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Posted by Casper Stopa on 06/01/2010

In our second to last friendly before the World Cup kicks off, Denmark lost 1-0 to Australia in a match where both teams brought nothing to the game. A lukewarm performance from both sides, that did not constitute any more than a training session.

In the Danish side, there was a few players being rested, Thomas Sørensen, Nicklas Bendtner and of course the newly injured Simon Kjær. But other than these players, the side looked like a possible starting eleven for the match against the Netherlands. I sincerely hope their game will have picked up by then, because this was not a match we can be proud of.

One thing is the loss, a result that doesn´t matter, but the speed and intensity was appallingly low. I know that the main thing now is not to get any more injuries, but there cannot be much to benefit from a match like this in terms of match-fitness, the tempo just wasn´t high enough.

A couple of things worth mentioning was the decent performances by Christian Poulsen and Thomas Enevoldsen, the fact that young talent Christian Eriksen was in the starting eleven, and that Patrick Mtiliga, despite a poor match today, seems to be first choice for the left back slot, having started two matches in a row. Also, the lack of playing time for Søren Larsen seems to suggest he is a long way from his best form.

All in all, not a match to remember and not a match we would want to remember.

Let´s hope to pick up the pace in the next match against the host nation, South Africa. Their many fans should provide a more real match-like atmosphere, hopefully driving on the players to perform better.


Posted by Jeppe on 06/01/2010

Patrick Mtiliga haven´t started two matches in a row. Simon Poulsen started at left back in the last game before this...

Posted by michael on 06/02/2010

100% agree.

As an Australian i also found the match quite difficult to watch because of the complete lack of any intensity. Generally the Aussies don't understand the word friendly, but both teams were extremely subdued in this match.

Australia and Denmark both open their campaigns with matches against the seeded teams in their respective groups. Let's hope that this match could simply be put down to getting used to altitude and the new ball.

Each side needs to hit their stride in their last friendly match or will take no form whatsoever into their matches against Germany and the Netherlands and their tournaments will be over before they began.

Posted by Chris from Sydney on 06/02/2010

I agree that both teams looked ordinary especially in the attacking 3rd. Whilst I cant comment too much on Denmark as I dont know them too well, I do worry about Australia. We seem to be so content on defending that any goals we score are just a bonus. There is a joke here in Australia that the results in the pool matches will go 0-0,0-0 and 1-0.

We will go to the final winning the next 3 games on penalty shoot-outs.

Verbeek is just too cautious but I think this is a problem affecting all sides. (Even Brazil have been accused of being too defensively minded).

I know Denmark will improve as they do have some quality players in their squad and I know they can play much better than this game.

Im just hoping that Kewell will make the difference in giving us some cutting edge when the real games start.

Good luck to both sides!

Posted by Soren on 06/02/2010

Lets hope a bad dress rehearsal translates into a great world cup for the DK. Maybe Eto'o will follow up on his musing to quit Cameroon after his he saw red, giving Denmark a striking advantage.

Posted by Casper Stopa on 06/02/2010

Good to hear both from you aussies and danes, I think both teams can and will do a lot better, once the Cups starts.

And to Jeppe, you´re absolutely right about Mtiliga starting on the bench against Senegal, interesting to see who starts agains South Africa!

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