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Posted by David Kyle on 01/25/2011

A comprehensive win last night has got the press buzzing again, Chelsea are back in the title race.

So they say anyway, I think the jury is still out on that one. We have a lot of ground to make up, but finally a foray into the transfer market could help us achieve it.

Wham, Bang, Thank You Ram! ©Reuters Pictures/font>

The way the game started it looked like the Chelsea of new turned up, misplaced passes, poor defending and an anonymous front line.

That was until Didier Drogba hit a screamer to leave the Bolton keeper staring at the bulging net.

It may be a bit obvious to point it out, but hopefully that was what Didier needed to get his season back up and running.

Up until we took the game under control with Malouda's cheeky finish for our second I was starting to severely worry that we were all displaying a bit of Shevchenko syndrome -old, slow and quality but only in fits and starts.

Thankfully though the second half reassured me that we are looking back on track, not title contenders just yet, but better than Tottenham, which it pains me to say hasn't been the way recently.

Mikel had a good return from injury, but I would question whether he'll remain in the team once Lampard returns. Again.

Ramires has really settled down in his role. Yes he is still lightweight but that probably won't ever change. He was hardly signed as a midfield enforcer, more like a playmaker.

Essien was back too. Even though he has been back a while, I'm talking about the real Essien. The probing runs, the hefty challenges and the vim and vigour of seasons past.

In fact, had we all collectively voted together I think every Chelsea fan last night would've voted for each of our four scorers to get on the scoresheet!

Malouda, Anelka and Drogba just to inject a bit of life into their campaigns, and Ramires just to open his account.

All the goals were well taken, and there could've been more. Something we showed against Blackburn, and something that obviously we needed to improve upon. You have to make chances to take chances!

No complaints about the game, which makes a nice change - the last 2 months have felt like I am anti-Chelsea, I just try and keep my opinion as realistic as possible.

Which is why I think we can't get too excited about a renaissance just yet, the press look at it through blinkered eyes where they are trying to buoy a lifeless Premier League campaign.

We need to look at it realistically, paramount importance is being placed upon our upcoming matches against Man United - but what about all the ones in-between. These games could be meaningless if we go on and lose a couple more in the interim.

Recently I received a comment asking me to discuss transfer policy and the like.

There is no point in me fuelling the flames of conjecture, there is enough tripe out there that I would have to turn this into a full time job had I commented on all our links.

I have stated that we need to sign a couple of players in this window and I stand by that, if we just sign Luiz then I will be satisfied.

He is where we need cover the most, if our attack pull their fingers out, and their replacements perform a little better we won't be regretting not signing anybody.

Gone are the days when the money for a January pick me up was available, and quite right too. Luiz is the sensible option, various injuries to defenders have left us short too often this season, he can come in and take away some of that worry.

I wouldn't complain if we signed an attacker though, its clear that Anelka and Drogba won't be around forever and in all honesty neither Kalou or Sturridge seem to be worthy replacements at this time.

One other salient point is that this must mean Ancelotti has the faith of the board, let's hope this continues. The guy has been in for far more stick than he has deserved, never bite the hand that feeds you (unless there is relegation looming, bite it off sharpish!).

It is also good to see Gael Kakuta going on loan to Fulham. I never complain when we loan out a youngster, it often gives us a chance to see them play more than we usually would.

Kakuta is a great prospect no doubt, but he is no McEachran. The boy is quality. Laser guided passing and the strength of a much bigger player. If he isn't an integral part of the first team squad in the next season or two it would come as a great surprise.

The FA Cup is an unwelcome distraction this weekend, we would rather take the league games as our form is picking up but such are the travails of a campaign in English football. The FA Cup is romantic and we all love winning it, but it is now third in line to the League and The Champions' League.

On the up in the league, hopefully marching on in the FA Cup. Keep the Blue Flag Flying High!!


Posted by Emigre on 01/25/2011

"lifeless Premier League campaign"... seriously? We're having probably closest race ever race in BPL, yet it's somehow lifeless to you?
Also, the board is the biggest problem at CFC. Who's making decisions as to whom to sign? Too many chiefs never a good idea, isn't that why Jose took off? Why is Carlo being made look like an idiot when he says that we don't want Pienaar, yet there is a bid for him? Strange days indeed.

Posted by Shanshy on 01/25/2011

I blv de signing of Luiz is gud but i must say dat we nid a youthful attacker who can hold de ball up front comfortably wit no qualms and allow others 2 join de attak.

Posted by Aleandro on 01/25/2011

please sign lukaku, david luiz and hazard... the 3 best players each i different postions to inject a new young life into the chelsea squad. Come on Roman make a sacrifice

Posted by Chelsea-Alan on 01/25/2011

Last nights result and display was as much about confidence building as it was for the three points. You could see the lads literally grow and take the game by the scruff of the neck after Drogs superb early strike. What's the betting our Ivorian talisman now goes on a scoring run to quieten his worst and many critics. David Luiz is a World class performer and although many Blues fans would rather see us sign a striker I believe the club have got this just right. We desperately NEED to strengthen our back line and defensive play if we are to guarantee CL football next season. Jeff Bruma IS NOT ready (yet) to step into either JT or Alex's boots and a World class central defender will do wonders to help us build from more clean sheets. I predict David Luiz will very quickly become a new Stamford Bridge icon with his fantastic displays. No one should underestimate just how good this guy really is and capturing his signature will be a huge coup for the club. KTBFFH

Posted by paul peters on 01/25/2011

good 2go

Posted by Ukhure lucky on 01/26/2011

Why are we let our young lad on loan,who we than be on our bench.we ve not sign any player,yet we til allow the young one on loan.

Posted by ali on 01/26/2011

Good jobs Chelsea & CA. Please continue this fight spirit in incoming games.

From my view, we need to source the young, good GK to backup Cech.At the momment, I don't see the good GK in our team.

Secondly, better we settle the Luiz's transfer. He is good prospect to replace ageing Chelsea's CB.

Lastly, I hope my dream come true that Kun Aguero will joint Chelsea's attacking power.

Blue flag flying high!!


Posted by SALAUDEEN on 01/26/2011

this is fantastic

Posted by Jason on 01/26/2011

McEachran is a shiny piece of gold sitting in the Chelsea pot. That boy has the brightest future I have ever seen from someone that age. I get excited every time Carlo warms him up and throws him in for 15 to 20 minutes. Even the FA cup matches are more exciting now because we get to see him on the pitch for a full 90 minutes. I personally have nothing against giving the lad a few more starts along side Frankie and he had absolutely better be starting more and more in the next two seasons. We may have to beat off bids from other clubs down the road looking to poach him for their own. Sorry Europe, but I think we found or new player to run the Chelsea machine and bleed blue for London!

Posted by ayo on 01/26/2011

Yes Chelsea is back to form but Ancelloti needs to buy players, a central defender, a midfielder and a striker will ensure a successful outing, Good luck.

Posted by Sulyman abdulrahaman on 01/26/2011

I have sweet dream on monday thank you chelseafc.

Posted by ena on 01/26/2011

This is one step in the right direction, then at least 4pts from the man utd games.There is still a lot to do for all the top 5 teams.chelsea need all the luck they can get to win the league.

Posted by jeffrey on 01/26/2011

i really believe the purchase of liuz will do us good at the back and with drogba and anelka coming back to their best form, chelsea is definately back in the title race

Posted by dare oshilaja on 01/26/2011

i know and believe that we are going to get more better that this.Am so happy after the game against bolton and am happy for all the players most especially Drogba for him to score his first GOAL since over 2months now.We have to add some more players into the team and sit the players down and talk to them to focus well if they really LOVE the club they can still get back on race with Man United leading us with 10point and am sure if we can continue like we play against BOLTON,things will turn good for us..Staff of chelsea Football Club should try and make a signing of 2 or more players b4 the transfer close..I TRUELY LOVE CHELSEA FC

Posted by obioma on 01/26/2011

the analysis make sense.

Posted by ArryndSpurs on 01/26/2011

Chelsea are shit.
Has beens and won't win shit, gonna get knocked outta the UCL spot by the Spurs.

How embarrassing

Posted by Roy Hobeika on 01/26/2011

Roman is not interested in the chelsea job anymore.
Plus... he doesn't want to waste his money on player, instead he is saving the money for the world cup 2018 (played in russia).
I think Roman Abramovic should leave and an arab trillionaire should buy the club and get us good players!

Posted by chelsea fan on 01/26/2011

problem is we might not be able to actually buy so many players otherwise we can't get in the champions league

Posted by CFC on 01/26/2011

ArryndSpurs, i wish your mother had been aborted.

Posted by ololade moses on 01/26/2011

yes there is reason in what my chealsea colleuges said,ancelloti pls bring more starlet into the team the likes of pato,luiz,neymar.harzard,sanchez and godin,arise and shine to save the team,chealsea for life.

Posted by MrO on 01/26/2011

The performance showed by the lads is certainly an improvement. But we still can't satisfied yet.There are still many rooms need to be fix.Like they need to play a lot better in the early minute so we can avoid an early goal against us.

As for the attacker, despite what others saying I still have a bit of trust toward Sturridge.But the problem is the current tactic apply on our team is more suitable with a target man like Drogba,with tough physical appearence at the forward line.On the other hand,Sturridge is a striker with pace.And I do believe with McEachran in midfield together with Lampard which both is brilliant in term of passing,I have an opinion that Sturridge might do well.But it just my own opinion.Anyway the youngster need more chance so they can improve.Hopefully Ancelotti will give them much more opportunity.Especially McEachran,a very bright talent.

Posted by MrO on 01/26/2011

Lastly for defender part,the addition of David Luiz (though couple of news saying the deal is broken down which I hope is not true) in our defender department will be a huge improvement.Maybe then we can put Ivanovic on RB since neither Bossingwa nor Ferreira is doing anything special this season.Ivanovic had been an excellent RB last season and I think putting him on RB will help our defending and attacking.

Well that's just my opinion as a fan.Hopefully from now on Chelsea can move forward and improve to our best level.Go Blues!

Posted by Brent on 01/27/2011

ArryndSpurs, take note of the goal differential before spewing garbage like that again. Its that big with our two month snooze in the league. I hope Tottenham have enjoyed their one season in the spotlight.

As for Chelsea, they looked great on Monday. Good lateral ball movement and Drogba was looking lively. Hopefully, we can sign Luiz this week and solidfy our squad a bit.

Posted by FlyingBlues on 01/27/2011

for how many years are going to invest 50M a season? apart from Terry there is no one who can be called as a Chelsea product.. I do not understand why was Di Santo sold or is Mancienne still being loaned out. Okay agreed we have a defensive crisis but had Manci been playing with our senior team for last season or even this season with his experience being more to Bruma, he would have been handy.. Also there are many others like Cork, matic, Bertrand and gordon..
Money for sure will not give us the player that we want. Take Zhirkov for example 18M paid but yet to be a first team regular. So is the case with bosingwa 18M paid but Ivanovic is a better option to him and costed us only 8M. Both Zhirkov and Bosingwa were quoted as the players that would suffice our needs.
how do teams like Arsenal(Chamakh 0M) ManU(Hernandez 12M)get the players they want at reasonable price and start performing well right away and our Ramires, zhirkov, bosingwa struggle to make any impact!!!

Posted by FlyingBlues on 01/27/2011

I think its the time to sit down and have a good analysis of our current transfer policies and youth system. I am quite sure this might be bothering roman also. Barca Model is very optimistic thing but at least look at bayern. They have lahm(26), Schweini(25) and Muller(21) youth products, and look the way these three players performed last year.
I am a Chelsea fan and want to see these things happening at CFC also. mcEchran is an excellent talent but how do you think will he perform against the likes of Y Toure, de Jong, A song..
I think players like Mancienne, Di santo, rajcovic, cork, should be given as much of chance as mcechran and sturridge.

Posted by shabani on 01/29/2011

please chelsea take torres and luiz he is very important it

Posted by Kenneth on 01/30/2011

Just sign some damn players.because our team is not strong enough to face bercelona.And if chelsea can't withstand barca then we shouldn't be rejoicing

Posted by bob on 02/01/2011

torres is on chelsea... big boost for the blues

Posted by warith on 02/01/2011

congratz..your first goal..fantastic!!!

Posted by Austine Ejotubu on 02/05/2011

Though, it baffle me this days the blues performers,is unlike the days
i pray 4 match. bt if we agree we can, we can.And if we say we can't we are right. It still lies on the blues court. d blues....

Posted by Robert on 02/05/2011

After Farnando Torres and David Lui ,chelsea need to buy g' keeper,Asmir Begovic to bolster the squad,

Posted by blaise on 02/08/2011

may be we should contribute,the blues fans

Posted by Chedale42 on 02/16/2011

Soring destroing beating everybody till we win GO CHELSEA!!!!!!!

Posted by lateef on 03/23/2011

high time to grab opportunity with both hands. thanks flying guy

Posted by Alexander Ikpegbu on 04/10/2011

Torres is a good attacking force against any opponent but he needs a very good supporting mid-fielder and also Drobga is not giving he passes against Wigan, which will have been a wonderful victor againt Man united. I will like 2 see more of Mickel on against Man U.

Posted by Red Army on 04/13/2011

Take that you Chelsea muppet. Be seeing you in our rear view mirror. Red Army!

Posted by bogrzi on 05/04/2011

why is it that Josh M play in Lampard's No when his off form most times i support the blues long live fans

Posted by ibraheem on 05/04/2011

we are beating manchester united and we are lifting the premier league trophy. Chelsea till i die.

Posted by mackidao on 05/05/2011

Well said ibraheem,true blue through and through,snap em and give us the trophy....wooooo wee..

Posted by Fred J. Joseph on 05/08/2011

Iam Fred from Dar es Salaam. Iam advice Chelsea.
Management Team to find out new Assistance Manager to assist Chief Manager Carlo Ancelort because Elmelano cant fit in this position. I think Ray Wilkins is Good compared to Elmelano because he know lot of thinks on the pitch. Chelsea Should find new striker especially no 9 and no 10 and defender number 2(riht side defender).

Posted by Sparmadubpamy on 05/13/2011

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