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Posted by Marcelo Angulo on 06/16/2010

"La Roja" took three points in Nelspruit against "Los Catrachos" with a 1-0 win in the opening match for group "H". The first half of the game was an all-out attack by Chile and managed to score the first and only goal at the 33' through Jean Beausejour.

Chile had most of the possession in midfield and displayed great creativity in attack. However, at half time they only had "One fruit" to show for their efforts.

On a positive note, Chile were strong from the back with an organised defence, for the keeper Claudio Bravo it resulted in a quiet first period. Despite Honduras creating some opportunities in the second part of the game, "Los Catrachos" were unable to equalize.

With all the ball Chile had in the game, a single goal was all they managed. Alexis Sanchez was involved in much of the play and came close to scoring at one point - unfortunately for him and Chile, he pushed the ball wide past the keeper without result. Matias Fernandez also had a good game and nearly scored from a free kick, the shot flying over the wall and dipping down just above the Honduras goal. Mauricio Isla played a great game creating much space for his team mates and was highly involved in the game. Overall Chile played well and controlled most of the game.

With so much possession and attack, "La Roja" struggled to convert their favourable amount of chances in front of goal. In fact, they looked anxious every time they came close to scoring, with a lack of cohesion when attempting to convert. Chile have a good and fast passing game with great skill.

Mark Gonzalez came on toward the end of the second half and made use of his chances with the ball by shooting toward goal - "Considering Gonzalez was born in South Africa, perhaps he could spend more time on the pitch in Chile's next encounter".

If Chile manage to improve in execution and with the awaited return of Humberto Suazo, "La Roja" is likely to match the results attained in France 98'.

Chile now needs to prepare for their next gropu encounter against Switzerland on June 22 in Port Elizabeth.


Posted by sam on 06/17/2010

First of all, congratulations to all the Chile fans! (including myself!)

Great offensive attitude (considering the lack of an innate striker), superb ball handling and possession, and objectively speaking, I don't think that Honduras had a chance to score even if given 45 more minutes of play...

Living in Chile for a while now, I sense how the public in general, including the "experts", are not too convinced by Mark Gonzalez. I think he can be the surprise for the Swiss match, because of his speed and powerful long distance shots. I agree, he deserves a place in the starting member to prove the real reason he was called by Bielsa.

The scoreboard against Honduras did not reflect Chilean superiority, but I think it was a great result, and believe this WC has to be taken one step at a time.

A confident Swiss squad followed by a Spain with an injured soul and pride, is not the ideal scenario for La Roja. But if we want to get far, we have to beat them all!

Vamos Chile!

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