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Bolton Wanderers
January 5, 2012
Posted by Neil McSkimming on 01/05/2012

Hi, it's been a while since I have posted I know, I wont tell you the real reason why so I shall make something believable up. I started to believe lizards ruled the world. Now that's cleared up I can get back to some regular updates.

September 15, 2011
Posted by Neil McSkimming on 09/15/2011

I have some working word-processing software again, so I can write something, text-edit just doesn’t cut it, and unfortunately, writing a blog on my phone is out of the question, as it seems to struggle with the word Cleverley.

August 16, 2011
Posted by Neil McSkimming on 08/16/2011

So there we have it folks, top of the league, albeit thanks to the letter B. Learn it in semaphore and signal those flags across the stands when we come up against our closest rivals Manchester City this weekend. Actually, that would just be bizarre, but let's be honest, being on top is the most fun position to be in, now let us see how long we can last.

July 17, 2011
Posted by Neil McSkimming on 07/17/2011

I am writing this Blog while following the live happenings of our next pre-season opponents, Orlando City SC. They are currently playing the Rochester Rhinos and are leading 2-1 in the 67th minute, however, as the twitter feed has informed me, “we are currently in a lightning delay”. The casual phrasing of this tweet makes me wonder if this is a regular occurrence in the football leagues of the USA. I now feel slightly worried for the Wanderers when we take on “lions” tomorrow; I want my Paul Robinson to return home un-fried please.

May 23, 2011
Posted by Neil McSkimming on 05/23/2011

There really was an abundance of rubbish on the pitch; (see picture) I think it was down to the variable wind-stir coupled with a large attendance of litter loutish people in a stadium.

May 18, 2011
Posted by Neil McSkimming on 05/18/2011

Firstly, lets get the Blackpool talk done. It was a very good game, both teams went for it and even SKD seemed to have transformed into some kind of chip-monster trying a few cheeky shots that made me smile. However, we lost and there’s no defence, literally, the defending was poor.

May 9, 2010
Posted by James Derbyshire on 05/09/2010

A solid win signed off an average season with some style.