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Posted by Phil Lythell on 05/21/2012

Chelsea - Champions of Europe. Sounds good doesn't it?

Yet although I saw it happen in Munich and then made it back to London for the parade on Sunday, it still seems so unreal. I've read countless articles and watched the match again and while I know it happened, there remains part of me that can't quite get my head round it.

That feeling of disbelief, though, pales into insignificance against the total incredulity shared by the 20,000 Chelsea fans inside the Allianz Arena at about 11:15pm local time on Saturday. Crazed jubilation at seeing the irrepressible Didier Drogba calmly wrong-foot Manuel Neuer from 12 yards exploded throughout the visiting support as the impossible came to pass. This was not supposed to happen. This Chelsea team was supposed to be too old, too scarred by past travails in the Champions League. And a club with a wretched record in penalty shootouts was certainly not supposed to emerge from that lottery victorious, especially against a German side that qualified for the final through that very process at the expense of Real Madrid.

The unconfined celebrations saw some fans run onto the pitch in ecstasy and the sensible policing ensured that they were simply ushered back into the stands rather than hand-cuffed and ejected. Everywhere perfect strangers embraced each other as if they were being reunited with a long-lost relative. Grown men - including myself - wept tears of joy with reddened eyes almost as prevalent in the stands as the indelible smiles carved onto everybody's faces; the magnitude of the achievement striking each one of us with the same force as a David Luiz penalty. The tears at the other end of the stadium I'm sure flowed just as freely but for wholly different reasons.

Although Chelsea fans will not care a jot, there have been - and will continue to be - naysayers who decry the fashion in which the Blues secured the trophy with a defensive approach designed to negate rather than scintillate. But as I have said on these pages before, there is more than one way to skin a cat and the beauty of football is its diverse array of tactics. But even if so-called “purists” refuse to budge from their position of snobbish superiority, perhaps the question should be asked as to why Chelsea were allowed to get anywhere near the trophy given the volume of chances that fell Bayern Munich's way. The free-scoring Mario Gomez showed excellent movement but fluffed two gilt-edged chances in the first half. Had Drogba been wearing red, the home side would have been over the hill and far away well before the Ivorian caused bedlam at the blue swathed part of the impressive arena with his imperious header in the 88th minute.

Arjen Robben also had a game to forget for the Bavarians. Rarely has a player seen so much of the ball in such a big game and done so little with it. Apart from his early strike that Petr Cech deflected onto the post, he provided a total lack of end product as he predictably cut inside time and again only to fire the ball nearer the corner flag than the goal. His dismal day culminated in the missed penalty and after that his head had clearly gone along with his bottle.

But rather than focus on Bayern's shortcomings, I would prefer to heap praise on the victors. A storm had to be weathered and it was achieved with some individual performances that will go down as some their best ever. John Obi Mikel had easily his most productive game in a Chelsea shirt to show just how far he has come since the departure of Andre Villas-Boas. He shielded the defence superbly and allowed the patched up centre-backs to find their way into the match.
One of those, Gary Cahill, had a shaky opening 15 minutes but grew majestically as the minutes ticked by; prompting Chelsea's first real attack with a buccaneering charge upfield that drew a foul and a subsequent shot at goal from Juan Mata. His partner - David Luiz - did not put a foot wrong all evening and dispatched his spot kick with a confidence bordering on arrogance. Jose Bosingwa - a player with more than a few questions marks against his name - made sure that Franck Ribery had a difficult evening with the French maestro thwarted time and again on Bayern's left flank. The Portuguese might just have a future at Stamford Bridge after all.

But the stars of the back five were undeniably Ashley Cole and Cech. The left back was ably assisted by the nerveless European debutant Ryan Bertrand but still he was all but flawless as yet again he proved himself a big game player. Whether it is Cristiano Ronaldo or Robben, Cole has had the measure of the best wide men in world football throughout his career and Saturday night was no exception. His penalty also happened to be the best of the lot, swept with power and finesse just inside the post.

The efforts of those in front of him meant that Cech was rarely extended with Bayern shooting either straight at him or wide of the target. However, he stood tall to deny Robben's spot kick in extra time and went the right way throughout the shootout. He faced six penalties and saved three - not a bad night's work.

Mata had a quiet match but showed glimpses of magic throughout the match to keep the Germans on their toes. His penalty might have been saved but he can point to fantastic performances in previous rounds that were essential to the team getting this far in the first place. Behind him Frank Lampard had one of those games when he grew in stature as it progressed. By extra time, he was the strongest exponent in the centre of the park, his energy belying his 33 years and highlighting the benefit of an intense fitness regime and an experienced head.

And as for Drogba, what else is there to say? In my opinion, even at 34, he is the best striker in the world. I wouldn't swap him for Robin van Persie, Edinson Cavani, Mario Gomez, Wayne Rooney, Carlos Tevez or anyone else who excels in that position yet it looks certain that his contribution in Munich will be his last as a Chelsea player. His record on the big occasion is incredible and when his team needed something from him he was there not just once but twice as he equalised when all seemed lost and then struck the decisive penalty to make history. There is already a statue of an all-time great Chelsea striker, Peter Osgood, at Stamford Bridge - how about one for Didier?

Amid all the manic celebrations, it was still hard not to feel for Bastian Schweinsteiger. A magnificent player who would grace any midfield in the world, it was unfortunate that it had to be him who missed what would turn out to be the pivotal penalty. He will feel the weight of the world on his shoulders now and will blame himself for Bayern Munich not claiming their fifth European Cup, yet he should hold his head up high while those in more attacking positions scratch their heads and ponder how they didn't finish the game off well before the season reached its dramatic denouement.

While there was no schadenfreude directed at Schweinsteiger, the same could not be said for Tottenham. With the glory of winning the Champions League the main desire of all the fans, it took a while for the realisation to sink in that our London rivals were now stripped of Champions League qualification and condemned to the backhanded compliment that is the Europa League. But once it had, everyone clad in blue asked in unison whether Spurs and their followers had indeed been watching proceedings. The delicious cherry had been firmly placed atop a sumptuous cake.

Glory achieved there will plenty of analysis and mulling over in the days, weeks and months to come about the merit of this victory, much like after Liverpool's inconceivable triumph in 2005. I, however, feel it is fully deserved. No, this Chelsea vintage may well be the weakest that has contested this competition and yes, the methods deployed may not float everyone's boat but I would argue that everything that has transpired over the last 9 years has earned the club their place amongst the immortals. Much like a lifetime achievement award at the Oscars or Grammys, Chelsea's body of work has deserved the big trophy even if their last film or album was not a patch on their early stuff. The heartbreak and devastation that has previously characterised their relationship with Europe's biggest prize has almost demanded that the cup with the big ears finally make its way to west London.

Now that the European Cup has arrived in SW6, all that anguish and torment has been wiped away. Only unbridled joy remains.

Thank you, Chelsea, for giving me the best day of my entire life.

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Posted by Jim Rapp on 05/21/2012

Thank you Phil for a thought provoking and emotional post. While I did not have the opportunity to make it to Munich, I watched every second of the match in breathless anticipation. I too shed more than a few tears watching Drogba's final contribution to the Chelsea cause.

Posted by Tim on 05/21/2012

This has been one of the most up-and-down seasons I've ever experienced in my life and the Blues provided the perfect end to the most improbable run to the title I've ever seen! Drogba finishes as a CFC LEGEND who should be mentioned among the all-time greats in the sport!

Posted by davyd on 05/21/2012

To those who say Chelsea played defensively etc...they can remember this old African proverb; "it is a good general who advances or retreats to save the situation!"

Posted by dvq1 on 05/21/2012

Great Article!!! Yes we need a statue of Drogba, but I sense it will be near Battersea now.

Posted by juan lopez on 05/21/2012

CHELSEA was being dominated at first im not going to lie even as a Chelsea fanatic but at the end they just wanted it more than bayern NUFF said.!!! cech was on his highest game in my opinion :D

Posted by Duke Yeboah on 05/21/2012

Well said sir. My boys and I did not see the entire match as we were refereeing youth soccer match but we saw the last 15 minutes of the extra time and the PK. Oh what a match. Chelsea!!!

Posted by jyde on 05/21/2012

i watched the match for 37 minutes ,i was nervous so i had to leave the seating friends text me to celebrate the victory with me and that was how i got to know that Chelsea won the game.Its Chelsea time and they prove their critics wrong

Posted by 'palcino sunday lazarus on 05/21/2012

wow!! Wat a lovely proud n happy 2 be a chelsea fan n am happy 2 witness dis gr8 day..up chelsea n glory be 2 GOD 4 making me witness dis glorious day.

Posted by Sam, Jakarta on 05/21/2012

Congratulations from an Arsenal fan, Chelsea. Glad to know that the man of the match was ex Arsenal player.

Posted by Yezen on 05/21/2012

I reckon we deserved it. Finally. That moment of relief, all that agony and pain rushing out when Drogba slotted that penalty home. Just amazing...

Posted by Bruce Rundle on 05/22/2012

Greatest football moment I have experienced..spoilt only by talk of not giving Didier anything he wants in regard to a new contract, or Roberto the permanent job if he wants it! Roberto...master tactician right down to the selection of Ryan Bertrand...if you don;t get the job I'm sure you'll have suitors beating your door down!

Posted by BayernMunchen01 on 05/22/2012

I congratulate you guys. It was a well played final, and I am just glad that if any club were to win it besides Bayern, it was Chelsea. Drogba is a true legend, and Abramovich would be an incompetant fool if he weren't to choose Di Matteo. Well played, and I hope we meet next year for red revenge! ;)

Posted by hafnia17 on 05/22/2012

As a United supporter, I was all for the English team bringing the European crown back to the best league in the world. I was even more hoping for the added misery english teams bring to Bayern. They never learn! Blitzkrieg offense all match leaves for defensive woes in the final minutes!!!!

But even I, am disappointed with the result as the undeserving team one this match. Defense wins championships no doubts...but chelsea's showing was down right poor. I am disappointed that Terry was allowed to lift the cup, as he by no rights should be even called captain for club or country ever, lampard a much more deserving representative. Further it is a shame that through chelsea's win that tottenham is eliminated from next years tournament. Where as one can say that they should have done better to make it to third, chelsea by no means should be representing the premier league in europe next year. would have supported it had they played an inspiring game. they didnt, and are undeserved champs

Posted by Ian Jackson on 05/22/2012

Though I haven't been able to visit London, I've always been a Chelsea fan. My grandpa grew up next to Stamford Bridge and I had tears in my eyes thinking of what this would have meant to him.

Posted by mugabe on 05/22/2012

Chelsea played what needed to get them the trophy every team would give anything to have and they won.

Posted by joet on 05/22/2012

Can you believe it? Still after watching the whole game twice, chelsea made me even more a believer. Di matteo deserve much credit for their success.

Posted by ElZee on 05/22/2012

Great,Great,beautiful lovely article.I had to call the family physician for a more potent high blood pressure medication because the one that I'm on will just not do. My gosh, there are simply no words to describe this match...Simply magnificent and if not the greatest come backs in football history.Chelsea forever and Didier the Magnificent!!!

Posted by Eric on 05/22/2012

Watching this match reminds me of the Hollywood movie: Real Steel. Just like in the movie, Chelsea is old, weaker side throughout the match. But with the right determination, strong will, they did what most people think it’s impossible. After this match, I think they should make this into a movie cos it’s really inspiring. It makes me believe anything is possible in life if you fight for it.

Posted by aLVin9800 on 05/22/2012

I'm a Chelsea fan and make no mistake about it, I was glad that finally the elusive CL Trophy made its way back to London but this was not a victory of eternity and many more challenges are ahead of us.

In his aspect, Chelsea is back to square one, the Owner and the technical staff know it and the victory was secured with a big dose of good luck. You can't be world champion by playing back pedaling football and Drogba's equalizer was the only shot that Chelsea had over 120 minutes.

Rightly or wrongly, the current Chelsea set up is still in the mold of the old Mourinho days, by playing defensively, dependent on set pieces and a heavy dose of good luck. This will get you to nowhere!

Inter Milan won the CL two seasons ago, playing the defensive Mourinho style, where is Inter Milan today? Luck deserted Bayern Munich, if not, we will be tinkering what went wrong!

Conversely, You can't win by not attacking, liken to driving a car with the handbrake on. So, Chelsea, start thinking!

Posted by ray on 05/22/2012

What an unambitious match for a team that spent close to 1bn. Poor boring dull final and completely unworthy and undeserved. A sad day for the sport.

Posted by ray on 05/22/2012

...and predictably...its of course only the Chelsea fans that will celebrate...oh well...congratulations and enjoy it. But truthful introspection would leave something to be desired.

Posted by Stevavo on 05/22/2012

LUCK LUCK LUCK, Totally undeserved and I feel for Bayern

Posted by patrick on 05/22/2012

great article thanks be to God Almighty for seeing us through against all odds and adversity.we fully deserved,in the passed we played scintillating soccer to watch and succumbed undeservedly to pain and elimination...for now it doesn't matter how we grasped the glory but our formiddable team spirit,desire,resilience and passion meritted us as world champions and for the haters they should eat a humble pie,for my fellow chelsea fans lets be jubillant in embracing the meritted glory.

Posted by ohseekay on 05/22/2012

I profess that I'm a fan of Manchester United, and since my beloved team didn't make it, I chose to support the underdog - which in this case was Chelsea. As a neutral I was quite impressed with the rearguard action that night - I mean seriously, 43 attempts and only one went in? Bayern nerves and profligacy aside, I think it takes some heroic defending to dig in and repel the waves of attack, and that I saw.

If Greece could win the Euro in 2004 with THAT brand of football, why not Chelsea? The end justifies the means, no?

Posted by Chelsea Llama on 05/22/2012

Not much to add to that, pretty much sums up my feelings.

I'm just overwhelmed trying to read every chelsea fan comment, every blog, every article, every clip of chelsea fans celebrating. I'm trying to drink it all in!

Posted by Vincent on 05/22/2012

First off, what a superb article. Been reading for days now and there is not one article that could compare to thee. Even reading this article makes my stomach shrivel. Thank you Phil Lythell and if there are any chelsea players or staffs reading this, congrats to you all. Roberto D.M, all the best. You won 2 major trophies in mere less than half a season. What more can be said. It just proves, you are better than the last coaches. Cheers!

Posted by Matthew Soh on 05/22/2012

you wrote that with heart and they played with convictions, I dropped my tears fearing history might repeat, WE won and the tears were joyful ones.. life is great with hope. with belief when people write us off.... we are the best , old but vintage. GOD bless chelsea !! We love you !!!

Posted by paul roger on 05/22/2012

Lovely article. If anyone can see negativity in Chelsea's win then they are blocked by one dimensional football. We shouldn't have beaten Liverpool in the cup? We didn't play like napoli? Barcelona were better? Bayern were superior? Cobblers! The tactics were a neccesity and they paid off. Drogba's header went in.. we kicked more penalties. Our goal keeper was better. We won two cups! The other teams didn't. And we can only get better... Paul. Blue in boy

Posted by Peter on 05/22/2012

Such a very true article. For the past few days, I keep thinking that it was all a dream. It still hasn't fully sunk in that Chelsea are the Champions of Europe!

Posted by Moe on 05/22/2012

Brlliant article. I only wish I could've be there with the other 20,000 blues supporters to witness one of the most inspirational, herculean performances you will ever see on the football pitch. Sure we didn't play with the atacking flare of barca or real, but we displayed resilience and heart. Every Chelsea player contributed in their own way, and as for didier, I would be sad to see him go however, what a way it will be to end 8 fantastic years in a blue shirt!! And a quick mention for RDM. 2 major trophies in 3 months, nuff said!!!! CHELSEAAAAA!!!!

Posted by moe on 05/22/2012

Brilliant article. Seeing terry and lampard lift the cup brought tears to my eyes. After 9 years of heartache, we did it. Well done boys!!!! Enjoy. And as for RDM, 2 major trophies in 3 months... NUFF SAID!!! CHELSEAAAAA

Posted by kwesi kwarteng on 05/22/2012

bravo chelsea....grate team spirit exhibited i shold say...hope wasn't lost even when they couldn't be among the first four in the premiership...they went for the ultimate....splendid and very determined side

Posted by Patrick Rooney on 05/22/2012

With so many big competitions ending in penalty shoot outs I felt that it might be worth looking at a possible improvement on the process. As it stands it is extremely high pressure for the penalty takers. maybe, it would help if the objective was to reach a set number of goals, say 8. the kicks are taken and misses are not counted until one team reaches 8. Of course the other team must be allowed an equal number of kicks and it could end 8 goals each. If that happens the same sudden death process as occurs now after a 5 goals each tie would ensue. I think that this positive scoring would be better than the terrible negative problem of missing one penalty early causes. What do you think?

Posted by Chris Sunday on 05/22/2012

Chelsea deserved to win the Champions league...Looking at their perfomance against Napoli and Barcelona...

Posted by Jairos on 05/22/2012

I love Chelsea! That was a brilient performance to say the least. Phil, you gave us a very good account of that game, I like it. Drobga, Lamps, Luiz, Cahill,Torres, Mikel, Cech, Terry, Cole, Jose, Mata, Bertrand,Essien,the list goes on I salute you all guys!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Ini on 05/22/2012

I wonder why people keep saying chelsea wining over bayern was luck, well, every one cant see things the same way but i must say that day was the best moment in my life, seeing Didier score the penalty.

Posted by kwasi Boateng on 05/22/2012

This is a very nice piece.
To those who are saying chelsea are undeserved champs and were just lucky, yea luck really did smile on chelsea this time but it was out of the players determination and efforts after all the heartbreaks they have suffered over the years. They really put up a very spirited performance that is why they are where they are now. People are bound to be jealous of other peoples achievements anyway. UP CHELSEA!!!!!!

Posted by Gregory Ogweyo on 05/22/2012

Very well columned, yes there are many ways of catching a rat as well. Football is luck and those saying it was just luck, well they are right. i was watching it in Dar es salaam tanzania in a club with close to five hundred people. without knowing each other, we found ourselves in the arms of each other crying with joy seeing our outcast players who have been called a bus, a train, slow and all sorts of names doing what majority thought was impossible. we couldnt imagine Drogba, lampard, cech, terry without the Champions trophy, it would have been a very bitter end, that's the reason we cried with joy that we could sleep on the night of 29th.

from now even if AVB comes back and they are forced out, well they are heros

Posted by Rasheed on 05/22/2012

This was a great victory and it does not matter how Chelsea did it,what matter most is that they got the ultimate prize. No matter what anyone says Didier Drogba will go down as the grestest Chelsea player ever, the records are there to look at if u care to.The Drog, u have always been the best and now he is the greatest! ! !

Posted by felix talabi on 05/22/2012

thinks very much for you commenting on chelsea FC like this, this is a greatest victory for the player and team and i wish them well in coming season.

Posted by Jack Conway on 05/22/2012

Even though I'm a hardcore Arsenal supporter I must tip my hat to Chelsea and, especially, Didier Drogba. Chelsea's run to the Champions League trophy was thrilling and the team deserves a tremendous amount of credit. Drogba is a great, great player with a flair for the dramatic and the ability to come through when it most matters. I hated watching Arsenal play against him but you always knew you were in the presence of greatness when you saw him play. I wish him all the best as he is one of the greatest players ever to grace the Premiership. I also want to tip my cap to Frank Lampard who is not only a great player and class act but a true warrior and champion. I think if you wanted to teach a young player how to conduct himself on a professional football pitch you should make him watch tapes of Frank Lampard. Congratulations Chelsea for a job very well done.

Posted by dominic chuks on 05/22/2012

thank god for what he did for all of us chelsea and the fans,may his name be praise .

Posted by Arian on 05/22/2012

What an amazing article. Thank you Phil, your emotions were very much felt. Just heard that Drogba won't be staying at Chelsea next season and it breaks my heart but what a way to end on high! As a Chelsea fan I feel privileged to have seen the Golden age of Chelsea, the questionable era and the last hurrah of the old guard against all odds to win the the UCL. So proud of my team. I'm still in disbelief. Up Blues!

Posted by Dennis on 05/22/2012

The only regrets I have as a Chelses fan was not believing in the team. I eluded making any bets which has been my ritual for their big games ever since Mourinho was in charge.EVERYONE was superb, I have watched the game twice and Drogba's final spot kick like ten times and I just take off like I've had some weed. Thankyou CHELSEA; that night will forever be edged in my memory.

Posted by Nwakaudu Okechukwu Provins Esq. on 05/22/2012

l have been a Chelsea Fan for the past 12 years, l started in the Year 2000, the 19th of May, 2012 was my happiest day,l am happy l was alive to witness it, l didn't go to Germany to see the match, but l started watching the television two hours before kick off, Chelsea was just destined to win this Cup, the tactics employed may not be the best in Football, but it got us the Cup, the end justifies the means, Chelsea for life, finally we have admitted into the Court of Kings, am sure we can do it again.

Posted by kellyusa on 05/22/2012

I am so proud of Chelsea!! And I love u Drogba! u will be sadly missed.u are the man!! The win was well deserved. and to all of u that don't think so, screw u.a great victory for Chelsea, and England.

Posted by Charles on 05/22/2012

Great post! Watching Chelsea over the years has taken me to the highest of highs and to the lowest of lows. They finally did it!! Well Done Chelsea! You've earned it!!

Posted by AC Milan Supporter on 05/22/2012

Luck? Bullshit! MU could've lost the CL Final 4 nil against BM few years back. Chelsea fully deserves this cup.

Posted by I.Nace on 05/22/2012

Congratulations Chelsea! I am so happy, they deserve it since they've so close previously. I am a fanatical English supporter and My team is Arsenal. I been following s those for 40 years, I was not born in England to have the rivalry. I am an English supporter and I want every English team to do well and win. This was not a vintage performance by Chelsea typical Italian extra defensive, but they lost on penalties, albeit man.Utd and they were literally robbed by Barca in 2008. This win is good for English soccer and should make all proud like G.Neville who jumped and screamed. This is England. I'm sorry for Spurs, but they will have their chance as well. And finally: v. good game by Bayern, for the first time I'm feeling respect towards them, especially on them been gracious and gentelman in defeat. Remember they too had won on similar circumstances this cup before. Again congratulatiosn!

Posted by adah ambrose on 05/22/2012

The battle they say is not to the strong neither is the race to the swift, but time and chance permits dem all... If time and chance permitted the tired legs, pensioners, bus passengers and all what not, then you have to really congratulate them. Up chelsea, up blues! Shut up all u haters!!!

Posted by Bermuda Gooner on 05/22/2012

As a Gunner, I have to be honest and admit jealousy, but as the final wore on I found myself rooting for Chelsea because it is such a great story. All winners ride their luck a bit, but the Drogba, Lampard (and yes Terry) group fully deserve that trophy when you consider all the bad luck from recent years - penalty shoot-out losses to Lpool and ManU, and shocking referree against Barca a few years back - so it all came back in glorious circumstances. Beating Barca over two legs and then winning an "away final" - well done! And how poetic that Drogba's last kick secured the trophy, but on a purely fwd looking basis you would swap him for RVP because of the age gap. How bout swapping Torres for RVP? I'd do it because we goons are going to lose RVP anyway and there ain't no sense in getting £ for RVP because Wenger won't spend it - might as well get a player! Anyway - congratulations to the Chelsea team and all you spoilt blue fans!

Posted by Andy on 05/22/2012


This is wonderful. I am from the Chicago area and my father took me to my first Chelsea match in 1990 at Wembley against Middlesburgh for the Zenith Cup. Tony Dorigo scored the lone goal for Chelsea in the win. I was 11 years old and have been a Chelsea fan ever since.

Many moons since, I cannot believe how this season transpired and how happy I am for players like Lampard, Terry, Didier and Petr Cech. Men that stuck with the club, paid their dues and are now rewarded with the best trophy in club football. What an achievement for these players.

Some have called me a band wagon jumper and other things, but there are Chelsea fans all over the world that bleed blue and are ecstatic about being Champions of Europe! Thanks.

Posted by jim on 05/22/2012

One of many sweet moments came about three kicks into the shoot-out.With an air of incredible arrogance,Neuer,the goal keeper, began to turn his back on the approaching Chelsea kicker and strut to his line as a matador might after subduing a bull.He wasn't quite so dismissive a few kicks later.

Posted by mustapha halimi on 05/22/2012

So many people said that Chelsea's winning the CL

was due to LUCK and negative football.I DON'T

THINK SO.First Napoli,then Benfica,then Barcelona

and then Bayern Munich.Can't be lucky

four times!There must

be something else which made the other teams

lose their game to Chelsea.It's called FEAR AND

ANXIETY.These teams played extremely well

firing at will towards Chelsea's goal most of

the night but with

little success.They know Chelsea will have to

score at some point of time during the

game.They will fear a Chelsea's attack as they

know that if Chelsea manage to score a goal they

will be in trouble because they have trying for

a goal for a long time without success.Notice how

lost Barcelona looked the last 15 minutes?!

Posted by abdul on 05/22/2012

im very proud and happy today not only that chelsea has finally won this trophy but the manner they won it without scandal ann blood is blue,for chelsea is in my soul.

Posted by I.Nace on 05/22/2012

Hi again. The English and Arsenal supporter. It was written in sky. Chelsea deserved it, what goes around comes around. My son Glen, is a Chelsea supporter (named him after England and Spurs, Hoddle.), I told him right before the start: today Chelsea will win on penalties and so went the script.

Posted by JinDevil on 05/22/2012

In my opinion, it has been one of the most breathtaking and unpredictable Champions League that I have assisted since 1999. Think Bayern M is really unlucky against English Club. I am an Arsenal fan and was supporting Chelsea on that day. When Didier equalise I told everyone that this one is for Chelsea.

Hat's off to Drogba!!!! What a player he is even at 34.

Posted by Maxitaxi on 05/22/2012

Hope you accept this from a staunch ManU fan, well done Chelsea. Undeserved, not really, we didn't deserve to beat Bayern in 99 or Chelsea in 08, but to the victor, the spoils.

I thoroughly enjoyed your fight back against Napoli and brilliant defensive display against Barca, so ignore those who don't feel you deserve the trophy, it wasn’t just over one game.

The one cloud I see is the oligarchy of your owner. To let Drogba go and leave Di Matteo hanging on after all he did, I think is a poor show.

At least at United we hold on to those precious players that stayed loyal to the club and Drogba should have got his two years, bringing him into line for a testimonial. To think what he could teach your younger players and is now off to China, what a waste.

I also wonder what manager would consider coming after Di Matteo is let go for winning the FA cup and ECL cup, mystifying, but again, well done and many congrats, you must all be very proud.

Posted by Ebenezer Dare on 05/22/2012

Thanks Phil, i love the write up, this is great. More of the champions league trophy to follow. up chelsea

Posted by Palace attainer on 05/22/2012

Phil, you are such a captivating writer. I so much relish the style with which you write. Thank you so much.

Up Chelsea, up blues, all the best my best EPL player the Drogs. When he bowed seven times to the Fan at Munich, I knew it was the last. What a glorious exit.

Posted by Avinash on 05/22/2012

WOOOW!!! what an article phil...i had so much to say in these past few days to those "fans" who criticised chelsea & this is precisely what i wanted to say!! BRILLIANT!!

Posted by Matt on 05/22/2012

I am not a Chelsea fan but Didier Drogba is one of my favorite players and to see his reaction after scoring the winning penalty was priceless. After what happened to him in the 2008 CL final, the stars seemed to align for him on Saturday and he deserves all the praise he's receiving. Loved his reaction, practically breaking out in tears, after hitting the penalty. That's what football is all about.

Posted by Marissa on 05/22/2012

This put into words exactly what I was feeling as my husband (a life-long fan) and I watched from our living room here in Canada. Tears of sheer jubilation flowed freely and the weight of the world drifted expediently from our shoulders. Chelsea are Champions of Europe and well deserved Champions at that. Saturday wiped away all of the sorrow of Moscow and gave great hope for the future. We were so lucky to attend Chelsea's first 2 home games of the season and we feel so blessed to have seen firsthand a small part of the greatest season in Chelsea history. Now and forever, BLUE IS THE COLOUR!

Posted by GEORGE ONUOHA on 05/22/2012

I AM AN ARDENT FOLLOWER OF CHELSEA FOOTBALL CLUB. D only Club in Europe where Race and Colour doesn't have a say in your participation or on the next player to be recruited into the fold. D Club that respects the DIGNITY of all races equally. May God Bless ROMAN ABRAHAMOVIC who never despaired in spite of whatever that happened IN D PAST. This Team has proven that with Determination man can surmount all obstacles provided the will to persevere is there. Immagine that Chelsea retired JOSEPH GORDIOLA at least for now. PLEASE CAN SOMEBODY TELL DIDIER DROGBA THAT WE LOVE HIM FROM D BOTTOM OF OUR HEARTS AND THAT HE WOULD BE BREAKING D HEARTS OF MILLIONS OF CHELSEA FANS AND LOVERS WORLDWIDE SHOULD HE LEAVE D CLUB NOW. WE WOULD HAVE LOVED HIM TO REMAIN IN THIS CLUB AND RETIRE HERE. PLEASE, OUR DEAR ROMAN ABRAHAMOVIC, PLEASE, CALL DROGBA TO PRIVATE MEETING AND AGREE TERMS WITH HIM, THEN BUY HULK, LUKA MODRIC AND IF POSSIBLE BASTIAN SCHWEISTINGER. D WHOLE WORLD SAW D BEST STRIKE ON SATURDAY.

Posted by Olaniyi Okewole on 05/22/2012

Whatever anybody says about how Chelsea won the champions league trophy does not matter, what matters most is that the new champions are indeed the BLUES of London. Many have opined that Chelsea employed defensive tactics to win, this argument to me lacks merit and demeans the value of this great team that Chelsea is. A team that has character, determination, focus, courage and above all totally united for a common goal is by no mean an average team. Football does not involve only attacking or passing freely, it's involve every ingredient i mentioned earlier to make it complete. For the joy and honour the team has brought to us all the fans, we say KUDOS to all the players, officials, manager and the owner

Posted by Zuky on 05/22/2012

Brillant article.I love ur style.Congratulations 2 Chelsea & our own John Obi Mikel.

Posted by GEORGE ONUOHA on 05/22/2012


Posted by Haruna on 05/22/2012

Anybody who feels Chelsea didn't deserve to win can go jump off a bridge in protest. Chelsea deserved this cup way before now! We didn't deserve to loose against Barcelona in 2009 but we lost. Did we deserve to loose to ManU in 2008? Well we lost. Hence, this win, deserved or "not" the cup is at Stanford bridge and it doesn't read undeserved champions so haters; live with it.
You fancy footies can go ahead and be galant loosers and we "undeserved winners", history remembers who won, not who played better. Ultimately, like Phil said, it was a strategic game plan and it worked. Four regulars were missed in the match, two barely fit defenders played, Bayern was at home! Common! They had their chance and they blew it. They had legion chances at goal but were only efficient with one! Its all about energy efficiency and I guess Chelsea were more efficient with the slightest opportunities against both Bayern and Barcelona.
All hail the Blues: DESERVED Champions of Europe.

Posted by Jeremy B on 05/22/2012

As an American, I am a huge fan of Chelsea. I couldn't watch the match live but when I got home and watched it from beginning to end. I am not ashamed to say that I had tears in my eyes and coming down my face when Drogba made the last penalty shot. Part of it was disbelief, part relief from the final against Man U, and a lot of it joy. It was an awesome feeling and so glad I was a part of it thousands of miles away!

Posted by Bermuda Blue on 05/22/2012

Big Up ALL CHELSEA SUPPORTERS! What a Ride! Thanks be to God. Thanks to the players for fulfilling their destiny. Great article too. I only wish we followed other successful clubs examples by keeping our aging legends within the club. Man U and Milan are good examples of how to maintain and motivate quality as they develop young players. The modern game needs Drogba playing for a top club, and I'm terrified of having to face him in next year's CL (heaven forbid the EPL). He should have been given his 2 year contract and then a bursary for his academy so he could continue producing for us. He loves the club but the owner has never loved him and is wrong to let him leave. Pay the piper!!

Posted by Alex on 05/22/2012

It is unfair to claim that the manager won 2 cups as a result of lucky by the owner.... I have been watching the game beating barcelona & go on to win CL. The fighting spirit is amazing. Tis is down to the clique & mutual belief between manager & players to execute the tactics. I think Robbie has done a great job which able to transform chelsea in the past 3 months.

We must think to play bayern in Arena stadium is not an easy task. It is the the strong belief that the manager inspiring the team they. An do it, regardless of what negative tactic is being called!!! Robbie undoubtly is a amazing manager in my point of view. He is another guodiala.

Posted by doug louth on 05/22/2012

I can picture RDM as a car mechanic who took a rusty wreck, rebuilt it and won at Le Mans. But, can he now build a Formula One car from scratch? The team has to rebuild and players who have been waiting for their chance have to be given the opportunity to develop in the starting line up. We seem to have a back-up team out on loan or in the reserves at the moment and surely some of them are worth calling back in to work with the existing backbone. They have role models in Drog [couldn't he have stayed for one more year?] Cole, Terry and Lampard, but these legends are now part of Chelsea's recent past. The club needs a manager who has a solid history of building a winner by adding to the new core [Ramirez, Luiz and, yes, Torres etc.] and implementing a new style based on youth. Unless I'm missing something, that's not on RDM's resume. Obviously a great motivator and master defensive tactician but we need to build something to win in Formula One in the next few years.

Posted by Susie on 05/22/2012

Hi, Phil

Although I am still utterly and amazingly heartbroken, I am here to offer my congratulations.

Your Blues played an amazing tournament that was fun to watch- until the last 120 minutes.

Well done, Chelsea. And what I wouldn't do to be in your shoes, everyone.

Posted by Rob on 05/22/2012

Game lost by Bayern with poor finishing and a very bad defensive substitution. Game stolen by Chelsea and their shining light of DD. Deserved winnners and "champions of europe" - not a chance. But better on the day, even if it didn't look much like football? Yes.

Posted by Eric. C on 05/22/2012

LUCK? You make your own luck. 43 attempts and only 1 goal scored by Bayern? This figure alone shows where many teams in Europe have failed, all attack and no defense. Chelsea got back to basics and just defended well. This was the best performance I have ever seen from Ashley Cole, just brilliant, throwing his whole body at everything that even had a hint of going anywhere near goal.
It is sad to know that we will never again see Drogba in a Chelsea jersey as he has been the most dominant player ever to grace the "Blue".

Posted by Qhill Hai Der on 05/22/2012

I'm a Chelsea Fan since Gianfranco Zola era back to 1996,what Chelsea achieve on 19 May 2012 is somthing that's i'll never forget entire of my life. Im chelsea since Ken Batesas owner of the club & now Abrahamovic take over to make Chelsea
as ambitious club in Europe.Some comments say, chelsea not derserve for the Championshipand also not deserve to include in next season CL.
What chelsea achive on thats night will make entire europe clubrealize Football is a game
where passion prevails—skill is only a supplement. Without wearing your heart on your
sleeve and going the distance for a mate, it's worthless.That is the truth. When you put on your club's shirt and colours, you're fighting for each other. You rally together against the opposition to get a result and that result is all that matters at the end of the day.

10 Years from now, on Champion League Hall of Fame will never ever forget Chelsea make a history when become the 1st club to win the
Champion Leage with interim Manager.

Posted by Der Chef (@fussballchef) on 05/22/2012

As a Bayern fan I am naturally gutted, but have to admit that this is beautifully written piece.

Posted by Edo on 05/22/2012

Great article...Chelsea champions of Europe...sounds sooo good...KTBFFH !

Posted by yinks on 05/22/2012

I am not surprised that we won τђε cup.If we could beat barcelona in τђε semi final then who is bayern munich?
Chelsea may not be the best team in Europe but yφυ guys need to read a part of τђε bible,Ecclesiatic9vs11(race is nt to the swift, neither the battle to the strong but TIME and CHANCES happens to them all)
Blues for life and Thank You

Posted by benard mwaniki on 05/22/2012

am a chelsea fanatic for many years, on 19 may i preffered to game at home with my family coz we are all blues. Before the kick off i phone called my brother and told him today u have to pray coz it wil be tough. I watched tha game with lot of discomforts from, sweating,tension and all sorts. At the end we emerged to the whole team and technical bench.RDM tactics proved by introducing ryan, selection of penalty kickers. WE HAVE COME A LONG WAY by beating napoli, benfica, berca n beyern on there tuff .i have exhausted all the articals about chelsea triumph up to date. CONGRATS! TO CHELSEA FANS let them talk

Posted by FORCA BLUES!! on 05/22/2012

Campiones Campiones Ole Ole Ole!

Posted by Manni from Houston, Tx on 05/22/2012

Excellent blog, Phil. I have always loved soccer(football) all my life (and tennis). But I was not an EPL fan nor a Chelsea supporter until 2008. Immediately, Drogba stood out as a notable presence on the pitch. England may have the three lions. But Didier Drogba is THE LION on the pitch. When Muller score in the 83rd minute I did not lose hope. And when Drogba scored 5 minutes later I felt that something special was happening. It was evident the football gods wanted Chelsea to win. Congrats, Chelsea. No blue meanies here, just blue heaven.

Posted by ken ada-george on 05/22/2012

it was such a beatiful poetic and highly emotional..success in life is jst for d brave and resilient and nt for d lily-livered. Chelsea have shown all through dat with determination and d will to succeed, we could achieve the impossible.Here in Port-Harcourt Nigeria,there was an all-night to celebrate this milestone irrespective of tribe nor religious affiliation.Tanks Phil 4 dis wonderful piece.Tanks Drogba 4 d swit memories,u brought 2 our homes and our hats ...U wil always live in our hearts.

Posted by makinde peter on 05/22/2012

words can't describe d way i still feel, even as i read dis article, i'm short of words but i'll say dis if any team in d world wish to know anytin about resilience in a team they shud take a tips 4rm CHELSEA for they are epitome of resilience UP BLUES!!

Posted by Big Phil on 05/22/2012

With apologies to Mark Twain, "It's not the size of the Drog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the Drog."
Chelsea were a team that refused to lose this CL season.
Full credit has to go to RDM. After he took control, he tightened up the back line. At the start of the season it seemed that at every defensive set piece the fans were hoping that Chelsea would clear their lines. For the 3 months he was in charge RDM's defense began to look confident & airtight.
This was not the strongest Chelsea team but certainly it was the most resilient of the RA era.
Changes will be coming. Drogs leaving is just the first of several summertime moves.
The team must be re-tooled to go forward.
Blues fans must be thankful for the past 8 years and support the changes as we build toward our next CL trophy. This was the one we got after 2008 got away. That pain will never wane, but Saturday night went a long way to easing that hurt. Thank you players, what a ride it has been, and with more to come.

Posted by Dan on 05/22/2012

its pretty clear chelsea are the champs of champions league but are not the best team in europe

before chelsea fans have a cry this does not take away your trophy but its pretty obvious that a team that had their fans praying for most of the semis and final and finished 6th in the league is not the best in europe

enjoy the trophy

Posted by Yu Bumsuk on 05/23/2012

Great analysis, Phil. It's wonderful to have you as Chelsea correspondent.

Posted by Yats on 05/23/2012

Thanks for the article! I watched the match and was also in tears when we won the penalty shoot out! Greatest moment as a Chelsea fan. Sad to see Drogba leave though, but thank you Drogba for the memories!

Posted by rotty on 05/23/2012

Great article! Chelsea endured and overcame many obstacles this season and it all seems worth it now. To all the "purist", you have your opinion but holding Barcelona and Bayern Munich, arguably 2 of the most technically sound and gifted clubs in the world, to 3 goals on 70+ shots in 3 games and ,oh yea, putting the ball in the back of the net MORE than they did. I'm pretty sure that involved more than just being lucky. congrats Chelsea! we've shed are tears of pain so we can revel in our tears of joy. GO BLUES!!!

Posted by Colin on 05/23/2012

In the lead up to the final, Di Matteo spoke about the Chelsea team having Confidence and Belief. On 83 minutes Bayern scored, but the Confidence and Belief never wavered. Beautiful sentiment, beautiful outcome !!

Posted by Vivek on 05/23/2012

One of my most memorable moment as a Chelsea fan. What brilliant tactics from RDM. Bertrand in the starting XI = Masterstroke.
DD is leaving as a true legend of the club. Will never forget his contributions to CFC.

As for the article: I am a regular reader of your blogs Phil and have liked all of them a lot; but this one is special. Brilliant work mate.

Posted by oscar on 05/23/2012

jakarta, chelsea fan
RDM, yr name will be recorded as one of the greatest interim manager. so dont worry if you dont get hire, i'm sure other club will hire u with yr resume (fa cup n champion cup).
except barca n bayern game, i dont see chelsea play defense especially semi fa n napoli. so IGNORE whatever SORE LOSER said, we,chelsea, is deserved winner.
"doesnt care white cat or black cat, the most important is to catch the mouse" a wise man said. in football, the most important is to win,doesnt care whether it's luck or play offense or play, whatelse do u want, mr. Roman. RDM give you fa n the most you ever dream of champion cup. give RDM a chance next season.

Posted by Eric on 05/23/2012

Thanks Phil for your exceptional article. Writing from Japan as a Chelsea fan, it enables me to reminisce in the celebrations of everyone in winning the coveted cup. Now that Drogba has confirmed his leaving, which in my opinion, is a good decision. He not only leaves Chelsea on a high in search of new dreams, but also makes room for a younger striker/team. Another noteworthy thing Drogba did is to clearly identify his successor in Torres, in whom I believe lies the future of Chelsea. The best thing the owner and Chelsea Board can do is to be downright honest with RDM and the older players about their decision and future strategy. Nobody can take away the achievements of RDM to be able to turn in less than 3months a flagging team in the eyes of many (even Mourinho said that Chelsea woudn't win the cup at the semi-final stage). Cheers!!

Posted by Tejas on 05/23/2012

Thank all i can say

Posted by DOMINIC on 05/23/2012


Posted by kyona on 05/23/2012

Drogba's exit from chelsea has giving me a wound
tears flow day and nihgt, i love his stile of play am gonna miss him, wishing him the best. Drogba will remain in me for ever as a great chelsea striker.

Posted by Alex Emmanuel on 05/23/2012

What a day to be a Chelsea fan....wonder why DM was never mentioned, inclusion of Betrand was genius

Posted by Oluwadamilare on 05/23/2012

Av u eva considered this:
chelsea was formed in the year 1905 and they lifted their first champions league on 19/05 year 2012
chelsea 4life.......

Posted by mose olenyo malande on 05/23/2012

..@Phil..WHAT an article..I am a die-hard MAN U fan but got humility to appreciate Chelsea's class 2012-congrats...Drogba is incredible..he's lead the line in winning 10 trophies in 8 years..what a consistent striker?The EPL AND EUFA-CL will miss him if he moves to CHINA..

Posted by fstus on 05/23/2012

defensive or not Chelsea is the champion of champions

Posted by AC Milan Supporter on 05/23/2012

Chaps, I've read so many articles about this CL final. A lot of people said Chelsea were very lucky to win it BUT no one, not a single person mentioned the goal that Muller headed in was a lucky goal. How many times can you beat the goalie at the near post by a header from such acute angle? Rarely!

Posted by Imoh udoh on 05/23/2012

Well it was a better day 4 chelsea.

Posted by JOSH on 05/23/2012

i live in chicago and have been a blues fan for 9 years now. been playin the sport from the age of 4.we all know this is a wonderful and never forgiving game. I just want to say that this season was up and down, but never did i feel they were to old or not a team any more. its a funny thing this sport is, full of old friends who know each other and their game mixed in with a few new faces they banded together like all championship teams do once they have backs up against the wall. this is what happens when they get a chance and motivation. dont poke the bear and not expect the bear to poke back! congrats to all fellow fans and to those that have not yet let the memory of terry missing right, then hands amoung head with rain washing all hopes of a title away. only to be replaced with a new memory, one of lampard, drogba, cole and cech among the leaders to bring it home. thank u

Posted by steveudenta on 05/23/2012

all i know is that winning is winning,whether you play well or not,is even good to bad and win than to play well and loose,

Posted by Uche Prica Okolo on 05/23/2012

I've been a Chelsea fan for over 16 years now.even when we(Chelsea) were winning or loosing,I stood strong behind my very best club CHELSEA. I honestly can't say how excited I am that we won the UCL TROPHY. This glory has long been due but to the glory of God we triumphed over Europe. Yes we a real pride of LONDON and KING of Europe.Blues forever.

Posted by Owen on 05/24/2012

Chelsea deserved this because of them never giving up and thanks to petr cech and lampard cole and drogba for the good campaign to win it all..

Posted by Terry on 05/24/2012

Remember that every goalbound shot that Cech saved is as good as a Drogba goal. Chelsea played a magnificent resilient game. Drogba was lucky that Cech got him out of trouble by saving that penalty. Against Barca it was the crossbar that saved his blushes. But the header that Drogba powered home was the best you'll ever see. I have watched the game 4 times and analized every Chelsea player and I am in no doubt that the best of the best was Frank Lampard. The way that he sheparded Obi Mikel was brilliant and his general midfield play and refusal to waste any ball was something that all young players should be made to study.

Posted by Nadja on 05/24/2012

Fantastic blog, as always!

Been a Chelsea fan since '96, but never expected to feel as ecstatic as i felt last saturday. I continue to rewatch highlights every day, post-match interviews, the PKs, Drogba's header. I can't imagine life as a Chelsea fan getting any better than this!! KTBFFH!!

Posted by Orji chuks on 05/24/2012

This victory without doubt have added more years to my life.....Phil thanks for this beauty of an article...I cant stop celebrating

Posted by zyte on 05/24/2012

luck didnt score goal 4 us against napoli,benefica,barca and bayern.i tink God chose 2 reward our comitment and resilent.lukn at d past 7years,chelsea hav been among 2 top 3 consistent perfomers in d ucl wit barca and man.u.u must giv it 2 dem cos it wudve been unworthy if terry,drog,lamp,cech,mikel,ashley didnt win d cup.up bluez

Posted by Imade Anthony Gaius on 05/25/2012

After the match against Barcelona, i gave thanks to God and continue praying for my team and at last God has answered our prayer and it is a dream come true....I cant stop celebrating

Posted by olly on 05/25/2012

thank God is chelsea 4 dis tme. no coment

Posted by keres B on 05/25/2012

This article is the bomb and for all those who will never stop criticizing the Great Chelsea, what my brother Davyd has said: "it is a good general who advances or retreats to save the situation!"caps it all and we Chelsea fans must know that 'he who has the ball in the field of play is always pursued'.The way humans are unique is the way football is, whatever pattern suites you to win a game, strategies with it. The game is WHO WON? and not WHO PLAYED 1 MILLION SHOTS. Phil thanks and I agree THERE ARE MANY WAYS TO SKIN A RAT

Posted by phillip colunbus on 05/25/2012


Posted by ubong Attah on 05/25/2012

Get Victor Moses,Hazard,Diego(on-loan@A.Madrid&cheaper than Modric),and Falcao. Lets rule Europe please,Roman.

Posted by Kalim on 05/25/2012

Oh my God! Chelsea is the best. Its not how many punches u can throw at opponents? But how many u can take without breaking. We held on with our minds dancing to the supense of evry minute in the game. I am still wondering how we did it. Great article phil, love u chelsea fans.

Posted by Cobrario on 05/25/2012

I chuckle at all the naysayers here- Substance always counts over style. I'd always rather win ugly than lose pretty- ALWAYS- Years from now no-one will care how aesthetically pleasing Chelsea's win was, they'll just see the trophy in the cabinet.

Posted by Fan from Lima,Peru on 05/25/2012

Great post, probably the best in football history..... You guys must have seen the classic cartoon of the little boy throwing lots of punches to the big boy and in the end the big boy just throws just one blow to the little one to send him flying away.... the last 2 matches were just like that :-)
Barcelona and Bayern throwing all they had to Chelsea only to get blown away by one chelsea punch to the face ;-) ....
It was like... Hey you Barca and Bayern little guys, is that all you got? Hehehehe TAKe THIS !!!!
I hope that all you football fans (who think Chelsea sucks) learn your lesson.... Never underestimate your opponent, you have to still have to play to be able to win, even if you think you are the better team and throw the most punches .It's never over until it's over. If you don't think Chelsea deserved to win.... Well ,look at it this way.... I don't think they deserved to lose.
Congratulations Chelsea , you are really the Pride of football

Posted by Emma on 05/26/2012

After the seeming humiliation at Naples, i tot AVB lost it, once again in his substitutions. But guess what, i also tot Chelsea lost it, little did i know that a new script was already written. Believe it or not, destiny has it that Chelsea will be victors. Think about how ruff d road was? Every match except the final, was a two leg marathon. RDM had d script with all 'ts' crossed and all 'is' dotted. The Chelsea players Old plus new guards acted it out, and the movie went platinum. It couldnt be any beta. Not after the Terry penalty of 2008, or the stolen mandate of 2009. I am proud to say it happened in my lifetime. My children will here this; that on that day 19th May 2012, CFC won the UCL because it was written.

For those who care about how we won, well i am happy to tell u that it was not luck. When opportunity meets preparedness, it is called God's Favour.

Blue is the colour, care to know?
Ask Federer in Madrid Masters, Man City in EPL, Chelsea in 2012 FA cup & UCL

Posted by Jason on 05/26/2012

Now that the euphoria is somewhat dying out, what do you plan to have in your next blog, Phil? If I may make a suggestion, how about who you think should be manager or how/where should Chelsea bolster it's squad along with transfer options that can fulfill the needs?

Posted by ashish magar on 05/26/2012

Chelsea defeated the best and won the champions league.As a blue's fan i supported blue's but had already given my hope that they would claim the champion's title.WE ARE LUCKY..luck was on our side.And i always wish best for Chelsea.KTBFFH,

Posted by ermyas issak on 05/26/2012

chelsea is the best team and i love all the blues and the hero of the blues dider drogba chelsea 4ever and ever

Posted by villa on 05/26/2012

me love your spirit

Posted by Arinze on 05/26/2012

tears although JOYFUL one were running down from my eyes as I was reading the article and comments of my fellow true-patient- commited fans. The same tears but painful were all over me four years ago at the battle at moscow, two years later i never belived that the painful tears on my eyes would turn into smiles and laughter against a host club in their home soil with penality given to them within regulation time. Wish all Chelsea fans across the globe can assemble together to celebrate this trophy. Up Chelsea family.

Posted by Mark in LA on 05/27/2012

Great piece, nicely written. It's almost like someone hit the rewind button and instead of John Terry walking up to hit the winning penalty after a strong performance, suddenly Didier replaces him. (Did you also stop breathing when he only took two paces backwards?). Lifetime achievement award? Maybe. The Fox and Hounds in Studio City, California was rockin' last Saturday. As I watched I was certainly taken back a lifetime to my spot behind the goal in the 1970 when David Web headed Chelsea's first FA Cup Winner in extra time of the replay. I will remain convinced that it was Petr Cech's fingertip diversion of the ball that had it rebound across rather than in to the goal. As Led Zeppelin said: "Now I can die easy."

Posted by kufre page peters on 05/27/2012

up chelsea

Posted by ashraff on 05/28/2012

undeserved victory?i'm say no,cfc score the goal at regular times,they go to penalty not in goaless draw and win the champ league cup...they deserve...

Posted by nwanise on 08/10/2012

Chelsea ten man team did what most eleven man team never did against barca and proved an immovable obstacle against an irresitable force of Barca and Bayern. Well done PRIDE OF LONDON and CHAMPIONS of EUROPE

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