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August 22, 2011
Posted by David Kyle on 08/22/2011

I've blogged on many an ocassion that all that matters in football is the final result, so after a weekend of worry at an indifferent performance it is useful to remind yourself of the fact that Chelsea still won the game.

Improvements are needed, AVB is surely aware of this. £25 million and a 35 minute appearance from Kalou later we have hopefully purchased one piece of the jigsaw we have been needing for some time.

AVB, trying to steer us in the right direction ©AP Photo
August 15, 2011
Posted by David Kyle on 08/15/2011

The three-month wait is at an end, the friendlies are over, the signings have (or haven't) been made and the first match of 38 is over. So, that is why a 0-0 draw in your opening Premier League game is a disappointment. Regardless of how you played, the three month wait boils down to that first game.

I think in post-match post-mortem, it was better than OK. It's not three points, but there's lots to remain upbeat about.

Fighting Fire With Fire - Chelsea's strength kept them in this one ©AP Photos
March 21, 2011
Posted by David Kyle on 03/21/2011

So that concludes an interesting week where Manchester is involved.

First came the revelation of the mouth-watering, teeth-chatteringly exciting challenge facing us against United in the Champions' League quarters, and yesterday the reaffirmation of our recently found form with a win against City to take us up to third.

Up to 3rd, thanks to more quality Luiz action!
© Getty Images

March 2, 2011
Posted by David Kyle on 03/02/2011

Taking three points from the Premier League leaders is always a satisfying feeling, for fans and players alike, especially when the leaders are Man United. But the manner in which we grabbed the points is the most fulfilling thing to come out of a hard fought 90 minutes.

Luiz - attacking centre back!
©Getty Images

February 15, 2011
Posted by David Kyle on 02/15/2011

There's only so many times that I can come on here and dig out the same players for the same old things.

What we saw on Monday night was an example of some extremely positive signs of the future ahead for Chelsea.

We all know that players like Lampard, Malouda, Essien and Drogba have been far from their best - God only knows I've written it enough - but they will always come good for a bit longer, form is temporary class is permanent.

Luiz, great debut. Better hair! ©Getty Images
February 7, 2011
Posted by David Kyle on 02/07/2011

The Torres Show didn't start with the happy beginning we have all been hoping for this past week, but he can't be blamed for what was all in a performance where we were tactically weaker than our opponents.

It is a painful moment when you look at a game against your nemesis and have to hold you hands up and say that defeat was probably the deserved outcome.

Lot's of blame is being placed on Ancelotti's tactics once more, but surely his tactics don't involve rendering a whole midfield anonymous.

Imagine the score if he had been a Liverpool player! ©Getty Images
January 25, 2011
Posted by David Kyle on 01/25/2011

A comprehensive win last night has got the press buzzing again, Chelsea are back in the title race.

So they say anyway, I think the jury is still out on that one. We have a lot of ground to make up, but finally a foray into the transfer market could help us achieve it.

Wham, Bang, Thank You Ram! ©Reuters Pictures/font>
December 13, 2010
Posted by David Kyle on 12/13/2010

There’s no point in beating about the bush, this has been a torrid time for Chelsea fans alike.

It is difficult to pinpoint where and why things have gone so wrong in the last month or so, whether it was the sacking of Wilkins, the build up of injuries or if Ancelotti, like many before him, has simply lost the dressing room.

Yesterday’s performance against Spurs though was a relief, even if it was only a draw. It showed signs that we are turning the corner.

Anelka, Singled Out... ©Getty Images
November 16, 2010
Posted by David Kyle on 11/16/2010

So much can change in such a short space of time. Just over a week ago we were left reeling after losing to Liverpool, and on Sunday were left baffled by what can be deemed as the worst performance in the Ancelotti era.

There are plenty of excuses but one blatant truth. Chelsea just did not turn up.

No Ray of Light on Sunday...©Reuters Pictures
October 25, 2010
Posted by David Kyle on 10/25/2010

The Premier League is most certainly a marathon and not a sprint. And within this marathon it will always throw up games like Wolves on Saturday gone.

It was a performance Ancelotti was unhappy with, and a performance that wasn’t great all round. But it was three points, and realistically three deserved points.

Three points, also, that leaves Chelsea as the only team in the Premier League not to be joint on points!

The Odd Ones Out On Top! ©Reuters Pictures
September 19, 2010
Posted by David Kyle on 09/19/2010

A stern test against West Ham passed with ease, a European adventure with a sweat hardly broken and a first half mauling against newcomers Blackpool bring to an end a very successful week of football.

Ian Holloway, Blackpool manager, stated that we are lightyears ahead. And as the Premier League currently stands it looks that there is more on the horizon.

There's a lot to smile about at the moment. ©Reuters Pictures
August 23, 2010
Posted by David Kyle on 08/23/2010

And so the dream story continues. After yet another thumping and emphatic victory, Chelsea have now smashed in 20 goals in their last 3 Premier League games.

It is always worth pointing out that these have all come against Wigan and West Brom, but at the end of the day their is no need to dress down what has been an impressive masterclass in attacking football.

As with the first game of the season it was a slow first half, with Wigan even on top for periods, yet it cannot help but be impressive when Chelsea maul teams in as unflinching a manner as was evident on Saturday evening.

Yossi Benayoun 1 Joe Cole 0 ©Getty Images
August 15, 2010
Posted by David Kyle on 08/15/2010

Oh stability, how we oft craved you in the past.

How ever much we needed you, even though we were still reeling from the excitement of numerous transfers in and out the voice of footballing reason would be questioning the lack of stability in making wholesale changes - as is it no doubt ringing in the ears of Man City fans as we speak.

The match yesterday was a sign of exactly what hanging on to the same personnel can do.

Although I won't retract my earlier statement of needing a couple more fresh faces and a bit more creativity, maybe I will eat my words when it comes to questioning the ages of our players - something I'll do with pleasure.

April 26, 2010
Posted by David Kyle on 04/26/2010

Four years ago now, with the swagger of champions, when our team took the lead you would often hear a chorus of "that's why we're champions!" much to the annoyance of the opposition team.

Next season we really, truly, should be in a similar position of swaggering football and the cockiness of 40,000 Blues faithful proclaiming to the world of football that matches like on Sunday are the reasons we are champions elect.

45 League Goals Between Them, Why Should We Be Champions? ©GettyImages
April 19, 2010
Posted by David Kyle on 04/19/2010

The buzz-word around the Chelsea camp after this weekend's loss at White Hart Lane is very much CALM!

And indeed we, the fans and the club, must remain so.

All is not lost, for starters - as pointed out by Carlo - we are still sitting on top of the table with a one point and three goal advantage.

Terry Calmly Walks Off After His Red on Saturday ©Empics
April 5, 2010
Posted by David Kyle on 04/05/2010

Didn't see that one coming really did we? Or did we!?

On the back of two very strong league performances Carlo Ancelotti braved the critics and kept the same team as the previous weeks' drubbing of Villa. And to such great effect, Drogba coming on to score the much debated goal - quite clearly as offside as everybody has suggested, however where is Sir Alex Ferguson's anger at Macheda's equally obvious attempt at beach volleyball for their consolation goal?

What's the use in discussing the past, the press have over done it for the past two days, I think we need to start concentrating on the future of the league - and exactly what we are up against in the coming weeks.

2-1 = 3 (points) ©Getty Images
March 22, 2010
Posted by David Kyle on 03/22/2010

Oh dear, oh dear.

What a disappointing week it has been for Chelsea and their faithful. First dumped out of the Champions' League by a far more organised and better (on the night) team, and then five days later throwing away two points after a seemingly comfortable first half against a less than average Premier League opponent.

2010 has been an ugly year for Chelsea, on and off the pitch, but the fact that a team who has lost six games is top of the table whilst one who has lost ten are still in with a Champions' League shout, shows that the 09/10 season has been ugly all round.

It is quite early to start asking questions for next season, but there are clearly a few things that need changing - and, for once, not the manager!

February 8, 2010
Posted by David Kyle on 02/08/2010

Earlier this week I stressed the need to let the football do the talking and the result on Sunday created a welcome return to the topic of football.

For the first time in aeons (in real time a week) we won’t be hearing about a footballers’ private exploits, however hard the sports journalists are finding it not to mention the JT episodes – or as one famous red top has touted as Terrygate.

Thankfully, now we will be hearing about a resolute defensive display accompanied by a deadly double by Didier Drogba. Rather than give the team all the credit though, more than a bit should come Carlo Ancelotti’s way.

Phil Lythell Phil Lythell is a Chelsea season ticket holder and lifelong Blues supporter stretching back to the sepia-tinted days of Kerry Dixon and Pat Nevin. Author of Chelsea-centric blog, Phil has spent his entire life living within a 20 minute walk of Stamford Bridge which has cost him a fortune but has also kept him from those interminable queues outside Fulham Broadway Station giving him more time in the pub to discuss the latest glorious/calamitous/insipid match.

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