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February 24, 2010
Posted by David Kyle on 02/24/2010

One point ahead in the league, with a game in hand, and facing our old hero on Wednesday night in the form of Inter's Jose Mourinho. These are exciting times.

This is what football is all about, it's in the script as they so often say.

Mourinho has impeccable form at home in all competitions (hasn't lost one in eight years in either the league or the domestic cup) and Inter's form in Italy isn't great, with only one win in nine on Italian soil.

Carlo Ancelotti and Jose Mourinho ©Getty Images
February 19, 2010
Posted by David Kyle on 02/19/2010

Oh dear reader, it's been a very quiet week as far as Chelsea go. Even tabloid stories of our players' raunchy exploits have only adorned the front page of this nations' fine papers two or three times this week!

I'm even finding it particularly hard not to re-iterate the importance of every game, a boring phrase I'm getting sick of writing - yet will no doubt apply for every match for the remainder of the season.

February 15, 2010
Posted by David Kyle on 02/15/2010

After a particularly disappointing week where we not only lost ground in the title race, but lost a key player to our challenge, we really need to use this week to take advantage.

Whilst we have a free midweek Man United will be flying to Milan for the first of their, hopefully tricky, two legs against the rossoneri.

This weekend also sees us go to Wolves, whereas United will be travelling to Goodison Park to play Everton, who of course last week took all three against us, begrudgingly said, deservedly.

So this is our week to take a grip on the league, no more faltering. If Man United win by one, then we need to win by three. We need to rally together and stop stalling when United lose points – as they well could on Saturday.

February 10, 2010
Posted by David Kyle on 02/10/2010

Off the back of a great win on Sunday we now face a tricky test in the form of our lesser hated Scouse opponents, Everton. Once again I will say it, but we are truly in the must-win-every-remaining-match stage of the season.

Unless Villa can beat United of course!

In other news/rumours....

February 8, 2010
Posted by David Kyle on 02/08/2010

Earlier this week I stressed the need to let the football do the talking and the result on Sunday created a welcome return to the topic of football.

For the first time in aeons (in real time a week) we won’t be hearing about a footballers’ private exploits, however hard the sports journalists are finding it not to mention the JT episodes – or as one famous red top has touted as Terrygate.

Thankfully, now we will be hearing about a resolute defensive display accompanied by a deadly double by Didier Drogba. Rather than give the team all the credit though, more than a bit should come Carlo Ancelotti’s way.

February 3, 2010
Posted by David Kyle on 02/03/2010

Last night saw us drop two points to a side placed 18 league positions below us, but let’s be honest – it isn’t the end of the world.

The obvious conclusion to be made is that these dropped points make the tie against Arsenal on Sunday all the more important, but in reality three points has always been the only satisfactory outcome in five days’ time.

It isn’t ideal that we were firing blanks on a day when we could have opened up a four point lead on Man. Utd., but they are yet to falter this year – unfortunately neither are they likely to do so this weekend against Pompey.

You can’t help but think had this tie hadn’t been called off in early January the outcome may very well have been in our favour.

So why should we be cheerful?

February 1, 2010
Posted by David Kyle on 02/01/2010

We are forever hearing of footballers and their need to do the talking on the pitch - and for Chelsea and their captain there was no time better than this weekend to take this advice

Fortunately for Chelsea fans alike we can be thankful that our reliable (in footballing terms) Captain rose to the challenge, and Frank Lampard’s late corner, and earned us a vital three points at an equally vital time in the race for the title.

What people need to do is step back, take a breath, and realise that football is one world and the private life of a multi-millionaire twenty-something is completely different.

Phil Lythell Phil Lythell is a Chelsea season ticket holder and lifelong Blues supporter stretching back to the sepia-tinted days of Kerry Dixon and Pat Nevin. Author of Chelsea-centric blog, Phil has spent his entire life living within a 20 minute walk of Stamford Bridge which has cost him a fortune but has also kept him from those interminable queues outside Fulham Broadway Station giving him more time in the pub to discuss the latest glorious/calamitous/insipid match.

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