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April 4, 2011
Posted by David Kyle on 04/04/2011

It is quite apparent that once the sting had been taken out of the title race with Man United’s comeback on Saturday, the emphasis and thought process suddenly turned towards the Champions’ League on Wednesday.

Had United slipped up and lost some points on Saturday afternoon I feel that the Stoke match would’ve been played out completely differently. Maybe it was about time that the lingering hopes of a title upset were finally extinguished.

The chase for the title is dead, long live the Champions' League ©Getty Images
February 1, 2011
Posted by David Kyle on 02/01/2011

Wow. It's easy to forget there is a match against Sunderland on Wednesday night what with all the excitement of the last four days.

The acquisition of Torres, a world class striker, and Luiz a highly rated centre-back have just flip reversed us from an ageing shrinking squad, to a versatile slightly younger one.

Torres burning desire to join Chelsea was met with indifference from the Liverpool unfaithful! ©Reuters Pictures
February 10, 2010
Posted by David Kyle on 02/10/2010

Off the back of a great win on Sunday we now face a tricky test in the form of our lesser hated Scouse opponents, Everton. Once again I will say it, but we are truly in the must-win-every-remaining-match stage of the season.

Unless Villa can beat United of course!

In other news/rumours....

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