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Posted by Gustavo Faldon on 06/23/2010

Almost two days after Dunga putting his arrogance to an unsupportable level, the explanation came. And seemed like it is a very understandable one.

Ever since he became Brazil's manager, Dunga has always said that, unlike other brazilians commanders, he wouldn't give preference to any journalistic vehicle. And for that reason he was probably a little out of himself during sunday's post-match press conference.

According to a report made by brazilian journalist Mauricio Stycer, the most popular brazilian television network had made a deal with Ricardo Teixeira, president of the Brazilian Football Confederation, in which three players would conceed an exclusive interview live during a sunday primetime TV show. Dunga didn't allowed that because of the "no preferences" rules he has always estabilished.

And the journalist which he had the misunderstanding during sunday's press conference belongs to the TV network that had made the deal denied by Dunga.

Of course, Dunga was wrong in saying what he did, especially using those words. But he is right in not giving preferences to any journalistic vehicles the way other managers used to. Dunga was very brave thinking that way.


Posted by Ricardo on 06/25/2010

This is ridiculous! No he was not "brave" thinking that way. There is no excuse for arrogance and there is no excuse for insults and rudeness. Dunga can not justify himself by claiming 'non preference' and using that as the reason why he was such a jacka$$. Very Unbrasilian like behaviour!

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Gustavo Faldon is a Brazilian football fanatic and has lived the emotions of celebrating two World Cup titles as a fan. This time, he is celebrating the World Cup as a journalist that is working for ESPN's website in Brazil.

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