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Posted by Neil McSkimming on 01/05/2012

Hi, it's been a while since I have posted I know, I wont tell you the real reason why so I shall make something believable up. I started to believe lizards ruled the world. Now that's cleared up I can get back to some regular updates.

What a fantastic result it was, I have to admit, when I saw that the Everton starting line-up was missing a few key players in Cahill, Rodwell and especially Fellaini (who bossed the show at the Reebok), I did think we could give them a good game. The first half seemed pretty uneventful; Everton did have a penalty claim when Sam Ricketts sensually caressed the chiselled shoulder of Landon Donovan (sorry for the Mills & Boon-esq sentence there).

The second half began with Wanderers looking the better team, with both Ngog and Mark Davies having good efforts saved by Tim Howard. This seemed to stir Howard, it made the demons inside him churn with rage and the lizards then had their say, BAM. Howard did a regular goalkeeper “hoof” clearance up the field, and the winds converged to bewilder the great and powerful Bogdan by producing a bounce of inexplicableness that carried the ball over him and into the goal. Having watched it back, Bogdan really can’t be blamed, it was just ridiculous. Even Howard refused to celebrate, as he understood the annoyance young Adam must have been feeling. However, where once we might have surrendered, not this time.

Wanderers got back level when a good passing move ended with Ngog shooting well and beating Howard before stand-in captain Gary Cahill scored what proved to be the winner when he again finished a good move with a confident first time strike from within the Everton Box. Baines did his best to spoil the evening by producing a fine free kick at the death that struck the bar. Overall it seems we fully deserved the victory, we had comfortably more possession and more attempts on target, and if we had ended up losing because of “freak wind interference” I think I would have dressed as the wind and performed a curse dance (tassels of coloured fabric would have been used).

We now sit third from the bottom with 16 points, and while it has been a pretty dyer season in terms of both performances and results, things could be much worse. Fortunately, we haven’t been completely left alone in the doldrums (technically doldrums is an area of calm winds therefore I probably shouldn’t have used this word) and with a strong(er) second half of season performance; we can certainly stay in the premier league. Let us hope that the New Year has allowed us to turn a corner onto a much more tarmac’d road with concise road-signs and friendly service stations.

Gary Cahill still hasn’t joined another club. It seems his (or his agents) opinions of remuneration are keeping him from becoming a Chelsea player as the fees between the clubs have long been agreed. Some publications are saying he has asked for £120,000 a week, that’s some raise. Speculation that he could also join Liverpool or even Manchester united are also being whispered, we shall see, as long as it happens sooner rather than later as it would be nice to have time to bring in an adequate replacement.

Anyway, I must dash. The transfer rumour-mill has begun and I shall be back in a few days to discuss the needs of the club and any potential suitors that we could be looking to lure over the course of the window. Goodbye.

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Posted by Ro on 01/06/2012

From one of the three Bolton fans currently in NZ. Great second half at Everton. Always easier playing into the wind, don't you think?
Is the fixture list randomly selected? How come we get such a wicked run at the beginning of the season and now have to face MUN, LIV and ARSE in quick succession? I suspect that it will not be a great three weeks coming up for the morale of one of the less well-endowed teams.

Posted by NKEREUWEM on 01/09/2012

Chelsea should do everything to land Gahil before window close

Posted by Xandy on 01/19/2012

Got it! Thanks a lot again for helipng me out!

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