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Posted by Andy Muirhead on 02/28/2012

In Tuesday morning's Daily Record, Jim Traynor and Keith Jackson claim that Celtic's failure to hand over a £300,000 advance on ticket sales for the Old Firm derby could force the Ibrox club into more job cuts. Are the duo really trying to pin the blame on Celtic for issues that are down to Rangers' own financial mismanagement?

Hearts are owed £800,000 from Rangers for their purchase of Lee Wallace, while Dundee United and Dunfermline are all owed money from ticket sales. So who can blame Celtic for demanding money upfront from their arch rivals ahead of the Christmas derby game, in fact ALL clubs in the SPL should do likewise. Not because it could cost further job losses at Ibrox, but because it is their money and Rangers should not be paying off their debts or paying their staff with other people’s money.

Rangers are responsible for their own problems, spending money they didn't have to fund title wins and to buy European glory - which never materialised under Walter Smith, Dick Advocaat, Alex McLeish nor Paul Le Guen.

While Whyte 'cobbled together' the money to pay Celtic up front, it seems that there was also a so-called verbal agreement that Celtic do likewise ahead of the March derby.

However, the Daily Record are claiming that the verbal agreement has broken down at a time when Rangers are desperate for cash. A bit like Dunfermline, Inverness Caley, Hearts and Dundee United then? These clubs don't have the luxury of using millions of pounds of bank money, tickets money or revenue from 45,000 season ticket sales to run their clubs - so why should Rangers be given the luxury of being handed money to help alleviate their financial suffering when those four SPL sides are having to look at other ways to raise the funds that Rangers owe them.

In fact the SPL should withhold the TV revenue that is destined for the Rangers bank account to pay the debt they owe to the SPL quartet.

If Celtic are in fact playing hardball and waiting until after the match to pay the £300,000, then they are perfectly entitled to do so. The SPL cannot impose sanctions or force the Parkhead side into stumping up the cash in advance and Rangers would have a bit of a cheek complaining about it, since they owe four SPL clubs plus numerous businesses across the country a significant amount of money.

Celtic fans will stump up the £42 ticket price (no ticket for an SPL game should be more than £30 in my opinion, even for an Old Firm derby game) to celebrate their side's expectant title victory - barring a mass capitulation - but more importantly to support their side beating their greatest rivals.

Rather than chasing or demanding Celtic pay £300,000 up front before the game, maybe Rangers and the administrators should be chasing up Craig Whyte and those directors at Rangers during his tenure for the missing millions and exuberant 'wages and bonuses' they were handed out. Then the players and the staff can safely keep their jobs, and the Ibrox side can pay out the money they owe to others.

So if it means that Rangers have to cull a few players to make ends-meet and pay their remaining staff then so be it.

It certainly makes a mockery of the club's pursuit of Daniel Cousin on a reported £5,000 a week wage. How many non-playing staff would that pay for?

There is only one club at fault, there are only two people at fault for overseeing the financial mismanagement at Rangers Football Club.

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Posted by Steve on 02/28/2012

Celtic are risking their own money by giving Rangers an advance in tickets sales, only a fool would do this, as Rangers may & probably will cease to exist very soon.
Celtic have done their business very well, and can be very proud of themselves, this is a continuation.

Posted by gareth morgan on 02/28/2012

well said. About time someone with a bit of common sense came out and said something that isnt laying the blame for Rangers woes at other peoples doors.

Posted by scott on 02/28/2012

Celtic should pay the £300k in advance, but not to Rangers. They should pay it to Hearts, Dundee United and Dunfermline! I am sre there would be some small creditors who would take any of the surplus, if any. Problem solved!

Posted by TBhoy on 02/28/2012

Well articulated and rationalised points. More than can be said for the capability of the chumps trying to make a story and a living from roping Celtic into everything wrong that happens to Rangers. Also,targeting and stirring up the emotions of those with an inherent hatred for eveything Celtic contributes nothing productive to those who are concerned for their jobs over Ibrox way. If the jobs are lost the rags that purvey this tripe are complicit by omission. After all where were the revelations of tax fraud etc when it was all happening? Look inside the past issues for the answers.

Posted by Colin on 02/28/2012

personally, i would tell Celtic to stuff it - sell the tickets to our own fans !

Posted by jabba on 02/28/2012

Rangers are in a position where they need to maximise revenue and the only way to do that is to sell all Old Firm tickets to their own fans. Celtic fans have already said that they won't be spending any money when they get inside Ibrox, so if they have backed down from this verbal agreement, why give them any tickets at all? It would also save us a chunk of cash on paying for extra policing.

Posted by S Taylor on 02/28/2012

Typical of the Record. Been putting boot into Celtic for years, 'Cracked Crest' making up lies about Celtics xmas party in Newcastle years ago & Sunday Mail sending a Hearse down to Celtic Park with 'RIP Celtic' headline. Rangers are in a far worse state & no cracked crests, no RIP Rangers, no Hearse. Instead printing front page headlines "Get this man out of Rangers Now!" (typical rhetoric from a Rangers supporters angle), giving Hateley a platform to spew garbage, Keevins saying Scott Brown Celtics' worst signing since Rafael Scheidt. Alastair Johnson said BEFORE Whyte bought Rangers that he had reservations about Whytes supposed wealth, it was public knowledge that Whyte was a 'ghost' on the internet with no background, no CV, no history, NOTHING... yet Keith Jackson was still writing up till New Years that he was a "Billionaire". Laughable. Where's the Super-Casino 100,000 seater stadium now?

Posted by stuart on 02/28/2012

to many like colin running grfc , stupid ideas ,pay your debts , lee wallace set to return i read , he should be returning to hearts if you cannot pay for him , what say colin ?

Posted by Anonymous on 02/28/2012

will the rangers fans want to buy tickets after
this weeks lay offs

Posted by kitalba on 02/28/2012

Ask Rangers fans about David Murray, Airdrie and the 30K. Business is business after all.

Good Goose! Good Gander!

I saw Peter Lawwell in B&Q buying a heavy duty hose pipe.

Posted by Reilly1926 on 02/28/2012

Well said Andy. Celtic FC would be completly mad to pay a thing up front. In my opinion The Daily Record are totally out of order printing this imflamatory bile. By the way is Jackson not allowed to write a story on his own anymore ?

Posted by Colin on 02/28/2012

@stuart if his registration is held by rangers then he's a rangers player - the whole football world needs a shake up re transfer fees, you buy a player - you pay for him when you buy him - none of this paying it up.....that is just false economy...and I stick by keeping all the tickets for the old firm game, personally speaking I think the police would be keen on that also

Posted by tom on 02/28/2012

If rangers can't pay other spl teams what they
owe or even the policing of the game, then it
would be silly for celtic to pay cash up front
for a game that we don't know for sure is gonna
even take place.

Posted by Terence Causer on 02/28/2012

Yet another dodgy geezer linked with the paupers
in some of to-days papers.

Posted by MaxX on 02/28/2012

@ Jabba; PMSL!!!

Posted by tak1888 on 02/28/2012

If we hand over any money for these tickets we should split it between Utd, Dunfermline, Caley and Hearts in part payment for the £1m plus that they owe these 4 clubs.

Why should these clubs have to suffer while the Ibrokes lot get £300k+ in revenue to help out their situation while they shaft the rest of Scottish football.

Rangers should be made to suffer for their miss management and what they are doing to these four clubs

Posted by CaptainObvious on 02/28/2012

Ha Ha

Posted by Robert McAllister on 02/28/2012

To satisfy both party's financially Rangers should give their biggest rivals no tickets and sell the seats to their own support then theres no financial risk

Posted by corbytim67 on 02/28/2012

Are the daily record having a whip round for there beloved rangers. Think they should they must be indebted to them .what will they write about if rangers dont exist.

Posted by Locutus59 on 02/28/2012

It's always nice to read a balanced article , unfortunately this isn't one . It is clearly indicative of the bile that affects the old firm . Is the author really saying that it's ok for Celtic to break its verbal agreement with Rangers because " they " broke their word to other SPL clubs ? While I do agree that every club is entitled to ask for its money up front I wonder if the author would be so demanding of other SPL clubs in administration eg Motherwell ?
Rangers got themselves into bother and they deserve all they get , but if they fail then despite denials from Mr Lawell ALL the clubs will suffer financially in the long term .

Posted by Sherbet Dab on 02/28/2012

Rangers should just sell the tickets to their own fans, Celtic have had their chance, after all they have a business to run.

Posted by Tam on 02/28/2012

Could not agree more, rangers are getting exactly what has been coming to them for 20 years !

Posted by WessyBhoy on 02/28/2012

To those suggesting Rangers should withhold tickets from Celtic fans, SPL rules state that you must give a section of your stadium over to visiting fans. Sorry.

Posted by Random on 02/28/2012

typical of the bile that this person spouts elsewhere on the net. Celtic ask for the money upfront for their game which a similar charge was made, didn't see you moaning then. They offered a verbal agreement to do the same and then renege on this and according to scotzine andy Rangers are not allowed to complain. He then moans about debts due elsewhere. Tell you what keep your money we'll sell the tickets to Rangers fans. They'll spend money at the food outlets and they wont damage the seats

Posted by Jimmy G on 02/28/2012

Why pay £42 Pounds for a meaningless game . Buy lots of Jelly and Ice Cream and watch it on SKY . Let them die They will not sell the tickets to there own fans . Get Hateley to stir them up we should play the under 19s . Whose the beggars now . Please please someone must help us we arra peepil dont you just love it HA HA HAHAHA .

Posted by Socrates on 02/28/2012

"Deflect and deny." All true-blue 'gers fans must continually repeat the mantra "Deflect and deny".
Don't be taken in by commonsense....."Deflect and deny".....Refuse to see the obvious...."Deflect and deny"....Refuse to accept responsibility for ANYTHING...."Deflect and deny"....Blame others for EVERYTHING...."Deflect and deny". And if ALL else fails, then fall back on the old reliable "But THEY do it too!!"....

Remember though, the key is "Deflect and deny!"

Posted by John on 02/28/2012

Very good and balanced article. Which is more than can be said for the so called journalists of the DR. No one but the present and passed owners of this club have brought about their situation. They owe tens of millions to the tax including tax they took from the same staff they now are trying to protect and never paid it to HMRC. They owe money to Dundee Utd Hearts Dunfermline and look like they have no intention of paying them. This is not Celtic or any other clubs fault but their own. Celtic would not agree to such ( verbal agreements ) with them as they have known for a long time the state they are in. No club should deal with these people as they are clearly not to be trusted. PS do not by the DR as it is just a gutter rag for ORCS. HH JCGE Jelly and ice cream anyone.

Posted by JoeG on 02/28/2012

Do you really think anyone cares what Jackson and Traynor say? This is about loyalties for a broken team going down the Swanee. I don't imagine anyone would want to "advance" rangers a penny right now, not the way they manage cash!

Posted by Pat on 02/28/2012

Whats the problem with Celtic paying the money for the tickets on the day when the match is being played. No one has to pay for something prior to getting it especially if there is a high risk that the item will not be delivered due to liquidation of the company. That would only add another 7500 creditors to the list already there and surely the SPL cannot demand that Celtic or any of the other SPL teams risk putting their fans into that situation.

Posted by lets pray rfc go down on 02/28/2012

To you lot that think rangers should sell tickets to there own mob so the celtic support don't see there team win are a shower of well to put it polietly numpties get a grip you football club owe,s the money to others sick and tierd now reading this crap get rid off that club and be done with it. i worked at that club in 1999 to 2000 when they payed off 10 commie chefs then brought in azure catering for rangers was told at that time the company had nothing to do with murray now it comes out it was his company all along this was at the same time he sold the edminson club to himself put more people out off a job then opened a call centre this club has been at it for years they stand shouting there vile about there queen and country but don't want to pay her total joke. and the song goes. SHAME SHAME SHAME SHAME ON YOU AND YOUR TAX DODGE CREW.

Posted by Andy D on 02/28/2012

Forget for a moment that it is the mighty Glesga Rangers that have decided to use others people's funds to pay general business running costs to both the detriment of their staff and HMRC.

If it were just 'A.N.OTHER' business that were plunged into Administration, No other Business in their right mind would pay good money after bad!!!

Daily Record - Same Old Same Old Policy, let's sell our rag no matter who we have to pander too, let's be as inflammatory as we can to generate enough of a sensation that we capture as many bottom feeders as we can!! Are Rangers Fans really that blinkered????? I don't think so, I think they are just having trouble accepting they have been duped by people that should have known better.

Posted by Pat on 02/28/2012

Re-Rangers Verbal agreement on payments, that agreement changed when they went into Administration as all aspects of normal business and trading ceased.

Celtic demanded the money at Christmas to ensure that they would be paid as Rangers were at that stage under real threat of going into Administration, that's why a number of ex Rangers directors went to the high court to have funds ring-fenced and Rangers accounts frozen.

Celtic are not handing over the ticket money now in order to protect their fans and ensure that 7500 of them don't have to become Creditors of Rangers should they be liquidated prior to the match - which is a very strong possibility.

IF the match is played then Rangers will be paid for the match tickets and Celtic will have met all SPL rules. Peter Lawell is right to look after Celtic Fans FIRST.

Posted by Ziggy on 02/28/2012

Celtic were the first to do this as they demanded payment upfront for the game in January, so they wanted Rangers to pay upfront why shouldn't Rangers do the same to them?

Posted by Andy M on 02/28/2012


Celtic demanded money up front because Rangers are in financial trouble - facing administration - and faced losing money if Rangers had gone into administration before they paid out. Bit like what has happened to Dundee United, Dunfermline, Inverness Caley.

Posted by mick f on 02/28/2012

I was going to say Hearts should be entitled to get Wallace back but i doubt they'd want him as he is mince. Rangers do expect to be treated as a special case which is disgraceful. Pay up, play up & play the game.

Posted by Scubey2 on 02/28/2012

Rangers keep all the tickets ? Why should Celtic fans be excluded from the the last ever 'Old Firm' game ?
Still, I guess the Police would be happy but they'd then have to police 60,000 jelly and ice-cream eating Fans at a title party beamback to Celtic Park.
The day that the club who has cheated Scottish football, and the Queen and her government for years and years fianlly kicks the bucket can't come a day too soon.

Posted by BillStruth on 02/28/2012

Traynor doesn't speak for Rangers- this is a non-article by a dire journalist desperate for another angle. And, sorry to tell you guys, we're not rolling over and dying for anyone. Have your treble that no-one noticed. Sellik forums must be empty! Everyon'e writing about the Gers! Heaven knows you have few enough of them. A couple of years and we'll be back on top. Cos at Rangers, we're better than you, and we know it!

Posted by S Gomez on 02/28/2012

Cleary this Andy Muirhead is not a qualified journalist and lacks any shred of professionalism.
What utter biased, crass childish reporting...
“Rangers didn’t buy championships - they won them”. Oh come on! That’s the kind of banter you get down at the pub.
Nothing wrong with the nature or subject of the article, just the tone with which it is written. It honestly reads like its been taken off one of the celtic supporters club forums. This is surely a cut and pasted from the hail hail forum?
Disgraceful journalism from someone who will clearly never progress much further than second rate internet scribbles. I suggest a change in career for Muirhead.

Posted by Locutus59 on 02/28/2012

The answer is simple , give the away team the absolute minimum allocation of tickets and so reduce your risk . Personally I would charge visiting old firm fans £120 a ticket or if the SPL have a maximum amount then I would charge that . This would keep the visitors numbers down and allow more home support to see the game , it would also have the benefit of testing Mr Lawells statement about Celtic not needing Rangers . I would think no visiting fans would be ok fit the first few games but the novelty would soon wear off and gate receipts drop

Posted by Shooflenifty on 02/28/2012

A sunny spell around dinner time today on Suchiehall Street was welcomed by Mark Hateley saying ''That the outbreak of sunshine at the end of February, was like a new signing for Rangers''

Posted by jimmibhoy on 02/28/2012

I wondered when Celtic would be blamed for Ranger's money problems - I'm just surprised it wasn't Chick Young. Never a lender or a borrower be! By all means pay your debts Rangers, but don't use Celtic or any other club to do it. Who would want to "advance" rangers a penny - or even a "red cent" right now, not with their track record for managing money.

Posted by billyrfc on 02/28/2012

i think it should go to the tax man to help our brave troops that we have been stealing of for years

Posted by Kevin Barry on 02/28/2012

Rangers have a cheek asking Celtic for money upfront when they owe 3 other spl clubs money as well and doesn't look like they can pay them back it's a no brainer and as for not giving us any tickets what makes you think that rangers fans will buy up the tickets we were were meant to get wont happen because of spl rules anyway but rangers have enough trouble trying to sell their own tickets.

Posted by patrick on 02/28/2012

Yous may be back billy but what will yous be called.HAIL HAIL

Posted by gillian on 02/28/2012

OMG.... you all sound like the playground mafia!! celtic fans to much to say about rangers,, your the only ones moaning same old same old. still under threat from the champions
love it ;-)

Posted by ChristmasEveryDay on 02/28/2012

Firstly, after Celtic fans were banned from Ibrox in 1994, the SFA brought in a ruling that prevented clubs doing this again in future - so there WILL be Celts there, assuming the match goes ahead.

Secondly, Celtic are a proper business with shareholders they have to do the right thing by - they are OBLIGED to protect their cash, particularly in a situation where there is a very real possibility it will be stolen from them as has happened to numerous other clubs in Scotland and beyond in recent years.

And finally, IF a verbal agreement was made between the two clubs before the last derby, Rangers should know better than anyone how meaningless they are - I seem to remember them signing a certain Maurice Johnstone in 1989 when they knew he had a much publicised verbal agreement to sign for a certain other Glasgow club.

Posted by hugh on 02/28/2012

No more 'Old Firm' no guilt by association.

Posted by trueblue on 02/28/2012

Typical shallow minded celts, keep your sheckles for your
jelly and ice cream.

I say Rangers just don't give you tickets and deny you the chance to party at Ibrox.

Come on the Gers

Posted by seaney67 on 02/28/2012

Just give the orc's the 3pts(if they still exsist at that stage) the headlines alone around the world would be worth it. City rivals donate 3 pts to there destitute neighbour's .then throw a celebration charity match for (any 1 but ranger's) roll on whyte

Posted by james on 02/28/2012

Well said i have a friend who works for rangers and i really do feel for him but to suggest that because Celtic wont pay up front for tickets is going to cause more job cuts is laughable to say the least and the two monkeys who wrote today's story are complete idiots wouldn't buy that paper because of the laughable sports journalism they produce The administrators are trying to find out trying where missing millions are and these two idiots are blaming Celtic HAHAHA You couldn't make it up.....

Posted by JOE on 02/28/2012

with celtics inability to pay for the tickets they should be sold to Rangers Fans why should Rangers lose revenue because of celtics inability to sell tickets to there mediocre and dwindling away support and as another poster pointed out increase revenue by reducing policing costs and not have to pay to have the stand fumigated

Posted by Hector Munro on 02/28/2012

I've always counted myself as fortunate to support a 'wee' club other than one of the ugly sisters. If it takes one of them to fall in order that we can rid the game of the bile that is witnessed worldwide when these 2 come into the equation then so be it.

However, contrary to what many may choose to believe Scottish football will suffer badly if the Old Firm cease to exist. Lets face it, with the greatest respect Sky dont pump that money in to screen games like Dunfermline v Caley - they want at least one of the OF involved at every opportunity, and if you want proof of that just look at the TV schedules.

Sky would be able to rip up contracts and re-negotiate at a greatly reduced amount - if at all. But then again, who's going to want to watch a league thats horsed by 30 points every season? Income will be a fraction of what it currently is, and more clubs will inevitably die.

C'est la vie

Posted by Andy M on 02/28/2012


It has nothing to do with Celtic's inability to purchase the tickets, they will be able to sell their end probably ten times over.

If you bothered to read the article properly - Celtic are not paying the ticket revenue in advance of the game, and the DR duo are claiming this will lead to more cuts at Rangers. Celtic will pay the money that is owed to Rangers before the allotted time - something that Rangers have failed to do with ICT, Dundee United and Dunfermline.

Posted by arniebhoy on 02/28/2012

in the words of my hero....


Posted by gerry quinn on 02/28/2012

rangers supporters should think back to when david murray was chairman he stopped celtic supporters visiting ibrox before because of damage to seats at the broomloan stand after that the SFA then put in place a rule that visting fans have to be giving tickets (fact) so go find the people who stole ur money and pick up your dummys

Posted by Darren on 02/28/2012

I'm a rangers man but I agree it's our own fault our club is in this dire pisition but for these Celtic who hope we go down the pan it just shows how stupid they R cos they will be next

Posted by wb on 02/28/2012

If there was a gentlemans agreement, on tickets
I would hazard a guess, that gentleman's not there
any more.Pathetic the Daily R*nger blames Celtic,
When three otherSPL clubs are owed money!
all SPL clubs should refuse to give them any tickets
unless they're paid for ip front.

Posted by garry cowan on 02/28/2012

no one in thier right mind would pay monies upfrount to a bankrupt company so why should paying rangers be any diffrent?

Posted by trueblue on 02/28/2012

lets get one thing straight rangers will not go out of existance and ive to laugh at all the accountants over at the piggery funny that eh seen your so bright can you tell me why celtic always put the amount of the home games less than what they really were ???? tax dodge perhaps dont worry well bebback and u lot will be back where u belong right in the gutter where you crawled out of

Posted by trueblue on 02/28/2012

aww diddums i feel your pain S Taylor it wasnt rangers fault the casino didnt materialise they decided to build it down in england so how tell me how was that rangers fault ???your just blkabbering one load of tripe one after another

Posted by Barrach on 02/29/2012

Celtic's money and creidt status is good...Rangers is bad. It's REALLY that simple kids. Rangers hould be ashamed....but aren't and just want to blame everyone else, along with their ragmen at the Daily Rankers.

Posted by Alexander Campbell on 02/29/2012

Rangers didn't have to pay Celtic in advance of the last game, as current SPL rules state that payment should be met within 14 days of the game being played. Celtic asked for special treatment and received it but Rangers said that they would require advance payment the next time, to which Celtic agreed.

Celtic have backed out of an agreement that they themselves asked to be put in place. Rangers should cut their allocation to the bear minimum required and sell the remaining tickets to the Rangers supporters.

After all the Celtic supporters don't need or want old firm games, so they won't miss being in attendance.

Posted by Paul on 02/29/2012

I don't think it very smart for Celtic to pay ticket money in advance for a game that may not take place!

Posted by bigpaul on 02/29/2012

Rangers fans are bricking it from the thought of our title party at Ibrokes. Suddenly they are squirming and looking for excuses to ban us from this game. " Keep the tickets for ra bears"..
We made you pay up front because you have robbed every business you encountered and we weren't going to be next. We pay our bills and you will get your money, but in a timely fashion.
One other thought, there will be two title parties this season the one at Ibrokes accounting for the 10 point deduction and the other where we discount it. Imagine both were against Rangers. Poor souls.

Posted by John on 02/29/2012

After reading all the posts, it is so plain to see that rangers are such losers and keep thinking they are better than everyone. Look at yourselves in the mirrow and see what idiots you are, and know this... you are a sorry bunch of people who are only brave in numbers, and the only thing that takes your mind off your sorry club is your whinging that Celtic wont give you money up front. Hail Hail

Posted by Anonymous on 02/29/2012

Away n fling pish et yerself ya fatty rangers are the worst football team ever

Posted by McEd on 02/29/2012

I am a Celtic supporter faithful through and through but if the teddy bears go down. Celtic should not be allowed to buy players from other Scottish clubs for 10 years. Both the old firm are guilty of raping the other smaller clubs. Even when they scout a good cheap import it is not long before the big two (soon to be one I hope) are courting them in recent years Scott MacDonald, Riordan, Brown, Caldwell etc.. And a host of blue noses too. That has been Ok but if the game is to survive and grow Celtic cannot be allowed to take all the good players. If the smaller teams are given a reasonable chance then without Rangers in the mix, how many people say in the Ogilvie hotel in Kirriemuir or other similar regional area instead of packing their flutes and bile and follow following may turn up at Forfar or Dundee etc... The vacuum will be filled and before too long. Remember Third Lanark???? Good footbal and crowds will bring Tv contracts. New beginnings not the end!

Posted by Janice Thompson on 02/29/2012

How completely ridiculous to expect anybody to pay any money to a business that may collapse at any minute! Really??? Do these people think that it is sound business to give this club £300.000 in advance of a game that might not go ahead,and potentially lose the cash?? Would they pay up front for a Panasonic TV if Panasonic was in administration with the threat of liquidation?? The deal that was made with regards to paying up front for tickets, was made to ensure that other clubs get their cash from the club that is in trouble, why should it work both ways?? There is no threat of Rangers not getting the money from Celtic. Celtic are not in financial trouble! Grow up folks! In the words of David Murray. "This is business"

Posted by Lyndsey on 02/29/2012

OK guys whether ur a rangers fan or a Celtic fan these are the facts.
1, there was no issue with the match at Celtic park going ahead at new year all police accounts are up to date, on the other hand there is a high degree of uncertainty if the next old firm game will go ahead due to unpaid police accounts which may also affect other rangers games also; hence any Celtic have right to protect their investment in this match...Once the police have been paid and the match is guaranteed to go ahead only then should Celtic pay... There was over 150,000 in damage after the last old firm match also at parkhead.
2, rangers have agreed to the spl charter in which they must supply tickets to the visiting support of up to 20% where safe, rangers will be open to further fines if they do not comply.
3. Rangers fans on visiting Celtic Park do not spend their money at the food outlets etc so no difference there.
4. ESPN also have a vested interest in the format of the match and can withhold money.

Posted by John on 02/29/2012

McEd - Not allowing Celtic to buy players from other Scottish clubs for 10 years punishes those players from making more money, potentially winning trophies, participating in Europe, and generally furthering their careers.

Posted by Marty on 02/29/2012

Hearts aren't actually owed money for Lee Wallace at the moment. The next payment isn't due till the summer.

Celtic made an agreement to pay for tickets in advance for the game against Rangers. Celtic have reneged on that agreement, whatever spin and whataboutery their fans might try to indulge in.

Posted by gb on 03/01/2012

Andy, ive disagreed with you many times in the past but this time you are bang on sir

Posted by steveo on 03/01/2012

this is a non story but good of DR to try and drag cellic into gers debacle. Celts will pay money for tickets in week leading up to match, so will have complied with gentlemans agreement for payment in advance. Lets face it it would be foolish in the extreme to pay £300,000 up front to a company in administration, some 4 weeks prior to the game taking place!!There are serious questions still to be answered about rangers ability to complete the league season.Personally if it turns out that celts can win title at poundland I can see Strathclyde Polis pulling plug on game citing that they haven't been paid for killie or hertz games yet.This would provide another conundrum cos if gers cannot guarantee they can complete league season, rules state that should lead auto relegation as per Livingston.However I am sure if such a scenario played out a rich gers benefactor would appear to guarantee remaining league fixtures whilst ensuring ibroke old firm game was played after league had been won.

Posted by kyle on 03/03/2012

most championships in all of football...go and jump off a cliff ya dirty green ba..ard

Posted by bigbear on 03/05/2012

All i am saying is that we got ourselves into this mess by spending money that we didnt have to be fair if it was the mankey mob in this situation we wouldnt be willing to pay them up front incase they went bust so we cant complain about it plus if its a verbal agreement then they dont have to pay us the ticket money unless it is in writing

Posted by daithi on 03/07/2012

rangers your day has come, our will day come in a different style,Let the people sing wrap the green flag round me bhoys,Hail Hail

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