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Posted by Gustavo Faldon on 06/13/2010

In the last four days, manager Dunga decided to not allow any press in Brazil's practice sessions in South Africa in three of them. And that's the total opposite of the last World Cup, which had training sessions open to journalists and the fans.

Some years after what happened in Germany, those practice session that looked more like a circus were considered the main cause of Brazil's elimination in the quarter-finals. Those "shows" in 2006 weren't good, but the 2010 preparation isn't good either.

The team is confined and we journalists don't have any information about the things we need to inform. For Instance, Júlio César and Kaka's physical condition is a mystery. None of these two player were designated for an interview to clear things out, neither Brazil's doctor.

That lack of information leads to those very boring and pre-made speeches press conferences that we have seen for the last few days. The press needs to inform, need news. And Brazil's assessory ain't giving any chance for us to know anything and do our job correctly.

Last thursday, during one of the practice that were allowed for the press to cover, Daniel Alves tackled Julio Baptista and both players had a little argument, nothing too serious. All comunication vehicles, obviously, informed that. The coaching staff got angry, and the press was forbidden to witness the practice on the next day.

Probably the coaching staff did this because maybe a radio station, newspapper, TV, whatever, must have exagerated. But you can't punish the entire media for that. And if the press exagerated a little was only because there weren't any things to write or talk about before the occured between Alves and Baptista.So whenever something happens, it may get a little out of proportion.


Posted by Lamin.S.Bojang on 06/15/2010

I am hereby advicing my team brazil to play as ateam and win all there matches up to the final and lift the trophy

Posted by Ekpo Coffie on 06/23/2010

The problem with the press is exactly that you blow things out of proportion at every opportunity. So if Dunga is not to punish the entire media for one media house's misdemeanor, how is the offender to be singled out?

Posted by Tim Bang on 06/23/2010

Last I checked...Dunga is the coach, not Gustavo.
Dunga played in the World Cup, not Gustavo

The team is winning...Bend over for Dunga and let him have a good swing with his boot.

Posted by efraim n on 06/24/2010

go brazil

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Gustavo Faldon is a Brazilian football fanatic and has lived the emotions of celebrating two World Cup titles as a fan. This time, he is celebrating the World Cup as a journalist that is working for ESPN's website in Brazil.

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