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Posted by Gustavo Faldon on 06/12/2010

Since when Dunga arrived in Brazil's national team, Luis Fabiano has been the leading scorer under his management with 19 goals in 26 matches. Sevilla's striker also saved Dunga's head a coulpe of times when he was bouncing to get fired.

Even though he has done so much, and has his guarenteed spot in the team's offense, Fabiano has not been dealing with his bests performances in Brazil and Sevilla for the last few months.

Luis Fabiano went through a season with a lot of injury problems an he failed to score in his last five games with Brazil. The last time he scored a goal was against Venezuela in the last round of the south-american World Cup qualifiers.

Personnaly, I don't believe he isn't going to score any goals in this World Cup against such weak opponents. In my opinion, Brazil has probably the easiest group stage in South Africa and that may blind some mistakes.


Posted by mkmkmk on 06/13/2010

"In my opinion, Brazil has probably the easiest group in South Africa"

Is there a typing error in this sentence above?

Posted by Eddie on 06/14/2010

No mkmkmk. Just poor journalism. Especially when it's ok to exaggerate when there's no news to report.

Posted by Tim Bang on 06/23/2010

definitely poor journalism.

and Fabiano performed wonderfully. Now he can go over to Fabiano..bend over and let Fabiano take a good swing with his boot

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Gustavo Faldon is a Brazilian football fanatic and has lived the emotions of celebrating two World Cup titles as a fan. This time, he is celebrating the World Cup as a journalist that is working for ESPN's website in Brazil.

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