 06/11/2009

Well, he is gone, that is it. No way back. But Man u stays . Man u will definately prevail, though will be missed but He started to create bad atmosphere in the club.So it is better now he is gone. We wish him all the best. But let me tell you something he wont bo on top for long.

We buy players inteligently, no tevez please...Valencia? yes.ribbery? yes, and holding midfielder, Hagreveas is not to be depended on.

It is time for Nani and that new guy from eastern Europe to perform.

Posted by Dave S on 06/11/2009

All you Man United supporters and Ronaldo haters are a joke!! I think you forget what he has done for your team and you should be such a lucky team to have Ronaldo in his prime. Let the man leave in peace and wish him well cause he has done nothing but amazing for Man United!! Do you think Man United will win the league next year? i highly doubt it!! For all you people that are happy that he is gone, next year you will realize how important he was when Chelsea of Liverpool win the league!Good luck at Real Madrid Ronaldo!!1You gave everything to Man United and its time for a change!!

Posted by norbert on 06/11/2009

He has left but Ronaldo remains a great footballer, What a loss! No doubt he will be missed but surely he is replaceble. I trust SAF will rebuild yet another great team. The good thing is that there is already a strong foundation. With a strong back four in Vida, Rio, Evra, Wes/Rafael/Oshea who have a total of 25 Clean sheets to their credit last season ; Wazzas, Berbas, Machedas upfront and the Undersons, The Tosics, Carricks, Fletures,Parks etc in the midfield plus a few buys i see us being real contenters in all competitions like we were the previous season. Remember the experience of Giggsy, Scholesy, Gary and their guidance to the young and new Red devils. Remember also the young and promissing Red Devils in the Reserves! All is not lost, actually 'all is gain'as we have a wooping GBP80 mln in the bank for one (Ribery) or two (Antonio Valencia &/or David Villa)buys to add to the Red Devils family. Viva ManU, Viva The Red Devils

true Red Devil, Chiratidzo

Posted by mike on 06/11/2009

Absolutely expected, great player, wonderful talent however he simply did not bleed United RED and this is unacceptable regardless of skill. Our aim should be not to replace him but to make our squad work for itself. A defensive midfielder, a right winger or target forward like a Benzema would work. Please I beg you keep Carlito Tevez. Most key is defensively in the midfield we need to toughen up. We will score goals no doubt but I feel we will have to defend in the middle of the park very well and the rest will fall into place. We, after all are an excellent counter attacking team, we just make our adjustments and keep moving.

Posted by Steve on 06/11/2009

My prayers have been granted, throwing a jacket n repeatedly head shaking to cameras against Man City pissed me off. 80m, it couldn't be better deal, Valencia/Silva, Philip Lahm and Benzema, then it will be title 19 next season!

Posted by Hassan Conteh on 06/11/2009

Ronaldo has done an excellent job for the club an i wish him best of luck in his new undertakings at real Madrid.
Notwithstanding the above, his loyalty to Manu of late has always being questionale and this xracter will have impacted negatively on the club in the comming yrs it good that he has been sold so that unity, respect,commitment, loyalty which are the values of manu will still remain to be the corner stones cherished by other players and respected.

Posted by Dave on 06/11/2009

He certainly wasn't an 80m player for us last season. Spend the funds on 2 or 3 world class players and we'll have a better team next year.

Posted by munawar on 06/11/2009

finally ronaldo has left man U..thanks for everything ronaldo but you are not bigger than man U or sir alex and you will never be...I think utd has made a good decision to sell ronaldo off and the club will only gain for talking about 80million..bye bye ronaldo a.k.a poser...hope you will not win anything U de best...

Posted by adams on 06/11/2009

good that he's gone. But bet me he is going to be a failure at real madrid. He will want to be the center of attention over there, but KAKA is much a better player than him. I dont know why real Madrid will pay a higher price for Ronaldo compare to Kaka. I guess MAN U know how to make businness better than AC MILLAN

Posted by James on 06/11/2009

Im still shell-shocked dt he's being sold cos I really do appreciate him as a footballer. But a Utd fan, I'd always known dt SAF 'll never allow a playa wit so much disloyalty and pride him to continue in the Utd team. Utd is gr8er than personal accolades. U sure can be arrogant and proud bout ur achievements, but no man is an island of wisdom. Ronaldo had to leave in order no to damage the team's morale. I'll miss im though, his mavericks, dexterity on the field of a play. I hope he's remembered in United's History!!!

Posted by kolawole on 06/11/2009

Well, its only confirming the inevitable. Ronaldo didn't come in as a super star but we made him one. He has achieved all he can with Man Utd and the only way to go now is down. If allowed to stay against his wish, he will not give his all. We can use the money to finance some good lads to fill our right back and creative midfield positions, and make superstars out of them. We can even finance a permanent move for Tevez who still has a lot to prove with United. No one player makes Man Utd. i wish him all the best in Spain.

Posted by Rob on 06/11/2009

Sad to hear that Ronaldo has gone.Nobody is perfect but he was the star of our team and has won many games for us. We bid him farewell and wish him well since it was his wish to leave.May the money received for his sale be used to buy a replacement(s)that will thrill us next season. We have experienced great losses before to come back as strong.

Posted by Jim on 06/11/2009

So, he turned down Exeter City. Afraid he would'nt get regular first team footie, no doubt.

Posted by ezeoba richard on 06/11/2009

thank u ronaldo for your immene contribution to man utd. success to your new team. its inevitable, nobody is indispesible. manu will be greater next season. up you SAF for knowing when to sell an asset to acquire royal players. manu forever. Let all EPL coaches especially Benitez of liverpool learn from SAF

Posted by gmie on 06/11/2009

Man Utd not rely on individual...Ronaldo can go... I believe Sir Alex will get a more great player as he did when captured Ronaldo for Beckham replacement...

Posted by steve on 06/11/2009

He can sod off to Madrid. He will win as much there as Beckham did. It is about the club not the player and he was becoming THE individual. Time to sign up Tevez Fergie, now that you have the money...

Posted by joshua on 06/11/2009

well, as a die hard MU fan it seems somewehre at the back of my mind that 08/09 season is not that all sucessful for the team in red.why?loosing in the UCL to Bcn (the manner which we lost)..FA cup semi final exit..and now losing Ronaldo.Yes we can argue that we won the EPL and equelled LVP record of 18 titles but if given a choice i would have taken the UCL instead of the EPL and the FA in return for the Carling!!
anyway, Ronaldo is a permenent lost on the compared to the dressing room or attitidue influnce to the team..we cant deny that he is a footballing genius and the team compliments him well.his replacement - Ribery (best option).but don forget it took Ronaldo at least 2 seasons to settle in the team and we dont know how long will it take Ribery.look at Berba?!.cause MU is unique.unlike Chelsea or Real who compliment superstars well.MU does not cause tey give birth to stars!in conclusion if nxt season to be near the last one Sir Alex needs to cook up smetin VERY GOOD!

Posted by Anonymous on 06/11/2009

I am pleased that he's going to leave, but I don't think man utd should keep tevez either. Tevez runs a lot but honestly he did not contribute much when he played. Man Utd need someone who can create goals. Just look at the clever passes Giggs made when he played in his new role, and Ribery is definitely better than CR7 in that department.

Posted by dfonz on 06/11/2009

As a MANUTD fan i would like to thank Ronaldo for his excellent service to the red devils including the fans.......However, mark my words RONALDO you will not do well at Real Madrid.....real madrid have too many big guns in one pot and ronaldo will want to dominate the team which wont happen when you have kaka,raul soon silva

Posted by Ruhal_MU fan on 06/11/2009

I agree he go. He a great player who win many trophy in Man.Utd. Now he not play as a team,play for himself, the not try to help defend. Do you agree with me? That true. See his performance last season. I think this is a good decision made by MU. price offer is good. I'm confident Sir Alex can find others player who can replace ronaldo. Player like Ribery is amazing.

Posted by Josie on 06/11/2009

Now he can cry, dive and complain at Real. Good riddance.

Posted by Harry on 06/11/2009

Man Utd will only get stronger. One man doesn't make a team and as it is often the case, a club with a the quality of United will always bounce back from disapointments. Go Utd and lets go get ribery and benzema.

Posted by Brendan on 06/11/2009

Well this was always going to happen and I think now was the right time for him and United. As long as they keep Tevez I'll be happy. I think we should rob one of those Shakhtar Brasileros. All of them are young.

Posted by TheOtherTyler on 06/11/2009

Ronaldo sealed his fate with his unspired performance in the Champions League final. Even after ManU went down just 1-0, he looked as if the game was over and he was contemplating dinner plans.

To put as much hope and hype into one player as ManU did to Ronaldo is absurd. With all that money, and smart leadership, they could set themselves up for English and European domination for years to come.

Posted by sang colley on 06/11/2009

yeaaaa let him go we no that if he does we will have another like him. we have never lost a number 7 so let him be.

Posted by steve graham on 06/11/2009

Thanks for the memories, and thanks for falling asleep in massive games. We'll be fine, and you can go off to Madrid and wallow in the mediocrity that is La Liga and Barcelona will still be top of the table.

Posted by Harry on 06/11/2009

Man Utd will only get stronger. One man doesn't make a team and as it is often the case, a club with a the quality of United will always bounce back from disapointments. Go Utd and lets go get ribery and benzema.

Posted by Ronny Orlando on 06/11/2009

Ronaldo surely made his mark at Man UNITED, EVERY MAN HAS THE RIGHT TO DECIDE HIS own DESTINY, YOU MUST MAKE THE BEST OF EVERY SITUATION BEFORE THE SHOW IS OVER! If he thinks he needs another challenge, good for him , every body else does....

Posted by Anonymous on 06/11/2009

i feel like crying

Posted by Vizor Prince Rivers State Nig. on 06/11/2009

Let me start saying that I'm a devoted MANUTD fan.better 4 him(CR7 childish behaviour)To leave for Real with that his rubish character I know Sir alex will make a huge signing for his replacement and MANUTD will continue to win trophies

Posted by Adinde Charles Nnamdi on 06/11/2009

Only Sir Alex knows what he is doing. Selling Ronaldo To Madrid for GBP80 is good. We can get Tevez,Ribery,Benzema, Valencia. Give Nani & Martin You just cannot say who will wear the number seven shirt. I am so happy that he wont join us for our Pre-Season Trip To Asia. Thats Good News For All Of Us

Posted by marc on 06/11/2009

""Never say ever""..This is the term which suit the world of football very well. For Ronaldo, yes,he is good but 80mil is much much better. Since rumours say madrid have to offload 9 players, sneider, van der vart maybe on the road to our theater of dream~

Posted by raymond on 06/11/2009

so its finally happened. i think ronaldo needs to be given some recognition. he was never a mercernary who played lazy football for a high salary. at least when he was out on that field, he gave it his all for himself and the team. that much is true. he was a phenomenal player who helped united win all there is to win. its just too bad that he has this warped notion of wanting to play for madrid, who, in my opinion, have nothing left but their glorious history. perez knows nuts about football and his constant buying of star attackers will upset the balance of the team, which is by far second best to the likes of barca now. united, on the other hand, have a solid foundation, with 80 million in the bank to replace what ronaldo brought to the team.

Posted by CKGYOW on 06/11/2009

There is no "I" in a Team, as there is no "C" & "R". When an individual is bigger than the team or he thinks he is... than that spells exit.

Posted by Kenny on 06/11/2009

What a shame on u CR7.....u are and never will be loyal to the club that make u a superstar today,luckly i never put on the No 7 to my MAN UTD jersey that i bought cause ur name doesn't fit to be in my one and only club jersey which is "MAN UTD".....we will see how he will perform in this white jersey from next season.....and now i shall be supporting BARCELONA whenever the play them that money can't guarantee success,good job SAF in getting those cash and i believe no matter who he bought M.U will go all the way to be the most successful football club in the world....thank god that i don't have to see his arrogance when Man Utd travel to Asia next month...Viva SAF...ViVa Rooney...keep up the good job......

Posted by Agada on 06/11/2009

Now that he is Gone Chelsea will beat Man U home and away

Posted by Eitan on 06/11/2009

I fully agree that paying this amount for a player is outrageous. Especially a player that isn't as good as he thinks he is. But as a Barca fan myself, I'm excited now for next year when we can make that arrogant little man cry at El Clasico. Real Madrid is over paying here, and I hope for their sake it doesn't come back to bite them. At least now I can look more favorably on Man U for finally getting rid of this guy.

Posted by Eddie on 06/11/2009

Man U is not Alfa and Omega. It's a high time for Man U fans to understand and allow this little boy to go. He loves Real Madrid. We have to respect that. Man U still have very goog players in Rooney, Vidic, Ferdinand, Carric, Evra, Fletcher and maybe Teves. Why are u panicing u Man U Fans? I reccommed the sale and I would love it to happen very soon. Speaking on the other side of the coin Ronaldo doesn't worth £ 80. You can buy a premier league club for this money. I would agree if he could have sold for a maximum of £ 40. I wish Christiano Ronaldo the best of luck in his footbal career

Posted by raymond on 06/11/2009

i hear many people talking about loyalty to the club, antics on the field, arrogance and so on. of course ronaldo is a petulant brat who has proven himself to be less than 100% loyal to staying at united. as i mentioned earlier, ronaldo is no angel, but he tried his best on the field. it could be more for himself and less for the team, but we should not forget the number of crucial goals he has scored, made, the number of mins he spent on the field for united. that is what he has given the club for 6 years, and now he has given us 80 million to spend as well. fair deal.

we easily deride footballers for wanting to leave and wanting a higher pay, but in real life, many of us would do the same as well. whats important is we give it our all to what we are doing, and cristiano has done that in the time he was at united.

Posted by chernoh jalloh on 06/11/2009

let the mob virus go. i'm tired of every season Ronaldo sega. Let him go.

Posted by Andrew Jackson on 06/11/2009

£80m for a player who's heart is in Madrid - some £25 million more than the existing world record transfer fee, has to be excellent business.

Of course, his goals and equally, his assists, will be missed, but even leaving aside the potential new signings of Ribery, Benzema and/or David Villa, the real benefit of the move could be the effect it has on Wayne Rooney. Rooney can now truly become United's figurehead and achieve the full potential of becoming one of the top 3 players in world football.

In the past, great players have been shorn from United's team and Fergie has been quick to proffer a parting shot. Jaap Staam but in particular, both Diego Forlan (failed spell) and Ruud Van Nistlerooy (past his best)both left United only to achieve more success.

Let's hope Sir Alex bites his tongue, accepts that a great player is going, then does what he does best: focus on maintaining United's extraordinary success.

Sir Alex has always had the knack of maintaining success wh

Posted by jamal on 06/11/2009

Whether u like it or no! barclays premier league is not like a spanish league. two things in common.In England your been seen by most popular in the World rather than spain. he may regret to leave united. so let us give him a chance. I'm sure he will not been given a world player of the year. i can promise u. Go East Or West but United is the best. I'm congratulate Glazer and ferguson for selling them a sickness. keep watching.

Posted by Kevin on 06/11/2009

You cannot turn away from $131 million dollars. That is an absurd amount of money for one player. United has great scouting and I would not be surprised at all if they used the funds to purchase 4 or 5 new young starlets much the same as when they purchased Ronaldo from Sporting years ago. Almost certainly this means Liverpool has the upper hand going into next season

Posted by David on 06/11/2009

Sign Tevez, sign Ribery and keep doing what you do best! Win the league and challenge in the Champions League.

Posted by wedge on 06/11/2009

Question from a Yank: Can someone please explain to me why so many great players want to play for Madrid and Barca? (Ronaldo, Zidane, Ronaldhino, Henry, Figo, Beckham, Etoo, and now Kaka and CRonaldo) Is La Liga that much better Premier League, Series A, etc.?

They're like the Yankees of football.

Posted by liverpool fans on 06/11/2009

Sorry Man Utd fans, no matter what Ronaldo is one of the best player in the world - and in the team... given Giggs, Scholes, Van der Sar all getting older, and tevez very likely joining Man C, seems like your coach hv a really big problem to solve, where he need to use that 80m to buy 4-5 very good players - in this inflated market... looks like Chelsea or may be Arsenal become our biggest concern in the next few years

Posted by eddie on 06/11/2009

its good man u sold him,cos he is d virus.,as ferguson said.well,d money is gud for man u but bad for david villa and david silva,cos madrid will not spend big for them.As for me, i will like villa to stay bak at velencia if madrid don't buy him the same amount as kaka or ronaldo.

Posted by tapiwa on 06/11/2009

thanx ronny for the memories an all the best in madrid. well here's our chance to build a better and all-roun side and thrust rooney in his best position. i suggest we get sneijder,ribery, and a good right back to cover for rafael.united still need a good holding midfielder hopefully hargreaves will be back next season. this is the chance to let macheda,wellback and even cameron stewart shine

Posted by Itsmeedee on 06/11/2009

For all you Cristiano Ronaldo haters......he leaves to Spain and he takes along with him all the electricity, excitement and trophies he helped United achieve!! Don't hate now that he's leaving. He was loyal till the end! I only wish he would have as good a cast on our national team as he did in United.

And now, the Spanish League is even more in the spotlight with the likes of the past two "World Players of the Year" and Messi being the overwhelming next winner of this award....and guess where he's at!!

It was inevitable that Ronaldo would leave to either Spain or Italy in true progression form....for a new challenge.

Ronnie, ma boy, time to focus on the mother land and getting her to the WC finals!! Congrats on the new mills!!

Posted by Katakus on 06/11/2009

mixed feelings about this and will definitely feel down for a few days as i will be missing the exquisite skills and the glorius goals. Just hope that Fergie has some aces up the sleeve.

I just hope that Fergie's hand was not forced due to the mountain of debt.

all the best to you Ronnie and thanks for the memories

Posted by des on 06/11/2009

its just a matter of time when he's leaving all along. More than happy to see him out! Wats need to focus is getting replacement for paul, edwin, , riggs, gary. Nani n anderson don seem to provide the mid field strong hold solution.

Tats sum of $ sure comes in handy..*eager to see who SAF will bring in.

Posted by ERIC SIM SIAN TAI on 06/11/2009


Posted by Chris Valle on 06/11/2009

C-Ron will be missed - I loved his play, and I thought his antics were...well...a small price to pay for what he contributed on the pitch. I don't see him or Real improving necessarily by the transfer, but intellectualy, I must defer to Sir Alex, who seems to have a mind for these things. If we can get at least two players whose talents are at least comparable (and whose attitudes could only be a step up), then United will ultimately benefit. I am excited to consider another gifted, distinctive Frenchman creating havok in the #7 shirt...

Posted by Scott on 06/11/2009

Sir Alex has already shown in the past that when players think that they are bigger than the team (read: Beckham, Ruud, and to a lesser extent Heinze)he sells them for an outlandish fee to the only club silly enough to pay that amount- Real Madrid- so they can fritter away playing second fiddle to Barca in Spain and not do squat in the Champions League.

The only question mark now is how much of the windfall will the Glazers allow SAF to spend on replacements. Obviously, keeping Tevez leaps to the top of the list and signing Ribery would be a close second.

No team is "better" when they lose a player the quality of Ronaldo however by retaining Tevez and signing a ballwinner in midfield I do not believe that United is damaged nearly as much as one would think upon first blush.

Meanwhile, Real Madrid continues its insane Galacticos strategy. I can see it now "Galacticos 2: This Time It's Portugese"

Posted by die hard man utd on 06/11/2009

good riddance!!!

Posted by amin on 06/11/2009

This guy had to go when he blamed Sir alex for the Champions Leage Defeat..!!!!!!! he showed no respect to the only man that made him the player he is today...!! Madrid will let him go if he dont produce n mark my words with his attitude he wont last 2 seasons..!!
but with the money we get Riberry and Vila

Posted by lohidaza on 06/11/2009

Life without Ronaldo would be difficut for Man U. But how abt adding Moutinho, Benzema and Ribery for that amount of money? The situation presents Roo better chance to play up front and more chances for Gibson, Wellbeck and MacHeda. Its totally win-win situation for Man U. Good luck to u Ronaldo you've just joined moneybag team.

Posted by Suheil Malaysian on 06/11/2009

I can honestly say that I really love what he has been doing for united for the past six years.As a United fan,thank you.But moving to real is the biggest mistake he could ever make.Many superstars who had gone to real turned into rubbishes once they were there.History obviously showed that.Buying too many superstars on the other hand is not the best solution for real.They should think about aborning future superstar like united and barca have been doing.For united clearly this is a good piece of business.And Im not worried at all because sir alex always knows whats he is doing.Only time will tell whether this business is going to benefit them(real).Pity ronaldo he is moving to a wrong club.Man United is the biggest club in the world and the most popular too.He should be grateful that he has played there.

Posted by Shepherd Zhakata on 06/11/2009

Man u will not be the same without Ron. Take note Liverpool!! U'll never walk alone.

Posted by kcbatawala on 06/11/2009

He has played a big role in Man Utd.But i think United can manage his loss.
This shows us the real colour of Ronaldo.
He is nothing more than a greedy pig

Posted by Gianni C on 06/11/2009

I see many Man U fans don't know how to spell.

Posted by Alan on 06/11/2009

Christiano Ronaldo made me into a true football fan and a Man U supporter, with his electric style of play. I'll obviously miss his presence on the team. But, we've all known this was inevitable. I'm really looking forward to the next era in Man U football, and I'm hoping it won't take long for the team to find championship form again. I think this does open the door for Liverpool to make a comeback next year though.

Posted by Man U Fan on 06/11/2009

Liverpool Fan listen. Next season is your best chance to win an EPL and it's all yours to lose. Frankly speaking, I'll rather Chelsea or Arsenal to win during the rebuilding period of Man U. We'll retain our title in two years time and hopefully by then is Man U 19 - Liverpool 18!

Posted by vinesh on 06/11/2009

well good luck to him..
i am a fan of man utd and i personally think it's the best decision that Sir Alex had made. Man Utd is a great club and will surely find someone to replace him. A player does not make a team. he sure have great qualities of a great player but he lacks maturity and recognition towards the team which make him become the player of the year.
many have said that after the departure of King cantona, becks and nistelrooy, the team will not be the same but man utd is still going strong and strong..


Posted by joshy on 06/11/2009

I had hoped that we would have been able to swop Ronaldo with Kaka.

I like Ronaldo as a player and I rate him very highly on his skills and contribution to Man Utd recent success but not on his behaviour on the pitch. The player is so much self centred.

It's a good business to let him go for that price. Hope we can find a good replacement particularly when Tevez seems gone. I am expecting Nani to go too.

Posted by dushant on 06/11/2009

No ronaldo don't do it. Real Madrid will ruin your career like they did to Beckham, Robinho and the other Ronaldo. 80million pounds is alot of oney though and the easiest replacement is definately Ribery and also Benzema. French revolution at United. Also get rid of Berbatov. Waste of Money, with that money we can buy ibrahimovic

Posted by Adrian Chan on 06/11/2009

after real madrid bought kaka for 59m, & now getting ronaldo for 80m? that is getting really, really ridiculous. i would agree with joan larporta who criticize the fee for kaka. i wouldn't be surprised if sepp blatter may come up with a proposal to cap the transfer fee. this "Guinness" world record fee has got to stop.

no doubt that ronaldo is good but is he really worth that high? one thing i would like to say is ronaldo is going to make the biggest mistake in his life by going to real madrid. look at the previous galaticos. where are they now & what happened to them? whatever it is, i hope real madrid can make full use of him.

i do not believe that man utd will fall with the departure of ronaldo. it's not one great man who makes a great team but it's 11 great men who makes a great team.

Posted by jeremie on 06/11/2009

Let RONALDO go because we got better than him in the squad... RONALDO don't play for his team but for himself and money f*** RONALDO

Posted by Anonymous on 06/11/2009

you guys are all a bunch of posers. This is the same guy you defended to the core because he was a United fan and now that he's leaving, you "always ahted him".
This is why I hate Man Utd, and this is why a lot of people do. Not the club so much as the fair-weather fickle fans that lie and are only in it for the glory as evidenced by the sudden rise of support post robbing a clearly better and dominant Bayern Munchen side that deserved the 1998-99 Champions League crown.

Posted by Howard on 06/11/2009

He has won all he could with MU and he has been with the club for 6 years. Unlike Giggs who commits to stay in MU for his whole career, I think it is better for Ronaldo to move on. No doubt he lost his heart a bit this season compares to the last 2 seasons. Now with 80 million pound, MU can get someone who want to win. Benzema is a good candidate as Lyon is in dead end.

Posted by ManicMessiah on 06/11/2009

Why does Alex Ferguson need to clarify anything? He had no problem doing business with Florentino Perez in the past, and now that he is back in charge of the club, his statement about never working with that regime is moot, no?

Posted by Jayson Leung on 06/11/2009

Whether with or without Ronaldo ----- Man Utd will forever be Man Utd ..... Sir Alex has instill that winning attitude in the club.....

In fact it will be better off to let Ronald go cos his heart had strayed since last summer .....

Good Luck to him in Real ......

Man Utd have plenty of loyal players willing to die for the club......

Posted by Marcus on 06/11/2009

If Ronaldo is worth 80 million then Messi is worth 200 million. This guy is not in the class of messi, Xaxi, innesta and that was proven in the CL Finals. SAF has realized that Ronaldo's peak is gone and I do not think he will be a success in Spain. The spanish sides Man Utd has played against in the CL has made Ronaldo look like an ordinary talent. He only won the World Player of the year ahead of Messi because Barca did not win the CL. The guy could not even get past Puyol in the CL finals. I see this as good business by Man Utd. Had they keep him for another season his value would be half of what Real Madrid are paying now.

Posted by Tim on 06/11/2009

Typical of Real Madrid to steal the best talent of other clubs. Why don't they try and bring some young players up through their ranks instead of buying everyone. This should be about principal and not money. Why give in to these bullies who think they can buy anyone. If Ronaldo doesn't perform at Madrid you will hear the BOOS!. Madrid fans have no respect. Real Madrid, a team that buys great players and can hardly produce them.

Posted by Tony Allegro on 06/11/2009

In one swift move, La Liga just became the best league in the world. With Barcelona close to inking a deal that would send Ibra. to Camp Nou and Eto'o to the San Siro, there is not just one Galacticos team, but now there is two. The three, arguably four (if you count Ibra.) of the best players in the world: Kaka, Ronaldo, Messi, will now play in the same league.
As for Madrid's Galacticos 2 strategy, I see this failing miserably. A good manager knows that you need great role players, to become a great team. Everything will be fine in Madrid until the first game they slip up. Ronaldo will run his mouth, Roben will join the mix, oh and lets not forget about the other ex-Man. United goal machine - Ruud! The reason why the star power has succeeded in Barcelona is because of great managerial strategy. Many great players, and very little sour pusses (except Eto'o, but why do you think he's being the one let go?) like Ronaldo, Ruud, etc. to spoil the chemistry. Can you feel the drama

Posted by ajim on 06/11/2009

add another 20mil and you can buy Newcastle..

Posted by DR IZEGAEGBE TAIYE on 06/11/2009

so he is leavn u all wl c nxt season that rooney has alwz bn the man...thanks ronaldo 4 the wonderful times.we wl miss u.players go n come,bt MANCHESTER UNITED WL ALWZ B CHAMPS 4 EVA......toneetee,bauchi nigeria

Posted by Artz on 06/11/2009

There are so many suitable replacements for Ronaldo. Ribery, Ben Arfa, Jesus Navas....Don't panic Man Utd. You made the correct choice. Man Utd will rise to prominence again!

Posted by Super Messi on 06/11/2009

With Kaka and now Ronaldo....and seens they going to get David Villa.....

Posted by Josh on 06/11/2009

Why the hell would ronaldo want to u is the best in EPL and he was voted best player in 2008 so wtf. As for replacement ribery should be strongly considered as well a resigning the heart of the team (tevez)

Posted by Dino on 06/11/2009

I feel it is rite time for Ronaldo to go. He
wud be missed definately but i trust Fergie more than Ronaldo

Posted by Keith on 06/11/2009

Yah...i think it was long overdue!Ronaldo`s behaviour and character didn`t live up to the standard of the best team in the world(MAN-U).It`s SAF who shapped Ron into a usefull chap,and i think his decision to join Real madrid is very, very,wrong,coz he`s going to decline.But at the same time SAF has to think farst and replace him.
SAF,bring.BENZEMA and VALENCIA! Also give NANI and TEVEZ enough playing time,and turn ROONIE into an out right striker,this combination will be be very dengerous to many defences, and we shall continue dominating world football.

Posted by Hadley on 06/11/2009

I'm in agreement with many comments. It's time the Ronaldo leaves. No doubt he will be missed for his game changing goals and ability but the pre-madonna must go. Spend the money on Tevez and Valencia from Wigan. There is no "I" in team... We will still be successful as a team. We'll see if Ronaldo shines at Real... Beckham didn't, neither did Owen or Heinze. Van Nistelrooy did succeed and Ithink he was one of the exceptions. Maybe Ronaldo will succeed and maybe he will not... Time will tell.

Posted by Tow Kim on 06/11/2009

In my humble opinion, with 80M you can buy not 1 star player but few star player...Can football really depend on 1 player or 2 player only? Is a waste for Real going for the deal.Hope Sir Alex can brought in more quality player to boost up EPL next season.

To Real, hope you can prove something next season after spending so much on player. Is a shameless with all expensive player without any silverware.

Posted by pat on 06/11/2009

perfect time to cash in on him, with perez now in charge at madrid and throwing money around like its nothing. seriously, did they just break the world record transfer fee twice in three days? global recession?

Posted by Jenny Bradley on 06/11/2009

Ronaldo is leaving...Good...To all haters of manunited....Ronaldo departure will only bring good fortunes to Manunited...take it or you leave

Posted by ManU Seba on 06/11/2009

I am a ManU fan and I am sad to see Ronaldo go. I believe he is the greatest player in the world right now and his talents will be difficult to replace. Saying that. I also believe he needed to go because he did not wnat to be there. Typical of today's athletes, he could have stayed at Man U for his whole career and accomplished more then Ryan Giggs did. He could have been a legend at Man U but he chose money and living in the great city and climate of Madrid. Ronaldo will keep scoring his goals but I do believe that his team accomplishments will not be as great as they would have been at Man U. Have fun Ronaldo playing the Ole defenses of LA Liga. Sir Alex bring Benzema and David Villa and we will be fine.

Posted by Anonymous on 06/11/2009

All ManU fans are dumb to say that it is good for ronaldo to leave, hes the only reason yall won most of u guys games, you would of never gotten to the champions league final if it wasnt for him. He scored one of the sickest goals ive ever seen against FC Porto so shut the hell up. Hes goin to tear it up in Real with Kaka, Real is going to be the best team in europe for a while

Posted by manurocks on 06/11/2009

lol it is okei he go far all manchester united players go there end of the day also become rejected players...look at beckham van nistelrooy ......wat have they i think he go there also will make no diff......just become a lousier player.....

Posted by Mark on 06/11/2009

Tevez should be kept and addition of a decent right midfielder will see them revert to their all conquering 442 formation , good riddance disloyal and dishonest Ronaldo!!

Posted by Chun on 06/11/2009

i think ronaldo gone to madrid is good thing to Man U.Now they got 80M to spend on strike and winger coz i think they should sign Villa and Silvar

Posted by Erik on 06/11/2009

Where does the money come from Mr Perez? I have full respect for Real Madrid the football team, and their players, but the the way the club is run, a big SHAME.
Some fans may hate Ronaldo, but let's face it, he will be missed, his talent and his goals will be missed. Ron is going, and let's be gracious to someone who's brought so much success to the club. Thank you Ron, and good luck (and you deserve to take the number 7 shirt from Raul).

Posted by Calvin Chua on 06/11/2009

I think it's a good business for ManUtd. We can't deny that he is a good player, but he is not a Key Player like Keano for the past and Rooney for now. The fund generated is more than enough for us to buy a replacement. Anyway, thanks Ronaldo for all the good times he given to us. Good luck! I bet you won't be able to fly again at Old Tradford. :)

Posted by kel on 06/11/2009

I said before if Ronaldo do want to leave, let him leave. We can find more capable and willing to stay with the cub till retirement players and is still capable of replacing Ronaldo place in the team.

Posted by Steven Lim (Malaysia) on 06/11/2009

It's finally Ronaldo speculations come to the end that he moved to Real's next season. Honestly he has linked to Real Madrid since couple of year back and i feel that he will leave ManU to Real Madrid soon. Being ManUtd fans i sincerely wish Good luck to Ronaldo for his best future at Real Madrid.

Posted by Zane on 06/11/2009

There is no doubt that Ronaldo helped Man U win some very important games and fill the cupboards with silverware. The goal he scored in the 2008 final against Chelsea, even though he missed from the penelty mark he was the reason man u went into a penelty shootout. The goal he scored from 40 yards out against FC Porto in the semis. I dont know why he would want to go to Real, they were one of the worst teams last year. No doubt they will improve with Ronaldo. SAF better use that money to keep hard-working Tevez and signing some players to fill some big shoes

Posted by Redwyrm on 06/11/2009

Ronaldo gone. Neville, Giggs, Scholes, VDS to retire.. Time for a new Man Utd..Hooray!

Posted by Aham on 06/11/2009

Ronaldo's departure is a good thing for Man Utd.He's paid his dues to the club and I wish him well in his adventure at the's obvious that Perez only wanted him because of his marketability.Utd have to find a suitable replacement now and put Ronaldo behind them forever.MANCHESTER UNITED 4 LIFE!!!

Posted by Felix on 06/11/2009

It is a big loss for MANU, but I think we will recover with the right signings. I thank him for all his service and wish him all the best. Now let bring in BENZEMA and RIBERRY.
MANU 4 life

Posted by JASON .M on 06/11/2009


Posted by Shit Ron Gone on 06/11/2009

Good decision to cash out the virus
I hate guys with no loyalty

Posted by sallenaldo on 06/11/2009

Don't worry. Remember the history. Nistelro0y, Beckham, Heinze were nothing when they played with Real Madrid. I'm sure Ronaldo waste his time in Spain.

Posted by Keya on 06/11/2009

Tell you the truth, it is good to see him leave the club. why does MAN UTD has to keep player who doesn't want to stay anymore? He's not a kind of player who will retire or stay for a long time in MAN UTD, so if it is not this season, he will move the next season or season after next. I wish the deal include the exchange with sneidjer or van der vaart. Then, with the rest of money, bring ribbery as replacement. And next season, fans in OT will say: "ronaldo who?"

Posted by Atai on 06/11/2009

Thank GOD...finally the virus name CR7 is out...last time when David Becham leaving MU joining REAL MADRID people say that MU will not be a champion but they were wrong. And now this virus gone are MU still the best, answer is YES!!! MU will always be the GOOD n the BEST team in the world with or without CR7...remember for the last 4 to 5 year, EPL team conquer the Championship League...without CR7, the EPL still the best league in the world...MU,Liverpool,Arsenal,Chelsea will continue ruler the Championship League...

Posted by Naveen on 06/11/2009

I'm so shocked but I have to respect the guy for everything he has given United these past years, he has been here for a while and while I don't know how long it will take United to bounce back with the same style but he has always given it in all imho, good luck

Posted by liverot on 06/11/2009

well well well man u will never will again. its all about liverpool now whoop whoop

Posted by whizkidgeez on 06/11/2009

as a man u fan i am being angry with ronaldo move but for him to cope there will totally impossible real madrid has always tried to have an ultimate & daedly team but they end up having a pack stars with trophy to show for it.

Posted by Wayne on 06/11/2009

It is good that Ronaldo has gone but Tevez is ordinary... he's a player who puts a lot of effort in to compensate for mediocrity but with no great result. I personally enjoy his committment but he will do nothing for the club in the long run. He should follow Ronaldo out the door and United should invest in a goal scorer. We won't miss Ronaldo only his goals! As Tevez has shown in the last two seasons effort does not necessarily translate to goals. We already have a passionate creative attacker in Rooney and in reality Berbatov is not going to be forced to leave until he's had a chance to prove himself.... Our only solution Benzema! And SAF knows it!

Posted by Vinod on 06/11/2009

Glazer - pump in 20mil more and buy ALL of NEWCASTLE.....

Posted by Toni Nguyen on 06/11/2009

CR7 won ManU 3 EPL, without him, the other big three will take the crown. It'd take a couple of years for ManU to rebuild their team because they are an ONE MAN ManU and no player can replace him. F Ribery does not want to play in England and Roodney cannot carry a team because he is unreliable

Posted by john on 06/11/2009

what can i say im a bit disapointed that his going, but at the end of the day were 80 millions pounds richer, bring on the arrivels Franck Ribery,Antonio Valencia, Karim Benzema, and Klaas-Jan Huntelaar... four top players and in there own way man utd will win the Champions league and premiare league again...



Posted by Joshua Yu on 06/11/2009

It's a right choice for Man U. It's time to re-build the team and we have put too many focus on C. Ronaldo. With that much of cash, we can buy at least 3 top players. I'm hate to read the news for the past 2 years on leaving of Ronaldo...

Posted by Lee on 06/11/2009

aaahh...manutd has broken another record again. this time that record will stay at least for another 3 years. OMG...thx very much for the 80m, r. madrid.

Posted by habtamu bekele on 06/11/2009

I think it is a good decission made by Sir alex to let Ronaldo go. Coz Ronaldo wanted to leave manu and joins real madrid few years ago. It won't be good for both the club and Ronaldo himself if he stays for more years. Anyways manu is manu always, even without Ronaldo. Wit the 80 mill. Sir alex knows what to do i hope.
Wish Ronaldo all the best in his future

Posted by Or on 06/11/2009

There is no way Real Madrid would win with their crappy defence. Barcelona is a much more balance team!

Posted by Dave on 06/11/2009

It was time. While a great tallent on the field, he thinks too highly of himself. Next in line at the exit is Nani. Go get a bis time stopper in mid-field ala Roy Keane, start playing Rooney up top like Capello does, one new winger, and then decide on super-sub Tevez or some other forward, and United will be fine.

Posted by Nazir Malik on 06/11/2009

We have lost other iconic wingers before and survived. Think Kanchelskis and Beckham. The reality is the money is too good and there is no player bigger than the club. I'm glad there won't be another drawn out "will-he-won't-he" saga through-out the rest of the summer.

Posted by Joe on 06/11/2009

I am too sad right now.
Ronaldo was my hero.
Now who do you look up to?
Park? no. Scholes? no. Van Der Sar? too old, so no. Tevez is leaving for city upon completion of Berbatov contract. Rooney needs Duct tape for his mouth. Man U isn't Man U anymore.

"I wouldn't sell a virus to that mob"

-fergie on real madrid

Posted by RST11 on 06/11/2009

Finally. Now I can read the top stories without seeing all the drivel-ridden articles speculating on whether CR is leaving and who said what and how others are upset by it...yada yada yada. No worries for United fans. People were concerned about where the goals would come from when Ruud left and three straight titles came. Now it's time for Tosic, Macheda, Gibson, Evans and others to step in. SAF has never struggled much in getting good top quality talent and with 80 million extra in the bank, they can afford it easily. Thanks for the trophies Ronnie and best of luck in Madrid!

Posted by big bird on 06/11/2009

whatever.. knn!

Posted by shissy on 06/11/2009

Sir Alex should have tried to get Robben in the Ronaldo deal

Posted by Steve Taylor on 06/11/2009

Most of you that are saying "good riddance" are hyporcrites. If Ronaldo would've turned down the move to the Burnebeu, most of you would be applauding him for that and saying he shoud be a United player. United fans weren't protesting Furgeson's decision not to sell him a month ago. You welcomed it. Now that he is leaving the club, you have nothing good to say about him. Hypocrites. Unite wouldn't have won anything without Ronaldo in the squad the last few years. Just as we aspire for change and greater challenges in life, athletes have dreams and aspirations as well. Sometimes those dreams/aspirations result in players leaving one club for another. As fans, we have every reason to be disappointed, but that does not justify vitriol towards the player.

Posted by Steve on 06/11/2009

Good Riddance. He can go and play in Spain where the refs blow their whistle if someone even looks at you wrong. That should fit his style just fine.

Posted by Mike on 06/11/2009

With such a huge offer, it's a wise decision to take money!

BTW, I always wonder where & how the money of Real Madrid come from! £139m (US$228m) for 2 players!
Is it something about dirty $$$ ... corruptions?

Posted by PreetSG on 06/11/2009

I am a Man U Fan, and I think that this may be a good thing. For one PLEASE sign Tevez. He is Man U in the blood. Secondly, lets bleed our young guns and beat the s*** out of Liverpool again. Lastly, we need a back-up for Hargreaves. That is rare to find a Makelele kind of player. We have that, we would still be the favorites...

Posted by Hendry on 06/11/2009

I think Man U's best player is Rooney.
So I don't mind if Ronaldo quit Man U.

Actually I'm very happy if Ronaldo quits. Cos I really hate him.
I'm sure a lot of people agree with me.

Besides It's time for La Liga to conquer Europe

Posted by Chigozie on 06/11/2009

Ronaldo is good, we will miss his immense contribution in the field of play, both is time to sihn up RIBERY, BENZEMA AND a good holding midfielder(Hargreaves)still in the frame, ManU still the best. All hail Fergie and Saf.

Posted by Julian Dutton on 06/11/2009

The money there now. No reason not to keep Tevez and bring in Ribery. Tevez is all heart and wants to stay. Ronaldo will be missed for sure, at least we won't have to see him complaining all the time, get up and get on with it.

Posted by leigh on 06/11/2009

Truth must be said Ronaldo is a gr8 player and yes manutd brought about his greatness but lets not be haters he is the worlds best check his goals and skills while in Manu.SAF has to get it right next season for a winger i know Manutd has a history of producing the worlds best wingers.
Truth be said Nani,Berbatov(still manageable) are wastes lets get Tevez back.Its time to rebuild and pls SAF leave rooney alone in front.Tosic will be a revelation if given the opportunity.YAYA TOURE will also be a good buy he will jump at MANU gladly.BENZEMA too wud be gud.Be prepared to see a winger that is relatively unknown and Manu should not fail in getting the New Lionel messi(JAVIER PASTORE).ANTONIO VALENCIA is a gud player but not the kind of winger u get sleepless over.A YOUNG DEFENDER is needed as well RIO is injury prone rite now and wat happens when VIDIC is injured ,problems-Pls note that all premiership teams are going to gang up against us nest season-Hatrick of EPL.leigh,Lagos,Nigeria

Posted by hussian on 06/11/2009

he was a great player for man u ...... i m gonna miss him... i gonaa miss every single minute he played in man u jersy .... he was great player to the club ..... he scored 42 goals .... thats wat nobody at man u did .... we all love him ... and gonna miss him ... gudluck ronaldo

Posted by Suleiman B. on 06/11/2009

Think of Man U as a Tripod with CR7 as one the legs,now that one leg is snatched away i wonder if a tripod can stand on two legs.In my opinion only F. Rebery can be thought of as a replacement for CR7.
For madrid,i think sky is the limit!

Posted by Austinejp on 06/11/2009

Yes.I think Ronaldo worth that price. it the best of him to leave Man Utd now that the ovation is high. my probelm it that he may not do well in real madrid. Who will Man Uted buy inplace of him? Anyway, I am a Chelsea fan

Posted by Joseph on 06/11/2009

Sadly as it may seem to a Man U fan,not a Man U fan though, He's time was up and it's good Sir Alex let him go. I would fight for the likes of Tevez anytime compared to Ronaldo.

Posted by K on 06/11/2009

I always felt he was an amazing player. But his heart is no longer in Manchester United. I guess SAF figured it out too. Manchester United groomed him to be a world player. And this is how he repayed them. Perhaps it is a good decision to let this man go.

I am sure Man Utd will not falter despite his departure. They've got players who can meet the standards. Now they have more chances to play.

Posted by Sanj on 06/11/2009

It had to happened, though I feel very sad. He is a complete player. Left foot, Right foot, Skills, Control, Dribbling and of course scoring goals from every part of the football field, free kicks, assists/crossing, and to top it off a magnificent header of the ball.

No one player in the world can replace him because he is the best footballer in the world. Even if SAF brings in quality players, they won't be able to click straight away.

Only hope is if Macheda, Anderson and Nani step up and play football at a level, they are being hoped of reaching.

Posted by henrik on 06/11/2009

what?! Man Utd should have held out for more. Remember whenever Man Utd tries to buy someone, the club will not budge until Man Utd pays an exorbitant amount. So yes, I'm surprised after so many years and so many lessons, Man Utd did not go out and tell Madrid to come back with 100m pounds.

And it's the footballer of the year you're talking about (whether you like his attitude is another thing), who is going to replace him. Please don't kid yourself that Macheda and Nani can do it because if they could, SAF would have put them in the first XI long time ago.

I think Man Utd is going to lose the crown. Heck, even with Ronaldo, they do not look like they can win it a 4th consecutive time, so this could be a good excuse...

And why is everyone talking about Benzema. Go get Villa, he cost much less and is an equal with that twat torres.

Posted by Alez on 06/11/2009

Madrid is not only a club full of silverwares, but also a charismatit club with vast of money which can attract world class players such as kaka and ronald. So, it has already shown that madrid is the most powerful world class club on the planet ever produced.

Don't you agree?

But there are still slightly problems with madrid's defenses. Madrid has already good attacking options now, but they are lacking world class defenders (which can always put iker cassilas in busy).

So, dear mr. perez please buy 1 or 2 defenders such as either Rio Ferdinand, John Terry, or Carles Puyol (If barcelona will bee willing :).

Indonesian Arsenal Fan.....!

Posted by andrew on 06/11/2009

No 1 is larger than the TEAM. Is good he left or else every end of the season we hear all sort of STUPID stories bout HE 1 2 LEAVE........

I will be burning my "fire-cracker" tonite to celebrate he is GONE for good!!!!

Posted by Stan on 06/11/2009

I can't believe man utd let him go for so cheap!
when beckham came, he sold 1 million shirts in 6 months! that's over 70mill euros in 6months. not including his image rights..Ronaldo will do the same and more due to madrid's vast fan base. don't forget Kaka has some pull as well! Great buys from Perez, 2 world class game changing players in 1 weeks.

Cristiano is only 24yrs old, he hardly get's injured! He is also at the peak of his powers. His impact will be even better due to La Liga's attacking style & lack of emphasis on defence!!

United will always challenge for the prem league title, but this sale may have let chelsea/Liverpool take over.

Face it United fans, uz lacked creativity when Ronaldo missed games last season! You can't just simply replace your main player and focus point.

Sure this will help Rooney became a better player, but a lack of wingers will hurt, also a lack of creaivity in the midfield will make united one dimensional.

Posted by Anonymous on 06/11/2009

he's good but for that amount of money that can be used to buy a few experienced well-known stars it's well worth it..

Posted by Billionnaire on 06/11/2009

Ronaldo doesn't shine on big days. He can terrorize small teams but you can look for him on big teams and country duties (Portugal)and fail to see him. i don't know what he will do in Spain. the price tag would have been for Messi but not Ronaldo

Posted by D Chen on 06/11/2009

Man U doesnot need crying, spoilt show boy! Good deal, SAF! Bring some good team players, we will be top of the world again. Long Live, Man U!

Posted by BWass on 06/11/2009

If we buy robben like some have said...i'll stop being a United fan.

Posted by Matrixslb on 06/11/2009

United already have Ronaldo's replacement on the squad. Its Nani...

Posted by Ben on 06/11/2009

Ronaldo was brilliant for United, he will be missed. As for Real Madrid, they will be amazing going forward, but they are terrible in defence. They will be chasing Barca again if that is not upgraded.

Posted by Stanley on 06/11/2009

With all the money that they receive, now they should be able to get Ribery, Benzema, and Thierry Henry for a combined total of about 100.. Man Utd still gonna lose Tevez and that's why they can replace him with Benzema and Henry... How's that ?? It will be a MUCH BETTER Man Utd side for real next season..

Posted by george on 06/11/2009

i don't think that Man U should sell C-Rod cuz they would be losing one of best players that they have... Don't get me wrong $131 million dollars i would take the money but if u like the team i would just stay

Posted by John Archbold on 06/11/2009

I've been a Man.United fan since the days of george Best and I've seen all the brilliant players come and go.

I have only one regret in this whole fiasco....

I wish Keano had been with us in the CL Final - first time Ronaldo starts his whining and keano wouldv'e straightened that crap out!

Still, he did us well during his stay and I wish him good luck.

Sign Tevez now!!! and, while you're at it.....move Berbatov out in a deal to get Benzema.

Posted by Jude Adilbert on 06/11/2009

What an absolute sell out!!! I would be disgusted if I was a man u supporter but as it turns out I'm a liverpool man. Lets see how many trophies untied get without anyone to do the diving from now on!!

Posted by Aza on 06/11/2009

1.) I think its a good move for united becoz the squad will now have more balance to it. Rather than relying on Ronaldo to be the point of attack and the instigator of most attacking moves.
2.) The question is will Man Utd get back on track?? Most probably yes..but as before it may take them at least a few seasons. Lets remember that CR7 did in fact save united in many games over the past 3 years. The last 2 campaigns he practically won the title himself, as most of his goal were created from his own ability not team plays.
3.) The most important thing people tend to forget is that football is a business and the players are the products. But not only that for the player personally, it was his childhood dream to play for Madrid, and he has the opportunity to live it...wouldn't you do the same if you had the opportunity to grasp what you always wanted??
4.) It really is win win for both clubs.

Posted by koko on 06/11/2009

Now ,the talent had gone already.MU should use the new money to buy Torres and Messi.Torres use 50 million and Messi 70 million.Then,buy Michael Owen with 100 million dollar.Michael Owen will recuse Machested United.

Posted by MMFY on 06/11/2009

This is an excellent chance for SAF to do the rebuilding trick one last time - true we may suffer immediately as any new emerging talent or marquee star takes to bed in, but doing this in 2003 allowed us 3 yrs of glory including a hattrick of titles adn the ECL (no mean feat for any club in 10 yrs much less 6 yrs). Ronaldo wass an integral part of the team but only because SAF made him...plucking him from relative obscurity to superstardom. The world dmoves on and talent will never stop emerging, so it's up to us to unearth another gem (and maybe one with more loyalty). Good luck to him in teh new galactico era, but, once we INVEST properly , we can and should be stronger in the long run and maybe pay off a bit of that debt too! Hear hear to getting a creative player, defensive-minded midfielder and maybe a winger and RB to offset losing ONE player ;) thx for the millions Madrid.

Posted by colin on 06/11/2009

being a man u fan for more than 20 yrs, i believe he should hav long gone..

Posted by aso on 06/11/2009

It is outrageous to pay such an amount for a single player when Newcastle is up for 100M, I think Real should be probed, they are destroying football. Before we all thought that football was a game of joy but it seems both the owners of club and players are now taking fans for granted.

It was a month ago when SAF said he wont even sell virus to Real, why didn’t him come open and tell we the fans that the deal was under negotiation, nobody is an island quite well but we the fans should be carried along. I spend my hard earn money to watch MU but it seems everyone there is out for his own personal wealth and forgets the fan that pays his way to the stadium. I am a lover of good football and I think fans should be respected as well.

Posted by Dav on 06/11/2009

59m for kaka, 80m for ronaldo.. HOW THE HELL DID MADRID GET THAT KIND OF $$$$$ ???

Posted by Mark Cannon on 06/11/2009

Ronnie leaving means 10 less points in the Prem regardless of who is signed.
Putting this in perspective means a 3rd place finish for Utd behind Liverpool and Chelsea and the '' Old Hairdryer'' leaving at the end of next season.
The cycle has finished folks and watch my prediction come true.

Posted by Marco cu on 06/11/2009

Tevez, Ronaldo and might even Vidic will leave. I cant imagine how United will look like next season. I think Ronaldo is worth more than 80 million pounds as he can bring at least 90 million euro to Real Madrid from his image and shirt. Why dont you put your self at his position. I think he is not really happy at Man United that's why he wanted to leave few years ago. I dont think he is a traitor, it is just because he is not treated well at Man United. I am Man United Fans and i am glad that he is leaving and United will not be no 1 contender for next season.

Posted by Goblin on 06/11/2009

one word... NANI!! nuff said

Posted by Ace on 06/11/2009

He may be an arrogant, me-first player, but the fact remains that Ronaldo is the best player in the world and Man U will not be able to fully replace such a talent. Certainly they can bring in some other great players & likely still be the best team in the EPL, but they will surely drop a notch in terms of their overall world/UEFA standing. Barca clearly surpassed them this year and now it looks like Real Madrid likely will too (although that remains to be proven on the field of course), and even in their own backyard they look to have a difficult task at holding off Liverpool and Chelsea again.

This move is clearly all about money and, as a Man U fan, it disappoints me greatly. There simply is no match (not even Messi, I dont care what he did this year) for Ronaldo's overall combination of pace, skill, physical prowess, and unbelievable free kicks.

Posted by Lioneww on 06/11/2009

With such extensive amount of money Man U can develop a squad that have greater depth then ever. Imagine Karim benzema, Frank Ribery, Antonio Valencia, with rooney and Berbatov. If Tevez were to stay, this attacking force would be better than 6 ronaldo combined.

However we cannot doubt the magic that he has brought to the club through his stay. With all those spectacular goals and free kicks. HE would be remembered as one of the best players. But the time has come for Man u to pick up from here, and retain their titles, with a more versatile squad with the likes of those that Sir Alex Ferguson is going to buy.

All the way Man u!!!

Posted by Mike on 06/11/2009

A good deal. Go and help Real. Football is business now.

Posted by yinka heze on 06/11/2009

Well this was always going to happen and I think now was the right time for him and United to part ways. we have never lost a number 7, we gain. Ronaldo surely made his mark at Man UNITED, EVERY MAN HAS THE RIGHT TO DECIDE HIS own DESTINY, YOU MUST MAKE THE BEST OF EVERY SITUATION BEFORE THE SHOW IS OVER! If he thinks he needs another challenge, good for him. But i wasnt a fan of his arrogance n petulance.

Posted by gordon on 06/11/2009

Ronaldo is a great player, but he had a midfield at Utd who fought and won the ball and provided him the supply of possession, he won't have that at Real.

Posted by tc0411 on 06/11/2009

in this case, can ferguson keep tevez, n spend the rest of this 80million to buy 2 good players?

Posted by 11TheGR8tst on 06/11/2009

WTF does Platini have to say now? Its Madrid who are totally ruining the transfer market by signing players for unreasonable sums. And suddenly he seems to have shut his trap. Well as for me as a Man Utd fan, its bitter sweet. though we surely miss his talents we surely wont miss the arrogance and disruptive influence he brings to the team. Atleast now Fergie can give Rooney a more central role.

Posted by Evans Blue on 06/11/2009

In Fergie We Trust!

Posted by munawar on 06/11/2009

the best news...ronaldo is leacin...there is no place for a unloyal player in man u...all the best and ronaldo not bigger than man U...sir alex knows what he is doing...he is the man..he will lead us to sucess..100percent sure...good bye CR7.

Posted by Donny on 06/11/2009

CR is a really good player and helped MU a lot in past few years. It is not possible to find a replacement. However, his heart is not always with MU. We must respect his personal wish to join Real.Wish him all the best in Spain.
MU might enter the same period as in 2003 of the post Beckham era. A new chagllenge for ASF.
Lastly, never believe in MU and Real Madrid with regard to transfer rumour. See Beckham, NiterRoy, Heinze and now CR. They seem like a group company.

Posted by Joe fakunle on 06/11/2009

As a Manu fan I am not happy Ronaldo is leaving. He is a great player. I am looking forward to a classic between him and Messi in La liga. Will know soon who is greater between the two. Alex should use the money judiciously to buy good players; probably wont be able to get any better players but who knows he may well conjure up another Ronaldo.

Posted by Richard - Chicago on 06/11/2009

80 Million Pounds, I would take that sort of money... no player is bigger then the club
Now lets see what Fergy does, I am sure there is a little surprise for us all, and by August 16th, all will be back to Normal...
Perhaps Fergy will buy Essien from Chelsea.

Posted by felixsavon on 06/11/2009

Since football is 'business' and entertainment United did get a good return on their investment. Kudos to Fergie! I never second guess Fergie's notion of 'Team First' firm stand, we must look forward and enjoy Rooney, Berbatov, Nani, Welbeck...and the list goes on. We thank him for his contribution to the team and in return he must have the decency to appreciate his formative period at United. That is why football is intriguing.
On to the next season...Go Red Devils (Army)

Posted by redfan on 06/11/2009

let's see how MAN U go on without The Virus.

Posted by henrik on 06/11/2009

I think fans have forgotten how United struggled at the start of the season without Ronaldo. Did Nani solve the problem? No, United still struggled. Did anyone step up and solve the problem? No one did convincingly. It was only when Ronald returned that the drive and imagination came back. So please brace yourself for a long tough season. I'm a United by the way, but I'm realistic and I can see that for all his antics, Ronaldo does always gives his best and United always looked different when he played.

Posted by dante12 on 06/11/2009

I hate to say this man u sell one hack of a player..but i belive in sir alex too to find a better number 7 with a better attitude.ronaldo is damn good but without ronney,berbatov,giggs,teves and scoles and so on...he will not be that u &co always try to help him. lets see what is he going to do in it for the best or for the worst

Posted by RoyT on 06/11/2009

No doubt Ronaldo is a good player but he was not loyal to the club and the fans. I thank you for his SERVICE during the time he was on the pitch. I really wish him playing in Madrid as successful as Owen, Woodgate, McManaman, Henize, Pepe & Saviola. Believe me or not, he will be the first World Football Player playing for a Middle East club before he turns 30. Let's see!

So how do we spend that £80m? How about Aston Villa's trio? Petrov, A. Young and Agbonlahor? Petrov may be too old but is a good companion of Berbatov. Newcastle's Martins is also a budget buy. Rooney + Young + Agbonlahor + Martins = Jenson Button.

Who's after Ronaldo? Tevez? Good if he can stay but it is not worth to spend more than £20m. Sir Alex should also consider to let Anderson, Hargreaves and Nani go.

Let's check with Perez to see if he is willing to pay another £80m for the trio - Anderson, Hargreaves and Nani (though he may interesed to pay £1b for old trio - van der Sar, Scholes and Giggs!

Posted by Nick on 06/11/2009

All these Man U fans saying that it was time for him to go, is the biggest bunch of BS I have ever read. I don't recall anyone saying that when he was plastering the nets with goal after goal last season. As I have always thought, Man U fans are a bunch of rubbish. They are about as devoted to their players as I am devoted to being the first male to win Miss USA. Grow up and respect what he has done for your club. He is so vitally important to the style Man U plays and it will be very interesting to see how the mummy SAF deals with it. If they think Macheda is a solution, they are smoking crack. Ronaldo, hate him as I do, is the best offensive player in the world. On the ball, striking, heading...he has it all. I will be laughing Chelsea all the way to an EPL title next season.

Posted by David on 06/11/2009

Real thought they will win La Liga and Champions League next season with purchases of 59 mil pounds (Kaka) and 80 mil pounds (Ronaldo)? They never learnt from mistake, do they? So what if you buy all the best players in the world? Team work is the most important thing in football. That has been demostrated by Barcelona for all to see. Anyway, next season, you will see how MESSI owned La Liga and Champions League. He is simply the BEST! He is gonna be the next Ballon D’Or! Good luck Real~ Try to spend more on players and have more debts ya.. Hahahaha..
Lastly, to Real, please remember these numbers - 6 and 2. Barca 6 - 2 Real.. This is how you are OWNED!

Once a Barcelona Fan, Alwiz a Barcelona Fan

Posted by kelvin on 06/11/2009

well he has finally made the move.i as an individual am a full tyme fc barcelona fan.all i know i can say to cr7 is welcom to la liga.letz see if he'll be able to cope.i wish him the very best of bad luck as he had dog his grave.enjoy SPAIN.

Posted by Tom on 06/11/2009

Real Madrid are messing up the world of soccer. i get that they are trying to be what they used to be: dominate team in europe. But Real are doing so by buying players and busting the bank, not developing more players from their youth academy. On two players (Kaka and Ronaldo) Real has spent 57M and 80M pounds respectively. That means that madrid has spent more money on two players than what an entire club is worth (Newcastle for 100M pounds). it is just ridiculous how real Madrid buys kaka and sets a new transfer redord and then later in the week break the record that they set earlier when the buy Ronaldo.

Im not hating on Real Madrid but they need to develop players from their own club and not buy as many players worth a shitload of money.

Posted by screw_face on 06/11/2009

cristiano is gone. i guess its been coming for 2 seasons now. say what u want but he's irreplaceable. i think we should invest in the centre of midfield and try our hardest to keep tevez. maybe we could try and adopt a 4-3-3 with rooney, berbatov and tevez. all three are capable of alternating between the central striker and supporting striker roles. we need a REALLY good defensive midfielder..cause hargreaves looks like he's never going to to be back to his best with all his injuries as well as a creative center midfield player. i think miguel veloso and joao moutinho would both be good buys. gary neville needs to retire.he's slow and makes us very vulnerable especially on the counter attack.paul scholes and ryan giggs should only be fringe players now and shouldnt be depended on for BIG games for the simple fact that they're OLD. i dont think we need another striker because wellbeck and macheda are good enough coming off the bench. valencia from wigan would also be a good buy.

Posted by Philbert on 06/11/2009

Let's be honest guys...There's never been a time I felt like Man Utd was unbeatable as those sparkling times when this chap was the engineer of United's midfield and outfield [Wings] And true it's only during his time that United smelt the 1999 Treble with much confidence...Am gonna miss him. But as Artz says it...Get Benzema [30M] and Ribery [50] Then we can even beat a Real Madrid with both Kaka and Ronaldo.

We can only look into the future with the Confidence that we've always had during such times...and hope for the best. Remember Beckhams departure? Glory Man United and Farewell Cristiano!!!

Posted by soccerfool72 on 06/11/2009

koko I love the idea your putting out there but really liverpool won't sell torres when they are on the cusp of challenging us and I highly doubt Barcelona will sell messi weeks after winning the champions league in addition to the spanish primera. And owen is not worth 100 million dollars right now he isn't even playing for his country. We need to invest this money wisely on good young players retain tevez look to get benzema and possibly ribery. I know that this blow will initially hurt but i honestly believe it will make us a better team, team being the key word. Ronaldo was too much of a one man show and unwilling to give up the ball to his teammates with him gone we can get hardworking teamplayers on the squad and go back to glory. Also this move will let rooney shine without that pain of a ballhog on his side. Give us one year of down time and i truly believe we will be back to prominence.

Posted by Roberto on 06/11/2009

Ronaldo is a fine player, if immature and arrogant. But the money involved is absolutely obscene. At a time when we are in a global recession, Spain has an unemployment rate of over 18 percent, and ticket prices are already unaffordable for the average fan, this deal is irresponsible. It's absurd. Gentlemen of Real Madrid, please have some perspective. The Real world needs to become part of the real world.

Posted by Haris on 06/11/2009

No matter how bad his antics was on and off the field, United will miss him. His abilities and more importantly his goals will be hard to replaced. If he behaved like a true Devil's should, I'm sure we all will mourn his departure. But he does behave questionably sometimes and that makes his move easy to digest for United supporters.

To more important matter, unless United spend the 80mil wisely, it will be hard to see United repeating the success of the last 3 seasons. Ribery and Benzema is automatically in every Devil's fan but I'm perplexed by the lack of interest shown in the Dutch contingent whom seems unwanted at Real Madrid. Huntelaar, Van Der Vart, Sneijder and dare I say it, Robben would certainly be good inclusions. Plus they would come cheap. I'm not suggesting United buy all of them. Any two is enough to strengthen the team.

Adeus Cristiano.

Posted by Mike on 06/11/2009

To people who are pissed off about the fee. It is not how much Real Madrid payed to get Ronaldo, it is the amount at which Man Utd agreed to let Real Madrid talk to him. Real Madrid is going to be amazing this year. Money CAN buy you championships, haha

Posted by Garfield on 06/11/2009

I think Man U should have gotten at least 100mil for Christiano. Sir Alex must invest these funds immediately with two world class signings ( ETO and RIBERY ) which I believe will fill the void of this great lost of talent. At the end of the day Man U will win more trophies and championships in the immediate future than Madrid because Ronaldo will never acheive what he accomplish at Man U.

Posted by hunter on 06/11/2009


LIVERPOOL has a real chance now to go all the way next year!!!

Posted by .... on 06/11/2009

hes a traitor n shud leave man untied will still be the bes without him....wel get better players nw that he lft:@

Posted by RedimJo on 06/11/2009

He wanted to leave,wanted to play for Real,i think it's a smart move by Man Utd,with the cash they got they can certainly get a very good player,we thank him for his services,and we move on to winning more championships

Posted by Steve on 06/11/2009

It is outrageous to pay such an amount for a single player when Newcastle is up for 100M, I think Real should be probed, they are destroying football."

typical response from a ManU fan, not so much fun when its YOUR player who gets bought up is it ?
Whats good about how Man U is run, over $1billion in debt, blinkered fans once again.

Posted by screw_face on 06/11/2009

cristiano is gone. i guess its been coming for 2 seasons now. say what u want but he's irreplaceable. i think we should invest in the centre of midfield and try our hardest to keep tevez. maybe we could try and adopt a 4-3-3 with rooney, berbatov and tevez. all three are capable of alternating between the central striker and supporting striker roles. we need a REALLY good defensive midfielder..cause hargreaves looks like he's never going to to be back to his best with all his injuries as well as a creative center midfield player. i think miguel veloso and joao moutinho would both be good buys. gary neville needs to retire.he's slow and makes us very vulnerable especially on the counter attack.paul scholes and ryan giggs should only be fringe players now and shouldnt be depended on for BIG games for the simple fact that they're OLD. i dont think we need another striker because wellbeck and macheda are good enough coming off the bench. valencia from wigan would also be a good buy.

Posted by John on 06/11/2009

With Liverpool cash strapped, United should do a cash and player swap (Berbatov for Torres). Add Benzema and retain Tevez and it will be Ronaldo who year in 2009?

Posted by lazmay on 06/11/2009

In as much as Ronaldo may have his shortfalls(just like any other human being)i think he did an incredible job for Man Utd and all Utd fans should be gratefull and wish him well.But trust me, Sir alex will be able to pick one unkown guy and turn him into a world star(just as he did with Ronaldo). I think its time to get Benzema to Old Trafford

Posted by M2 on 06/11/2009

It's kind of funny when the delicate sensibilities of Man Utd. fans get offended. Real Madrid is such a bully. Can you believe the nerve of them?

Posted by nookie on 06/11/2009


Posted by Greg McBride on 06/11/2009

Ronaldo is a diving tw*t and should by no means mentioned in the same breathe as Best! Even though despise United, Fergie is an intelligent businessman and knows the team will be better with the money and getting rid of this soon to be cancer. What Real Madrid and Perez have failed to realize is the best player of The Galatico Era was Makalele, not Zidane. Throw that in with Roberto Carlos and you had two of the five best defenders in The World, which is what made Real so powerful. When Maka left to join us at Chelsea it was the end of Perez, Real, and The Galacticos. As great as Raul, Zidane, and Figo where, Maka's briliiance was written off and Real where punished for it. I imagine they will go for Tevez or Mascherano as they absolutely need a Holding MF, although as it stands I do not see them challenging Barca. I am curious will rail on Real for their transfer market activities, or turn it around that Fergie sold him too high and keep being a Frog the England is runing football!!!!

Posted by jos on 06/11/2009

Its a big mistake man u sold Ronaldo..he is the main key player in man u. Without him man u will suffer. Let have an eye see. Guys what would u think bout man u performance recently? without ronaldo man u really lost their way..even basic attack also a problem!!!

Posted by jos on 06/11/2009

Its a big mistake man u sold Ronaldo..he is the main key player in man u. Without him man u will suffer. Let have an eye see. Guys what would u think bout man u performance recently? without ronaldo man u really lost their way..even basic attack also a problem!!!

Posted by Adam on 06/11/2009

Its funny how many Man utd fans can turn against Ronaldo now that he's going, instead of cherishing all the magic moments he made for the club. What a bitter bunch, Brewin included!!!

Posted by Paul on 06/11/2009

He's not going to Real Madrid for the football but for the spanish girls... I'm happy he's finally gone... Just wish him the best and don't he cry when Man Utd lifts the next Champion's League Trophy!! No one is indispensable... so good luck to him!

Posted by mickey516 on 06/11/2009

well...i'd like to say good luck to ronaldo. as a MANU fan i would like to see him do well since we're responsible for making him into such a good player. i think his departure is good for the club...we want players that'll bleed for the shirt and he's not such a player. such rumours never circulate about Rio or Rooney at the end of any season. we've always trusted our manager to make the right decisions for the club and he will.

lets get some players with a little heart into the team...and lets get behind them once again. LONG LIVE MAN UNITED.

Posted by papajohn19 on 06/11/2009

We may be disgusted by an £80M price, but that's the way the free market works. Other than that, you can't really blame anyone here. Hard to fault a Portuguese for wanting to play for a glamorous Iberian club. Hard to fault RM for making desperate grabs, not when they just endured a poor season while their rival won everything, and not when they have gobs of money through numerous revenue sources as well as fawning Spanish banks. Hard to fault Man Utd, given the price they are being paid.

Any United fan who slags off CR7 now clearly has his/her head up their you-know-what. He was the key contributor to massive amounts of hardware, both domestic and abroad. That said, United will be fine. Given the lofty standards the supporters have, they would probably view a 2nd place EPL finish as a total failure but the fact is, this is a top 2 or 3 club this very second. With money to spend, they will get better and continue on their merry way. Other clubs should have such "problems"!

Posted by md on 06/11/2009

Wow! What an immature blog entry by Mr. Brewin. I'm sorry it is hard for Mr. Brewin to understand that a Southern European player came to United, destroyed the EPL and United record books, and left for pastures he preferred. Mr. Brewin's entry demonstrates nothing more than bitterness, insecurity, and jealousy. It says a lot more about Mr. Brewin than CR7. Let the campaign begin to make sure CR7 is never considered such a ManU legend because he isn't of the same ethnicity as the "true" legends. And I speak as a ManU fan!!!

Posted by Anonymous on 06/11/2009

Manchester are gonna have a hard time next few seasons, they need to replace the likes of van der sar, neville, scholes, giggs and now of course ronaldo.

will be hard for MO to win the epl and champions league next season.Hope SAF has something mastermined already.


Posted by Sean Kinny on 06/11/2009

If you think about it, Real Madrid could make a huge profit off of Ronaldo. When Beckham left Man Utd to Real Madrid, Club officials said its main souvenir shop alongside the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium sold 8,000 shirts in the first day. In total, I think Beckham brought in over one million David Beckham shirts when he was at Real Madrid. Think of how many shirts will be sold with "Ronaldo" on the back. Id probably get one!

Posted by Nelson on 06/11/2009

Im so glad I can watch Ronaldo play in Spain. Now I dont have to listen to that idiot Tommy Smiths idiotic rants. Goodbye Man U

Posted by Wally Wabasg on 06/11/2009

First off, it sucks owning 3 C. Ronaldo Jerseys. Let's be real here, it is tough putting a price tag on the best and most electrifying player in soccer. He is young and still has several years of greatness in the tank. That being said, 80 million pounds isn't a bad return on investment. Even though his time at United was marked with disagreements with teammates, selfishness, and turning his back on the team; it was also marked with several trophies as well. All-in-all, it is a bitter-sweet feeling for me. He was an asshole, but a very talented one at that.

Real screwed up not in signing Ronaldo, but in signing Kaka. He is know, at best, their 2nd biggest player. They now have 4 top tier attacking mids in Guti, Sneider, Van der Vaart and now Kaka. At least 2 of these guys will have to ride the pine. This team, like the 2003 Galacticos, certainly possess talent and stardom, yet it is mostly up front supported by a weak back line. To be Continued below...

Posted by Sir Alex on 06/11/2009

You all seems to dislike ronaldo! Lets face it, we will surely miss him. I don't care whether he is leaving or not, the only thing that is pissing me off is Real... i still believe that money doesn't bring pride and success to a team. Dedicated players and team work does that on the other hand. Team like chelsea have learn this and i hope real will do when they file for bankruptcy one day.

Posted by Derek on 06/11/2009

1. For all the people who claim Ronaldo doesn't show up in big games, let's not forget he scored 2 goals and assisted on the other in the 3-1 Champions League semifinal win over Arsenal, scored the winner at Porto in the Quarterfinals, and scored the only Man U goal in the Champions League Final last year.
2. Over the past 3 seasons at Man U, he has scored 91 goals in 155 games, which is incredible for any player, nevermind a winger.
3. Every time he touches the ball, he makes something happen. He can create goals out of nothing, which he has done numerous times for Man U. He has single-handedly won countless games for United with free-kicks, headed goals, amazing runs and finishes, and long range goals.

I don't understand why Man U fans won't recognize Ronaldo as one of the best players in club history. Were it not for him, Man U doesn't win any trophies the last few years. They should consider themselves lucky to have been graced with such a fine footballing talent.

Posted by paul on 06/11/2009

He was great, embarrassing tantrums at times. A player has a short career and although I think a mistake to leave, he has to look out for himself at times. But Utd have lots of other players and will certainly pick up some more. With Berba, Rooney, and hopefully Tevez we have a more than good attack. We'll see what Tosic brings. There's also Park and some youngsters, but probably need 1 good signing. If Hargreaves comes back to form combining with Anderson, who may yet score a goal, Carrick and Fletcher, and Scholes and Giggs more as part timers we'll be in good shape in midfield, although I'd look for some more creativity for that postion. Defense is sound except ?? for RB, but healthy Brown, Rafael with O'Shea will work. Hopefully Evra will finally make a good cross. Will be exciting to see what happens. If no new purchases than the scary thoughts of debt problems will creep in.

Posted by john10 on 06/11/2009

well my opinions and questions over this sitution, ronaldo is a great player and one of my favrite soccer players. well now that he has been offered to real madrid i think thats alot of money for ronaldo 80million. i think this is going to be a great opportunity for real madrid and the spanish clubs having a great athlete being part of their club. this can be a increase on the team from here to now on. this is benefitail for ronaldo and the spanish team real madird even though theres more coming like ricardo kaka, and david villa. theres many opinoins and critizers over ronaldo and real madrid with the exchange of ronaldo to spain.. but things change and i know that ronaldo will help and do the best to make real madrid live the life agian. this has been part of my time over this sitution and god bless alll.

Posted by Mike on 06/11/2009

I can't see how this is positive for United. If they can pick up Ribery as a replacement, I think United will come out ahead. This is not to say that Ribery is better than Ronaldo, just that with all the baggage that comes with CR7, United may be better off.

I am very curious to see how Real perform now. I expect that they will lose to Barca 4-2 instead of 4-0 now! But Ronaldo is a game changer for Real. I don't think that Kaka was going to do much on his own to help them but Ronaldo allows them to do many more things - although passing won't be one of them.

Posted by Wally Wabash on 06/11/2009

First off, it sucks owning 3 C. Ronaldo Jerseys. Let's be real here, it is tough putting a price tag on the best and most electrifying player in soccer. He is young and still has several years of greatness in the tank. That being said, 80 million pounds isn't a bad return on investment. Even though his time at United was marked with disagreements with teammates, selfishness, and turning his back on the team; it was also marked with several trophies as well. All-in-all, it is a bitter-sweet feeling for me. He was an a**hole, but a very talented one at that.

Real screwed up not in signing Ronaldo, but in signing Kaka. He is know, at best, their 2nd biggest player. They now have 4 top tier attacking mids in Guti, Sneider, Van der Vaart and now Kaka. At least 2 of these guys will have to ride the pine. This team, like the 2003 Galacticos, certainly possess talent and stardom, yet it is mostly up front supported by a weak back line. To be Continued below...

Posted by Z.H on 06/11/2009

five words: NOT WORTH THE $130 MILLION

Posted by julian tung on 06/11/2009

i am a loyal MU fan since the cantona era. am not surprise ronaldo leave MU at all as he has been nagging the club to sell him. but i want to thank ronaldo for helping MU to their 18th EPL title and 3rd CPL. his skills is really enjoyable to watch. unfortunately i wont be watching his talent anymore as i am not keen to watch Madrid play. i rather watch Giggs, Rooney & Co defend the EPL next season. am looking fwrd to find out which player SAF going to unveil as the new no. 7 for MU. brace urself my fellow MU die hard fan!!!

Posted by ERU on 06/11/2009

There is no point to keep a player who want to leave. So MU is a club who can always create a great players.With the money they have, now they can buy 2 or 3 world class players just to win the champions league with premier league.

Posted by badboypanger on 06/11/2009

Absolutely delighted that he's finally gone... great money for my beloved MUTD and we can invest in 2-3 players with potential to match or exceed CR's ability.

CYA Ronaldo and I am sure you will just be like other ex-UTD stars after being sold... on your declining path!! Think about it, did any recent MUTD stars continue to raise after leaving manchester?! no one in the past 10 years for sure! Name it: Stam, Becks, Butt, RVN, Cole, Yorke, Heinze... sorry, there just wasn't one...

Posted by jay pj malaysia on 06/11/2009

ronaldo was nobody wen he landed in manu u........people can come n go but d club remains and so r the man u fans....i believed in sir alex that he will bring some young talent and mould him like giggs,scholes,beckham,cantona,roy keane,and many more to come.....and he(ronaldo) not as great as giggs.....beacause he is not loyal likes messi for his club and rooney.....anyway good luck in ur future u for life

Posted by JoeCool on 06/11/2009

Personally,i think Ronaldo was nothing but an ungrateful leech. So,im glad he's leaving. He'll never get the same success with Real Madrid. Not without his providers--Rooney,Carrick etc etc....

Glory Glory Man Utd.even without Ronaldo.
He WONT be missed.

Posted by MUforLife on 06/11/2009

Thank goodness he's gone.
Should have sold him earlier.
Unfaithful scum!

Posted by Mark on 06/11/2009

Great player - will miss him in the EPL, but Man U will still be a force. Use some of the money to get Ribery and Robben and they are set. With Van Der Saar retiring soon, they should also look at another GK. Rooney keeps getting better and better and the defense is still top notch!

Posted by Golden boy on 06/11/2009

Come on, he is such a lousy player. Selfish is his name. Proud is his second nature. Should have let him go last season, he stayed because of the guilt of missing the penalty and his team win it for him. No loyalty involved. I can guarantee that he will do badly in Real Madrid, not even 10 goals. Any takers?

Posted by Barca Campeon on 06/11/2009

I say if Real want to buy players be my guest, Barca are still going to be better because of young talent from the youth academy and no egos on the team(ronaldo). Unity will conquer all and Real ahs none of that!

Posted by Pratisurya Anand on 06/11/2009

Crux of the matter is guy's, After 6 season's, 290 matches and 117 goals...and pound 80m..

time has come, dat the enigma lifts form old trafford and drowns the bernabeau...

Nyhw, i really know sir alex would have a replacement already in mind(ribery,valencia,benzema nybody)..
so hail Man utd,as nobody is bigger than the club!!
Viva Utd

Posted by otto1967 on 06/11/2009

Utd don't have to worry about their "debt mountain." Most football people aren't very bright, but it doesn't take a wizard to understand that what is important is the turnover and profit. And both of those have been growing enormously. And that's profit AFTER the debt payments. And that's w/out the new shirt deal. Fergie's problem is going to be finding the quality of players who are willing to come to OT.

Posted by abbeytumin on 06/11/2009

am a chelsea fan, but either we like it or not a vacum hsa been created in mutd,it will take two season to fill.better for chelsea.for life.

Posted by Ed on 06/11/2009

Amazing how quickly the United fans turn on their best player.

What nobody seems to take into consideration is the reason Madrid can pay these high fees is because the players sign over 50% of their image rights to the club. This has been a requirement under Perez. Beckham made the club loads more than they paid for him because of this. Even the high price for Ronaldo will be made up in image rights eventually.

Posted by Shahraiz on 06/11/2009

well i m an Arsenal fan but i m feeling bad that he should stay wid Man u coz fergi made him CR nd the respect he earned from manutd he wont be able to earn that respect from real madrid nd ronaldo has proved him self to be SELFISH nd unfaithfull

Posted by Shahraiz on 06/11/2009

well i m an Arsenal fan but i m feeling bad that he should stay wid Man u coz fergi made him CR nd the respect he earned from manutd he wont be able to earn that respect from real madrid nd ronaldo has proved him self to be SELFISH nd unfaithfull

Posted by justin on 06/11/2009

first kaka, now christiano. david villa might not be too far away. this is why i hate real, too many dollars and not enough cents, how can they be on cloud nine in these hard financial times while evryone else is struggling, in particular ac milan, the club i support. it hurts when the best player to ever play for ac milan in kaka is forced to leave the club against his will because the club cant afford to keep him, and now it looks like if milan dont get any good signings over the summer we are going to continue to struggle. how have real not suffered through these times, how are they so cashed up and how can they afford to buy any player they want, on paper now they should dominate and have no trouble winning evrything available for them to win. the only hope is that they perform like a team of champions and not a champion team....we can only hope.

Posted by Mike on 06/11/2009

Are you kidding Rooney without Ronaldo ,above average. Yes, give robben to man u! he is more selfish than Ronaldo. Good luck Man U.

Posted by Tony Long on 06/11/2009

It had to happen. In a way its a relief that he's going. I don't think many Utd fans can put up with the shenanigans of a long drawn out repeat tussle between the 2 clubs. The club will miss his talents but Sir Alex has proven time and time again he has always made for it and more by bringing in new players. 80 million pounds. Great player that Ronaldo is still if Real Madrid is crazy and stupid enough to pay that kind of money I'm sure Man U could put a large chunk of it to getting in some decent players. The timing is good too. Better now rather than wait for a time when his petulance and occasional churlish behaviour begins to more than grate on the club, fans and especially Sir Alex. And perhaps the time to leave was nigh when he began critising the manager's tactics at the champions cup final. I was one of many last season who felt he shouldn't leave. We were right for he has given Man U one more outstanding season's performance. Goodbye and good luck Cristiano Ronaldo

Posted by Iwin on 06/11/2009

Real Madrid will destroy the club....they have all the best players yet they still need more...futhermore Ronaldo is getting more big headed at Man Unted and thinking that he's bigger than united. Basically noone is bigger than united.Now Sir Alex need to buy sufficient players to replace the talent as the player that is sorely miss is Hargreaves. United shld buy Ribery and at least a defensive midfielder. David Villa is another best option.

Posted by tom on 06/11/2009

so Ronaldo and van Nistelrooy re-unites again

interesting LOL

Posted by KOYA on 06/11/2009

madrid sent their sperm to club like barca,juve, milan, man u etc. to create new breed of world best player.... with a very fair price... and the question now....WHICH CLUB IS BEING B I T C H BY MADRID!!!!????

Posted by djay on 06/11/2009

thats kinda crazzzy, well good ridance... fergie is gat the mega bucks now so he should be on a spending spree....

Posted by phillip on 06/11/2009

As a United fan, i must admit Ronaldo's departure will leave a huge hole in the midfield. However we should just sign Ribery for and retain tevez with the money.

Real madrid will not win anything next year unless if they purchase 2 quality centre backs. If that happens the 'super classico' between real and barce will be mouth-watering!

Posted by Tim O. on 06/11/2009

I guess it was inevitable, it was just a question of when and for how much. Give Sir Alex credit--they sold Ronaldo at his peak value, and can re-tool the team somewhat. And any comments Sir Alex made previously have to be taken with a grain of salt--especially in the middle of a playing season. Personally, I would re-sign Tevez and go after Ribery, and I am pained to say that as a Bayern Munich fan! But all credit to Cristiano--the best player in the world now. He was a great servant to United, and will do well with Real.

Posted by Vin on 06/11/2009

To be honest, I'll prefer to let him go...what a "big money" £80m for MU. Well, CR attitude is another problem...Strongly recommended to sign Benzema, and Zoran Tosic might be useful for in the future. MU forever!

Posted by Zack Effendi on 06/11/2009

Man U needs to buy a star or two as a direct replacement to Ronaldo. A player with flair and creativity, and able to turn things around. Please oh please buy Franck Ribery cause he's the next biggest star after Ronaldo, Kaka and Messi. Ronaldo as arrogant as he is, he already contributes a lot to Man U and the fact that he is the first BPL player to win FIFPRO World Player of the Year justifies his contribution and talent. Man U shld be thankful for that..Even Bobby Charlton and George Best didn't win FIFA World Player of the Year, did they?

Posted by Vans on 06/11/2009

Man U is going to regret for the rest of te league for selling their prized possession and slump next season. I dun think anyone can ever replace Ronaldo. He is a unique player by himself, a class above the rest of the English leaque.Ferguson will regret which eventually see t his download at Old Traford.

Posted by greg on 06/11/2009

yo now real madrid have kaka and ronaldo this is bs y would they spend soooo much money

Posted by Nani on 06/11/2009

So much for the champion leaque which has changed the loyalty of people like Ronaldo. At the end of the day, it money for people like him, no loyalty and no sense of belonging. These people will go where they are willing to pay the highest. Now he can gloat over being the most expensive player ever... but for how long ... time will tell..

Posted by peter kamau on 06/11/2009

Then lad has surely had a carreer and already has a place in history books both in united and soccer fraternity. There comes a time when one must look for other challenges. The boy has won everything with Man U. He needs to win more with other teams to prove his worth. If not history will judge him very harsh. Wish him well but too bad Premier league has lost a great gem.

Posted by Vincent Tan on 06/11/2009

Thanks CR for the memories, although I loved his match winning performances, he has never endeared himself to me, a MU supporter. Never will he be in the league of Cantona, Bruce, Roy Keane, Giggs, Scholes or even Vidic. Steely determination he has, but United integrity and loyalty he has not. MU made him a star, and will be proud to sell him as a star.

I think it is fair to say that you should never leave a successful club as you only get that winning feeling ONCE in your career.

United fans, I am rubbing my hands with glee, not just from the 80kk quids. There is a reason why we signed Zoran Tosic and Adem Ljajic.

Let's hope we get Ribery.

Posted by peter kamau on 06/11/2009

Then lad has surely had a carreer and already has a place in history books both in united and soccer fraternity. There comes a time when one must look for other challenges. The boy has won everything with Man U. He needs to win more with other teams to prove his worth. If not history will judge him very harsh. The boy is just 24 but possesses crazy desire for trophies.Wish him well but too bad Premier league has lost a great gem. Never wish him failure if we recognize what he did while at Old T. if we let go, it should laways be with both hands.

Posted by kingsley-john on 06/11/2009

It's very certain that MAN U are really going to suffer next season for giving out an inspirational player like C Ronaldo to Madrid.C Ronaldo was the "ROCK,PILLAR AND MAKER OF THERE SOUL".I now see disaster, as the rock and pillar of united been sold out.Now "UNITED" looking "DISUNITED" as there "SOUL" vanish to madrid.they shall continue to loose forever!


Posted by Enrique on 06/11/2009

i have watching almost all ronaldo's game,do i hate his attitude n crying all the time..yes but for all you think going to Madrid and he will fall. you guys will definitely miss him, n i dont care how much Madrid waste Barcelona will still be the strongest just of the teams chemistry, kaka is my favorite player, n i think Madrid will be one of the best next season n if they face MNU in ECL , guarantee MNU Fans in tears n regret sellin a virus, he might be cocky selfish, arrogant, sticking his tongue at the camera all the time, but i love his guts, his confident knows hes the best... n not scared to show, he just needs to mature up not cry.n MNU yes u have a great time im sure u'll be fine, but next season no trophies i guarantee it.MAdrid now need david villa,and Antonio Valencia, n it will be a dream team indeed.unstoppable though all my wishes is with Barcelona, They got true Man Messi, iniesta xavi..eto needs to go.n bring in diego forlan and augero, n bareclona dream team complet

Posted by Kelvin on 06/11/2009

I'm a Man utd for more than a decade.

Although i agree he is a good player, he did win us a few games single-handledly, he in my opinion dont deserve to be called the world best player.

He can be equally enjoying and painful to watch. i laugh at the way he fall down just by a slight touch/push. Its because he's a man utd player tt why i dont hate him, otherwise he just like a wussy who just drop with a slight touch and grumple when referre dont give a decision his way.

To be frank, $80million pound is a great money to get from him. A player with no heart cant play well for the team.

We will play better (in terms of teamwork) rather than miss him.

Tores definately a better striker than him, messi definately a better midfilder than him, and as for defence, he cant defence for nuts!

Within the team itself, Ronney is still much better than him!

We need passionate ppl and not a spoilt brag.

Two words to sum it up - Good Riddance!

Posted by Yilai RIC on 06/11/2009

Hopefully can get Ribery lo...
If not, man utd will lack of world class winger, man utd problem now is midfeilder, they are jus lack of control n attack when facing strong team...
Now the problem due to the leaving of ronaldo is the leaving of a goal scorer, even ronaldo usually will be silenced wen facing strong team, but then the amount of goal he score is quite many, and he is man utd top scorer for this 3 seasons, losing him is really a big lose for man utd, WHo can really replace him at Man utd??? Unless they can sign ribery, bezema, n a world cls attacking midfielder with the amount of money they get, if not i think man utd hard 2 shine in EPL n Euro again...

Posted by christian on 06/11/2009

I think it was a very stupid decision of man u of bidding $131 mil. for cristiano ronaldo. we both share the same first name. he is my very favorite player. i just bought a man u gift set. now i will be the ultimate real madrid fan. he did very well in his three yrs. at man u. some of these people might not play soccer, but i do. he scored 18 goals this season at man u. i think he may do better at real madrid. i checked his stats before i got here. they were phenominal! he made a difference at man u. but if he starts a lot, he WILL make a difference. a good difference! this is to to chang po liang, ravi, and bernard, YOU WEIRD CREEPS!

Posted by RedDevil on 06/11/2009

Glad hes gone to be honest, nobodys bigger than the club and he was starting to become a distraction to the team. However lets not forget what hes done for us in the last 5-6 years. He go downas one of the best ever UTD players but he still well behind Law,Best,charlton, Cantona and Robson in my opinion.

Posted by RedDevil on 06/11/2009

Glad hes gone to be honest, nobodys bigger than the club and he was starting to become a distraction to the team. However lets not forget what hes done for us in the last 5-6 years. He go downas one of the best ever UTD players but he still well behind Law,Best,charlton, Cantona Keane and Robson in my opinion.

Posted by Kar Shian on 06/11/2009

as much as I expected CR to leave, I think the timing to sell him is totally wrong from a business perspective. MU should have closed the deal on A Valencia, and other signings (benzema, ribery) before selling CR. Now, Wigan and other clubs will be asking for an inflated price for their players knowing that MU has that kind of cash in hand. Good riddance to CR! SAF will never tolerate players with an attitude and big egos irregardless of how good the player is. However, it was a joy to watch him at times. Something we've been missing since Cantona and Giggs (during his peak)

Posted by ben on 06/11/2009

all you manure fans are delusional. you just lost the best player in the world and you're all scrambling to come up with justifications. "oh he was soooo petulant" "he wasn't a real united player" "noone who leaves united is ever as good as they were at united". get over yourselves. truth is you don't know how you're going to replace him. truth is i don't think your daddy ferguson knows either. also, your asinine arguments that those who leave united are never as good doesn't apply to ronaldo. beckham was 31 when he left, van nistlerooy was 32, figo and zidane were 33 and 34 when they signed with Real. ronaldo is 24! you morons he's just beginning the prime of his career! im an arsenal fan so i'm happy to see him go but he could ac`tually get even better in the next couple years playing in spain, and deep down i think you all know that so you trot out these b.s. excuses, justifications, and generally stupid statements to make yourselves feel better. face it, you just lost your best

Posted by Suen Kar Shian (Malaysia) on 06/11/2009

as much as I expected CR to leave, I think the timing of selling him is totally wrong from a business perspective. MU should have closed the deal on A Valencia, and other signings (benzema, ribery) before selling CR. Now, Wigan and other clubs will be asking for an inflated price for their players knowing that MU has that kind of cash in hand. Good riddance to CR! SAF will never tolerate players with an attitude and big egos irregardless of how good the player is. However, it was a joy to watch him at times. Something we've been missing since Cantona and Giggs (during his peak)

Posted by ben on 06/11/2009

you just lost your best player and you're gonna lose tevez too. add in that scholes, giggs, and neville are dinosaurs; plus nani, fletcher, welbeck, macheida, anderson, and the da silvas aren't ready and all you got is rio and vidic. berbatov is a flop and that forces all of you to trash c-ron (a player i hated and cant believe i'm defending b/c you all want to feel better about yourselves b/c HE CHOSE TO LEAVE YOU!) on his way out, go ahead if it helps you sleep easier.


Posted by Chris on 06/11/2009


Posted by Jason Harley on 06/11/2009

Obviously great player and his talents will be missed, but no one player is bigger than Utd, Real Madrid, Baca, etc., etc. When they start to think they are, good riddance. I trust SAF to spend the money well and United to contend next year as always.

Posted by Johnny on 06/11/2009

I really did hate the player but I'm sad to see a player of his quality leave. His free kick and heading ability alone made him unique. So what if I wanted to smack him upside the head everytime I saw him. I'll tell you this, Manchester United had better spend every last penny of that transfer money because Manchester just dropped down a whole level. Now that he's no longer on the team, I don't have to be regretful about hating the kid.

Posted by Benjamin Walker on 06/11/2009

It's sad to see a player who has achieved so much success with a club want to leave. Anyways, like many have already said his time with Man U has passed and it was time for him to go. This just means we can sign Tevez (who actually will put 100% effort into every minute he is on the pitch), grab another solid player, and tuck some cash away. Should be interesting to see what happens after the confederations cup.

Posted by Camilo on 06/11/2009

wow. good luck man u. you lost all ur talent and now u only have boneheaded players like rooney and scholes who arent worth shit

now liverpool and torres will dominate the FA CUP

long live torres and ronaldo

Posted by Christopher on 06/11/2009

I am so happy he left because i dont think he is no longer an idol or a person to look up to because he has lost the faiths of his fans. And now all the players left at MU will come out and show their real talent and will play all their heart for MU. I will give him tops 2 seasons at MU and the next thing is he is on the bench.


Posted by Alez on 06/11/2009

I believe Kaka and CR7 made the right choice to join Real Madrid to continue their career.

Madrid is not only a club full of silverwares, but also a charismatit club with vast of money which can certainly attract recent world class players such as Kaka and CR7. So, it has already shown that Real Madrid is the most powerful world class club on the planet ever produced.

Don't you agree?

But there are still slightly problems with madrid's defenses. Madrid has already good attacking options now, but they are lacking world class defenders (which can always put iker cassilas in busy). They should buy 1 or 2 defenders such as either Rio Ferdinand, John Terry, or Carles Puyol (If barcelona will bee willing :).

As an Arsenal fan I ironically felt that EPL is becoming a lower class comparing to La Liga by failure to keep their most highly performing players such as Henry and CR7. I am worried that the EPL will not be the most attractive League to watch anymore.

Sorry Mates..

Posted by Davis Tay on 06/11/2009

Well well, Ronaldo's magic certainly will be missed, but if Grandfather Fergie bought in quality signing in Benzema n Ribery n keep Tevez, Man Utd future is still bright. Man Utd is not a one man team. Man Utd play as a Team, u cant win a game with bad defence! Look at Real last year? their defence is horrible, they should invest in defence then attack.

Its a team game! not a player game, u need a team to win the title, not a player! Look at Wolfsburg for the greatest of example!

Posted by enrique on 06/11/2009

you know i am sick of reading you guys saying look at the players that went to real and didnt accomplish anything, well those signing were dumb in the first place, beckham is shit to me, heinze was nothing either, van nistro, was the only one that had the chemistry with raul and amazing player... but gettin kaka and ronaldo n the likes of david villa, or silva or antonio valencia, not just barcelona everyone should be worried. i never like beckham n he was the worst player to me till this day, and heinze i never heard of him if u ask me... maybe they played good at MNU. but they gave up.. but players like kaka and ronaldo always like to show people you out here talkin rubbish that they are the best... and they will be the best.. this could be the best Madrid will ever do n they will go on just watch.. i love barcelona my favorite team.. but they shoud watch out.. n as MNU tryina make ur self feel better... damn next year u aint gettin nothin get it str8.. SAF will be red like tomato

Posted by Aman on 06/11/2009

Sign Benzema and Ribery, also throw in Valencia.........................
John, your empty trophy cabinet is getting to your head..............

Anyways, Ronaldo never felt like United, where you have had people like Giggs, Keane, Scholes, Cantona (agree with Vincent) and now rooney, CR's personality just did not fit. His antics got the better of him, there is no place for egos in the United dressing room and it was good enough to sell him off, maybe it could have been better if we had made the deal last year. Not complaining still, Ferguson's the man and if he can dig up someone from a portugese outback, well he can pick someone like him again. It would be fun to watch Real dealing with the egos of these next gen Glacticos..........and Barca kicking their bums again.

United Forever !!!!!!!

Posted by Michael on 06/11/2009

Good for Man Utd. Now they have 80 million pounds to buy various very good players. Although everyone must admit that Ronaldo really is one of the best players in the world, the main point is he has never been loyal to Man Utd and always want to leave. More importantly, his success must largely be attributed to Man Utd's tactics, other players and Ferguson. Without them, Ronaldo will only be a player who can dribble very well. See what happen to him in Portugal! Also, as many mentioned, the real problem of Real Mardrid is their defence and thier individualistic style. However, they seems not inclined to buy any defender and that is really interesting. Thus, say Good Luck to Ronaldo and Real Mardriad.
Finally, something all have to bear in mind, Ferguson is the only winner in Man Utd. See what happened in the past, Man Utd lost Stam, Beckham, Hughes, Ince, Cantona... but still they still are the dominant team. Also, they still have Rooney, Vidic, Berbatov and some amazing young lads!

Posted by Joegyva on 06/11/2009

Ferguson is like a father to me. I don't want to leave Man U, it is my home.

STFU pack your bags and GTFO

Posted by Nanyaro on 06/11/2009

Is so hard to say Goodbye to Ronaldo,however he has to go go,as he has everything from Oldtraford,let him find something else at Real madrid.It is now the time to move forward and keep winning

Posted by SF Chelsea Fan on 06/11/2009

As a Chelsea fan, I have a mixed reaction to the departure of Ronaldo from Man U. On the one hand, I HATE both him and Man U, so I'm glad to see him leave. However, I feel this move severely weakens the Premiership because he was probably its best player in the last few seasons.
With that being said, I took a quick look over Real Madrid's roster, and was taken aback by some of the starpower they have up front. Ronaldo, Kaka, Robben, Higuain, Huntelaar, Sneijder, Van der Vaart, Gago, Diarra, plus Casillas in goal. That's a pretty stunning group of players, two of which will be sitting on the bench if they are not sold. Add to this group David Villa, who appears to also being going to Real instead of Chelsea. Thank God they only have one or two solid defenders, or the other teams in Europe would not stand a chance in the CL.
As for Man U, I have the distinct feeling that Ferguson will reload the roster with Benzema and/or Ribery, which I am disappointed about because I like them both.

Posted by victor on 06/11/2009

Thanks to Real Madrid, Man Utd can go on a shopping spree with the ridiculous 80m pound transfer. The irony about this transfer is that we have heard nothing from the FIFA president. In the past when Chelsea or Man Utd invested a fraction of 80m pounds on players, someone at the top would say that the English clubs are distorting the market. Why is there no comments this time round? Makes me wonder.

Posted by Joegyva on 06/11/2009

Ferguson is like a father to me. I don't want to leave Man U, it is my home.

STFU pack your bags and GTFO

Posted by messiiiiiiiiii on 06/11/2009


Posted by ole on 06/11/2009

to fans who doesn't want Ronaldo to leave.. a piece of advice - don't worry, we still have Wes Brown

Posted by Andree on 06/11/2009

Oh no, this is not a good idea at all for sir alex to sell ronaldo and to accept the bid..thats disgusting man.. will man u be able to perform like the other days with ronaldo?i dont think so....Sir alex, think twice.!!"Dont" sell Ronaldo, Have faith in him, he will bring up the clubs, as he will win the cups and everything..!Sir Alex Think TWICE!

Posted by JoeG on 06/11/2009

All eyes will be on the Spanish league with the likes of CR and Kaka. This is a great move for all parties involved. MU can try to rebuild with the additional funding and CR can play in a league that suits his style. For the CR haters out there, he assisted in bringing home a handful of titles and he just got your club a world record transfer fee, so you should all just shut up. I can't say that I agree with the modern finances behind football, but that's the way the clock turns these days.

Posted by Randy Bo Bandy on 06/11/2009

I am not too sure why a lot of people think Real Madrid will dominate. Their defence is an absolute mess (Pepe = garbage, Cannavaro = old and slow, Metzelder = still plays for them??) Good luck trying to balance that side out with all the selfless superstars on that team.

As for ManU, Ferguson knows what he's doing, they will find a suitable replacement. Sure C-Ron was a game changer, but ManU still have plenty of match winners in their side.

Posted by Marc Hunter on 06/11/2009

can't really say i feel any different now than when we sold David but even though Cristiano is now a royal white, he is still my baller. Real Madrid is the chelsea of spain but no worries, the same will happen. they will still be second best to barca. normally i would say what is Man U going to do now but i have learn not to worry or question Sir Alex ferguson.

Man U and Barca will still be Europes best!!

Posted by Steven Tan on 06/11/2009

I knew Sir Alex had enough during the Manchester derby when Ronaldo was substituded. The TV was focusing on Ronaldo and I had the feeling that this is it.

80 Million is crazy money but who cares! That could enable SAF to buy another team. To add 20 million more, Man U could own Newcastle from that Fat Ashley..

It is a blessing that Ronaldo is leaving and I had enough of him. Yes! he scores terrific goals, great runs, etc. I didn't appreciate his attitude and arrogant looks. Ronaldo is a spoilted kids and it is a perfect time to ship him out.

Posted by Steven Tan on 06/11/2009

I knew Sir Alex had enough during the Manchester derby when Ronaldo was substituded. The TV was focusing on Ronaldo and I had the feeling that this is it.

80 Million is crazy money but who cares! That could enable SAF to buy another team. To add 20 million more, Man U could own Newcastle from that Fat Ashley..

It is a blessing that Ronaldo is leaving and I had enough of him. Yes! he scores terrific goals, great runs, etc. I didn't appreciate his attitude and arrogant looks. Ronaldo is a spoilted kids and it is a perfect time to ship him out.

Posted by Dugarry on 06/11/2009

I don't think for one second that Glazer will allow the 80 mil + 40 to be used for transfers. At the very least half of that will probably be used to pay off the debt. Whilst the transfer kitty will still be sizeable, it won't be as big as most people think it will be. Shame.

Posted by enrique on 06/11/2009

you guys are jokes... money this money that... money rules the world... when MAnchester city bought robhino or when the arab billionaires bought Manchester city none of guys cried.. but seeing ur favorite player go away.. u guys dont know what to say... whats benzema gonna do? whats anotonia valencia gonna do? i thought u just said 1 man doesnt make a team.. n u guys worried for a man to take his place and act like u dont care. MNU fans just admit it ur all worried.. remember how SAF face was in the ECL, thats how its gonna be for the next few season, let me tell u every title u have one till this day is ur lucky against the weak teams, but when u played the top 3 u guys always lost, but the other guys tied thats how u guys got lucky so dont think ur all that.just watch and see MNU fall, n SAF fall... that is a promise...n MADRId is ronaldos dream, its ur team thats loving the money. n dont ask how they got the money,there business man. get whoever u want but u aint winnin for a while

Posted by enrique on 06/11/2009

oh yeh and in 2003, tell me what did beckham, heinze or van nistro won for u guys? oh i remember it was the 1999 ECL that two corner kicks, that got beckham so famous.. man MNU is nothing... n nyone that knows football know without ronaldo u guys are nothing.. i do believe their is a "I" in a team... if someone with some confident in ur team or if all ur players believe in them self like he did.. they wouldnt of lost the ECL Final... he was the only one making problems for Barcelona in the 10 minutes.. u guys are clueless as to what u have done... we will see next season hitting ur head and regretting letting the best thing in your team leave...

Posted by Rushil on 06/11/2009

lol Every1 who goes to real madrid ruins their career ex: David Beckam he was a perfect player in man u . And now I doubt that man u will sign new players because Glazer owes so much money to people. Man u will be able to play well using the quick forward players and hoplefully Nani will be able to improve with fergie's help . Man united needs players with great talent and pace to be able to use the same technique . I think in a few years i guarantee that ronlado will get signed by another side maybe not a great 1 . If the red devils want to stay first in the premier leagur and keep creating chances they nedd atleast a great player even if a new 1 but he should be good

I would advise Frank Ribery so what if man u needs to pay 60 million for him . 20 million will be left and then man u have more chances to win the premier league , champions league and FA cup etc If they win they get loads of money so they will kinda catch up

Posted by med on 06/11/2009

4me...ummmm quite shocked because i tought that ronaldo staying for another season..hhmmmm very unacepted news not for me only but for all MAN UNITED FANS..we hope that sir alex bring on David Villa to partner with Wayne Rooney up front.bring on Frank Ribery and put Kiko Macheda on the all epl game...And we hope that UNITED brings back David Beckahm..we always loved to watch Beckham play again with Manchester United..please sir Alex Ferguson

Posted by fred on 06/11/2009

great. one less inividual player. man u is a team never abt a player.

Posted by ruben on 06/11/2009

this is madness!! No player is or will ever be worth that MUCH money!!!!!

Posted by Ruskin on 06/11/2009

Manu fans will definetly miss Ronaldo, cause they wont be the same team without him, However, he will have to learn more about team play when he plays for Real with his big ultra ego. Real will definetly be stronger , but no player is worth 80 million pounds and Real Madrd will learn this when they get blown away by the Catalans in La Liga and Champions League . Barcelona is still the team to beat. Long live the Blaugranas....

Posted by ygl on 06/11/2009

Let him go, he is not a loyal player for Man Utd. We may use that money to buy Ribery and David Silva for midfield.

Posted by novesh on 06/11/2009

you re no more our idol.we whothe you as our god,cantona,best,charlton...n now youwil leave us just for money n fame.ron wen you wil die you wnt tke that money wiz u..all those fans who luv u will no more advice ron luv a club who luvs u n fans bt never luv a club who you will regret it.hts offto rooney such a kind rooney bt not ronaldo now.the pair ROO N RON is finished now

Posted by LOVE MAN U FOREVER on 06/11/2009

This msg is to all the MAN UTD fans and to all MAN UTD rivals.
We all need to trust Sir Alex. When cantona retired and when Beckham and Nistelrooy were sold to Real Madrid, We all feared a total faliure. Agreed, Sir Alex did buy players that werent meant to be at the club, example VERON, ERIC DJEMBA DJEMBA, KLEBERSON. But we must not forget He also bought Players Like ROONEY, VIDIC, RONALDO, and few more up coming talents. I personally believe that If Ronaldo is being sold is not bcz of money is bcoz he have achieved everything that there is to offer. And its not smart to keep players who do not have any desire to play for the club by giving their 100%. I wish him good luck. Ribery, Huntelaar, and Eto should be bought. Along with other available talents, these 3 players or either one of them will prove too strong for the rest. Mark my words, This is a new challenge for Sir Alex. And a man of his calibre, is always up for challanges. LOVE MAN U FOREVER.

Posted by Alisalman Husain on 06/11/2009

This is totally crap.
Ronaldo himself said he would not leave until the price is above 150Million. And he said he would never leave manu.

Posted by hadeli on 06/11/2009

i think selling ronaldo is a good move for united. we all want to see ronaldo from 06-07-08 seasons to play for united but not this one. he has changed. i think he's passed his best for united. 80 million pounds will get you some quality players and i'm sure SAF have already got a shopping list.

i think united are better off without ronaldo now and i wish him all the best as he has been a great servant for united in the past.

Posted by Kalani Revier on 06/11/2009

We MAN U. fans are pretty used to these Judas Iscariot / Benedict Arnold Types. Beckham did the same thing and went to Real and failed, I hope this ungreatful tosser finds the same fate. I have nothing at all against La Liga, I love it; but, what I do despise is charlatains that have no sense of blooming loyalty to the supporters that pay them such honor. may twinkle-toes find the same fate. I sense that when people do things for the wrong reasons they meet with poor results. I live near LA and we are going to deal with Beckham's selling out the Galaxy the same way he scatted Man U. Hey Real! I swear Crissy Ronaldo will fail there. Hope you don't get a snapped ACL or Femur!!!

Posted by Daniel on 06/11/2009

As a Real Madrid fan I can only show my disgust at Perez. Yeah Ronaldo is one of the, if not the best player in the world. Yet all his baggage and egotistical tendencies will just have the opposite effect on Real than what they were looking for. I despise Barca with all I have but they had the amazing season they had due to their team first attitude and this spoiled pretty boy is about himself first. For that amount of money they could've brought in Ribery ,who is much more respected and is no brat, David Villa and they could've shored up that defense. Perez is an idiot who knows nothing about football. If he did he would've addressed the teams defensive needs before it's marketing needs. I pains me to say it but Real are destined for epic failure. Maybe not in the next couple of years but eventually the team is going to self-implode and be set back further.

Posted by Kevin on 06/11/2009

CR will not be missed in Manchester. MANU have a wealth of talent and we all know CR was not good for chemistry. His arogant, me first attitude will finally be gone. 80 mil will allow SAF to rebuild for the future. Frank Ribery is avail to hold down the right wing, no better time to oust CR. Madrid have spent heavily, but they will not surpass a far more talented Barca squad. This will prove to be the latest mistake by Real, and the greatest move for the future of MANU. CR and Kaka will not even make it out of the first round of CL, hope the money is worth dwelling in the cellar of La Liga. Madrid's disgracefull defense has not gotten any better. Messi and the Barca boys will surely embarrass Madrid for years to come.

Posted by naved on 06/11/2009

I am a die hard fan of MAN U BUT I AM WITH SIR ALEX JUST SIGN tevez valencia

Posted by Two Bits From the American on 06/11/2009

Since i'm a Barca fan, i am happy that a guy who is proven ineffective against us will further pollute the Real dressing room. And i am happy for Man U and the Premiership for getting rid of such an obvious "virus". The guy's attitude stinks in every way. Who needs that? He is in decline and no one anywhere is worth 80m. Man U will get 4 great players and Real will have one disgruntled disloyal cry baby. Right on Man U.

Posted by TerenceT on 06/11/2009

As a christian, first of all I must say: "PRAISE THE LORD!! He's outta here!"

Real Madrid FC should rename their club as CR7 FC. Ronaldo is a "one-man showboat" who does nothing but dives, whines and cries like a baby.

Despite all that fancy free-kicks, I can assure you that Tosic can do better free-kicks for ManUtd in the near future. Watch his Partizan Belgrade vids in Youtube to find out.

80 million pounds for a moron like Ronaldo is a bargain. If Real would want to add in 1 or 2 players into the deal as swaps, I'd fancy players like Higuain, Robben and Sneijder.

I guess Manutd's transfer kitty will expand itself to 150-200 million pounds that way. Maybe we could buy players such as below...

25 million pounds can buy Ribery.
30 million pounds can buy david villa
30 million pounds can buy benzema
15 million pounds can buy valencia
20 million for that hardworking tevez

We'll get Ribery, Villa, Benzema, Tevez, Valencia, Robben, Sneijder, Higuain.

FAIR DEAL? It's an excellent one

Posted by Crikey on 06/11/2009

1st and foremost i don't know how u so Called Man U fan can hate this guy after all he did for us, Yes, maybe he has that 'selfishness' of moving to his dream club Madrid,but who can deny him that when he has won everything with United....n the rest of the league will be smiling when they face United now without Ronny...or will they??? =P Viva Ronaldo,Viva Ronaldo, Running down the wing, Hear UNITED sing, Viva Ronaldo..... Thanks Ronny for the memories n Cups!!! of luck in Madrid(except against United).....

Posted by ronaldo on 06/11/2009

finally we need him

Posted by tanmay mishra! on 06/11/2009

united, have seen many players come and go....
its no different now...
no doubt about ronnie's qualities.. magical stuff! but lets not forget it was united who made him wat he is! on the brighter side, how i would love to see messi in a united jersey! PLS buy him! or atleast give this message TO SIR!!!

Posted by JRaposo on 06/11/2009

I am Real Madrid Season Ticket Holder - This a good deal for both clubs but much better for Real Madrid than MU. Real Madrid is already the best club in history, so trophies will eventually come, no club comes even close. For those Real Madrid haters, please talk when you have 9 European Cups-Champion Leagues. What they needed is to get the Real Madrid name on the world stage again and with Kaka and more including Casillas..., they are getting that and will get their invesment back. On the field this is a generation much younger than the previous Zidane, Figo, Beckham, Ronaldo, so I expect they will compete for trophies and win a lot more. Still to date best player ever - Zinedine Zidane. For MU, it will help them pay their debt but they have lost the team's 'flare and play maker' and in a very good Premier League, they will have a tough time to win anytime soon.

Get your Pop Corn ready when Real Madrid plays Barca in the "Super-Clasico"


Posted by Anonymous on 06/11/2009

So many superstars at Real. It will be one man show (by Ronaldo)again there and I dont think Real will get any trophies again next season. Yes, MU will miss him but who knows maybe Sir Alex will find his replacement.

Posted by Emmanuel on 06/11/2009

To tell you the truth i am a bit sad cos Ronaldo is my Boy.. but MAN UTD are sure to bouce back we will still be the best. and we will beat Ronaldo's Madrid

Posted by Jeremy B on 06/11/2009

I can't stand CR. He is arrogant, whiny, moody, and overrated. Messi is a far better overall player and much tougher than CR. With that said, the signings of Kaka and CR may have finally pushed La Liga past the EPL as the best league in Europe. Not only with the star players going to La Liga but even the style of play is becoming more and more attractive for people to watch.

Posted by Jeremy B on 06/11/2009

One more thing. It gives me great pleasure to see a Man U team that was once so strong now severely weakened. I hate them with a passion. And honestly, I don't like Madrid either as I am a Barca fan. But I would much rather see great clashes between Madrid and Barca while watching Man U and their arrogant club begin to slide.

Posted by samir on 06/11/2009


no one player is bigger than a club.

Posted by adrian low on 06/11/2009

Christiano Ronaldo truly gave us some magic moments. His debut was amazing, and got all of us off our seats. This departure seems to be greeted with the same enthusiasm on all ends.

While he was never truly the best in the world, he could at times really turn the game on it's heel and hand us a get out of jail card. Still United fans should give him a big thank you for the amazing contribution over the past few seasons, a true fan will never discount that.

Cantona, Becks then Ronaldo ... unfortunate, this will be the number 7 which I believe fans won't really miss. The pouting and attitude when being subbed, the zoom in shot of him shaking his head in disbelief was the last straw for many a fan. So who'll be the replacement for the coveted number 7? I think, Fergie's probably got some options being tossed around.

All the best Christiano. And thanks for the good and bad times ... you've finally got your wish.

United United,

Posted by Razham on 06/11/2009

its a double-edged sword.the positive being MU would have ssooooo much money at disposal which can be utilised to groom homegrown players,which is a great news in the long run.the downside is we will miss him lots deep down our heart.his charisma,gameplay,style,contributions etc. but personally,i still believe in the current crop of players.we have rooney,park ji sung,carrick,gibson etc.maybe MU's approach for next season's games would b very different but its gonna be positive,if we believe in Sir Alex.he had proven it,for YEARS,under any circumstances. to ronaldo:thank you very much,we miss you,yes.and good luck.

Posted by Razham on 06/11/2009

its a double-edged sword.the positive being MU would have ssooooo much money at disposal which can be utilised to groom homegrown players,which is a great news in the long run.the downside is we will miss him lots deep down our heart.his charisma,gameplay,style,contributions etc. but personally,i still believe in the current crop of players.we have rooney,park ji sung,carrick,gibson etc.maybe MU's approach for next season's games would b very different but its gonna be positive,if we believe in Sir Alex.he had proven it,for YEARS,under any circumstances. to ronaldo:thank you very much,we miss you,yes.and good luck.

Posted by Des (Antiguan Youth) on 06/11/2009

I have been backing Man U ever since i could remember and I am going to miss the gel headed youth from Portugal, but we have won before he came and we will win again. We don't need Ribery, but we caould keep Tevez and get the magic man (Ronaldinho) There is still a lot of skill left there he just needs a chance to focus again, and now give Nani and Anderson more playing time and let Giggs, Scholes and Neville go home. Oh yeah, I have to cheer on Real since Barcelona beat us in the finals and got rid of Ronnie, my favorite player. Soccer is gonna be beautiful in Spain

Posted by gboyegaBamgboye on 06/11/2009

yeah, for all man U fans. why the sudden feeling of hatred.
whilst i understand ur disappointment at his departure, but calling into question his commitment and performance of the past season is very sorry.
this is the game guy who scored THAT goal against Porto and against Arsenal in the champs league.

Posted by brian on 06/11/2009

I assume there is no truth to the rumour that Arsenal Chelsea and Liverpool all chipped in for the fee, so they don't have to play against him
Sorry to see his talent gone elsewhere but not his attitude. I was lucky enough to have seen Best Law and Charlton in their heyday.Cantona Robson Hughes in theirs. United survived when they left or retired, and will continue to do so. I hope they don't go spending a fortune on Ribery, he isn't worth it and is long in the tooth anyway. I'm sure SAF has his targets and will do all he can to attain them. Maybe the young guy they picked up last year will be a star. Anyway Ronaldo thanks for all the goals and the memories.May you always be second place behind United

Posted by Ben Forbes on 06/11/2009

As a fan of both Man U. and Real Madrid I am torn. I do not think Ronaldo will be the hit in Spain he was in the Premiership and as for Man U. they stil have the most important piece-Sir Alex. Do not count Man U. out as long as Sir Alex is around..

Posted by Singapore on 06/11/2009

Well, can Park be the next ronaldo? Let's face it. Though Ronaldo is a spoiled brat, he is Manchester United.

Posted by Gary on 06/11/2009

I pray that the biggest curse fall on Ronaldo and he feels tortured at madrid.I hope he dosent get a first 11 place at real .Or he meets wid an accident and breaks both his legs at Madrid.Ronaldo stay at united and u might be saved!!!!i'll give u 100million euros but stay at United.

Posted by Abubakar R. A. Maikatifa on 06/11/2009

Hi, u all forgot what the titte of SIR means. remember they are two all over (entitled SIR). therefore, Sir Alex can easily find a good replacement of former United Winger(ronaldo). Man u 4 life

Abubakar Kano, Nigeria

Posted by john on 06/11/2009

I love how ManU fans cry about someone buying their players. Since they go out and buy players at will from smaller clubs. ManU will be hurting if they can not sign Ribery or someone of that quality. With Ronaldo on the field he made everyone else better and their jobs easier. He received attention by 2 players where ever he went with or without the ball. That creates space for Rooney, Tevez, Borbatove, etc. That space will not be there anymore. Plus you have a lot of aging players. You better hope the Glazer isn't using the money to pay off his growing debt.

Posted by Juvenal Sahiri on 06/11/2009

CR7 one dimensional football will be exposed in Spain. So will be Kaka. These 2 players can run, but they cannot play in small spaces which spanish teams that are very technical allow. He will disappears in games the same way he did in the final against Barca. But he will score a lot of goals against small teams that are not as well organized tactically as the bigger ones. Of course he will shine in the UEFA playing against English opponents whose football is tailor made for him. But Real Madrid will make money selling Kaka and Ronaldo shirts, the same way it did with Beckham. It is not football that F Perez is investing in, but merchandising.

Posted by David Creed on 06/11/2009

Ronaldo is a wonderful player who scored some crucial goals for Man. Utd., and has served the club well For whatever reason - 'grass is greener' syndrome, money, the Manchester weather, desire to play in Spain - he has decided to move on and I say "good luck" to him. As to United - they have been a great team for a long time. One player does not make a team. Ferguson already has a plan, believe you me! This summer and next season should be very interesting!

Posted by David Leal on 06/11/2009

i love when Man U fans come out and say ooh yay Ronaldo left, the Virus is gone???? That is by far the worst thing i heard ever in my life. Ronaldo was the reason u guys were what u r now. U guys are jokes. Im a Porto fan and hated that we lost because of his rocket goal but as a fan realized hes just that damn good. So please dont say your happy he left Man u. The people who should be happy is the fans of the other clubs in england because now they dont have to see him go against there team.. AND MAN U FANS LETS SEE WHAT U GUYS DO NEXT SEASON WITH OUT HIM ON THE FIELD.. Just having Ronaldo on the field makes a difference even if he doesnt do anything. RONALDO BEST LUCK IN MADRID AND WIN THE CHAMPIONS LEAGUE SO U CAN PROVE THE WORLD THAT U DO MAKE A DIFFERENCE ....

Posted by mudabir on 06/11/2009

Well,Ronaldo and Kaka both signed in a week.As a barca fan i think this la liga season will be a tougher season

Posted by mark mccrory on 06/11/2009

Galacticos II eh? As a lifelong United fan, I'm sorry to see Ronaldo go. I remember when we signed him, wishing we'd bought the "real" Ronaldo (Brazilian) but over these past 2-3 years, "our" Ronaldo helped erase even the brilliance of that other magician.

We'll miss him, as petulant, arrogant and diva-like as he can/could be. We made the ECL final this year because of him. His goal in Portugal was magnificent and his performance against Arsenal in the 2nd leg of the ECL semi-final was tremendous. The third goal was confirmation of his desire and drive to be the best. Although we flattered to deceive in the final, he seemed like the only player for us that day capable of turning things around.

I don't think we rush to replace him . . . he's irreplaceable. There are only a handful of players in the world who can take the game by the scruff of the neck and almost single-handedly win it for a team. I think Madrid just grabbed two of them and they'll be seeing much more of another one (Messi) in the years ahead. As pointed out above, with his departure (possibly Tevez too) and Giggs and Scholes on their way to retirement, I'd like to see us pick up a couple of world class midfielders who can hold the ball and use it as efficiently as the likes of an Iniesta and Xavi. I'd also check on Buffon's availability as VDS is done after this year.

Kaka and Ronaldo will make Real better but they need the likes of a Vidic/Ferdinand central defense to build upon. Still, what a mouth-watering prospect for their fans and if they add David Villa, then Galacticos II it will be!

Thanks Cristiano for helping to put us on top. Hope to see you again in an ECL final some day . . . maybe Bernabeau next year? :-)

Posted by RICHARD P on 06/11/2009

i'm a huge Real fan and i hate that they bought Cr7. He can't create for his teammates and does do enough as a so-called superstar. i think they should've bought Ribery or anyone else Ronaldo is so overrated. he's the reason why Rooney and Tevez can't find their best form due to the fact that SAF has been all about making CR7 happy and forgetting all about the other attackers. He doesn't show up against the best of the best teams and didn't show up in the final, where Barca were missing 2 key defenders and Cr7 was a no-show again. I'm glad that United got rid of him maybe now i can cheer for players like Rooney & Tevez. this is gonna be a disaster for madrid.

Posted by Brinton on 06/11/2009

Goodbye and don't let the door hit you in the a**! Unquestionably a great player--a game-breaker--but United will be fine. The team is loaded like NEVER before, and they will reload. If we do get Ribery I seriously think the Red Devils will be better.

Posted by Michael on 06/11/2009

Upon first hearing this news I was pissed. Ronaldo can never be replaced at Manchester United. But as I thought about it was completely neccessary especially for 80 mil. The team needs to restructure because it will need to depend on a lot of youth next season seeing as Giggs and Scholes probably won't be around next year and if they are they won't be able to keep up as well. I love em both to death but the truth can't be looked past. And with Van Der Sar being gone it takes a lot of heart out of the team. BUt for 80 mil Sir Alex can pick up a few good players. He definately needs a couple great midfielders. After doing so put Rooney at mid and let Tevez and Berbatov rule the front.

Posted by Vic on 06/11/2009

First lets be honest he'll be missed there is no one in the world who is as good offensively as that man. (Zidane was) he played on both flanks and up top, he was the catalyst offensively and ManU might have a hard time next season scoring goals. He was a creator of goals as well as a finisher of goals. But not to down ManU of course they may become more wide open without that one person always trying to get his before everyone else. Obviously this will give berba an opportunity to prove his worth, and Rooney to continue to do what he has been doing.
Questions i have is do we really want Tevez he cried all season and seemed not to care in the Champion's league final, because we know berba is still there and tevez wants to play every minute of very game. But even more important to me is Manu don't have a creative midfielder as scholes looks set to play his final season no one i've seen in Manu colors fits that build and giggs is on his way out. The midfield at ManU is in trouble

Posted by Chris W. on 06/11/2009

Let's get this straight, Manchester United made Cristiano Ronaldo, not the other way around. Does anyone remember when he first started making appearances for United. I remember being unimpressed with his failed footwork, but at least back then he didn't have an inflated ego.

At Manchester United, he was the big name known outside England. Rooney, Ferdinand, Giggs, etc, are big names too, but they don't draw the same attention from the viewers from the rest of the world. And when he gets to Madrid, that's all they are, a bunch of big names. I don't think he'll like sharing the headlines with Kaka and company.

Time will tell though.

Posted by Jack on 06/11/2009

as a Man U. fan I'm torn over seeing CR7 leave. I mean I personally hate the way he plays but he produces more goals and more beautiful goals than anyone else in the EPL. but still in SAF we trust. oh and whoever said earlier that Barca won the CL without a strong lineup then they obviously didn't look at who was playing for Barca (Messi,Henry, Eto, xavi, puyol, iniesta)

Posted by long time Man Utd fan on 06/11/2009

Kaka is great, but i doubt CR7 can play in the same team as Kaka. Too different styles. Kaka will share the ball. CR7 won't. There WILL be some discontent eventually, n the whole Galactico clown circus will ensue again.

Everytime Utd sell to RM (RVN, Heinze, Becks), RM proceeded to struggle for supremecy in Liga n UCL. It will happen again - we do a gd job of hyping up these individual players to lure RM to give us ridiculous money, so that we can buy/build the impt thing - a TEAM. Now, the likes of Rooney, Berba, Tosic, and Macheda can - and WILL - step up to the mettle I have no doubt of that. And so too will whichever exciting player SAF brings in.

Tevez? forget it. top up the fee required for him n u cld get Benzema. Personally - & a bit embarrased as I'm a Man Utd fan - I'd invest huge % of the 80M pounds just to add ONE player - Stevie G. We need a CMF enforcer/driver/inspiration - the DF is great, attack is great too. Then, the rest of the cash can bring in decent winger

Posted by anees khan on 06/11/2009

we will not miss u ronaldo...for us u r over.

Posted by brian bank on 06/11/2009

CR7... DO follow ur heart,Goodluck!

Posted by talk2ahmed on 06/11/2009

i'm a big man u fan. i'm shocked seeing ronlado gone. not because we can not win the league again, but because he was star in a satge that every one wnats to see... i swear ever since ronaldo start to shine with man u, i used to leave work eary just not to miss the game...
yes he had some bad attitude, but who cares.. we needed his play which matters the most for winning and no one had done what he's done for man united, not even the beloved king Contona who i think re defined man united history, still ronaldo did what no other player in united hostory did, he won all the awards that you can think off...

Thank you Ronaldo for the joy you have given us.. i still remember the first game he played, he made every on off his seat..

all the best to you Ronaldo and i'm sure Madrid now will once again start to dominate europe, at least they will be the team every one want to watch...

i think at the end mony talks and bull... walks and that what man united managment cares about

Posted by daniel on 06/11/2009

its time for him to leave since he doesn't love player is bigger than the a united fan...we thank him for his service for the club...but remember united fans..."WE WILL NEVER DIE"

Posted by salimo on 06/11/2009

gr8 hes gne....united is nt about ronaldo...united is ol about SIR ALEX FERGUSON.....wen united won the treble wer ws ronaldo....good money knw js get tevez,robben n sjnider....simple we b wrold champions agen...

Posted by Alfonso da Silva on 06/11/2009

this deal if good for MU and Ronaldo. MU will miss his +110 goals scored over the past 3 years ... they will not be easily replaced. They will definitely miss his pace that opened up the field for his teammate and free kicks.

Ronaldo was looking for more challenges in his career and his style of play (more technical for the EPL) was not appreciated as much as it should have been by fans in the EPL. In the end MU got its $$$, got rid of unhappy player and now will need to reload in the non-Ronaldo era. It will be interested to see who has benefited most by this move in 3 years time. Speak to you in 3 years

Posted by Steve on 06/11/2009

United will take the cash and buy one is bigger than the club...

Posted by Nadim on 06/11/2009

Whichever way Man U fans look at it (of which I am one) the facts speak for themselves...

Man U minus Tevez & Ronaldo = 40 goals less.

Where will we find match-winners of that calibre to gun for number 19 next season? Good players we may find, match-winners on the other hand are a rare find indeed.

Posted by Guy on 06/11/2009

Lets face it, all Man U fans will be torn over this. The boy is magic on the ball, but his temperment and inability to stay on his feet make him easy to dislike. I am glad he is gone, and glad SAF will get a nice war chest out of it. However, with ronaldo and kaka, if they mesh together....lets hope we don't have to play them too often!

Posted by Glenn P on 06/11/2009

I'm no ManU fan, but a dedicated follower of EPL. The EPL will be poorer for him going, but, I've had a gutsfull of his borish behaviour. He's arrogant, selfish, conceited, and perpetually trying to con the ref.I won't miss him, and neither will the majority of ManU fans.

What's the betting ManU and RM get to meet in UCL next year? Great players that have left ManU are cheered if they go back there. Somehow, I fancy CR will receive a welcome like he's never received before, and it won't be applause.

Posted by Johnson on 06/11/2009

CR made the right decision of leaving MANU.. Manus best yrs are over and Liverpool, Arsenal or Chelsea will definately win the leaque next yr.. on the other hand Real is determined to win the la liga and it will be great to watch real vs barca...

Posted by Paul Higson on 06/11/2009

I'm glad they got this sorted out early in the off-season. Now it's just a matter of who Manchester United will sign as his replacement. I think Ribery (Bayern Munich) tops the list, followed by Villa (Valencia) and Benzema (Lyon). Each of their current clubs will be keen to retain these players. It will be interesting to see how this situation works itself out.

Posted by david stott on 06/11/2009

united have never been a one trick pony, they will not skip a beat, however, liverpool are the new kids in town,with or without ronnie,united will be well challenged.soooooo, here we go. LFC is BACK

Posted by david stott on 06/11/2009

united have never been a one trick pony, they will not skip a beat, however, liverpool are the new kids in town,with or without ronnie,united will be well challenged.soooooo, here we go. LFC is BACK

Posted by Dileeep on 06/11/2009

After 2 years, ManU can buy Ronaldo for 20m pounds. thats the 'Real' way of handling superstars. Ron will fail in Real. Kaka will triumph.

Posted by mohammed humaid on 06/11/2009

one must wonder why Real Madrid could invest so heavily while United have to sell thier assests. United is supposed to be the most valuable lub in the world. and they make 160 million dollars in inome yet they can't even keep their stars. it's obvious that Manchester United is a cash cow for the Glazer family who have exploited the fame and name of Man United for thier own interests. The loser is Man UNited and its fans.
Fergie is the best manager in history but the economic policcies of the club are defined by the owners so he must of sold CR against his wish.
Selling Ronaldo goes to show that Real Madrid are seeking success in the filed and outside and have shown up mancher united who are seen as much weaker club.

Posted by Armin on 06/11/2009

Say what you want. He is whiny, but the spoiled kid knows how to:
A) score
B) put his team in scoring positions
C) Draw defenses towards him and away from teammates like no other
D) Make a TEAM win. Let's not forget he's a champion's league winner and finalist, world player of the year, scoring champion, premiership champion, etc

he is easily among the likes of Best, Law, and Cantona. he is the single most complete player. He's tall, yet somehow more coordinated than anyone. Fast yet strong. Can play any offensive position and score over and over again. Few players have ever dominated a game like he has. Few players have ever had opponents devise entire game strategies to shutting him down to his extent.

I can't stand the guy, I hate him, but I will respect his skills.

The only reason he may not appeal to others as among good company such as Best and Law is because he's not from an island.

Posted by Barca Boy on 06/11/2009

well as a Barca fan i am crushed that Real Madrid signed Kaka and Ronaldo. With that said Real still does not have the defence that Barca has and Barca will still have the great offence of Henry, Messi, Iniesta, and maybe Ibrahimavic of Inter Milan. Oh well, Real with thier new players will be better that ever. The only thing i don't like is that when ever Real has a bad season the fire thier staff and bring in world class players. can't they just let one season go with out buying all the good free agents

Posted by Highbury Medic on 06/11/2009

Real just retook the 'Mercenary' mantle from Chelsea. How, as a supporter, can you feel any pride at not having developed a single viable starter in 10 years? They talk a big game but will probably defer the payments over 25 years. Not much help to Merchandise United in the short term.

Arsenal seem to be the only fiscally responsible club out there; no surprise there, though.

Posted by Saheed A O on 06/11/2009

Well i'm not a United fan but i like C. Ronaldo and the way he plays on the pitch. i wish him best of luck.

up Chelsea

Posted by Angel on 06/11/2009

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! I didn't want Ronaldo at Madrid, but boy am I happy that Sir Alex has egg on his face. "Wouldn't sell a virus.." indeed. Are there any English Man U fans or are all the people posting here from outside the british isles? Just curious. Cheers from the States!

Posted by Bal on 06/11/2009

Good Bye and Good Riddance to an arrogant, spoilt, I want my mama, whining baby!! SUCK!!!

Posted by Don Cohen on 06/11/2009

As good a player that he is, it was time for him to go. Invest in resigning Carlos Tevez. He gives the team a different look up front with his tenacious play.
In typical Man U style, I don't think they will miss a beat without Ronaldo.

Posted by Juan HT on 06/11/2009

Man Utd will look fresher without him...He has become too predicable in his play and easy for opposing teams to contain him which his why Sir Alex needs to switch his position frequently and give him free roaming play to make him useful....
We look forward to new exciting players to don the Devil colours with this new funds....Overall good move by Man Utd.

Posted by Teresa Fleming on 06/11/2009

Spoiled rotten Ronaldo can go off to Read Madrid and have the same "fabulous" career that David Beckham had in Spain.
Ronaldo, like Beckham, will NEVER acheive the same level of success in with Real that he had with Man Utd.
Rot in Spain, Ronaldo!

Posted by G from OZ on 06/11/2009

Dont forget we made the beckhams , ronaldos, cantonas, Sir Alex is been in this game for a lo0ong time so he will play his cards right, as for ronaldo leaving eh its football big loss but can be replacable its a good chance for players to step up but buy saying that ferguson should spend some $$$ on players especially Benzema extrodinary player can score with both legs and in the air as for Ribery not worth the hype should give the Key role in the team to rooney use him as ur 10 has the strength and not a little girl like ronny GO UNITED Still taken the premier league As for thise liverpool supporters another 20 yrs wait hahahah

Posted by Nani wants to be Ronaldo on 06/11/2009

We better not read an article next year about how Real Madrid is in a financial crisis. That is stupid money to spend on one player. I think Ronaldo is the best player in the world but you can't spend money just because he can score goals. That whole backline for Real Madrid needs to be upgraded.

As for Manchester United, don't they look stupid now for not playing Tevez. Ferguson played JS Park too much. A frontline of Rooney, Tevez, and Berbatov is explosive. They should just save that money and maybe upgrade the fullbacks and maybe get a midfielder for cheap.

Posted by Roberto on 06/11/2009

CR is already off to a great start... jetting off to LA yesterday, and reportedly cuddling with Paris Hilton until 5am. What'll it be, CR, soccer or glamor?

Posted by John Cookson on 06/11/2009

The main problem I have with this transfer involves the lies told by Alex Ferguson and Ronaldo himself.

Clearly this contract was signed last year although its existence was denied by Ferguson and Ronaldo. The Spanish sources had revealed details which indicated Real Madrid faced significant contracted penalties if they did not follow through on this contracted purchase. Ronaldo and his Agent would become very wealthy if the transfer was aborted by Madrid, which explains why Ronaldo was now happy to stay at ManU. Conversely, Ronaldo and his Agent would also gain (just by not as much) if the transfer happened.

Ronaldo and his agent ended up outmanouvering both Real Madrid and Alex Ferguson on this one.

ManU will not contend effectively for the EPL title next year as a result of losing both Ronaldo and Tevez. Liverpool and Chelsea now have their opportunities. Ribery would be a superb replacement for Ronaldo and might contribute more than Ronaldo's loss. But English Weather - No

Posted by JC on 06/11/2009

If Alex Ferguson wouldn't sell Madrid a Virus, does this mean that CR7 must be a cancer cell !!

Posted by gnana easwaran on 06/11/2009

waste of money.

Posted by Qais on 06/12/2009

I am Happy that hes gone, we still have Sir Alex and he knows whats right for Man United

Posted by Bernardo on 06/12/2009

Finally he is gone. This Portugese Tart has grown arrogant over the years .... although we cannot dispute that he is a proven footballer of the highest quality.

GBP80mil can get you any player. What is there to mourn in Portugese Tart's departure. Another business deal well executed Fergie. What did you pay for him when you bought him from Sporting Lisbon (when he is just a kid with a bad hairdo)?

Now let's go for Ribery... and Benzema ... and perhaps Deco ??

But I must say, we should have tried to get Diego from Wreder Bremen.

Posted by Richard on 06/12/2009

Finally, the virus has gone, but the game is still on. Soccer is about teamwork, and the teammates has shoned the virus along the way. So pity for Sir Alex, star rised and sold, its mean business but no soccer anymore. Its good and congratulate that CR7 has the world record transfer fee, and good luck at RM. MU can always produce the talented players and not the first time MU had the transactions. If the player heart is not with the team, no matter how good and talented he is, better get rid of it. What we want is a MU hearted players whom really die for the game. Let see what MU can do with the 80M.

Posted by Mike on 06/12/2009

Thank you ronnie for the memories. You will be remembered as highly talented Man Utd player. Good Luck!

Posted by Jeremy on 06/12/2009

ARSENAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ARSENAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ARSENAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! to the top of the premeir league. Success for the youngsters and there unstopable. 2-3 years and champions of the world not madrid.

Posted by Ken on 06/12/2009

Am I wrong or are many people misunderstanding Sir Alex's quote: "I would NOT sell them a virus". So Ronaldo cannot be equated to a virus as Sir Alex would not sell 'Real Mad' a virus.... No, Sir Alex held true to his word, he didn't sell them a virus but a huge Primadonna! Thanks for the memories Ronnie, Man U were being too individualistic with you around. Time to get back to basics and team work.

Posted by Alweivy on 06/12/2009

CR7 will definitely be missed, but there is no 'I' in 'TEAM'. So...goodbye!

Posted by J.W.Mc.J on 06/12/2009

well united can make do w/out ronaldo as they did in previous years after the depature of big players like beckham. nistelrooy. stam and so on. it is sad to hear a player of such talent is leavin united but i dont think united deserves a player who is so disloyal as him after all the backing given by the club. It has been going on since the tiff he had wit rooney in world cup. and in my opinion rooney is a much bigger asset to keep cause he is a player who plays with his heart and ronoldo is more to fame. hope united spend this cash wisely and bringing in better prospects to fill in the ever famous and contrevisiol no7 slot. As for ronaldo hope he continue shining as he entertains football and hopefully dont end up as 1 of the few sloppy galaticos who flunked in real after big signings... and lets watch who grabs the limelight... kaka or ronaldo.

Posted by Alex on 06/12/2009

It is inevitable. Even as a Utd fan, I can understand a player of his talents would want to test his skills in a different style of football in another country. I thank him for the 6 years he's been with Utd.

Who is going to manage Real Madrid now ? You can't win things with good players and average manager, just look at Portugal struggling to qualify for the WC.

Posted by walt P on 06/12/2009

The Manu U over last 2 season is almost one-man show - whether you want to admit it or not.
Whoever SAF buy to replace CR or to rebuilt still need time to jel. I think EPL 2009/2010 this Aug will be even closer b'cos CR does made a big different to Man U team. Aresenal, Chelsea and Liverpool will be likely winner this time round. No team won the EPL four time consectively just as Man U cannot win and defend the Champion League title.

Posted by KC on 06/12/2009

Appreciate CR's contribution to the club over the years, but honestly glad to see him go now. He's done his part, and I'm sure the club can get players who can win games without diving or complaining. Glory Glory Man Utd.

Posted by Paul on 06/12/2009

Miss him yeah right NO I in TEAM!!!!!! Now its time to let the rest of the team to lift and show what life is without Cry baby is gone SOOOOOOOO what... 1 player doesnt make a team Love MAn U from Birth ,, bring on Ribery and give the number 17 and let Nani wear 7# let the kid play better than Ronaldo just hasnt been given any game time

Posted by Lavz ( die hard Man U fan ) on 06/12/2009

Well, I think this happened for a good reason. Now that we have the money to spend and Ronaldo going where he likes, then perfect. I just hope that we will cross paths with Real in the champions' league again and show that guy what he really misses out on. Go Man U

Posted by jeff on 06/12/2009


Posted by nenif on 06/12/2009

honestly, im glad to see him leave, as a united fan i must say we will miss his talents with the feet, not with the mouth.. if we get ribery and valencia itl be much muchhh better because they have the perfect attitude towards football, ronaldo must say goodbye to his future and to his individual spotlight because its all over now buddy! :) GLORY GLORY MAN UNITED

Posted by Tonyloko on 06/12/2009

Have you ever heard the saying,if your not with us, your against us! So Christiano, go @#*#! yourself,Your no longer a "RED DEVIL",if he thinks the grass is greener at the Benebeau,than at Old Trafford he can think again! Real has no defence,and surely will disrupt the Dressingroom,He thinks he's bigger than the club who nurtured him into the player he is now,he will be sorry,for to be a great team, you need stability, and Real definetly don't have that!

Posted by U.S Barca Fan (hooray messi) on 06/12/2009

I believe that Cristiano Ronaldo is not the best player in the world.In fact, there is no greatest player in the world. For all i know, the greatest player in the world might be the poorest of them all living somewhere in africa and whatnot. I personally think that a good team only plays well when they play as a team, not a bunch of individuals. Cristiano ronaldo was to individual ( THE VIRUS) and he killed MAN.U because he made them dependent on his goals. The same happened to Lionel Messi at Fc Barca for a while. But he learned it quickly and realized that he would do better for the team, if he played like a team. Every good player needs a team and every good team needs a GOOD playerS!. I am glad that Cristiano is out. Hooray!. Real madrid is only buying expensive top quality players to defeat barca next year but they are rushing things and hurting themselves. Barca plays possessive and as a very strong team (thank you guardiola?. Only the stongest team will win as a team

Posted by Olukunle on 06/12/2009

Its crazy, no player is worth that amount not even CR! But he will be greatly missed at man u tho. Sir Alex now has a financial leverage to rebuild around work-horse wazza. Rooney's contributions are usually overshadowed by CR's flamboyance...but he is really the heartbeat of man u. However, me thinks Fergie needs 1-seriously deadly finisher-striker, 1-resilient winger and a back-up Central defender for now injury prone Rio & man u will be challenging again for 5-trophies next year...goodluck Fergie

Posted by Jai on 06/12/2009

Finally Ronaldo reached his dream in playing for Real Madrid. What a waste of brilliant future at Old Trafford for him. Wont be suprise to see him benched and seldom used. Its a truth that Man Utd stars fail to gain fame at Real Madrid. Hats off to u Sir Alex for a brilliant move. Ronaldo, its time for your down turn..Face It

Posted by Anonymous on 06/12/2009

Nani, the next Ronaldo for sure.

Posted by adam on 06/12/2009

I shall miss C7, but a hardcore MU fan like me would certainly prefer a loyal player.
I just can't wait to see our 'new' squad without C7, would it be 'B7' (Benzema), 'R7' (Ribery) or 'T7' (Tosic)?
I think we should keep Tevez and get someone like Essien to play the midfield, a gk is also needed.

Posted by Roy Tan(singapore) on 06/12/2009

Oh.. now go, right out the door. Man Utd is bigger than u and we can sure survive without u. Pls go and become the next Denilson. there will be always someone better. Good Luck.
Roy Tan Wei Han
Man utd fan

Posted by Leonard - San Diego, CA. on 06/12/2009

I am a huge MANUTD FAN in Southern California and was upset when Becks left to Madrid now I get back in the excitement with Ronaldo and here we go again. Past players at Madrid have failed due to TEAM CHEMISTRY. I believe with ROONEY in full control and KEEP TEVIZ we will have no problems for next year. Look at the real issue here WE HAVE MONEY TO BUY 3 top notch players and we need to address the changes MANUTD needs to make here. GIGGS, Scholes, Vandesar are on their last leggs for next year. TIME TO REBUILD with the MONEY WE GOT over all as much I miss Ronaldo and his goals it is a good deal for us in the LONG RUN to continue for more TROPHIES. Do not be SAD MANUTD FANS we have a brighter future ahead. Never forget GOD is in control here with our lives. GO MANCHESTER UNITED!!!
Hey lets sign DROGBA from Chelsa he wants out!

Posted by Pan W on 06/12/2009

No more Cristian Ronaldo and no carlos Telev (heard he want to leave badly), Man U will not be the same again for the next few season. Liverpools and especially Arsenal will be the greater force for the coming seasons. 80M pounds take time to built-up the same force Man U team again. I'm a Arsenal fan and I think Arshavin, Fresbecas and Eduardo will be playing beatiful passing football this coming season.

Posted by Paul Lucas on 06/12/2009

Ronaldo's arrogance is undeserved. He actually believes (at such a young age) that he has contributed to the game of football as much as the likes of Best, Charlton, and Maradona. Footballers such as Messi, Rooney, Henry, Gerrard, Giggs, Scholes and Cantona, who lack the arrogance and enjoy the beautiful game for what it is, are the ones that truly develop the beautiful game. It is not the one hit wonders that drive this religion of football, it's the ones that have passion, skill and drive that make a difference. This is what true football fans look for in supporting a player. Why do you think it was harder for us to let go of Tevez than Ronny. He showed class and loyalty to his squad. He showed up and played 150% every game. No, he may not have scored as many goals as Ronaldo but he also always gave us his all with no complaint. The game of football is much more complex than Ronaldo (I know he thinks differently). So I say cheers , thanks for your time but get gone.

Posted by Paul Lucas on 06/12/2009

Ronaldo is Man Utd? You must be joking. How old are you, 10?

Posted by eyedeal on 06/12/2009

as a man utd fan.. i'm kind of sad.. but obviously this is comming sooner or later.. just the matter of time.. and it did.. and with one huge pay day along with it.. well hopefully SAF would invest wisely.. lets be honest.. ronaldo is definitely something.. he's the guy look to to turn games around and u dont get that in everyone.. no even Kaka i he'll be definitely miss by the team.. but hopefully SAF would build a new team comprising of current players as well as new names.. would really like to see Ribery and Benzema in a Man Utd shirt and please sign Tevez.. thou he may not be a prolific goal scorer but he sure does show great character in the game and for the team.. good morale for the team and fan..
Dont think real would be winning La-Liga nor the Champions league soon.. they may have all the star in their line up but can they work together?? Real Mdrd a challenger but dont think would be a champion..
anyway.. all the best Ronaldo. thanks for the contributions

Posted by Walter y on 06/12/2009


With news that Carlos Tevev will also be leaving Old Trafford, then Man U will not be the same force again next season. No doubt 80M pounds can buy replacement, but CR and CT made the big difference last 2 season that SAF will hate to deny. CR and CT is the two player who moulded the Manu U team. They practically snatch the EPL from Liverpool this year. Think of the decisive winning goals by CR or CT and you realise that Liverpools would have won the Premier league this season.

Posted by HD on 06/12/2009

Cristiano's on-field performances were memorable for the Reds. He's unquestionably the most dangerous player in the world, in the opponents third. The fact of the matter is, he has nothing left to accomplish at Man U and he wants a new challenge. Man U can buy four super stars with the money they landed with his transfer. And can everyone please refrain from jumping on the Real band wagon. Keep in mind, they still don't play any kind of defense, and there is only one ball on the field. Cristiano and Kaka need a ball of their own. Do not worry, Man U will come out of this the smarter, and more fortunate side

Posted by rashivaran on 06/12/2009

money talks to real mandrid

Posted by Steve Tham on 06/12/2009

Losing Ronaldo is really a waste.. but hopefully 80 million can help rebuild the new MANCHESTER UNITED!!!

Goalkeeper: Buffon
Defender: Rafael, Vidic, Ferdinard, Evra
Defensive Midfielder: Anderson
Midfielder: Ribery, Fletcher,Scholes(Giggs), Owen
Strikers: Rooney, Benzema, TeveZ!

Posted by Krazybananaz on 06/12/2009

I heard from somewhere that British is changing their tax law for high income individuals (tax rate from 50% to 60%). Andrei Ashravin in Arsenal have the same problem.

It is simply smarter to go Real and perhaps even with lower pay, Ronaldo maybe still have more in terms of after tax income. Why not?

Plus, it would be very good income and profit for Man Utd.

Posted by ToniSingapore on 06/12/2009

At his best during the 2007/2008 season, Ronaldo was a joy to watch. His powerful shots and headers and his freekicks were awesome. In the 2008/2009 season, I will always remember his 40-yd goal against Porto and his 40-yd freekick against Arsenal. What a player. he has done his job for Man United. Let's give him his due. Thank you CR. You were the best these last 2 seasons. I wish you all the best in RM. Now thats done, its onward Man United. SAF knows whats he's doing and I am confident Man United will remain as strong as ever. there may be some adjustment as SAF rebuilds his team but we will never drop beyond the top two in the EPL. Glory Golry Man United.

Posted by ToniSingapore on 06/12/2009

At his best during the 2007/2008 season, Ronaldo was a joy to watch. His powerful shots and headers and his freekicks were awesome. In the 2008/2009 season, I will always remember his 40-yd goal against Porto and his 40-yd freekick against Arsenal. What a player. He has done his job for Man United. Let's give him his due. Thank you CR. You were the best these last 2 seasons and one of the reasons why Man United were so successful. I wish you all the best in RM. Now thats done, its onward Man United. SAF knows whats he's doing and I am confident Man United will remain as strong as ever. Rooney can go back to his favorite central striker role. There will be some adjustments as SAF rebuilds his team but we will never drop beyond the top two in the EPL. Glory Glory Man United.

Posted by dusk2dawn on 06/12/2009

CR7 vs RVN - part 2

Posted by mojo on 06/12/2009

If they were REALly stupid enough to think that he's worth 80 million blinkers! Now you could top up 20 mil more and buy the Magpies as a 3rd team. That's how ridiculous it is. Over typed and definitely Over hyped. Everybody hates a disloyal, diver, whiner and all round star faker. He would only have been accepted in 2 teams. The one he was leaving and the one he's going to. Definitely a legend in his own mind. The EPL is a better place without him. Good Riddance.

Posted by Todd on 06/12/2009

No Ronaldo = no Man U simple.

With out Ronaldo Man U would not have won what they have in the last 3 years and you hear their fans saying im glad his gone. Be serious he scored a third of all your goals in your 3 winning seasons and had the ability and finess to change a game single handedly. Let not forget how much publicity and money he would have brought to the club.

Ronaldo made a good move getting out of england to where there is a more competetive league. until the Big 4 in england are rivaled by more clubs the premier league will always be behind, sure the clubs might win alot of the titles but in the intrest of the game which to be honest is the up to the fans and comes down to money. people dont want to watch predictable outcomes. even if your team was to loose a good close exciting game is often more enjoyable than watching a minnow be demolished.

Posted by marqueb on 06/12/2009

I'm not a Ronaldo fan, but all teh Man U fans saying good riddance is rediculous. If not for Ronaldo's contribution, Man U would have been looking at Liverpool holding the hardware. I will be watching to see how the ManU fans respond in the coming season.

La Liga fits CR's style. The Spanish league plays a more interesting and "beautiful" game than the other leagues.

Posted by Kevin on 06/12/2009

I'd like to see madrid sign everyone!! HAHA. Being a man utd and barca fan, it'd be nice to see how hard madrid fall on their faces when their signings don't click together well.Ronaldo is already man utd's history.He may be the world best player but (just like ronaldinho) within one or two years without sir alex guidance, Ronaldo will flop. portugese peacock will lose his beautiful feathers soon! hahahahaha

Posted by james low (s'pore) on 06/12/2009

CR7 will sink at real.M that's like the blackhole and curse for all world class players in my opinion. anwy we'll see how well it'll be next season. cheers!

Posted by ,sdnfsn on 06/12/2009

Ronaldo goin to real madrid is not a good news as he could turn the game around in an dont even know he could get his form back that he could score many goals against a club..he is just going there due to the salary..
but i am happy for karim benzema and franc ribery to come in manchester united."GREAT TEAM WORK WILL LEAD TO GREAT RESULTS".

Posted by Alan on 06/12/2009

Good luck to you Ronaldo. I have enjoyed your football at United and I know how quickly fans can turn on a player when it doesnt suit them personally. For me the biggest star at United is Alex Fergusion anyway. Alex is the one who builds up the champion teams and he will do it again and again and again.

Posted by posted by on 06/12/2009

wtv the result of this new galacticos........i'll want to watch them play because i'll be able to see kaka play... and ronaldo play. (and maybe Villa, Ribery, maybe messi in a couple of years!) and van der vaart. and schneider. ramos, marcelo, metzelder, raul, cassillas. Nistelroy, huntelaar. Guti. Gago. De la Red and others play.

can't wait.

Posted by mnoel on 06/12/2009

He'll undoubtedly be missed,& we need to re-build asap...'Ribery,Benzema (more so if Tevez signs for another) just for starters..but given our mounting debt, out of the insane 80 mil, we may only have 35-45 to use...It's interesting that both our player (he's not signed for Real as yet),& manager (beloved SAF) hasn't come out w/any statements..'pre-agreement or not,this looks more like a club decision (who wouldn't accept an 80 mil pound bid),much like Milan's case w/Kaka,rather than the player per se...I'm sure w/Kaka now in Madrid,Real now looks more like a side he may want to join; as the 6-2 Real-humbled-side showed he's better off playing out his contract,& maybe career, w/United...'he knows the team as much as the team knows him-
'a case example:the Ronaldo-Rooney-Ronaldo-Rooney tandem; IF he stays; is one combo that'll see United through many more successful seasons...'what a moment it'd be if he did a dramatic U-turn & demonstrate a certain quality many doubt he has,loyalty...

Posted by Bob on 06/12/2009

So sad too bad...
Real Madrid should understand this is a team sport and one or two players do not make the team. It takes eleven committed players to win, and in the end Ronaldo was not in my opinion a team player.
As a long time Utd fan, he was not a patch on Best, nowhere near, and I now wonder if Old Trafford will be returned to a football pitch and not a diving pool.
We should keep the young players coming up and defineately not lose Tevez...

Posted by Anonymous on 06/12/2009

goodbye ronny thankyou for all the wonderfull moments you have gave me as a utd fan, i hope you go on winning. Any utd fan who gives u stick arnt really a man u fan goodluck at your new club.

Posted by devil boy on 06/12/2009

i fell sad dat cr is leaving 2 real...he is 1 of de best in de world...sure it will b difficult 4 sir alex 2 build back de team...but sir alex is a wonderful coach he will build back de team in a year time as how united build back after de munich disaster... cr have done many contributoin 2 united so we have 2 thank him...4 me real is nothing they might b de good team when they we called galaticos...4 an example beck who leaved united 4 real loss all his playing skills which he had in united b4...but 4 rud he was good bcoz he was a striker and that is a position u can score goals and bcome i think even cr leave united he will b good in real just 4 some time...he sure will regrate that united is de haven of glory................................

Posted by randy on 06/12/2009

The world's greatest ever players, Pele and Maradona, have one thing in common that others don't have. The ability to lift and actually change (improve) how a team plays. Football is a team sport, SAF understands that. In our age of media hype and economics, these players are being greatly overrated. But I.m happy for RM cause I love Barca and nothing will give me more pleasure than when they repeat next year for a fraction of the cost RM nutcakes have paid for 2 players, that are very good but certainly not among the greatest.

Posted by Maman from singapore on 06/12/2009

hey guys . ronaldo no more okayy . lets have plans on who should be on the right flank . i want to see tosic there !

Posted by Good bye Ronnie on 06/12/2009

Galacticos 2: Past & Present

Ronaldo de Lima = Kaka (Brazilian)
Figo = Cristiano Ronaldo (Portuguese)

Next will be,

Zinedine Zidane = Ribery (French)
David Beckham = Steve Gerrard (English)

Posted by nat soh on 06/12/2009

i kinda feel sad cause 2 of the best players to the team i hate the most-kaka and ronaldo.......

Posted by Anonymous on 06/12/2009

For a player who has won everything at the world's greatest football club, it is only natural that he seeks new challenges elsewhere. CR7's on and off-field behaviour of late suggests that he is ready to leave the club. So while we appreciate his contribution during his stay at OT, keeping a player (even though the Best player in the world) whose heart is no longer at the club can be eventually disruptive in the dressing room. No one can be bigger than Man U (except maybe SAF the Great).

Besides, 80 million pounds is great business and a marvellous return, considering only 12 mil was paid to Sporting Lisbon in 2003. So long CR7, thanks for everyting and we wish you and other Galaticos all the best at Real, although the REAL team in the Liga is BARCELONA!!!

Posted by ziyaad on 06/12/2009

Ronaldo is not a loyal man u player. Good riddance to my once favourite player. Money talks everywhere. Adieu Mr arrogant.

Posted by Gonso on 06/12/2009

Again a good transfer for Madrid cause they will make a huge amount of money with Ronaldo's rights as well as acquiring a great player. Again ManU complaining and delivering childish excuses because their players openly admit that they want to leave them for a bigger club.
Same old story...

Posted by suresh on 06/12/2009

we miss a great player

Posted by Jon on 06/12/2009

Sell: Nani, Berbatov, Hargreaves, kuszczak,
Keep: Tevez
Buy: Ribery, Valencia, Aguero, Benzema, David Villa, David Silva - 3-4 out of this 6

Another option is to buy Real Madrid players the likes of Higuan or Robben

As for Ronaldo....Just like other great players like Beckham and RVN, Thank you, good luck and see you at next year Champions league final....thats if Real is able to get that far....

Posted by go away useless un-loyal on 06/12/2009

he sure un-loyal to Man Utd Show off guy. think he so great.. hope he don't perform what he did for man Utd... he sure a bad face for man utd... never ever think which team grown and give him chances that he will nv get from sporting... signzz..

Posted by ManU Glory on 06/12/2009

It's rather unusual for ManU to sell young performing players. Therefore, my guess is that C7 wanted to leave anyway. It's hard to keep players who don't want to stay so chances are Sir Alex was reluctantly cashing in. There will be an impact but in the end no one is irreplaceable. And, as we've seen in the last World Cup, even a team with Messi or C7 doesn't guarantee success. I am a true believer in team strategy & only Sir Alex's departure will make me nervous. No one else!

Posted by Prince Folajimi Akindehin on 06/12/2009

I really appreciate Ronaldo's effort at MAN UTD. He tried so hard and so much to be ahead of his game. Being a MAN UTD fan its so hard to see him go but the truth still remains, he has to go.

Ronaldo is a player that cannot be forgotten so quickly at MAN UTD. I wish him the best and would have loved to thank him personally for the job well done while he was in MAN UTD.

Posted by Kai on 06/12/2009

it was pretty obvious that he wanted to leave from the beginning of the hole situation. But finally he is gone.

Posted by oaklee on 06/12/2009

Gald ,the swineboy gone......let us unite to bring more glory to Old trafford, Sir alex will had new game plan to retaine our EPL cup. and lets show who is bigger than UNITED next Benzema n Ribery

Posted by Daryl on 06/12/2009

Finally he has left. It is sad but it will be good for MU. 80 millions God's grace. Hopefully Ferguson would put that money into good use. 30mils to buy out Tevez, 30 mills on a good midfield and last 20mils on a good rightback, Philip Lahm is a good player.

Posted by Tobi on 06/12/2009

Ronaldo is a very good player but if he want to leave u must let him go cause he won't play with is heart for u and he will destroy the team cause is heart its not for man u so let him go..... We have a lot of player in our team but sure we must have new player to make the team more strong.... Fergie sign Tevez and go for Zlatan Imbramovic, Ribery and Villa we wil be more strong than ever....

Thanks Ronaldo and Good Luck... God Bless...


Posted by terence on 06/12/2009

Ronaldo + $20m = Newcastle United FC

Posted by the gunners forever on 06/12/2009

Oye all you idiotic manu fans...what do you mean you're glad that you're rid of Cristiano Ronaldo? Now you're callin him a virus, what happened when it was ronaldo this and ronaldo that? What happened when you screamed your heart out over the last two years when Ronaldo clinched all those nailbiting cliffhangers for Sir Alex Fuckingson? I am an Arsenal fan, but I still believe that Ronaldo was a magical player. No one has the ability to score crucial goals like he had, not even the great Messi or Kaka. Whether or not he was a team player, as Manu fans it is your duty to respect the good talent in your team, especially talent that won you so much accolade. You hypocrites, come to terms with the fact that you lost a great player and quit abusing him.
As for Arsenal...go gunners go! Manu will not defend their title next season!

Posted by Daniel on 06/12/2009

I agree with Darren, nicely said. I'm a Man U fan and I think Sir Alex should notice the effort which Tevez is showing. He is much more worth retaining than the peacock. Ronaldo is good, but soccer is a team game. Teams which rely on individual personalities fail more often than not. So take heart all Man U fans, Ronaldo's departure is probably a blessing in disguise...

Posted by Liverfool on 06/12/2009

Big money yes!!

Posted by Rapido on 06/12/2009

All I can say is good luck to Barcelona! I mean Kaka and Ronaldo in one team! When you're done crying over Ronaldo you'll notice that the Real Madrid era has began...And don't tell me that Ronaldo and Kaka will ruin their careers in Madrid. That was a matter of chance for the other oldies and these too are still full of life. Wow can you imagine if Madrid some day manage to wangle Messi from Barcelona's grip? Just fantasizing it gives me the drool...Imagine what the midfield would be like- Ronaldo, Kaka, Messi! now wouldn't that be a superteam? The fab three will be the pinnacle of Madrid's great dream for their pathetic little boss Perez. Gotta admit- everyone today is loyal to only one

Posted by Anonymous on 06/12/2009

Oh Beckham's no.2.........When you leave Man United ,For a bigger club, u go downhill!!!!!!!!!!!BaBy...

Posted by Edosa on 06/12/2009

Am really happy for Ronny, cos a great player of his statues would always look forward to play for a great club like madrid with that record fee offer, we miss him at United, he really contributed alot to the club d past years and brought life to premiership by winning the world best,with his amazing skill, wish him all the best. 1 united

Posted by Anonymous on 06/12/2009

hello how r?i want to ask u a question.why r u leaving man utd? dont leave u r my favourite player,u r playing very well in man utd.please please please dnt leave man utd.dont go to real madrid.

Posted by Dipu Rajak on 06/12/2009

To be honest,

Ronaldo is one of the best player of the world. He will be definitely be missed.

I am true man utd fan. As fan I would not like to loose a player like Ronaldo who has helped the club to win very crucial matches. He is a man with a magic. He could create a magic any time, like he had done in the game with porto.

Ya, but i was Rolnado dream to play for Real Madrid. No one can stop anyone to achive their dream. Well, I will not do that. I thank him for the work he had done for man utd and Wish him best of luck for his future.

Posted by birdy on 06/12/2009

Who Cares....hes not even worth 80 mil. hes a litte baby! Messi showed us all who is the best player in the world in the champs league final! ronaldo will always think he is bigger than the club hes at.

Posted by David on 06/12/2009

We're done! Sir Alex probably can't wait for next season to end so he can retire close to the top. I can see it now. Man U. Vs. Real in the Champions league final next year. Guess who's going to end Man U's dreams. Need I say? Don't get me wrong, I get up early in the morning on Saturdays in the States to watch United and I wish them well, but this is crazy. No player in the world can replace Ronaldo and and the threat he brings each weekend to opposing teams. Frank Ribery? What! Have you gone completely made? With Scholes, Gigsy, and Neville nearing their end, why also give up Ronaldo. Kaka, Ronaldo, and maybe David Villa? Holly crap! I am tryly bumbed. Is their anybody out there who can give me a reason to be optimistic? Sh@#!

Posted by riddance on 06/12/2009

newcaslte only worth 100m and ronaldo worth 80 m
yea, i think the cap should be on.

and i do think ronaldo is irreplaceable for Man Utd. His on field performance and his all rounded place is simply the best at this moment. I wish him all the best in madrid.He did achieve alot in Man utd and i guess it's finally time for him to write a new page in his career.

As a man utd fan, i am sad to see him leave but i have confident that man utd will over come this. I guess without ronaldo, the team spirit and team work will be better. Now the spot light will be on Sir Alex. What player would be pursue with the money he received.

Posted by kaze on 06/12/2009

oh come on.. cr7 cant play football. he's not even better than some young player.


Posted by F**k R*****O on 06/12/2009

Ask him go to so many tantrums..Finally he's in Madrid.Wat a relief!!

Posted by Sensation on 06/12/2009

Putting club loyalties aside, Ronaldo played for himself, not the club. He may have scored spectacular goals, but it was always about himself. Ferguson is partly to be blamed for that, for I believe he has never stood for personalities on or off the field, but always for the team. From before, those that had egos ahead of the team, faced his wrath...remember Stam? Why a separate treatment for this brat when he reacted angrily to being substituted on the 2nd last game of the season? If Park Ji Sung did that, he would be warming the reserves bench the whole of next season.
In my opinion, Ronaldo doesn't even come close to the likes of Zidane or Figo as far as being an established footballer is concerned.
He will long be remembered as a very talented and self-centered footballer, regardless of where he plays.

Posted by Michel on 06/12/2009

Ok guys you have to remember that when Ronaldo's heart was at Manu he managed to score 20 something times in one season and 41 times the season after that. He does his magic at the place he's comfertable with.
Last season his mind was at Real Madrid, thats why he couldn't perform as well as he used to. Now he is finally where he wants to be. Thats a guanteed 30+ goals per season.
No i think he made the right decision by finally making up his mind and heading out of Manu.
And for all who think that he's ruined his career and think again and remember all the games he managed to win single handedly over the last 6 seasons.
I think he's destined for further greatness, and will achieve greater success than he ever achieved in Manu

Posted by Anonymous on 06/12/2009

hello how r u?i want to ask u a question.why r u leaving man utd? dont leave u r my favourite player,u r playing very well in man utd.please please please dont leave man utd.dont go to real madrid.i bag u.

Posted by manU fan on 06/12/2009

As a Man Utd Fan, i had the same feeling as Milian Fans.
Just felt get ripped off by money. Feel so helpless when 80 Million price tag for a great player, and yet the money is irresistible.
Ronaldo is a player with character and this bring Man utd to success and make the opponent fear the team.
Real spoil the whole game of soccer!! seriously!!
I do think Man Utd shouldn't think how to replace ronaldo, but to bring in someone to balance the team on the whole.
IF they can bring a player with character, like ronaldo or beckham. Then the departure of ronaldo may not be missed.

Posted by exodus on 06/12/2009

My only concern now is -> Who will be the next No.7 ?

Posted by Anonymous on 06/12/2009

at the end of the day, who really cares? ronaldo has initiated most of the transfer talk himself....i agree with ferguson....get shut....bought him for 12 million...sell him for 80...good business

Posted by Julius (Minnesota) on 06/12/2009

I am just deeply disturbed by how many people here can't write. Let's stop worrying about Ronaldo aka CR7 and worry about, oh maybe, going back to pre-school to pickup some much-needed writing/spelling skills.

Posted by happy on 06/12/2009

He will fade in Spain, like Owen and Beckham.

Posted by Dave on 06/12/2009

I'm laughing at all these pathetic Man Unitedstates fans saying (Hoping rather) than Ronaldo will be a failure at Real, when deep down your are all lying you want him to stay -any true fan would. Even though he is an expensive show pony I hope he rubs your noses in it. GO REAL!!!!, and fall in a heap Man Unitedstates

Posted by KHurt on 06/12/2009

So what's gonna happen when Tevez is off-loaded? "Good, he's too slow" or Ribery rejected, "Might as well, won't adapt to the EPL". You ManU fans has no class. Guess the L.O.Y.A.L.T.Y. sauce does not go well with prawn-sandwich.

Posted by Anonymous on 06/12/2009

by the way, it is not MAN is Man United or United or Manchaster American plastic fans need to learn what it´s like to support a team to the point of it being a religion.....if you can´t do that, then stick to your amateur MLS league....or even better, your 16 game NFL season....tossers.....
......regardless of the sale of Ronaldo, United will emerge stronger......and I support´s scary......

Posted by Manny on 06/12/2009

Real Madrid have always been associated with luring the best players in will be interesting when the Ronaldo throws his toys out of the cot...
The hardest job for Pellegrini will be to control the massive ego's in the team. Ronaldo is not a team player and I believe things have gone to his head. If he was so good why are Portugal struggling to qualify for the WC.
With this amount of money being splashed out the Real Madrid season will only be a success of they win the Liga and Champions League (at minimum).
No pressure but if Real Madrid have a bad start...bye bye Pellegrini.

For the sake of World Soccer, these amounts of monies have become obscene. I know the market dictates worth but Ronaldo is not worth this amount of money. I hope UEFA looks towards some salary cap system. Even though ther German League lacks quality, the fans love it because it is so unpredictable and anyone can win on their day. The English, Spanish, Italian are an elitist league

Posted by Nishant on 06/12/2009

Not a single ManUtd fan has good things to say about Ronaldo? Amazing..that their star performer over the last 2-3 yrs is considered a rotten player! (someone who scores 42 goals in a season!!!). And then they wonder why Ronaldo opted to leave ManUtd? If you don't respect the player's talents then he won't respect the contract - it's a mutual thing. I am glad he has gone over to Madrid to form a great midfield with Robben and Kaka alongside him. Regardless of his arrogance and behavior, he has talent par excellence. always did and always will. Now if only he could add humility to it, he'd be loved by his opponents too..but he prefers to be himself and that's what makes him the player he is. Like him or not..he is Ronaldo and he'll continue defying his critics!

Posted by JKY on 06/12/2009

I am sad ronaldo is gone...he's a great player with great talent,but without loyalty.He has forgotten who made him into the player he was today.I will have the upmost faith in SAF.He is great manager and he has faced this situation with David Beckham.Ronaldo will surely dominate in spanish league if he can become greater unlike Beckham.80 million is a huge sum and we can only hope SAF will make the best decision which will surprise us all.Remember MAN UTD is a football team,not a football star.I hope the leaving of ronaldo will be the chance for other MAN UTD players to show the best out of them.

I am sad but we have to go on.Now we have to close our eyes and have faith in SAF.Glory Glory MAN UTD>>>>>UNITED TILL I DIE....

Posted by raj on 06/12/2009

Good bye Ronaldo
Thank you but u won't be missed


Welcome Ribery, Benzema & why not Beckham. Imagine the euphoria with his no. 7 again and franchise etc

Posted by michael on 06/12/2009

well i am sorry for utd cos i dnt see them winning any trophy nexty year without ronaldo . ribery will not be going to utd he will be coming to chelseafc and to replace ronaldo they will buy valencia from wigan and nhe connot be a new ronaldo . the only player i can see who could replace him will be nani but i dnt think fergei has faith in him and he will be sold to inter . all i see for utd is dopwn and no one to score those 40 yard freekicks .

Posted by sir normz on 06/12/2009

why is it when man city made a 100m offer to kaka. everyone was so unhappy about it bcoz man city is spendng unrealistically. now that real made an 80m offer, it does not bother them. bcoz maybe it real madrd?

i wont spend 80m for ronaldo. yes, he is great. but not that much.

look how he performed during the european championship. he is trying very hard to show that he is better than messi. but he proved everyone he was wrong.

no man is greater than the club he is playing. i think man u will benefit much and will be better without him with the cash they get from him

Posted by LJ on 06/12/2009

It's definitely a good thing for United to drop CR. It was not he but the likes of Giggs, Scholls, Sheringham, Solskjaer, and perhaps Vidic and Carrick who gave United lasting successes.

Relief for United and wish United march on in unity.

Posted by EPL on 06/12/2009

Dave and KHurt ... get a life

Posted by brooze on 06/12/2009

80m to bring Sir Alex Ferguson over to Real Marid is more worth spending than Ronaldo.

out of words for Real Madrid.

Posted by brooze on 06/12/2009

Spending 80m for Sir Alex Ferguson is much more worthy than spending on Ronaldo

out of words for Real Madrid.

Posted by minila on 06/12/2009

When Chelsea and ManCity were buying, all people said they damage the sports. Now Real is doing twice as much and the reaction is different. Honestly, if they can bring in money from other business, it is always good for footbal. You can't reply on the hard money from fans via tickets to feed these gaint stars. I just don't understand where Real's money come from when they were required to be helped out by government years ago....I only feel sorry for AC Milan. They need money. If they know Ronaldo worths 80m, Kaka should ask for 80m+10p. He worths more than Ronaldo because they creates the same on the field, but Kaka will cause less problem off it for sure.

Posted by blast on 06/12/2009

buying Ronaldo for 80m immediately after settling kaka deal for 59m is indirectly saying that Ronaldo is better than kaka.

Posted by aminu on 06/12/2009

Go on ronaldo i wish you good luck in Real. Sir please get us players like ribery and benzima.

Posted by Saroj on 06/12/2009

i think real has made wrong decision, investing huge amount to him is wrong, it is a waste. bringing him to bernabau is a challenge for perez , fans will be dissapoint if he not perform well. he is a good player but two star player in a team may cause problems. they already signed kaka which is enough for others. being many superstars in a team may cause challenge among players and team work will not be good. they must prefer a great and strongest defender and playmaker rather than ronaldo. i think combination of kaka and robben will be best and sufficient for real. robben should not be sale.

Posted by Perrygroves on 06/12/2009

I completely agree with this article and I am absolutely convinced some kind of deal was struck last year its obvious. Dont forget Ronaldo's lawers registered the CR9 trademark in Spain last November. As soon as Calderon left he broke his silence and told us that it was a done deal. Back in May Real Madrid were handed a 70 million euro loan. Rumours that Ronaldo was going to receieve £30 million if the deal wasnt done by the 30th June came out last week. And what did Utd quote on their website this week, we hope to resolve matters by 30th June. Also is nobody else surprised that a deal for the World Footballer of the Year between the worlds two richest and biggest clubs can be sorted as quickly as it has? If it was a real tug of war then Man Utd wouldnt have just accepeted a deal so quickly.

Posted by Wayne on 06/12/2009

No point if real sigh so maney,BARCA is still the best in the leauge and better then real as they always. I LIKE MAN UTD ,BARCELONA,AND TIME BEING AC MILAN!!!!!!! AS 4 PLAYERS...........MESSI!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Albert Handly on 06/12/2009

Sad yes, over-Grief by his daparture to Real, No...Deep down i still wish he would personally reject the deal last-minute to Real Madrid...and re-commit his words of "Manchester United is my home". Soon after, Ronaldo will realise it will be too much of a burden to lift Madrid up with his heavy Anelka, Beckham, Owen, Robinho, n e other Ronaldo...But if he stays @ Old trafford till the end of his career, no doubt that his statue will be moulded and erected outside OT, like the holy trinity Best-Charlton-Law..and Matt Busby..and probably Sir Alex soon..But that wouldn't be likely now...unless like i said, he will reject the deal last minute...

Posted by hari on 06/12/2009

i dunno y people think a player has to be faithful. thats a very ideal way of looking at things. im a mad ManU fan but i dun think Ronaldo is obliged to stay at ManU. he isnt english and wasnt born anywhere close to manchester.
and about him being a virus...the number of games hes turned around for ManU is staggering, The number of times hes inspired a performance is numerous. Yea hes been unprofessional off the pitch, but on it, he gave it his all everytime. Hope Ronaldo finds a place in the start studded real line up. So give the guy the respect he deserves coz if Reals paying 80mil for him, hes definately done something right!!
Glory Glory Man United!

Posted by CBS on 06/12/2009

I'm glad that CR being sold.
Although he is a great player but in these few years time he is no more loyal to the club.
When rumours says that he will leave MU and he kept quite and says he would like to concerntrate on next match..,don't want to think too much and for holiday 1st..
To win title, it must be team work + good player,
CR gone,bring in Riberry and Benzema or D.Villa and will keep on winning

Posted by Joe Murage on 06/12/2009

Yes he is good but not all the times.He had an attitude i disliked.One thing Spanish fans dont tolerate is bad attitude and i think he might flop if he doesnt change.Good players come and go but the club continues to progress.He had an attitude towards other players and we could see it all the time.Now is the time manutd to regroup and play as a team.
Nani should not go because he can gain form by playing not seating on the bench.When Ronaldo came he went straight to the 1st team though he wasnt all that good.Nani is a good dribler and i would like SAF to play him oftenly.We need a good play maker and ball winner.Rooney should be playing right behind Berbs and manutd will win matches at will.

Posted by Red Devils Wsc on 06/12/2009

As a hardcore Man Utd fans, is sad to see our greatest ever player leaving the club but if the player did not pay his loyalty and respect anymore to the club there is no point to keep him in the squad.To sell Ronaldo for 80m already breaking the world transfer record but i do believe the tag price for Ronaldo can be much more higher that might probably reach around 100m.Maybe in future next few years it might be hard to find a replacement on Ronaldo position but Man Utd are very solid team that always playing with a team spirit style not by solo performance so i believe that we will bounce back stronger as what Man Utd capable did in last decades. SAF definitely will plan wisely for his 80m to bring in new player that can bring benefit to the club.Frank Ribery,Karim Benzema or Antonio Valencia will be the transfer market list on SAF mind now so just wait and see who will be the one that wearing the legendary No7 after departure of Ronaldo.
Glory Glory Man Utd... `Believe`....

Posted by Joe Murage on 06/12/2009

Yes he is good but not all the times.He had an attitude i disliked.One thing Spanish fans dont tolerate is bad attitude and i think he might flop if he doesnt change.Good players come and go but the club continues to progress.He had an attitude towards other players and we could see it all the time.Now is the time manutd to regroup and play as a team.
Nani should not go because he can gain form by playing not seating on the bench.When Ronaldo came he went straight to the 1st team though he wasnt all that good.Nani is a good dribler and i would like SAF to play him oftenly.We need a good play maker and ball winner.Rooney should be playing right behind Berbs and manutd will win matches at will.

Posted by Dallu on 06/12/2009

This is really a shocking news for me that he is leaving OT. EPL will going to lose a huge player. As a MU fan, Im not happy with the decision made to sold him out. MU will not be satisfied how much money is banked in into their account. How much do you want more Glazer? Im sure there will be no more taste to watch MU playing in the upcoming season. Once again, MU will be going to suffer unless new talents are brought in. I actually hate REAL MADRID for their habit of tempting the world's best players.

Watch Beckham; where is he now? Is he the same Beck who used to play from MU? No. See Michael Owen, Haiz. Ronaldo will going to be the same or more worst. He cant fit to Real's Reality. Fergie knows how to fit him. There's nobody better manager than him.

Posted by Joe Murage on 06/12/2009

Yes he is good but not all the times.He had an attitude i disliked.One thing Spanish fans dont tolerate is bad attitude and i think he might flop if he doesnt change.Good players come and go but the club continues to progress.He had an attitude towards other players and we could see it all the time.Now is the time manutd to regroup and play as a team.
Nani should not go because he can gain form by playing not seating on the bench.When Ronaldo came he went straight to the 1st team though he wasnt all that good.Nani is a good dribler and i would like SAF to play him oftenly.We need a good play maker and ball winner.Rooney should be playing right behind Berbs and manutd will win matches at will.

Posted by WeiGuo on 06/12/2009

CR7 was made in Manchester United. Remembered the day in Bolton when he went on and run circles round the defence. Now few years on, he have chose to move on, we shouldnt be angry with him. Thinking positively, Ronaldo will now be at Spanish league to help us avenge the CL Final defeat season out, though on another hand i wish Barca thrash RM again every season.

For Utd fans, don't slam Ronaldo, without Ronaldo we might not have seen some great football over the years. Man Utd will surely rebuild around Rooney this new era, wont it be the same if Rooney becomes a key player instead of letting him do defending on the wings? Lets be positive guys.

Posted by Ray on 06/12/2009

well another protege of SAF has left the best club inthe world.i wish him best of luck with his career in madrid,but he will never find the affection & respect that only united fans gave him.mostly leaving a club like united ,it is unfortuntely way down spiral from there has left a bitter taste in mouth of united fans,the manner he in which he has left.Thanks for all the memories RON,but i beleive he wasnt wearing the red jersey with honor this will always be remembered but not ADORED inthe way as BEST;LAW;CHARLTON;KEANE;BECKHAM;CANTONA;RVN;STAM etc was great business for the club,but the ? is wat we will do with the funds.benzema;ribery & a midfield enforcer will do all united fans.MANCHESTER UNITED IS CLUB & no player is bigger than the club not even RONALDO.GLORY GLORY MAN UNITED

Posted by theman007 on 06/12/2009

All you Man U fans should be holding vigil and as well sending thankyou cards to Ronnie, because without him, Liverpool could v won this yrs PL and chelsea could v won both of last yrs Champions League and PL. Benzeman and Ribery combined will not produce Ronnie, they will still be playing average football like Tevez and berbetov.

Posted by Kate on 06/12/2009

all i can say is... fergie knows exactly what he is doing. he is the best manager any sport has ever seen and no one can doubt that. it will be a challenge to find someone as good as ronaldo but i know SAF can do it.

Posted by enrique on 06/12/2009

you guys are jokes, really how is Ronaldo not faithful? he scored against his country club for you guys to get to semi-finals, he did everything in the semi-final for your ass's to get to the finals, and in the final it was him working so hard.. when carrick,scholes vidic,berb that lil lazy ass, just waitin for the ball, i hope teves leaves to so all you MNU realize what you have lost.. n i hate ronaldo i cant beleive i am backing him, you MNU fans are unfaithful cuz u just lost the best player.. when he was scoring i bet all of you were jumpin.. n now talkin rubbish. ur right if he didnt believe his fans nymore then he did the right choice as all of u are talkin rubbish.all those who left before him n went to madrid were all in 30... what good were they...MNU never wins against big clubs, except small clubs. if u look at the ECL fixture tell me one strong team they played? all piece of cake...this is my predication as the season goes by..MNU-3rd place-5,8,5,6,4

Posted by Ray on 06/12/2009

business done.funds to arrive & players to be bought.i am confidnet united will march on to glory next season & with a point to prove that it is not a one man show.Red devils will reign supreme again at home & abroad.....

Posted by enrique on 06/12/2009

For all of you think Madrid gonna fall, or ronaldo doesn't know team work are you guys on crack,or just tryina feel better,this guy is all skill,with the likes of kaka n villa around him,they gonna have the best chemistry,their understanding will be higher then any other team,of all the skill they have put it together,that bald guy always talks on TV saying kaka n ronaldo need a ball each,just cuz ur an english freak u want to make spain look bad,let me tell u bald dude n all u fans kaka n ronaldo will make wonders, n villa will be scoring from all side,defenses wont knw who to guard ronaldo or kaka? or david silva? haha man Spanish LEague is the best, just watch Madrid own much i hate ronaldo,n love kaka,one ball is nuff for them to make the grass shake, players shake, fans cry.i just can wait for next season for them to prove you all wrong, and that bald guy commentator..talkin shit..n yes its 11 team play, n im sure thats how its gonna be unless ur just hating. grow up

Posted by Jon Karoo on 06/13/2009

Guys, this is from an alternate reality - if our star player just left, wouldn't we be targeting someone like Ronaldo? Our judgment wouldn't be based on how many toys he's thrown out of his pram, but his skills on the pitch.

Back to the real world - Let's just cherish his contributions to the TEAM and forget his tantrums. Not everyone can be like Giggsy & stay on forever, but every Utd player has contributed to the cause when required to. Next season, so what if there's no Ronaldo? Other players can step up to complement their teammates. No problem, really, so let's not get hyped up too much about this...

Posted by Iggy Gonzales on 06/13/2009

With ronaldo gone, rooney will now start in the middle, in the hole if you will. This is a start of a new attacking era of excitement

Posted by Siso Madridista on 06/13/2009

m a Real fan but to b honest, i hated the boy with a passion bcoz of his on and off the field antics. But that notwithstanding his skill and talents. If he can learn to play for the team as well as with the team as early as possible the better. Guess i don't have a choice but to wish him the best since the best of him will bring smiles to us Madridistas. How hard it is for some of us to have to love someone who u hated only a few minutes back. Was always against splashing all the money on the boy but pity, one cannot collect spilt milk. It has happened and there's nothing we can do except wish him and all Madridistas the best for next season.

Posted by Kookhing on 06/15/2009

No player is bigger than the CLUB.. 80m is good deal... bring on Tevez, Ribery, Valencia and Benzema...sulking players have no place at OT.... we should be scared only if we sell Wazza..... ManU players will not go for personal glory (how selfish CR played in the CL final was disgraceful!!) and tempted by money and spotlights...... every summer it is the same Madrid & CR story, so next summer we will have peace, Wazza & co will not sulk and demand this & that.....

Posted by maupi monyemangene on 06/15/2009

emotional tirades and misplaced accusations of lack of loyalty aside. Ronaldo was a doyen at Man U and will be solely missed.

Posted by United4Eva on 06/15/2009

As Man U prepare for life after CR7, here is my take on the speculated replacement(s):

Antonio Valencia - good potential but will never be CR7 ver. 2.0...

Karim Benzema - prefers to play in La Liga or Serie A. May not be able to adjust to the physical nature of the BPL.

David Villa - pacy and skilful, but not tough enough for the rough and tumble style in the BRL. May end up like Diego (Forlorn)Forlan (remember him?)

Sergio Agura / Zlatan Ibrahimovic - as per comments for David Villa...

JK Hunterlaar - ideal target man, but do Man U really need an old-fashioned no. 9???

Frank Ribery - most likely considering his credentials, but prudent Manu U may be priced out of a deal due to overstated value.

Solution - with the UEFA's 6+5 rule in mind, why not look to 'home boys' to replace CR7? Think Ashley Young and Theo Walcott and envision them tearing down both wings a la Gordon Hill and Steve Coppell, Beckham and Giggs (you get the picture). And also KEEP TEVEZ!!!

Posted by Bernardo on 06/15/2009

Flo Perez is digging his own big grave. He ain't going to win nothing buy splashing cash on big names. Real's defence is a joke. He should use the money to buy bricks to seal Real's goalpost instead.

Good luck to you CR7. Go rot in Madrid. I'll see you get beaten by Barca boys for fun next season. Then you will know what it means to have a great coach like Fergie and a great team like MAN U !!!!!

Posted by Navroz on 06/16/2009

Look all my Man United brothers....Ronaldo came, he saw and conquered...I am a ManU fan through and through and it pains me to see everyone speculating over this transfer. Ronaldo at no point has embodied nor embraced the true ManU spirit, which is a shame considering his massive talent. There is no need to further waste any words on a player who used Manchester to up his career. Having said that, ManU needed him to fill the void on the right berth and so it was at best a symbiotic relationship.

What is more concerning is the fact that true living legends are getting old and frail in our squad. The Champions League final showed me that players like Giggs, Neville, VanderSar and Scholes have all had spent their time in the sun...They are too old to play now. This is a FACT...

If Manchester lose their title next year, it will not be because some dainty metro-sexual Portuguese male with a s*** load of talent left us for another club, but rather because we may be deprived of true legends

Posted by Bernard on 06/16/2009

Christiano Ronaldo seemed to look at other players sideways, he made himself a one man show, someone better than the team. It was the same attitude that got David Beckham the door at MU.
His constant diving when touched minimally got refrees not to give free kicks when warranted and thus loosing the unloosable duels.
To his credit he did some unbelievable deeds and got MU winning when the cards were stacked against them.
In the end a team player maybe not as blessed as he is may have the same impact as he had and a better teamwork for others.
Financially an excellent result for MU.

Posted by Akonso on 06/16/2009

Latest update: Ronaldo rejected the move to Real Madrid and will remain at Old Trafford!! The statement recently released by Man Utd is indeed from the pre-agreement Man Utd signed with Real Madrid and Ronaldo. What a big turn of event!!!

Posted by gavin on 06/17/2009

Ronaldo pliz pliz pliz pliiiiiz!!!! go. He is the best with the ball at his feet but i hate his arrogance. Man united have survive the departure of cantona, beckham, stam, yorke, nilstelrooy and so on, we will definitely survive depature of Ron. Man united dont have to replace Ron to win the Premiere league. Without him we still the best in England. But if we want to win European glory we need Benzema, Ribery to replace him. Why not Iniesta and Xavi?

Posted by Josh on 06/24/2009

"At £80m, few would argue that Ronaldo has not been sold for a fair price."

No player is worth that much, in any sport.

Posted by Ryan on 06/24/2009

Josh, not sure I agree buddy.
When you combine his age, with his accomplishments, he is sure worth pretty close to that. He can guarantee Real Madrid 5 of his more productive, of which Man United has had 3. He clearly hit his stride in 2006-07 and exploded thereafter.

I shudder to think what he'll do in Spain. I'm a Man United fan (to the death) and while I grew to love the fella, I'm not heartbroken to see him go. Maybe I'm in denial. I would like to see us purchase the fellow Douglas Costa (I have a weakness for Brazilians), Valencia, if his price is lower, and, Eto'o ... if that is at ALL possible.

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