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July 6, 2010
Posted by Casper Stopa on 07/06/2010

As a final salute, before the World Cup comes to an end, I´ll try and offer my views on the Danish campaing, the Cup as such, and the players that should lead Denmark to Euro 2014.

June 24, 2010
Posted by Casper Stopa on 06/24/2010

With the kick-off less than one hour away, here´s my quick prediction for the Danish starting line-up and a result.

Most likely, Morten Olsen is going to stick with the same side that beat Cameroon with the exception of Simon Kjær, who is suspended. He will be replaced by Per Krøldrup, but the only other thinkable change concerns the left hand side.
Jesper Grønkjær started the last game, but does not look like he can play a full 90 minutes, and also he is a more attacking player than for instance Thomas Kahlenberg, and coach Olsen might just want to avoid fielding to many attacking players in this all important match.
But I reckon it´s a 50% chance of Grønkjær starting nonetheless, because of his routine.

The result? Denmark can not use a draw at all, and Japan doesn´t strike me as a team that defends throughout an entire match. In other words, I think there might be goals in this one!
2-1 for Denmark, goalscorers Nicklas Bendtner and Jon Dahl Tomasson (we had one unlikely goalscorer last time with Rommedahl, why not two in a row)?

Let´s hope for a good game from both sides...with a Danish win to see us through!

June 21, 2010
Posted by Casper Stopa on 06/21/2010

With a 2-1 win over Cameroon this saturday, Denmark and Japan will fight it out in the last group match over the second spot behind the Netherlands. The game was full of speed and excitement, but also many unforced errors by both teams.

The first one came after ten minutes, when Christian Poulsen made a bad blunder in the Danish defence, and Samuel Eto´o getting the opening goal. This was very frustrating, as a personal mistake also gave way to the first goal agains the Netherlands, and the Danish team did not look organized or secure on the ball.
However, just 20 minutes later, a good move from Dennis Rommedhal set up Nicklas Bendtner who scored our first goal in this years World Cup.

Dennis Rommedhal also scored the winning goal after just over an hours play, consolidating himself as man of the match. Overall, the game was highly entertaining with many chances in both ends, but lacking the structure that makes a truly great game. The result however was a relief for the Danish fans and one that keeps us hoping for a long run in South Africa.

June 14, 2010
Posted by Casper Stopa on 06/14/2010

Denmark lost their first match at the World Cup 2-0 to the Netherlands after some unfortunate situations in the second half.

The first-half was pacey and showed promise for a Danish result, but after 45 second in the second-half Simon Poulsen scored an own goal. This led to frustration for the Danish team, and with the Dutch not showing any initiative, other than hanging on to the 1-0 lead, the game slowed down a lot.

After 60 minutes Nicklas Bendtner was substituted for Mikkel Beckmann (Where is Søren Larsen?!), and that was that as far as the Danes posing a threat goes. I don´t think we had one real chance in the second half, and with the Dutch content to hold on to the ball, there wasn´t much in the game. The Netherlands scored another coincidental goal by Kuyt to finish us off.

What should have been, and could have been, a great beginning to the World Cup, turned out to be a big disappointment with neither teams playing particularly well, but the Dutch winning with two lucky goals. If it sounds like I´m frustrated, well...

Best Danish player must be Simon Kjær or Thomas Sørensen, who both looked solid despite conceding two goals. I´m very much hoping that we can play like we did in the first-half, when facing Cameroon this Saturday, because it looks like we now need a win. I think we can get it!

Posted by Casper Stopa on 06/14/2010

The score is still 0-0 is a well played match with chances at both ends. The Netherlands has had most of the ball, but both Enevoldsen, Rommedahl and Bendtner has looked dangerous.
And yes, Bendtner IS fit, just as expected, while Tomasson is not. That leaves us with the following line-up: Sørensen; Jacobsen, Kjær (also fit), Agger, Poulsen; Poulsen, Jørgensen, Rommedhal, Kahlenberg, Enevoldsen and with Bendtner as the lone striker.

Simon Poulsen as left back might be a bit of a sursprise, but in this first half he has done very well, closing down Dirk Kuyt a couple of times. Bendner, Rommedhal and Enevoldsen had a chance each, all on the counter attack. The Dutch has looked dangerous down the middle via Sneijder, but not on the wings with van der Vaart roaming and Kuyt not a break-through kind of player, unlike the injured Robben.

Good speed to the game, and very, very nice to see both Kjær and Bendtner fit to play!
My guess for a result 1-1.

June 11, 2010
Posted by Casper Stopa on 06/11/2010

Finally the World Cup in South Africa is about to kick of! I thought i´d just add some last minute info on the Danish side, who´s first match is on monday agains the Netherlands, as well as on the Cup all together. And of course, to give my prediction for the finalists, the topscorers, the young players to watch and more.

June 5, 2010
Posted by Casper Stopa on 06/05/2010

Denmark lost 1-0 to South Africa in the last friendly before the World Cup kicks off.
The tempo was a bit higher than versus Australia, a match we also lost 1-0, but nothing that even resembles World Cup form.
Many of the Danish teams problems was obvious in the match, and we can only hope that the return of Thomas Sørensen, Simon Kjær, Thomas Kahlenberg and Nicklas Bendtner, all of which were not in the squad for todays match, will lift the team for what promises to be a difficult opening match against the Netherlands monday the 14th.

June 1, 2010
Posted by Casper Stopa on 06/01/2010

In our second to last friendly before the World Cup kicks off, Denmark lost 1-0 to Australia in a match where both teams brought nothing to the game. A lukewarm performance from both sides, that did not constitute any more than a training session.

May 28, 2010
Posted by Casper Stopa on 05/28/2010

With one friendly won, two to go, the final cut for Denmark's World Cup squad has been made. The 2-0 win over Senegal was a good result, and furthermore, the Danish team played better than in a while, good timing with the World Cup less than weeks away.

Kim Christensen, Michael Silberbauer and Michael Krohn-Dehli were the unfortunate ones to be left out.

May 20, 2010
Posted by Casper Stopa on 05/20/2010

On Tuesday the May 18 it was made clear to the public, that a known terrorist had planned to make an attack on the Danish national team and their fans during the match against the Netherlands.

Needless to say, this comes to a shock to everyone who was looking forward to enjoying a World Cup in the spirit of friendly rivalry.

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