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Posted by Gustavo Faldon on 06/21/2010

Brazil played a great game against Ivory Coast on sunday. There's almost nothing you can put a mistake on. Almost. Because Dunga's arrogance with the press is simply unacceptable.

This is not the first time that the manager was arrogant with journalists. But some things have to have limits. Dunga must know how to win, and focus on that only. Not on attacking the press. And let's remember: For those of you who don't understand portuguese, he is the only player in history to lift the Fifa World Cup trophy using an appropriate language. "This f... is ours!", said the former brazilian captain in 1994 right after calling the media a "cheater".

During the manager post-game press conference, he, as usual, was ironic in his speeches. But one thing got out of hands.

While a journalist was talking on the phone and denying with his head something the coach was saying about the press demanding that Luis Fabiano should be out of the lineup, Dunga stopped talking and asked "Are there any problems?". The journalist minimized it and avoided interrupting the conference. Right after that, the ex-player offended the press member with very understandable abusive words, which he though no one could hear.

Dunga has done so far a terrific job with Brazil's national team, but he doesn't need to attack the press like he does. Journalists don't unsupport Brazil, they just do their jobs, which is interrogate, verify, etc.


Posted by Marcelo on 06/21/2010

That was ridiculous. I was a supporter of Dunga. Now I know he is ridiculous. I digged this.

Posted by Danilo Silveira on 06/21/2010

Very much agreed with you. Shameful attitude of him.

Posted by hollwpoint on 06/21/2010

hell with press

Posted by João on 06/22/2010

If you know what's going on behind the scenes, you wouls support Dunga's behavior.

Posted by Pedro on 06/25/2010

He was right as you can see in the new article


Posted by red lake on 06/30/2010

What's the media going to do with footbal apart from making their money. Dunga you're not going to lose because of the press.

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Gustavo Faldon is a Brazilian football fanatic and has lived the emotions of celebrating two World Cup titles as a fan. This time, he is celebrating the World Cup as a journalist that is working for ESPN's website in Brazil.

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