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Posted by James Derbyshire on 07/03/2010

Promising Australian midfielder Aaron Mooy has parted ways with Bolton Wanderers only months after signing his first professional contract with the club.

I read this story about Mooy, and I'll be honest I had mixed feelings.

On one hand it is a damning account of our academy system and of the English game in genera. Frustration that another promising player we have developed is slipping from our grasps after first losing Kyle Bartley a couple of years ago.

But on the other, I read the article, and what Mooy had to say about leaving and I had to hold my hands up and say, well done young man!

He is taking a huge risk walking out on a guaranteed Premier League contract that thousands of hopefuls can only dream of. Yet the logic behind it makes so much sense.

He speaks of wanting to try his hand in Holland, Germany or Italy where the emphysis is not on results but on developing footballers.

"Everyone's been saying in Holland it's a good way to learn because everyone over there passes the ball around, it's not like everything's about results like in England".

"They try to teach the youngsters how to play. In England it's more, it doesn't matter how you play as long as you get the results."

Watching this summers World Cup, you could not disagree with that statement.

Mooy is a talented midfielder, and a couple of years ago was being talked about as a guaranteed future Bolton regular. Whilst he has struggled a little last season, it is clear that the potential is there for him to make it at a good level and be a future international.

So what where the options for Mooy and why did he feel he had to leave?

In the next three or four years, honestly, at Bolton, how many games would Mooy get?

He might spend a couple of seasons out on loan at a League One/Two club, if he is lucky a Championship club. He might have a handful of games under his belt for Bolton. 5-10 token appearences in the FA Cup or coming on as a late subsitution. Twenty-three years old, less than 100 games under his belt.

Let's face it, it is an awful system and it is little wonder we are failing to produce talent from our academy.

The other option?

Walk out on the guaranteed contract, go to a Dutch or German 2nd division side, focus on improving as a footballer, break into the first team, attract the eyes of sides in the first division of those leagues. By the time he is 23, he could have 100 games at 2nd division level, a transfer to a first division club and a handful of caps for his native Australia.

Of course that is all hypothetical and I'm sure the ideal scenario for Aaron. It could go wrong, he could struggle to earn a deal anywhere else and regret leaving Bolton for the rest of his life.

But it shows the confidence he has in his ability. He clearly has good people around him, advising him well, because despite the fact we are losing a promising player, you have to say, fair play to the lad, he is taking a risk but doing what he thinks is best for his progession and it could turn out to be a smart move.

Well done Aaron Mooy! No hard feelings from this Bolton fan and I wish you the best of luck.

Lets hope the likes of Chris Basham and Danny Ward can break into the team next year and give our academy a little more credibility.

In other Bolton news, I'm sure it has not escaped anyones attention we have officially completed the signings of Martin 'Uncle Bulgaria' Petrov and Robbie 'Bad Beat Bob' Blake.

I don't think there is much debate to be had about Petrov, if he can keep fit he will be the best player in our team and the most talented player we have signed since Nicholas Anelka.

Blake is an odd one. I can see both sides of the arguement. Whilst a 34-year old with little track record in the Premier League won't whet many Bolton fans appetites, it is important to remember not every signing can be a marquee Petrov-esque signing. We need strength in depth, we need players who the managers trusts and can rely on. Robbie Blake might not be a long term option, but the long and short of it is, I'd rather have him coming off the bench to try and grab a goal than I would Riga or Vaz Te...and if he can knock in another corker against Manchester United he will enter the alumni of demi-god status alongside Sir Les Ferdinand and Super Bob Taylor.



Posted by garry on 07/18/2010

That's an intersting article on young Aaron Mooy and you certainly raise some good points however I wonder if he has done the right thing because Owen Coyle sent Danny Ward to Swindon who impressed and is now very much in the picture for Bolton's first team. Also Lee Chung Yong had to work his way into the first team picture so I guess in some ways you have to be patient. But by having said what you said you are also quite correct in your anology of things. Isn't hindsight a great thing sometimes. Anyway why did the Club let such a promising youngster as Kyle Bartley go and how much did they get for him?

Posted by Russell Watson on 10/12/2010

I'm a St. Mirren fan & it looks like young Aaron has agreed to sign for us today with some issues to be dealt with with Bolton. From what I've heard he could be a fantastic player for us and he will no doubt shine in the SPL which allows him a move to either the Old F*rm (sorry to swear, lol) or perhaps back down south to a first team place in Championship / Prem
Here's hoping nothing prevents this as I feel we need him!! lol

Posted by Robert on 10/14/2010

We lost stephen mcginn to watford exact same scenario came through our you system and the payment was pretty poor so as a st mirren fan i can relate to this story allbeit if the deal goes through.

Posted by john W on 10/18/2010

I too am a Saints fan and, if reports are correct, I find it a bit petty and even shameful that Bolton are demanding an astronomical fee for a lad who refused a deal with them for purely football reasons. I think you can be asured that we aren't paying anywhere near the salary he could have collected at Bolton.
They are effectively holding this lad to ransom.
For the sake of decency, let the lad follow his own path without obstruction.
Even putting in a follow on fee in place for any future transfer would be acceptable to ensure they benefit from their investment.
After all. They will gain nothing if the lad is completely lost to the game.

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