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Bolton Wanderers
October 11, 2011
Posted by Neil McSkimming on 10/11/2011

I don't know if anyone is interested in reading anything about Bolton Wanderers at the current time, I know I'm not. I have a proclivity toward ignoring the grim, and this is exactly the tried and tested method I'm sticking to during this loathsome period, I shall simply assume that eventually our poor run will just disappear, perhaps this weekend at Wigan.

I even found myself showing some interest in the national team just to allow myself the joys of supporting a “winning team,” I should have known better. I could instead just post an essay entitled “Why Arnold Schwarzenegger is the most underrated actor of his generation,” however, this would probably be seen as an attempt to shy away from my BWFC responsibilities (not that much BWFC things are happening)... anyway, here goes.