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April 26, 2010
Posted by David Kyle on 04/26/2010

Four years ago now, with the swagger of champions, when our team took the lead you would often hear a chorus of "that's why we're champions!" much to the annoyance of the opposition team.

Next season we really, truly, should be in a similar position of swaggering football and the cockiness of 40,000 Blues faithful proclaiming to the world of football that matches like on Sunday are the reasons we are champions elect.

45 League Goals Between Them, Why Should We Be Champions? ©GettyImages
April 19, 2010
Posted by David Kyle on 04/19/2010

The buzz-word around the Chelsea camp after this weekend's loss at White Hart Lane is very much CALM!

And indeed we, the fans and the club, must remain so.

All is not lost, for starters - as pointed out by Carlo - we are still sitting on top of the table with a one point and three goal advantage.

Terry Calmly Walks Off After His Red on Saturday ©Empics
April 8, 2010
Posted by David Kyle on 04/08/2010

Oh reader, you didn't really think we could get to the penultimate stages of the FA Cup without a semi joke thrown in the mix did you?

This weekend sees us play our 9th Semi-Final in 16 years, and for those of you who have only just started supporting Chelsea/weren't old enough to remember/are very forgetful, here is a recap of the joy/agony these matches have supplied.

Hiddink - what a legend! ©Futbol Name
April 5, 2010
Posted by David Kyle on 04/05/2010

Didn't see that one coming really did we? Or did we!?

On the back of two very strong league performances Carlo Ancelotti braved the critics and kept the same team as the previous weeks' drubbing of Villa. And to such great effect, Drogba coming on to score the much debated goal - quite clearly as offside as everybody has suggested, however where is Sir Alex Ferguson's anger at Macheda's equally obvious attempt at beach volleyball for their consolation goal?

What's the use in discussing the past, the press have over done it for the past two days, I think we need to start concentrating on the future of the league - and exactly what we are up against in the coming weeks.

2-1 = 3 (points) ©Getty Images
Phil Lythell Phil Lythell is a Chelsea season ticket holder and lifelong Blues supporter stretching back to the sepia-tinted days of Kerry Dixon and Pat Nevin. Author of Chelsea-centric blog, Phil has spent his entire life living within a 20 minute walk of Stamford Bridge which has cost him a fortune but has also kept him from those interminable queues outside Fulham Broadway Station giving him more time in the pub to discuss the latest glorious/calamitous/insipid match.

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