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Posted by Marcelo Angulo on 06/11/2010

Marcelo Bielsa was confident that Humberto Suazo would play in the 2010 World Cup finals even after the striker's most recent injury, and despite the risk associated with having an injured player in the final 23 man squad.

Humberto Suazo and the Chilean medical staff are racing against time to have the striker ready for their opening match in Nelspruit against Honduras on June 16 - even if it is on the bench for most of the game.

During "La Rojas" most recent training session in Nelspruit, medical and coaching staff were amazed with Suazo's recovery who demonstrated much of his physical ability by keeping up with team mates in all training drills and team exercises. A correspondent for Chilean radio "Cooperativa" in South Africa, reported after visiting a recent training session, that "Suazo was able to perform all training duties at speed and without any complications". "During the session, Suazo was put through rigid training exercises and delivered in all areas"

In hindsight, the "Silent" manner in which Suazo's injury was handled by the medical team was labelled as inappropriate in recent Chilean press, as all other injuries sustained by players taking part in the World Cup - either from Chile or other countries, were made public knowledge - from diagnosis and degree, to updates and recovery . Certain medical professionals back in Chile have referred to Suazo's injury as a miracle considering the brief recovery period for his hamstring injury.

To other news, team morale is high as the squad regains the form they showed during their final qualifying rounds. Even though their last outing was a friendly 2-0 victory against New Zealand, Chile showed much cohesion in defense, more so, upfront with the attacking flair instilled by coach Bielsa.

The question which remains for now - "Will Bielsa's gamble deliver..?"

"Chi-Chi-Chi, Le-Le-Le..."


Posted by Sam on 06/11/2010

I am a foreigner (Asian) living in Chile, and have felt recently that the expectations put upon Suazo's recovery has been overblown. The Chilean squad has proven to be much more than a single man show. Individually, we see talented and quick player like Sanchez (#7) and ingeneous midfielders like Valdivia (#10) and Fernandez (#14).

Personally, I am coach Bielsa's big admirer. His ability to read the games and to articulate the team to get results has been really impressive in the South American qualifying stage. I feel the Chilean fever for this World Cup everyday and believe that the "La Roja" boys will surprise everyone in a positive way.

Viiiiiva Chile!!!

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