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Posted by Neil McSkimming on 07/27/2011

Waiting, always waiting, but still no announcement of any new signings. It feels like the volcano is close to eruption, however, as it stands, it is still dormant. The squad numbers are still far too low, and Coyle really needs to work fast to bring in some quantity to the ranks, even if he can’t get any quality. I was hoping for some new faces before tonight’s friendly against the Shakers, and to be honest, as soon as I click “publish” and unleash this blog to the… few, I just know the Volcano will erupt and cause a small town in south west Peru to be evacuated (this fictional volcano eruption has caused no injuries).

Nigel Reo-Coker is the name that we are all expecting to be beamed across the BWFC news feeds sometime soon. Some Wanderers fans don’t seem to be getting excited about this one, but I am with those that believe this will be an excellent addition to our midfield. Imagine we take Fabrice Muabma and put him in a bio-genetic enhancement machine, keep his defensive abilities, then add some good passing abilities, leadership and a better footballing brain and we have something close to Nigel. His signing would almost make Muamba a “saleable asset”, as the centre midfield position is probably our strongest area numbers wise and I can’t see Fabrice getting many chances with Reo-Coker on-board.

It is also expected that Chris Eagles and Tyrone Mears will be signed from Burnley sometime soon. Eagles is a player that divides opinion, sometimes within one mind, like mine. One of my brain hemispheres is happy that we could sign a player who has shown flashes of brilliance in the past and clearly Owen Coyle knows he could bring some more flair to our wings. The other hemisphere is telling me that he seems like a vain*, selfish show-boater that cares more about his impressive yet feminine locks than playing for the team. In balance, I can see how he would be good backup for Chungy and Petrov and I would welcome him and perhaps even buy a headband in appreciation. As for Mears, I don’t know if he is any better than Steinsson or Ricketts, so I will wait and see with this one.

David N’Gog is next on the list of most likely recruitments. He has a good knack of scoring goals, and is young and speedy, however, I have a feeling Liverpool might want more money than we will be willing to offer. Still, beggars aren’t choosers, and with this being exactly the type of player we need, I would snap him up if we can, especially as it looks as if Sturridge isn’t coming back. Hell, lets sign him just to put the Cameron Jerome rumours to bed.

Time to talk about that man, Gary Cahill. There still hasn’t been any real quotes or significant news about him being sold by the club. I welcome this. Just imagine if he decides to sign an extension and stay on at the club. I mean, the only place I could see him getting an instant place in the starting line-up is at Arsenal, and we know how much of a skinflint Wenger is. He is also having no problems getting in the England squad at Bolton and I’m sure we could also give him a decent wage. I would not blame him if he does leave and he would still always have a place on my love-list, however, should he show the rarest of class and stay at little ole’ Bolton, he could well become my favourite player in the history of the universe.

So tonight we play Bury, perhaps our closest (half decent) footballing neighbours. This should add a little more spice to the usual pre-season bores. It’s their final game before league one begins so they should be further-on fitness wise, however, I would still expect us to control the game and come out victorious. If I didn’t mysteriously find myself in London, I would probably have gone to Gigg lane. Actually, after seeing that they are charging £12 for entry, I wouldn’t go if I lived next door.


• Martin Petrov is showing his class in pre-season, lets hope he keeps it up.
• The Jeffren thing seems to have flatlined.
• Have you seen the film Flatliners?
• Yes Neil, I have. Now stick to the football please (slightly schizophrenic there).
• The reserves beat Nantwich 2-0.
• I will miss the screams from the Matty Taylor obsessed lady that sits behind me, “Put Taylor on”.
• I would like us to sign Shane Long, unfortunately, my opinion is of no consequence.
• Rhys Williams’ name keeps on surfing around.

Follow Me.

Jaaskelainen, Steinsson, Cahill, Wheater, Robbo, Reo-Coker, Chungy, Mavies, Petrov, Pratley, Davies.
This is my QPR starting line-up should Nigel sign on. Get Pratley in just behind SKD. I was thinking about having Klasnic over SKD, the day has to come my friends when Davies takes a step back. Yes, he is still the best around in the air, and an awesome pro, but he just isn’t offering much else footballing wise. Thoughts?

P.p.s – I want MS Word to start recognising the word “footballing”. Stupid red line making me feel all silly (I refuse to click add, too much work).

I misspelled VAIN during an insulting sentence.... the worst time to do a silly.

EDIT - 1 Hour after posting..... Sources saying Reo-Coker has signed a 2 year deal. Typical. Good news though.

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Posted by kevin on 07/27/2011

I agree KD is getting up in age. He was fantastic at the start of the season last year but as the season wore on he did drop off the boil. He is still one of my favorite players to watch but we need to find a replacement or start growing talent that could replace him.

Posted by hummie on 07/27/2011

its worse than 1 ov those dreadful american soaps!! BUT they do this to us every year, why cant they just be upfront and honest and keep us fans (WHO PAY TOWARDS THEIR WAGES)well informed. this as been BWFCs policy from the days of the warburtons keeping cards close to chest. COME ON OC OR MR G, GIVE US SOMETHING TO SAY YES ABOUT.

Posted by Howard Page on 07/27/2011

Apparently Rio-Coker signed this afternoon......

Posted by Neon on 07/27/2011

I wouldn't worry about MS Word accepting footballing.
It's "vain" not "vein" . . . sorry I could not resist :)

Posted by kiwi trotter on 07/28/2011

reo-coker doesn't excite me too much, but he is a better footballing (there ya go) player than muamba.
i want a star name ofr the resiging of a star name like cahill to boost my confidence. we had the smallest squad last year and so far we have 2 addittions and 5 players leave. the burnley players dont excite me, taylor gone does though he played a full passionate style of footy but I think he was no where near as clinical last year or the year before.
good article but i am like you, wating for the signing to make me happy

Posted by Billy on 07/29/2011

I also worry about KD these days and did for second half of last season, also concerned that all these mids might push MD onto subs bench too often. Any thoughts on Muamba playing CB, not sure if he did it in his junior days but seems to have size, strenght, work rate, but obviously lacks a bit in the air?

Posted by Paul Bradshaw on 08/02/2011

The big question is this. Do we have a better squad than last season? On reflection I would say "yes" but only just. We still (in my opinion) lack an out and out goalscorer who could be relied on to score between 12 to 16 goals in the premier league. The one area we have improved on by signing Reo Coker is the addition of some pace because last year we were pedestrian at best.

Posted by garry on 08/05/2011

I understand everyboy's concern but I'm happy to put my faith in St Owen. Unlike the good old day's Bolton has become a more attractive place to come and play football. I daresay the current economic climate and the club's big debt are also strong reason's. But I think the player's will come. I just hope the club show's some "ambition".

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