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Posted by Casper Stopa on 06/14/2010

Denmark lost their first match at the World Cup 2-0 to the Netherlands after some unfortunate situations in the second half.

The first-half was pacey and showed promise for a Danish result, but after 45 second in the second-half Simon Poulsen scored an own goal. This led to frustration for the Danish team, and with the Dutch not showing any initiative, other than hanging on to the 1-0 lead, the game slowed down a lot.

After 60 minutes Nicklas Bendtner was substituted for Mikkel Beckmann (Where is Søren Larsen?!), and that was that as far as the Danes posing a threat goes. I don´t think we had one real chance in the second half, and with the Dutch content to hold on to the ball, there wasn´t much in the game. The Netherlands scored another coincidental goal by Kuyt to finish us off.

What should have been, and could have been, a great beginning to the World Cup, turned out to be a big disappointment with neither teams playing particularly well, but the Dutch winning with two lucky goals. If it sounds like I´m frustrated, well...

Best Danish player must be Simon Kjær or Thomas Sørensen, who both looked solid despite conceding two goals. I´m very much hoping that we can play like we did in the first-half, when facing Cameroon this Saturday, because it looks like we now need a win. I think we can get it!


Posted by dutch fan on 06/14/2010

dont think the second goal was lucky

Posted by JohanDK on 06/14/2010

Don't forget Dennis Rommedal he played awsome today.
The 2nd game was unfortunate but it wasnt luck :P
If it wasnt because of the first goal on ourself i think the game would have ended up in a tie

Posted by Flemming on 06/14/2010

Nice shout-out for S. Larsen. Although Olsen is viewed as a master-tactician, surely this and the squad selection must be called into question. Why pick a player, whom you are refusing to play?

Posted by Casper Stopa on 06/14/2010

First to Johan, I think Rommedhal was our best player in the first half, but disapeared in the second, hence the nominations of Kjær and Sørensen, but you´re right, he should be mentioned for a good game with all the critism he has had to face.

Second, Flemming, very true about Larsen. If he is not fit to play 30 minutes, why pick him at all! I think he could have played, and should have played; he´s aggresive, has a goal scoring pedigree and excellent physique, instead we have a winger, Beckmann, as our only centreforward in the last half our. I don´t think he ever touched the ball! We certainly could do with Junker or Bille on the bench, with all three of our strikers half-injured allready.

Posted by MarcNL on 06/15/2010

I thought the Danes played a solid first half, Simon Poulsen put constant pressure on the Dutch midfielders and was unfortunate with the o.g. + using the size and strength of Bendtner well when on offense. When he left the game, so too were gone the hopes for a Danish comeback. Rommedahl had a good game and one of the few threats on the injury plaguedDanish team.
As for the 2nd Dutch goal: not at all lucky. Sneijder playing a perfect through-pass to Elia. Not Luck, he has been doing that his whole career. Elia beating his defender (Agger??) with quickness and speed: That's just who he is, no luck involved there, just skill. His shot coming back off the post: Now that was unfortunate. According to you, Casper, Simon Kjær played solid. Well he certainly looked solid as a statue when Kuyt beat him to the ball to score.
Last, the Dutch were not content with the one goal lead. Taking v.d. Vaart out and bringing on Elia was an offensive substitution and brought more depth on the left wing.

Posted by carl mcmahon on 06/15/2010

i know we lost but after watching the Japan Cameroon game i think we get wins against both those nations,so we still have to be positive.
i thought Sorensen was great,also Rommedahl was good to.
will Tomasson be right for the next game?
i think Bentdner will better next game as he at least got some match fitness in him.
do you think we will attack more in the next matches,i guess we have to.

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