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Bolton Wanderers
October 29, 2010
Posted by James Derbyshire on 10/29/2010

As the momentum builds towards this Sunday's game with Liverpool, Arsene Wenger boldly predicted that seven teams were still in the title-race, Liverpool being one of them. You can only assume ol' Arsene was throwing out that overused joke, but forgot to chuck in the "Championship 2011/12 title race" punchline.

Posted by James Derbyshire on 10/29/2010

First in a series of weekly-round up's of all things Bolton Wanderers- as captain Super Kevin Davies joins the twitter revolution, Andy O'Brien joins the nutters insitution.

October 24, 2010
Posted by James Derbyshire on 10/24/2010

Last week’s headlines have been dominated by a greedy Scouser, ironically dividing the Manchester clubs, as they fought to make him one of the most overpaid footballers in the world. But back in Bolton, we must rely on our Swedish hot-shot to do the right thing and put pen to paper on a new Bolton deal.

October 20, 2010
Posted by James Derbyshire on 10/20/2010

Garden supremo Gary Megson could be set for a return to management with struggling Championship side Middlesbrough.

October 8, 2010
Posted by James Derbyshire on 10/08/2010

Gary Cahill will join up with Kevin Davies in the England squad as a replacement for the injured Jagielka. How long before the FA just rename England Bolton Wanderers for simplicity?