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Posted by Andy Muirhead on 08/18/2011

Irish Politics has been ingrained in the Scottish game for half a century if not longer, but with Ireland trying to put the past where it belongs, the glorification of the troubles continues in the West of Scotland. Celtic fans sing ditties celebrating not only the Irish War of Independence, but also the troubles in Northern Ireland. They sing about the hunger strikers, particularly Bobby Sands as well as Aiden McAnespie - an Irish Catholic - killed by a British soldier in 1988. Likewise across the city Rangers fans sing The Billy Boys, Build My Gallows High, the racist Famine Song and a few other ditties with add-ons such as F**k the Pope and the IRA. While both sides have fans who march alongside republican and orange marches up and down Scotland's streets.

But in 21st Century Scotland, what have such things go to do with our society let alone Scottish Football?

Last season Rangers were punished by UEFA for their continued singing of sectarian songs during their European games, resulting in a hefty fine and their fans being banned from attending the first away tie against Malmo. Despite their continued singing of the same songs that UEFA punished the Ibrox side for, domestically the SFA and the SPL failed to act.

In terms of the songs that Celtic fans sing, while the majority of them cannot be deemed legally as sectarian or bigoted, it doesn't make them acceptable. The singing of Irish republican/rebel tunes in itself has nothing to do with the Parkhead club let alone Scottish Football.

Celtic was founded in 1888, with its founder being a Marist Brother named Walfrid. The club's aims were to raise funds to provide food for the poor in the East End of Glasgow, as well as socially integrating the community - Scottish, Irish, Protestant and Catholic alike - to support the football club.

Brother Walfrid named the club 'Celtic' to celebrate its Scottish and Irish identity, in the hope to bridge the cultures from opposite sides of the Irish Sea.

Nowhere in the club's charter, its history nor folklore does it state that Celtic were founded to support Irish Republicanism. Where does it state that those of us who are Scottish and see us solely as Scottish should receive abuse for standing up for our own beliefs and wanting the end to this perceived Irish Republican love-in by individuals who 90% of the time have never set foot on Ireland's shores let alone experienced the troubles or lost family members to terrorists [on both sides] claiming to be freedom fighters.

It is clearly evident that while there is a sizeable number of Irish fans that support Celtic Football Club, the main protagonists of glorifying the IRA are Scottish born fans claiming to be political activists while hanging their banner upside down in some mock protest at Dr. John Reid being the Chairman of Celtic FC - yet welcome with open arms a singing section from the same board and the same man who they claim to detest with a passion.

The Green Brigade horde who bounce up and down, singing and chanting in the terracing, also target their own fans for not following their brainwashed doctrine handed down to them by their family members, but guys in pubs, by watching Hollywood movies. They are labelled 'Green Huns', they are abused and threatened - and I talk from experience in this matter. And the Green Brigade are no different to those from the other side who call themselves the Vanguard Bears who claim to uphold the Protestant traditions of Rangers Football Club.

With the proposed Offensive Behaviour Bill still being discussed by the politicians it gives these elements time to continue peddling their hate-filled ideologies, all the while the decent football fans among the support are tarred with the same brush and punished likewise. When or if the politicians stop talking and finally impose the new bill within Scots Law, hopefully these elements that continue to shame Scottish Football and our respective clubs WILL be banned from our games permanently.

The Greatest EVER Celtic manager Jock Stein - a Protestant - during a game against Stirling Albion at the start of the troubles in Northern Ireland, famously vaulted the perimeter fence to challenge a group of Celtic fans who had been chanting 'I, I, IRA rule ok!' and other IRA slogans throughout the first half of the game.

An eyewitness to this famous event stated that Stein said: "The players don't respond or react to your IRA songs or chants. Keep them for your buses or pubs. You have loads of Celtic songs, sing them and the players will respond better, thank you."

For the Second Half of that game, the Celtic fans sang only Celtic songs.

Maybe this 'new' generation of Irish Republican lovers/wannabes should remember what the immortal Jock Stein said of such songs. A man they continue to worship to this day. If they continue to peddle their Irish Republican ditties then they are hypocrites and have no right to mention Jock Stein in the same breath.

Ahead of tonight's Europa League clash with FC Sion, I hope ALL of the Celtic support celebrate Celtic and sing the songs of Celtic solely. Win, Lose or Draw.


Posted by Cato Rodriguez on 08/18/2011

Andy, I have a feeling you're not a Celtic fan. The Irish struggle is part of our heritage. Yes, the team was built to bridge the gap but it so happens that the vast majority of Catholics in the west of Scotland came from Ireland, hence the link.
It's all very good wishing to end it all but generations of neglect, racism and abuse can't and won't be forgotten in a hurry.

Posted by Andy M on 08/18/2011


The Irish struggle HAS NOTHING to do with Celtic's heritage. The club was founded to help alleviate the poor in the East End of Glasgow many of whom fled the Famine in Ireland - not to glorify Irish republican terrorists.

And singing a song about the IRA has nothing to do with being neglected being on the end of racist chants or abuse. It has everything to do with individuals celebrating a terrorist organisation who killed men, women and children.

I see you failed to mention Jock Stein's OWN comments. I guess he wasn't Celtic-Minded either then eh Cato?

Posted by Co on 08/18/2011

What a silly blog. I'm irish, being Irish I know that anythin to do with our culture; sports, language and music were all repressed and put down. Therefore the "struggle" you refer to had everything to do with everything. People from the world over sing songs about bobby sands, from the americas to Asia. Any songs that are sang for pure hatred should have no place in paradise you are correct there. That does seem more prevalent in Scotland than even in the north. However, this outburst against against Celtic fans is stupid. Keep paradise rockin. Hail hail

Posted by K Campbell on 08/18/2011

Celtic, a muliti ethnic, religious and racial club, are historically, an Irish Scots Catholic club, it's their heritage. Celebrating that heritage by singing about Bobby Sands, one of the most inspirational non violent protesters of the 20th Century is not wrong in any way whatsoever. The Famine song and notorious Billy Boys are overtly racist, revel in the violent eradication of Catholics and both have more than subtle genocidal undertones. It's most important before you write an article that you have at least done some basic research when you put pen to paper.

Posted by Andy fitzpatrick on 08/18/2011

When they stop marching down my street, a street with 80% Catholics then maybe I will think about not singing my songs

Posted by Brendan from New York on 08/18/2011

Let the people sing. Simple.

Posted by Anonymous on 08/18/2011

U don't know wat your talking bout.are young fans are republican to the core.ur so out of touch.

Posted by Andy M on 08/18/2011


I would be surprised if any of these 'young fans' know what the republican movement is about. And just jump on the bandwagon just because it 'looks' and 'sounds' cool to be a 'provo.'

None of them have a clue mate.

Posted by Andy M on 08/18/2011

@K Campbell

Tell me how did Bobby Sands end up in the Maze then? The guy was a volunteer for the PIRA. The same organisation who killed and maimed innocent men, women and children. Yes he went on hunger strike, but he was in no way non-violent given what he got up to before being jailed.

Maybe you should do some research before stating that Sands and his fellow hunger strikers were non-violent.

Posted by Andy M on 08/18/2011


I am not stating that fans should not celebrate their Irishness, but when its 15-24 year old guys born and bred in Scotland, that have no clue and sing about Provos etc then that is what I have a problem with, as well as the fact that we here such songs in a football stadium.

Celtic has nothing to do with Provos, nor Bobby Sands, Aiden McAnespie or anyone else that elements of the Celtic support sing about. If you want to celebrate the Irish War of Independence or individuals then do so at a republican rally, a republican march, not at Scottish Football stadiums.

Posted by K Campbell on 08/18/2011


You are putting words in my mouth. That's not what I said. A hunger strike is a form of non violent protest. From violence to non violence. He was an individual not an organisation. I did not mention any fellow hunger strikers. Read first, then think, then comment.

Posted by Andy M on 08/18/2011

He was still a member of PIRA K.Campbell whether or not his later actions were non violent or not. He was a volunteer to an organisation that killed and maimed hundreds if not thousands of men, women and children during their terror campaign both in NI and in England.

Posted by Thomas on 08/19/2011

Andy, I read your blog and treat it with the contempt that I'm sure many fellow Celtic will also do as well. Firstly I ask myself what you hoped to achieve by your blog firstly you appear to compare racist, sectarian songs sung by Rangers fans as the same as songs "that can not legally" be deemed sectarian or bigoted so this apparent comparison is poor. You mention the singing of Aiden Mcanespie a man who had no affiliation to any "paramilitary" organisation in Northern Ireland so I question why you mention this song in an article about Irish republicism? I also wonder why you raise the topic of Bobby Sands who was although a Member of the Provisional IRA he was an elected member of the British Parliament. No songs sung by the Celtic supporter directly praise any aspect of Bobby's life as a PIRA volunteer and highlight his plight in the Maze prison and his success as a revolutionary smybol of the progress made politically by the Irish republican movement through Bobby's time in prison

Posted by Andy M on 08/19/2011

@Thomas tell me something what has Bobby Sands, the IRA, PIRA or Irish Republican politics got to do with Celtic Football Club? Brother Walfrid did not found the club to celebrate Irish Republicanism, the IRA, he established the club to help alleviate the suffering of the poor in the East End of Glasgow and to help integration within the community of Catholics AND Protestants of Scots and Irish.

I was not comparing IRA songs to those sang by Rangers fans. I was simply stating that Rangers fans have their songs of shame, and likewise this penchant for singing songs glorifying the IRA is Celtic's shame.

And again it is convenient that those attacking my statement fail to do likewise to Jock Stein who was so venomously opposed to the singing of songs glorifying the IRA. So once again I point out that those who continue to sing such Irish 'ditties' and then celebrate and laud Jock Stein are hypocrites.

Again as Stein said: "The players don't respond or react to your IRA songs or chants. Keep them for your buses or pubs. You have loads of Celtic songs, sing them and the players will respond better, thank you."

Will you call on Celtic fans to stop celebrating Jock Stein and to campaign to have his statue removed from the front of Celtic Park, because he was against all this IRA pish also?

Posted by Thomas on 08/19/2011

Well firstly I would say it's a small minority of Celtic fans that do sing songs that glorify any aspect of the IRA struggle in Northern Ireland so to campaign to have any statue removed from parkhead due to a small minority would be absurd.

The Celtic support have always had a strong affiliation with the people of both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland that is where the link to Irish republicanism was born and why to this day it will remain. The mainly nationalist Celtic supporting communities see football as a way to express what they perceive as political messages to be aired to the maximum available audience which whether right or wrong has the desired effect.

Posted by Andy M on 08/19/2011

Maybe so Thomas, but the main point is that such songs should not be sung inside football stadiums. It is an Irish issue and yes there are many Celtic fans who are Irish, but what about those Scottish fans in the support? You don't hear them bang on about William Wallace, Robert the Bruce and how Edward Longshanks pillaged, raped and burned Scotland or the fact that the Act of Union was passed through corruption and bribery. Or that after the 1745 Jacobite rebellion the Government forces under the Duke of Cumberland tried to wipe the Scottish culture off the face of the map. Not to mention Maggie Thatcher doing her best to ruin Scotland also.

Why aren't songs of these events or individuals sang at Celtic Park also? After all Scotland also suffered, it was also subjected to vicious attacks and reprisals not to mention its 'heroes' murdered etc. And Celtic are a SCOTTISH club with Irish roots.

Posted by Andy M on 08/19/2011

The only political messages that Brother Walfrid imposed on Celtic FC was to help the poor and to help social integration between Scots/Irish and Catholics and Protestants.

The continued glorification of the IRA, and members of its splinter group the PIRA goes against what Brother Walfrid believed in, and what Jock Stein stood for also.

Such songs have no place in football stadiums in any country let alone Scottish Football stadiums. Keep these songs to republican marches, rallies or shindigs but leave them out of Scottish Football.

Posted by Thomas on 08/19/2011

The reason the Scottish amongst the Celtic Support don't sing songs that glorify is because historically Scottish people have been more accepting of what people such as Thatcher did and have always remain quiet in the face of an adversary on the topic of William Wallace I feel that is perhaps to far in the past for many Celtic fans or ancestry to have any knowledge of other than films such as braveheart.

I agree the music about the PIRA, IRA has no place in football but it's societal change that will have to take place prior to any change in a football ground. Perhaps commencing with the banning of any parades that can raise issues relating to religious intolerance I.e republican and orange order parades. I think 90% of the Scottish community know this and would not see this as a key need as arresting any supporter that sings "sectarian songs" a term I use loosely as this will only inflame the situation.

Posted by Andy M on 08/19/2011


And if you read the start of the article I touch on said marches. Yes these need to be stopped asap to help rid our society of said sectarian problems. However the clubs, the football authorities and the police have an 'easier' job to rid the game of football of these individuals. Its far harder to ban individuals from our streets.

Hopefully when or if this offensive behaviour bill is passed and becomes part of Scots Law, then we will rid football and eventually society of such ills.

Posted by Thomas on 08/19/2011

I would also say although Brother Walfrid never condoned the IRA struggle in Ireland. I was not aware of any article that exsisted that condemned or even mentioned the IRA to say his positioning and how he felt about the IRA as I suspect he did not foresee a developing trend of Celtic supporters singing songs glorifying the IRA. I would say brother Walfrid may have condemned the IRA but I am unaware of any such article.

Posted by Andy M on 08/19/2011

Jock Stein certainly condemned the singing of songs about them even tackled fans head on when they sang them. That is just one reason behind my opinion for the fans to stop singing said songs now.

Posted by Thomas on 08/19/2011

Andy I'm sure the offensive behaviour bill will have absououtly no effect on the policing of old firm games or any other match as I am aware just now if you are offensive on the grounds of sectarianism, bigotry or racism you are liable to be ejected from a football match and charge for the said offence at present this rarely happens. It will be interesting when a pro-IRA song is sung by the Celtic support in the broomloan stand which I have no doubt will happen by the Celtic support will the police eject and charge 300-400 people I doubt it very much but will be interesting to see how it unfolds.

Posted by Stuart on 08/19/2011

Good article and interesting facts about Stein. To hear rangers/Celtic fans singing in praise of uvf/ira in grounds across the country in 2011 is both ridiculous and embarrassing. Both clubs should be proud of their achievements, but supporting Irish terrorist organisations 10 years into a peace process is ridiculous. We need more articles like this from both halfs of the Old Firm.

Posted by Dakota on 08/19/2011

I'd prefer if next time you wrote a piece on sports in general you'd keep your ultra feminine views of the world out of it. Man up and realize that the world is not perfect and all clubs in all sports have faults. The Celtic fans embrace them and I commend them for it

Posted by K Campbell on 08/19/2011


Why do you think the people Celtic was set up to help were so poor? Like it or not (and you don't)Bobby Sands is a hero to many people for positive reasons. Ballads are written about him because he sacrificed his life peacefully for a cause he believed in. He is an important figure to many people around the world because of his effective and inspirational non violent protest, not for his imprisonment. If it was not for his non violent protest, he would not be remembered in such a way. To equate singing of Sands to the notorious "Billy Boys" is misinformed in the extreme. One celebrates non violent resistance, the other bloody genocidal slaughter. History makes football clubs, and Celtic fans are proud of their history, and rightly so.

Posted by Aussie_Tim_1798 on 08/19/2011

Hey Andy - ever heard of Michael Davitt?

Posted by Anonymous on 08/19/2011

Celtic has the best atmosphere in Scotland maybe Europe. These songs are the reason because they are full of passion and every Celtic fan knows their history. This is a nothing story but it's your opinion don't try and change others because you think your right!

Posted by Andy M on 08/19/2011


Ever heard of Jock Stein? The Greatest EVER Celtic manager was against this IRA pish, and 21st Century Scotland is against the IRA/Loyalist pish as a whole.

If you want to sing about Irish republicanism/loyalism and its heroes. Do it in the confines of Irish pubs, republican,loyalist rallies or Ireland. Not Scottish Football stadiums, where our kids go to watch games.

Posted by Jamie mitchell on 08/19/2011

Out of curiosity what does having minutes silence for the sectarian british army? Evidence of sectarianism, ballymurphy massacre, Bloody sunday, collusion with loyalists in the umpteen deaths of innocent catholics? Men like Bobby Sands and other Republican Volunteers, gave their lives in fightin the British and their sectarian attacks on Nationalists. Do you know andy what happened with Catholic votes in the 60s?

Posted by Andy M on 08/19/2011


I don't care about the British Army, the IRA, Irish Politics, Religion or what happened in the 1960s. This is 2011 keep this pish - from both sides - out of Scottish Football. It has no place in our game.

Posted by gary mccafferty on 08/19/2011

Your totally right about the jock stein comments! Dont sing them in the stadium personaly i agree! Itl only get our great club into trouble! But if someone wants to sing them in there house pub bus ect then a see no problem with it! They dont have to give there reasons for wanting to sing certain songs to any one. But at the ground is a no no!! You said about ppl the ages between 15 and 24! Personaly i think the singin of these songs from celtic fans is at an all time low! It was worse twenty 4 years ago! Lol. If anything this generation of celtic fans r better behaved! Celtic fans flung bannans at mark walters twenty odd year ago! So a dont see how ye can say it ppl between that age that r to blame.... If that is what your saying. Not sayin it is just seemed that way!

Posted by gary mccafferty on 08/19/2011

Your totally right about the jock stein comments! Dont sing them in the stadium personaly i agree! Itl only get our great club into trouble! But if someone wants to sing them in there house pub bus ect then a see no problem with it! They dont have to give there reasons for wanting to sing certain songs to any one. But at the ground is a no no!! You said about ppl the ages between 15 and 24! Personaly i think the singin of these songs from celtic fans is at an all time low! It was worse twenty 4 years ago! Lol. If anything this generation of celtic fans r better behaved! Celtic fans flung bannans at mark walters twenty odd year ago! So a dont see how ye can say it ppl between that age that r to blame.... If that is what your saying. Not sayin it is just seemed that way!

Posted by Andy M on 08/19/2011


What I was meaning is that the major protagonists of 'Provo-loving' currently are wee neds or those between up to the age of 24. Of course there will be some older that sing the songs, however the main culprits at these individuals who see the singing of IRA songs as some badge of honour, cool and a way for them to get in with the IT crowd - aka the Green Brigade.

Yes fans in the 80s etc were bad, however in the 90s and noughties, these elements either matured or were pushed out for a variety of reasons. Now we are seeing a resurgence of 'provo-loving' and it is time that the club, the league, the football authorities and the police take action to rid our game of it. As well as the Rangers equivalent.

Northern Ireland want to put the troubles behind them, Provo lovers and Loyalist wannabes in the West of Scotland want it to continue, as they glorify it.

Posted by Anthony O'Sullivan on 08/19/2011

Great article. I think it is time to start to let go of the past and to look forward. That is what is happening to a large degree in Ireland and Northern Ireland. There is too much world-wide press coverage about Scottish football events which are NOT very pleasant. Time to move on and focus on the football, the rich football heritage and the fans. Bugger the politics. I was educated at a Marist Brothers school in Australia and I am sure Brother Walfrid would not condone the inclusion of politics in sport.

Posted by Eddie on 08/20/2011

Andy - I completely agree with your article, well done. I'm Irish and a season ticket holder. I think the singing section is a very big positive about Celtic Park these days, but a few of the songs in the last year have been crossing the line for me. Keep politics out of the ground and let's hear some songs about the Bhoys!

The glorification of Irish republicanism and terrorism within that ground isn't on, and anyone coming out with this bile is damaging the club's reputation. The ongoing debate above is symptomatic of how messed up the west of Scotland seems intent on remaining. What went on in Northern Ireland is nothing to glorify, believe me.

Again, well done Andy M.

Hail hail.

Posted by Douglas Cameron on 08/20/2011

A good, honest, frank and brave blog Andy. The "they are worse than us" argument seems to prevail amongst significant sections of both Old Firm supports and is a major reason why I think at points last year the situation seemed to be getting worse. Everyone needs to carefully consider their own actions, use of language and choice of songs and the contribution this makes to attitudes on all sides.

I've written a few articles on this issue on ESPN's Rangers Blog and have had a very positive response so I am saddened a little by some of the comments on here.

Stay true to yourself Andy and keep representing the views of the vast majority of decent Celtic fans.

Posted by K Campbell on 08/24/2011

Andy and posters condemning links between Celtic and Irish history are absolutely deluded. This is not an “us and them” argument, it’s about what should be tolerated and what should not. Do you also think that Rangers links to Scots Ulster unionism should be condemned? Of course not, that is their history. They should celebrate it. Don’t sing songs promoting the eradication of your city neighbours, but all sides celebrate your history, culture and identity. It’s not just about football, never was, and hopefully never will be.

Posted by Manhatton celt on 09/13/2011

Andy andy once again having a go at the lads from the green brigade
In your eyes there the curse of things at celtic
Do you know any of these lads? There far from "wee neds" under 24
Wise up ya attention seeking imbicile

Posted by Kevin Connolly on 09/14/2011

This is the same old cliches and comparisons that this new legislation is designed to induce.

Lets get this straight....
1/ There is NO comparison between the political songs sung at Celtic Park with the genocidal, sectarian tripe to be heard at the other place (If you dont believe mee, ask FARE and UEFA).
2/ Youre stumbling around like a blind man in the dark for reasons why the songs at Celtic Park offend you so greatly....theyre political/ militaristic/ historical/ nothing to do with football.
Ok then, if I give you the example of "Flower Of Scotland" - surely, that song ticks EVERY box that you abhor, so will we be binning that as well??
What is really annoying ing you is that its THEIR songs, THEIR wars, & THEIR army.

Unless Im mistaken, Sinn Fein/IRA are in the democratically elected government of the 6 counties - so logically these are now PRO-government "Let The People Sing"...Ohh Ahh, Up The Lib-Dems!!

Join In or Sing Your Own Songs Louder! Simple!

Posted by Davie bhoy on 09/19/2011

This blog is one lot of s--te Celtic fans to dump relations with our homeland........hahahahaha Away n rite a blog about why Rangers have gt such a fascination with England and god save the queen when half the English teams hate Rangers and openly slate them for there use of redhand ulster flags and union jacks and what happens when they meet English teams (apart from Chelsea) they fight like F--k and start shoutin f--k ur queen and were scottish n proud ?? Well why the he'll do u have all it flags etc at games lmfao I find it highly amusing as the only reason Celtic have tri-colours is because the biggest majority of Celtic fans hail from Irish decent ! Fact! And was Celtic not started by Irish immigrants ?? So it's the clubs history to have irish connections,I'm not sayin all singing is needed at games but both teams do it and it'll never ever go away !!!!

Posted by Shax on 10/04/2011

Brilliant blog! It's not part of Celtics history, it's part of Ireland's history and if they can move on then so can we.
I would also like to add that many good young guys died at the hands of the IRA in the troubles.
Imagine what Billy Monkhouse feels like when he hears songs that are anti British when he lost his son Stephen (28yr old) in afghanistan all the family are hoops.

Posted by Robert Ryan on 10/09/2011

Great blog.. well said Andy. Getting the club in trouble over something that's easy to change is ridiculous.

Hail! Hail!

Posted by Eddie on 10/30/2011

Another shameful performance from the Green Brigade at the Hibs game at the weekend - yet more songs about the IRA. What a bunch of half-wit reprobates. For these guys football is secondary - they shamelessly use the club as an excuse/outlet for IRA propanganda and are shaming the rest of the decent supporters in the group who are there for the football. Sing your Celtic songs, but leave the pro-IRA bile at the turnstile.

Posted by liam carrroll on 11/03/2011

Andy and all the other detractors! Look, I have no problem with your objections but you need to change to another team. There are many teams out there who want to merely represent their community and solely by football. Glasgow Celtic is not one of those teams. Glasgow Celtic's was based on providing food for the Irish poor in Glasgow. Also as a fund raiser for the Irish Land League (forerunner to the IRA) through Michael Davitt. Andy, you are the one trying to change Glasgow Celtic!!! Give up please and support someone else!! Check out Xavi's (the wonderful Barcelona player) comment about the similarity between Celtic and Barcelona as to why we are both special. Andy, your sadly missing the point!!

Posted by neil on 11/05/2011

Andy... Did a wee 24 year old ned shout something at you? You seem to have a chip on your shoulder about something.

Posted by Steve on 11/28/2011

Didn't Tony Benn once say of the Labour party that 'it is not a socialist party, but has socialists in it'? A similar analogy can be said of the relationship between Celtic and Irish republicanism. This article is symptomatic of the deeply conservative nature of the modern football fan on the British mainland - 'thou shalt not bring politics into the football ground'. Celtic fans have traditionally had a political tendency, that goes beyond even Irish republicanism. Large numbers of Celtic fans are trade unionists, socialists, and proud anti-fascists. No coincidence that we build friendships with clubs like St Pauli, Livorno, Barca, and Liverpool - that like us, have like minded fanbases. Irish republicanism is a starting point for how some fans understand our club, and its naive, to suggest you can remove that part of it. But if its any consolation, the cause of Irish republicanism, is itself pluralistic and complex. Maybe thats how you should perceive our great club.

Posted by Mikey 9 on 12/06/2011

Coming from a Malaysian (yes, i am thousands of miles away from the British Isle), these talks /accusations about glorifying the IRA n Republican make me sick. it wrong to sing about songs that merely reflects centuries of struggle, famine n the hope for freedom? Hell no! Malaysia was once colonized by the Brits (England to be more specific). Our forefathers were made to sing g.s.t.q n it wasn't even our national anthem. Here comes the best part - The Commonwealth Games is being staged every 4 years like the Olympics. Huge! Anyone realized how many hundred countries take part?That's how many countries the English have STEPPED on in the past....n it's (the Games)such a huge event till today.Talking about the Germans n their Nazism.....
There r still a handful of ex-army personnels (mostly Scottish) living in Malaysia.If u ever have a chance, ask them if they enjoyed doing what they did to us, under the Queen's command.I leave it to ur curious minds to find the answer.Cheerio

Posted by Tim Dorgan on 02/10/2012

Being a Celtic supporter myself i can identify with what all the other Celtic minded guys have written on here. My view is that like it or lump it, Celtic are an Irish club based in Glasgow. We as a club are very openly ethnic regards to who supports the club, we dont have a non Protestant policy like them from across the city had until the late 1980's regards too non signing of Roman Catholics. Has for the songs i was recently at a Celtic game at Ibrox and the amount of bigotry as dwindled to almost nothing regards to singing of nasty pro Irish songs, which in the 80's and 90's was very fierce, so thing are hopefully improving.

Posted by chris on 06/30/2012

The green brigade are the pedestal for every football fan they are not racist or bigoted in anyway and accept everyone with socialist beliefs.shame on you im irish love scotland hate the h*ns just like most scotish people.rangers club/fans are british colonialists who invadied scotland like they tried in ireland.the irish and scots are true celts.

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